Trust Liberals At Your Own Peril

by Burt Prelutsky

I wonder why we still make office holders swear to defend the Constitution when, more often than not, they’re the very ones from whom it needs protection. Come to think of it, if anyone condemned our senators and congressmen for ignoring the Constitution, they could, with some justification, point at several members of the Supreme Court and say, “If they can ignore it, why can’t we?”

How much longer will we go on pretending that election days are anything but an excuse for liberals to make a mockery of the process? After all, every time there is an election that’s close, as was the case in Patty Murray’s first run for the Senate and in Al Franken’s race against Norm Coleman, the Democrats suddenly begin discovering uncounted ballots in cellars, attics, the trunks of their cars and the baby’s playpen. You would think that with union thugs, ACORN and the New Black Panther Party, at their beck and call, they wouldn’t have to stoop to such unseemly tactics.

What I find particularly disgusting is that the Democrats will happily stretch these elections out for as long as it takes to steal them, but they make dead certain that ballots cast by the members of our military in war zones never seem to arrive in time to be counted.

I heard recently that Julian Assange, the brains behind Wikileaks, the entity responsible for releasing thousands of classified documents, has hired a number of bodyguards to ensure his personal safety. Too bad that our soldiers and the more cooperative citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, whose lives are now in increased jeopardy thanks to the leaks, can’t do the same. Actually, calling this self-important lout the brains behind the outfit is far too kind. He more closely resembles the gall bladder, the appendix or the lower colon.

Recently, I read that Muslims have murdered over 40,000 innocent people since 9/11. Which is why those liberals who are so eager to differentiate between so-called good Muslims and bad ones, but make no such distinction when referring to conservatives, Christians or Israelis, genuinely mystify me.

In spite of having financed our participation in World War I, the federal government, as of the late 1920s, somehow managed to get by with a 3% income tax rate. These days, your state’s income tax, alone, is likely to dwarf that figure. The question we should all ask ourselves is whether the federal government, a loathsome creature that is all stomach and no brain, has made America a better country over the past eight decades.

Finally, of all the leftists I abhor, I’d have to say that George Soros is at or near the top of the list. It’s not just because he is starting to look like Helen Thomas, either, although that certainly doesn’t help.

Every time I hear of some new despicable group that Soros is funding, I find myself wondering how much longer this spawn of Satan can keep it up. He is, after all, 80 years old. But it occurs to me that somewhere along the way, somebody must have said, “You know, George, you can’t take it with you when you go.” And then and there, the son of a bitch decided he’s not going!

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  • Paul Borden

    Burt: I long ago came to the conclusion that the only people who mean it when when they swear to defend the constitution are our military people. With all these people releasing classified information, I think back to the day when I was told a project on our base as so classified even its name was “secret.” I’ve never mentioned it to a soul.

  • CCNV

    LOVE the last two sentences…pretty much says it all! Thanks, Burt!