Trump: Will He or Won’t He?

I guess you’ve noticed that The Donald is in the news.  That Mr. Trump is toying with the idea of running for president.  So will he or won’t he toss his hair in the ring?

I’ve interviewed Donald Trump several times and we hit it off.  He brags too much for my taste, but that’s mainly on TV, when he’s telling people how great “The Apprentice” is, how wonderful his ratings are, and show biz stuff like that.  But with just a few people around, he comes off as a regular guy – a regular guy with a great big private jet and a lot of money. The last time I did a Donald story was for HBO’s Real Sports, about a golf course he wants to build in Scotland.  After the piece aired, word got back to me that he said, “Bernie didn’t do me any favors with that story, but he was fair.”  That’s all a reporter can hope for.

I know there’s the temptation to say he’ll never run.  That he’d never be able to work with people who, every few years, make promises they can’t keep, shamelessly pander for votes, and couldn’t figure out how to run a lemonade stand.  These are the same chuckleheads, after all, who got us $14 trillion into debt.  Can you see The Donald trying to talk money with the likes of them?

Besides, Trump has teased us before – and then said, not interested.  The odds are he’s going to do it again.

But let’s not forget that if he decided to seek the Republican nomination, he’d be running against a bunch of professional politicians, many of whom put their little pinky in the air to see which way the wind is blowing before they take a stand on anything.  Trump on the other hand doesn’t think or talk like a politician. (Big plus!)  He doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body. (Very Big plus!!)  He doesn’t care whose toes he steps on or whose feelings he hurts.  And that includes the folks who run China. (Is that Hail to the Chief, I hear?)

The other day, Trump came out of the closet and declared himself a conservative.  Speaking to several thousand activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, he said, “I can tell you this, if I run and if I win, this country will be respected again.”

The crowd loved it.

And then, not mincing words, Trump said,  “If I decided to run, I will not be raising taxes, we’ll be taking back hundreds of billions of dollars from other countries that are screwing us, we’ll be creating vast numbers of productive jobs, and we’ll rebuild our country so that we can be proud.”

More cheers.

“Our country will be great again,” he said.

Of course, saying subversive stuff like that means liberal Democrats won’t vote for him, but so what?  It’s a message tailor made for “ordinary” Americans who are fed up with anything resembling the status quo – and that includes a lot of independents, the folks who decide most elections these days.

None of this, of course, means he’ll actually run.  But if The Donald decides to give it a shot, he could surprise a lot of so-called political pundits.  Besides, stranger things have happened in the world of politics.  Barack Obama’s rapid rise from oblivion to the White House is one of them.

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  • Rocko

    Important, to forward this to Rush, please make sure he get’s it.

    Rush, this was the best damn intelligent group of thoughts ~ I have heard ~ period..(thank you)
    Heard you articulate many times but tonight you were superb….

    I’m sure you will take flack from the “Honcho’s in the Republican corporation for telling it like it is.
    I know you know, the Honcho’s are afraid to let Palin in the game…They know, she will put the finger on them big time, like she did in Alaska….Everyone has a little larceny in them. Will lay odds, Sarah is about as honest as they come but not so honest as to hurt the security of this country.

    Felt the same about Trump as you and told many people but would not want him as President.

    Sarah Palin is the only one that I want as president. If not for McCain, she and someone else would be in the White House………..Think, I sent you the cspan video of the VP debate, sent too about everyone lately.
    That debate, Palin/Biden, set an all time record for viewers ~ 84 million including PBS
    Maj Gen Craig E Campbell Talks About Sarah Palin
    Big mouth Christie, give me a break, he’s nothing but a punk…..Sure the corrupt in the party would want him.
    When asked what he thought of Gov Walker, he said not my biz…”wimp”
    The head of the Iowa Republican Party should be fired for going to Jersey to ask Christie to run.
    Believe me when I tell you, he should be fired…….If I was Sarah, I would tell him to go to hell.

