The War on Men

I am a woman and I’m offended.

I am offended that, once again, parties in positions of power have decided to pretend that all women are cut from the same political cloth. I am alarmed that religion is increasingly seen not as a vibrant good in our democracy but as a mere sideshow for nostalgic people or citizens in need of a crutch. This White House may defend your freedom to worship inside your church, but not to practice your faith if it collides with its radical agenda. I am offended that the Catholic Church has been attacked as being anti-woman; this is a church in which strong women such as Sister Elizabeth Ann Seton built a world-class school and hospital system for immigrants and the poor in a less-than-welcoming environment. I am offended that my government would penalize these women in the future, telling them they cannot be who they are called to be and telling them their consciences will be what the state dictates is proper.

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