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In spite of the fact that the Democrats have been the reason that so many cities and states, not to mention the nation at large, are in such dire financial straits, there are only a dozen states that boast two Republican senators and a Republican governor.

You do have to wonder why anyone would vote for someone who seems to think socialism is preferable to capitalism or why they would continue to elect politicians who don’t even pretend to negotiate seriously with public sector unions. We all know, or should know by now, that they merely go through the motions while, in reality, using the negotiations as a way to line up volunteers and guarantee themselves campaign contributions in exchange for our tax dollars.

I mean, places like Detroit don’t simply happen. They are the inevitable result of electing Democratic mayors and city councilmen decade after decade. If you keep eating Twinkies, you’ll get fat. If you keep electing left-wingers, you’ll go bust.

There are a great many people in this country who still believe that Obama is as popular as he was in 2009. They are totally unaware that his numbers in the polls are sinking nearly as fast as Anthony Weiner’s. The reason for this is that he spends all his time in venues that are more tightly controlled than nuclear missile silos. It’s reminiscent of the days when every sit com, no matter how inane, came with a carefully calibrated laugh track, offering everything from giggles to guffaws.

The idea was that even if the script didn’t elicit laughs in the home audience, the laughter of others would persuade them that they were having a very jolly time. In the case of Obama, the idea is that even if the folks at home can’t find a job and are worried sick about what the Affordable Care Act is going to do to their health care, if they see all those mooks on stage sitting behind Obama and clapping on cue, he can’t be doing too lousy a job.

With the arrival of the new English prince, my thoughts naturally went to the royal family. For a long time, I felt sorry for the Queen. Between her blood relatives and her in-laws, it seemed as if not a day went by when one of those monkeys wasn’t embarrassing her with their foolish antics. But she merely carried on with a stiff upper lip in the English tradition. That’s the advantage of being raised from birth to be a queen.

In the U.S., we have our own form of royalty, but they’re movie stars, divas and politicians. In some cases, they’re merely people who came up with a money-making idea, such as the social network. But suddenly they’re no longer poor and anonymous. The problem is that nobody has prepared them for fame and fortune, so, often, they tend to act up. They may have been jerks before, but nobody outside their little circle knew them. Now, every day we are force-fed their addictions, their perversions and their run-of-the-mill jerkiness.

One of the things I’ve always wondered about is how the nouveau riche ever get accustomed to having servants around all the time. If you’re the Queen of England, it’s how you were raised. But how do people who were slinging hash or driving a taxi yesterday deal with it today? I acknowledge I’m not typical, but I can barely stand to have friends in the house. I can’t imagine having strangers hovering about, puffing up pillows and pretending not to eavesdrop.

A friend sent me a joke which served to remind me why I’m so glad that when my family decided to leave Chicago when I was six years old, they decided to take me along: “I was in Scottsdale, Arizona, the other day when I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read I miss Chicago. So I broke the window, stole the radio, shot out two of the tires, added an Obama/Biden in 2012 sticker, and left a note that read: I hope this helps.”

This afternoon, I heard a talk show host predict that the GOP is so fractured that there’s no way that we have any chance of winning in 2016. He said that while Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, all have sizable factions supporting them, no single candidate could possibly unite the Party.

I beg to differ. I believe there’s one: Hillary Clinton.

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  • plsilverman

    Obama SEEMS TO THINK socialism is preferable? give us an example. please, nothing from Foxnews memos or your own imagination.
    you mean implementing the TARP was the act of a Socialist? The TARP was an emergency measure to directly aid the blue collar worker and Bush II should be commended for starting that.

  • plsilverman

    Cities are in trouble because of the systematic obstruction of jobs bills. Because of too much outsourcing. Because of Red State governors declining on Infrastructure contracts. Because of corporate raids not for the purpose of restructuring. Ok, Burt, give us some NUMBERS to support your contention it is Democratic policy which caused all the bankrupcy and high unemployment.
    The GOP needs a retooling and Hilary just might be the catalyst? No. the Party has been taken over by the hard right, the New John Birchers.
    But thanks for your very biased, tired opinion.