    Sarah Palin had the courage to go to Madison and call out the union bosses.
    Took big balls just to go in harms way, with all those union mafia punks, yelling and cussing.
    Hard to believe that such a class act could have the heart of a warrior

    Where were Christie, Rubio and the others?…..Rubio ~ want to give 18 million illegals amnesty then Rubio is your man, believe me when I tell you




  • Larry Ward

    How fun! A website with actual thinking responders. I am of the opinion that Trump will never run, but is doing us all a favor by not bending to the will of the biased media we fight daily. He’s burning a lot of the oxygen in the room right now, and it is not hurting his brand in any way. The “birther” bit is pretty funny in that he can call being called a birther a derogatory comment, and become the victim. A lot of these lightweight media types just don’t know how to deal with Trump and come out unscathed. They endure a little tarnishing, and are wondering what happened to what they presumed to be their upper-hand. Bernie, what a great site. I am going to check in often to read the comments your approach generates. Have you considered a run for it. Maybe with Krauthammer as VP?

  • Max LeCompte

    Can Trump get nominated?

    I think he’d be a very tough candidate in the general election against Obama.
    I think he’d win.

    But can he get nominated by the GOP? That’s what has me scratching my head.
    Some states don’t allow cross-over voting. That would work against Trump.
    And then there are the Evangelicals. They bring in a lot of votes.

    I hope he runs. But I pray he can get nominated. America needs this guy.

  • Shirl

    I’m for energy independence, small government and lower taxes; I say run Sarah, run. She loves America like most of us I suspect. We can no longer allow our country to be smeared and belittled by the current inhabitant of the white house.

  • Dan Farfan

    The idea “we need a business person in the White House” used to appeal to me. But after a few years of research (initially in the name of homeland security) I’ve come to see America as a “system of systems.” In short, believing that a “business person in the White House” will “fix” the federal government is about as logical as believing that if a genius Nobel Laureate were the superintendent of your kids’ school, then your kids would be smarter. Forget it. The person at the top is not bigger than the “machine” they are on top of.

    Therefore the non-politician geniuses (of business, education, tech, finance, economics, etc) could better spend their time as people such as John Locke and America’s founders did: solving the real problems on paper to provide a blue print for evolution rather than running/not-running for the top job and pretending that’s the same thing.








  • Julie

    I am sick and tired of phony politicians. WE need a business man in the white house. Lets give “The Donald” a chance. I love his no BS attitude and he will fight to bring our country back. His heart is in it and that where it starts. I haven;t seen a man come the scene that is that straight talking. Politician is NOT what we need. We need a business man. A man that cares about America. Donald Trump does. Obuma health care plan is a mirror of Mitt Romney’s health care plan. No way to Romney~the hell with politicians and in with the business man. Trump is the Trump card! People are sick and tired of politicians BS~

  • Paul Courtney

    Trump has same basic flaw as Clinton and, I sorely regret, Newt-dishonest with those closest to them. Trump screwed investors who trusted him as well as wives (seems he’s rolling in money until another wife wants divorce-then he’s broke). Clinton and Newt are alike, both book smart and politically keen, but Hadley has Newt’s number, cheating on wife with staffer. We all know Clinton, I doubt the rape stuff but he’s a horn-dog (scientific term). It ruined his last yrs in office and let down his supporters. Newt could have been great pres in 2000 if he could have kept it in his pants, letting down people like me. Bernie, you may know Trump alot better than I do, but based on his public persona, he’s unqualified for the office as far as this conservative is concerned.

    • Cameron D. MacKay

      Paul: I do not take umbrage about your comments respecting Trump, Clinton, and Newt. However, as a Canadian conservative, I wish to point out that Trump has brought a few points to the table which American conservatives should take ownership of and promote, namely:
      1. It is high time the United States began demanding that if they have to shoulder the burden of defending the free world, the other countries should either contribute their fair share of either blood or treasure. The only countries that have even rendered any assistance to the U.S. in Afghanistan are Canada and the U.K. The Europeans rely on Americans to defend them at America’s cost while at the same time hypocritically criticize the United States.
      2. As a Canadian, I am sick and tired of watching Obama denigrate America as the leader of the free world. Does he think the world would be a better place is Iran was running the show or the totally corrupt U.N? I am perfectly aware that the United States has made errors in foreign policy. However, looking at the broad picture, America at least attempts to ensure that human dignity is promoted and stands up against tyranny.
      3. Trump also, albeit indirectly, brings this point to the table …. it is time that America got back to doing what it does best which is to “do business.” All this PC nonsense, global warming scam, fictional scare tactics about America running out of oil from reliable allies, allegations that Americans are more racist than other people, and anti business atmosphere needs to be classified as non recyclable garbage and disposed of appropriately.

