Video: “The New and Fresh Thing is His Race.”

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  • Clarence De Barrows

    I regard your comments as reasonable and well thought out, Bernie, however, what I can never resolve in my mind is your relationship with Oreilly. The man, now and then, comes up with a clear cogent thought, but on the whole he comes across, to me at least, as simply an egocentric narcissist. But then, I repeat myself.

  • BARB

    Independents like Obama???? I am an Independent…and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT I LIKE ABOUT OBAMA. For Bill O’Reily to say Obama is driven by social justice is not only’s STUPID to say something like that of a president who has gone along w/continuing the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somali..and has now added Libya…where US/NATO BOMBS ARE KILLING THOUSANDS OF LIBYAN CIVILIANS. The deaths of US Military in Afghanistan has nearly doubled in the Obama administration. During the entire Bush presidency…the number of US military killed in Afghanistan was 525. During the short time Obama has been in office…the number of deaths has reached 930 as of a month ago.

  • fedupwidit

    was’nt it Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz that said to say “Obamacare” is like saying the “N” word? God, where do these people come from? And better yet, how are people stupid enough to vote for them?