Utopians in America

The “hour is late,” says Mark Levin, nationally syndicated radio-talk-show host and president of the Landmark Legal Foundation. But the bestselling author is optimistic that Americans haven’t all given up on the constitutional principles that have made ours an exceptional nation. In his new book, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, Levin talks about what ails us and how we can reclaim what our Founders had in mind. Here, he discusses the book with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.  

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  • 1Haole_Boy

    Utopia will Always have Imperfect Humans who abuse their Fellow Man.
    _Communists, Capitalists and all variations in between have abusive humans who game society in order to get over on others. The question not asked is: Which system recognizes abuses more quickly and rights them? Capitalism which is accompanied by freedom is the answer. If a Command-And-Control political economy takes advantage of the populace, there is no alternative to the existing system, however, in a free-market economy, if we do not like the people we are doing business with, we can always do business with someone else. The abandonment of bad characters in the business of life also compels the other players to play fair or lose market share through competition.
    _Thus, free market capitalism is the closest system to Utopian we have.