      Now all the Republican Party needs to do is to find a person who has palatable credentials and the intestional fortitude to tell the American voters the obvious ….. its time for America to get back to what it does best namely …. do business with the efficiency and energy which characterizes Americans.

      • Paul Courtney

        Cameron: No denying Trump’s conservative cred on fiscal and business issues, and Obama has that lefty notion that America is wrong on (fill in blank). On point one, I think he’s just demagoguing. Can’t blame those who accept handouts for the irresponsible behavior of the benefactor. I would be ok with pulling back, even if it left Europe to defend itself (it gives every appearance of accepting surrender!) and defend North America. It would be alot less expensive, and we could stand with you Canadians, who have shown every time that they are true allies who will fight for western values (you know, the ones Obama thinks are the equivalent of Iranian values).

        • Cameron D. MacKay

          Paul: Thank you for the courtesy of responding to my comments. Allow me to express a few of my frustrations with what appears to be the Republican’s temerity to confront fundamental issues which are eroding America (and hence detrimentally affecting my country)
          1. Aside from Senator Inhofe and a few others, Republican politicians refuse to call out this entire global warming/now climate change/cap & trade scam. There is no causal connection between global temperature and CO2 and there is no shortage of petroleum from “reliable allies” of the United States. Aside from America’s own proven reserves (e.g. Alaska etc.) Canada is an energy superpower with humoungous deposits of oil in the Oil Sands and conventional oil reserves. Yet the Republicans allow the Dems to fear monger about global warming and the shortage of petroleum and the dependency on unreliable allies in the middle east. In fact, Canadian Oil reserves have historically been developed in joint ventures between American and Canadian companies and (2) under the NAFTA agreement the U.S.A. has first option on 75% of all petroleum produced in Canada. Currently, TransCanada Pipeline Company (originally incorporated by Americans who still own about 50% of this public company) has applied to the American Federal Government to build a pipeline from Edmonton Canada to the refineries in Texas. This would produce hundreds of high paying jobs for Americans in the construction of the pipeline and hundreds of permanent jobs at the Texas refineries. However, this is all being held up by the American environment lobbyists who are promoting this B.S. about the Oil Sands being “dirty oil”. In fact, Alberta has some of the highest environmental reclaimation requirements in the world and the Oil Companies have now developed “in situ” extraction methods which obviates surface mining. (Read “Ethical Oil by Levant) Since the very same people who invest in Wall Street also hold shares in these Canadian Petroleum Companies, it logically follows that a portion of the profits therefrom would be flowing back into American hands theregy reducing the trade deficit. This refusal to confront these enviro freaks negates the ability of American companies to “do business” and needlessly inflates the cost of gasoline for Americans and plays into the hands of OPEC. From a macro economic point of view, the costs to Americans, I suggest, is in the billions. Why then do Republicans not get on this issue and expose the global warming mythology??? I’m confident that a plurality of Americans would agree with the Republicans that this huge petroleum reserve should be developed as it not only does not threaten American national security it puts Americans back to work on high paying jobs.

          2. Why do the Republicans allow Obama to pretend that somehow he is at the forefront of intellectual political thought. We have had left wing socialist parties in Canada since before the second war. Since their entire “theology” is based on Marx (who wrote about the industrial revolution) and Keynes (who published in 1934 about the problems of the Great Depression) the Left has been incapable of developing new ideas to cope with a global economy fueled by technology. Socialized medicine may be a novelty for the American Left ….. but let me tell you ….. we have had it since 1963 and its continuously escalating costs have now reached the point where our politicians are looking for ways to reduce costs by some sort of public/private hybrid. I am at a loss to understand why prominent Republicans have not branded Obamacare as an old fashioned idea which has proven to produce second class health care.