  • GlenFS

    I think you’re onto something, Burt. Hillary should serve to bring RINOs and Tea Partiers together. Why Obama couldn’t do the same in 2012 I’ll never get?!

    • plsilverman

      the moderate Republicans want nothing to do with these over-anxious fratboys off the Tea Party assembly-line. they want to keep Medicare as a non-voucher program and do want to privatize the entire government.

  • JohnInMA

    Are you a Media Matters bot? (I don’t mean that as a derogatory label. I really wonder if this is some automated reply application. The words seem canned and the end of the post looks programmed – and obviously poorly programmed at that).

    • Ignatz

      [Are you a Media Matters bot?]

      Obviously not, you paranoid moron. The end of the post was a but and paste from another comment.

      “Because Republicans controlled the House, the Senate AND the Presidency
      just a short time ago, and used their power to start two wars
      simultaneously, explode the deficit, increase Government spending to
      levels never before seen, increase Government intrusion into Americans’
      lives and almost start a second Great Depression.”

      Yeah, that’s computer writing.

      Holy crap.

      • JohnInMA

        You need to learn how to “but and paste” better, or perhaps cut and paste better. Six repeats? Sure looks bot-like to me.
        Your defintion of “explode the deficit” and “increase Government spending to levels never seen before” are pretty curious, too. I guess once you surpass a certain percentage increase, it no longer is “exploding”. What is the appropriate progressive term for the next level of spending and deficit expansion we are witnessing in the last 4 years? “Atomic?” “Blowout?” “Nuclear blast?”

    • plsilverman

      Media Matters! what an unruly lot! How dare they challenge the fair and balanced station when they…(Pause) exaggerate!

  • JohnInMA

    It’s easy for me to imagine who votes for the more/most left of Democrats and why. They are convinced of their victimhood and that the “system” is rigged against them. Once that groundwork is laid, only central planner types can fix their problems.

    • plsilverman

      they got alotta problems, sure…but Obama was re-elected and probably soon he’ll have an …..agreeable….Congress.

  • Wheels55

    Bush got congressional approval (including many Democrats) for his wars. Obama acts like a dictator and does what he wants. Lousy leader.

    Republicans do like to spend money, I will give you that. Rand Paul for President.

    • plsilverman

      Bush got Congressional approval based upon his original intel’, which was later revealed to be a fraud. Yes, the Clintons and many Democrats believed Bush II, initially. How is getting us out of that manufactured War an action of a Dictator? >>>>>>Rand Paul wants to cut military 50% (he has said he’ll give 126 billion to the military but that’s nothing to bank on), cut police, privatize all agencies, send social security to wall street, end medicare as we know it. yeah, a real gem. He wants to undue Civil Rights legislation. Let a restaurant owner deny entrance to any minority which bothers him/her.

  • souvoter

    I think you might be on to something there, Burt. Maybe the folks will finally get tired of incompetents and crooks running the country. Another good bumper sticker: Truckers never die, they just get them a new peterbuilt!

  • legal eagle

    Obama’s poll numbers are sinking as fast as Weiner’s? As usual Burt has no basis for his statement but why should he care about the facts? He probably watches Fox News and listens to Rushbo for his misinformation..

    • Fiscal Phantom

      Gallop poll, 8/15/13, Obama’s approval rating on the economy now 35%, down 7 points from June. Obama’s overall approval rating per Gallop poll, 44%, down 3 points. Maybe not as bad as Weiner, but still a downward slide.

      • legal eagle

        You did not refer to poll numbers on the economy….Obama’s personal approval ratings are not sinking and I’m not a mind reader…

      • plsilverman

        yes, that means he won’t be re-elected in 2012.