The Unsatisfying Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has one advantage over his rivals above all others: He is running a presidential campaign. None of his competitors has been able to manage it in quite the same way.

A Romney rally in Exeter, N.H., the other day was a textbook exercise in traditional presidential politics. The venue was big, a high-school gym. The advance work was flawless. The American flag backdrop was enormous. The three generations of the Romney family arrayed in front of it were so picturesque that they might have arrived straight from a photo shoot for a Tommy Hilfiger advertisement.

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  • Marty

    This article sums up my sentiments exactly. I want a candidate that has PASSION and about whom I can be passionate. Romney is the anti-passion. He is as exciting to watch as watching grass grow. I want a candidate who stands for something; someone I can trust will actually implement in office what he promises during his campaign for that office. Romney is NOT that guy. I know. I’m from Massachusetts. I know the conventional wisdom that Romney comes out ahead in all the head to head polls with Obama but I wouldn’t take that to the bank because the voters have not yet had a chance to see the two of them on stage in a debate. I’m terrified that when the voters actually get to see the passionless, scripted chameleon Romney on stage next to the committed, passionate ideologue, Obama, the self-proclaimed “defender of the middle class” it could actually help Obama. The Republican Party is self-destructing.