          3. I do not understand why Republicans keep stating that “if they do not get the debt and deficit undercontrol it will detrimentally affect the next generation.” B.S. If they do not get the debt and deficit under control it is going to detrimentally affect the PRESENT generation. (and the rest of the free world)

          4. I do not understand why Republicans fail to recognize that one of the top priorities is to bring the American public school system back to normalcy. Currently, it seems to be a hot bed for indoctrinating American children with Left wing ideology and the expenditure of moneys has not produced the highest standard of educated students according to recent surveys. How can American continue to lead in innovation and enterprise when the Province of Alberta, Canada (of which you have probably never heard of) ranks much much higher in public education surveys than does any State in America? (I’m not bragging …… I worried)

          Sorry for the rant Paul …. but since I don’t hold an American citizenship … its all I can do.

          • Paul Courtney

            Cameron: Thanks, but citizenship gets me one vote….and endless rants. One reason I spend time at this site is a common answer to your questions, especially 1 and 2. The press here (not just ny times, networks, pbs, but local newspapers and wire services re-printed in local newspapers) has been a faithful ally of enviros, lefty faculty and progressives). As I said elsewhere it can’t get irrelevant fast enough for me!

  • Evangelist Davis

    Donald Trump running for President in 2012 may sound like a bizarre notion, but in 2008, we had a former Chicago community organizer-turn-US Senator (Jr. Senator) with very little track record, and an attractive Alaska Governor who was barely known to the American public in the Presidential arena. That being said, Trump for President is not a bad idea, although I would certainly look for more viable possibilities within the Republican party (maybe even an Independent). Ronald Reagan said, “Isn’t it about time we stopped worrying about whether people like us and say, “We want to be respected again!'”

    • Evangelist Davis

      I just want to clarify that the Alaska Governor was chosen to be a Vice-Presidential candidate, not Presidential candidate. As long as it’s “politics as usual,” this nation will become less strong and solvent in the near future.

  • Wil Burns

    Hey Bernie, Did the CPAC devotees take 5 minutes to reflect on, and celebrate, those conservative principles that have actually ever worked when applied in this country?

    Which were those?

    • begbie

      Personal responsibility comes to mind….

  • EddieD_Boston

    I’d vote for Trump just for the fact he’d tell a bunch of people to stick it that need it said to them. That’d be fun to watch.

  • Wil Burns

    Bernie, NEWT GINGRICH and DONALD TRUMP…… Both are Disgraced …Damaged….and Delusional! … Newt is a bonafide thief…. Donald is a hypocrite…. constantly babbling about how the Chinese is laughing at America when he pays “NEITHER”…. he files Bankruptcy! …. Both are opportunist and Morally Bankrupt…. typical Republican…. using and abusing Women to the point of deceit and death…. Both are very strange/funny looking Men with a need to over compensate…. T wish they would just go away!!!

    • EddieD_Boston

      Does the fact that Clinton is a rapist bother you?

      • Wil Burns

        When and with whom?

        • EddieD_Boston

          Juanita Brodrick. I saw the interview and she came across as very credible. See what you miss watching MSNBC.

          • Wil Burns

            I saw it too and she didn’t! Even her own husband didn’t believe her.

      • Bob Hadley

        You are repeating an allegation (NOT a fact). David Mariness (sp.), the pre-eminent Clinton biographer who wrote the meticulously documented book “First in his Class,” and who has allegiance to no one, said that rape is contrary to Clinton’s character. But, yes, rape allegations are always troublesome.

        People who like Clinton will always say the allegation is untrue and the Clinton haters will always gobble up any (or almost any) allegation made against him.

        • EddieD_Boston

          I saw the interview. She has people to back her story. Christopher Hifchens wrote a book and he has three or four women with the same story. A pattern of behavior. Is Christopher Hitchens a right wing nut?

          How about Paula Jones? Not rape, but certainly a violation.

          • Bob Hadley

            Your’re reacting out of proportion. You want to condemn Clinton, come hell or high water and not condemn anyone on your “team.” And this is part of the problem. Too many ideologues see this as a war between two sides. No matter what anyone on the other side says or does, they find fault. No matter what anyone on their side says or does, they either justify it or find an excuse to ignore it. Both extremes need each other for self-justification.

            Jones’ allegations, though serious, are entirely different from the allegation of rape. Why are you changing the subject?. Jones’ allegation may very well be true, but that doesn’t show that rape is consistent with Clinton’s character. That’s a different discussion.

            As far a Broderick is concerned, there were no witnesses (other than the actors themselves) as whether their encounter was rape. The term “right wing nut” is yours, not mine (although there ARE cranks all over the political spectrum). I used the term “Clinton haters.” Hitchens is a Clinton hater, and, yes, I’ve read his book on Clinton. This is not to say that reasonable people cannot believe Broderick’s story, which BTW has its share of inconsistencies. But, then there are those, apparently yourself included, who are only too eager to believe the allegation because it suits your purpose.

            It’s obvious that Clinton has (or at least had) a real problem with women and sex. But why use Clinton’s problems to deflect Newt’s culpability? When Newt and Trump are impugned, you deflect by pointing at Edwards and Clinton.

            Have you ever criticized someone on your “team”? Man-up. There must be a higher purpose than team politics.

        • Ron Kean

          Anybody hear this one?

          Before Chelsea got married, Hillary asked her if she had ever had sex with her fiance. Chelsea said, ‘According to Dad I didn’t’.

          Affairs happen. The only bad thing is paying hush money like John Edwards, Jim Bakker and Jesse Jackson did or hiding children. Kennedy (‘s) and Monroe, Clinton and his women don’t bother me. The President of Italy is being prosecuted for paying for a time with a 17 year old girl.

          The interesting thing is that Gingrich and Trump are at the top of their game. They’re both on the national stage – decent following. Trump lost some money with some gambling joints in New Jersey but who knows how much money he has? He’s a successful TV personality. Gingrich has had some good selling books over the past few years. To come back after his descent is notable.

          Like Hillary when she ran, running for president shows perseverance, energy, desire and commitment to principle (desire for power). All Republican contenders represent a slice of America new and old trying to figure out how best to represent voices in the country.

          • Bob Hadley

            Where did you get the information about the supposed conversation between Hillary and her daughter?

          • Ron Kean

            It’s just a joke.

    • EddieD_Boston

      How about John Edwards?

      • Wil Burns

        John Edwards?

        • EddieD_Boston

          You have to get out more. If Newt and Trump are damaged what is Edwards? You come across as a complete dimbulb.

          • Bob Hadley

            Of course Edwards is damaged goods. Why do you think he dropped out of the political arena? Although I sometimes enjoy listening to him and he often has good ideas, Newt is a hypocrite and a demagogue.

            When he was Speaker of the House, Newt was having an affair with a congressional staffer. This was while he was married, while he was espousing family values, while he was frequently making affectionate references to his then wife Marryann and at the same time that he condemned Pres. Clinton for havig an affair.

            During a deposition for his subsequent divorce proceeding, Newt refused to answer questions about his affair. If the ordinary citizen did this, he’d be found in civil contempt and jailed until he answered the questions.

          • Wil Burns

            Eddie, Edwards isn’t running for anything anymore, But, Newt and Trump might. Please try to keep up!

  • Randy

    Everyone is in love with the shiny new brand. But let’s not forget the past. Mr. Trump has declared bankruptcy at least once, went through at least one fairly messy divorce, and I’m sure has a few more skeletons in his gold lined closet. I point this out because all this will be grist for the liberal meat grinder to destroy his candidacy. True, he has lots of money, but will it be enough to defend him from what will surly be incredibly vicious attacks from the liberal political hit squads?

  • Ellie

    I hope he runs in the republican primary, because if he runs as independent he will split the vote.
    However, if Mr. Trump wins the R nomination we may see some Murkowski-style professional politician running as independent to stop him.
    The greedy Washington DC elite will not give up easy.

  • Darryl Newkirk

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  • JohnInMA

    Every candidate who runs, or even taunts the media with the idea of running, simply gives another opportunity to highlight the weakness of the current administration. Even if experienced business people like Trump or Cain do not eventually get the nomination, that they bring sound business ideas to the forefront forces the slobbering media (hat tip) to reprint the WH and liberal talking points about their strategy. And as we see, gradually fewer and fewer clear thinking citizens are buying it.

  • stmichrick

    A Trump candidacy would be fun for sure; he does not have the temperament, will quickly lose the social conservatives and give the lamestream media terminal froth of the mouth. He would inevitably quit in mid-campaign because he will not accept certain political realities, i.e. verbal restraint, intrusion into his really personal life, etc..

    But what the hell; I don’t see any of these whitebread Repubs like Romney or Huckabee, let alone the second string Daniels, Thune or Christy giving the Obama juggernaut any sleepless nights. We can count on the Donald to confront the current liberal establishment with that which they have a lot explaining for.

    Let the food fight begin.

    • JohnInMA

      If they truly have no sleepless nights, it may be more an indicator of their continued detachment from reality in some ways. The only ace in the whole they have is the charm and charisma. It seems his advisers continue to press him to use them. Every single speech he gives, especially on the road, is a glorified campaign rally. In a way, it’s sad that they (advisers) don’t have the confidence in the substance so they press for the style instead.

  • Jay Thompson

    Donald Trump, and the pluses you noted are eminently better than Sarah Palin, or for God’s sake, Ron Paul. CPAC doesn’t seem to get the fact that nominating a candidate that is unelectable is consigning them to preaching to the choir for yet another four years.
    Compromise is a hard thing for conservatives to swallow – which is why CPAC is on the fringe of the Republican party. Compromise is key to getting elected. I will support either Romney or Trump, or both.
    For me, it may seem an inconceivable ticket, but a ticket that could win.

  • Ron Kean

    Outsiders and longshots like Trump, Cain and Bolton should be in the cabinet even though I think they’d be great as president but whoever ends up running against Obama will need experience and savvy beyond what those really great 3 possess in my humble opinion.

    I’d vote for Palin but nobody should have to witness the abuse, crassness, bizarre and irrational behavior that would be on display should she run.

    On second thought, maybe the reactions to her campaign for President would put public opinion over the top in condemnation of the MSM or by good people turning it off provoking enough irrelevancy to doom it once and for all.

    • Wil Burns

      Ron, Herman Cain To CPAC: “You Are Not A Racist, You Are Patriots”. Now, who here wants me as a son in law?


      • Ron Kean

        What you say doesn’t matter.

  • Konrad Lau

    Are we discussing someone running for office that actually understands capitalism AND economics, is not looking for a retirement plan entailing endless re-election campaigns, already owns the equivalent of Air Force One and possibly, just maybe might be an American patriot who actually believes in American exceptionalism?

    I don’t care if he throws his hair, his hat or even his smelly socks into the ring.

    He would get at least one vote from me.

  • Allen J.

    Mr. Trump would make a very formidable candidate if he decides to run. Of course one might ask why in the world would a guy like the Donald who has everything one would want or need want to go for the thankless job of President of the U.S. Well, remember we are talking about a man with an endless ego too. I say he just may go for it, especially if the economy and unemployment do not improve over the next few months.
    And just think…have you ever seen his wife Melania? What a knock out…that would be the best looking, sexiest First Lady in history!

  • Soul

    Nice article. Donald Trump tossing his hat into the political arena was certainly one of more discussed items today it seemed.

  • Bruce A.

    Electing Donald Trump or someone else with his background would be electing a business person instead of a politician. Maybe that’s what it will take to straighten out the USA? Real business experience instead of another ordinary politician with a smiling face & no real soultions.

  • CCNV

    Seriously, anyone would be an improvement over what’s in there now. The fact that Trump claims to be a Conservative, AND stands up to the bullies, is a plus! I’d like to see someone finally ban political correctness.