Wanna Bet?

I’m climbing out on a limb.  I’m jumping the canyon on a motorcycle without a parachute.  I’m walking the tightrope without a net.  I’m out of clichés.  So here goes:

I know the next presidential election is more than two years off, and all sorts of things can happen between now and then. But I am predicting right here, right now, that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2012 – yes 2012 — challenging President Obama for their party’s nomination.

Is it a long shot?  Sure.  But it’s no longer crazy.

If it’s occurring to millions of Americans who voted for Obama, it must be occurring to Hillary Clinton too:  The magic is gone.  Barack Obama can’t walk on water no matter how hard his fans in the media tried to turn him into the messiah.  And that hope and change thing? Well, it isn’t working out the way it was supposed to, either.

So, for now, things look bleak for the Democrats. Independents – the ones who control elections these days – are jumping ship.  According to Gallup, only 38 percent approve of the job the president is doing.  A year ago, the number was 56 percent. They voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because he wasn’t Bush or McCain or any other Republican.  They liked him because he wasn’t just another vanilla Democrat.  A vote for Obama was a vote for America’s future and a vote against its nasty racial past.  But we’re more than a year into the Obama presidency and reality has crashed the party.

Too many Americans are out of work with little hope of finding a job anytime soon.  Federal spending is out of control.  And Democrats, who run just about everything in Washington, will pay dearly in the fall.

Still, the president remains gloriously confident – in himself.  If the American people are for something, he’s against it.  If they’re against it, he’s for it.

When unemployment was at 10 percent and Americans were clamoring for a real jobs program, President Obama was busy pushing through a massive overhaul of our healthcare system, something most Americans did not want.  Don’t worry, he told them, over time you’ll like it just fine.

When most Americans (52 percent according to a CBS News poll) were shouting their support for the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law (and 17 percent more said the law didn’t go far enough), President Obama sued the state trying to block the law from going into effect.

When voters were telling the president they want terrorists tried in military courts, the president was telling the American people he wants them tried in civil courts.

When Americans said the federal government should stop spending money we don’t have, President Obama said, Wrong!  We need to spend more.

Cap and trade?  Voters, fearing their utility bills will go through the roof, don’t want that either. President Obama does.  He wants it to fight global warming, an issue, according to just about every poll, the American people put way, way down on their list of concerns.

A recent Rasmussen right track/wrong track poll shows that only 28 percent of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction; 66 percent think we’re heading in the wrong direction. This is very bad news for the president. You think Hillary hasn’t noticed?

If things don’t improve, independents, who switch back and forth from one party to another all the time, will have no trouble abandoning President Obama next time around. Blacks won’t, of course, and that poses a real problem to any challenger. White liberals would never forsake America’s first black president, either  — at least not to vote for some other Democrat who looks like Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis or Al Gore or John Kerry.  But Hillary gives them the opportunity to assuage their white liberal guilt – and — bonus! — make history all over again.  They can drop the black guy and vote for someone they hope will be the first woman president of the United States and still hang on to their precious liberal credentials.

You think Hillary hasn’t figured that one out, either?

Yes, 2012 is a long, long way off.  Between now and then, all sorts of good things can happen.  Democrats may cut spending by hundreds of billions.  They may cut taxes — on everyone, even the rich.  The economy may take off.  Unemployment may fall to five percent.  And the Tooth Fairy may leave a few trillion dollars under Barack Obama’s pillow to bail us out of the deficit crisis that is driving America into bankruptcy.

But just in case miracles don’t happen, look out for Hillary.

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  • ‘Rick Gray

    Given the results of the midterms, Bernie’s starting to look like a prophet. Here’s my take: http://www.helium.com/items/2005571-hillary-clinton-for-president-2012

  • http://meetjustinbieberlive.com/ justin bieber live

    Amazing. I haven’t had a similar experience here in Russia, but I imagine that isn’t too too hard to imagine.

  • Carole

    Bernie, you are right. It’s not a crazy idea anymore. I disagree with O’Reilly in saying that she would be taking a huge risk, and I liked how you called him on why he’s even making the prediction that she will run. Bill may not like to admit it, but Hillary is very well respected by both parties in Congress. She knows how to work with the Republican base and has earned many merits when she was a Senator. Bill mentioned this will cause Armageddon within the Dem party. He can’t be serious! Obama has already done that by giving the left too much control, which has divided the Dem party. In addition, he is way too arrogant to even think about governing from the center if the GOP takes control of the House. Hillary is not that stupid and knows better. Here’s an even bigger long shot: Will Obama do the decent thing for the Dem party and decide not to run for re-election like LBJ did. Wouldn’t that be idealistic?? If Obama’s popularity rating falls below 40% after the November elections and the unemployment rate rises, you will definitely want to make a bet that he will be challenged by his own party in 2012.


    KIDDING .-

  • Marsha

    I agree with you, Bernie, and have been saying this same thing for several months. I am not a Hillary fan, but I will say this: I do believe that she is a patriotic American. I don’t like her politics or her policies, but I do believe that she loves this country. That is way more than I can say for COBO (Community Organizer Barack Obama). It appears to me that he hates this country. And I do mean HATES this country. I think he hates Americans and I also believe that he hates Jewish people. I think that not being supportive of Israel and its leader, Netanyahu, is a very dangerous position to put us in. But as you said earlier on The O’Reilly Factor, he does not care what we think or what we want. He does exactly as he wants to do, regardless of what Americans want. He completely disregards the wishes of the American people. We MUST take our country back!!!!

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  • jdub

    I think Hillary’s political future will depend on 2 things:
    -mid term elections and
    -how Obama will govern assuming a big number shift in Congress

    If Obama learns how to govern from the middle and things start to turn for the next 2 years, I think Hillary doesn’t run and will probably be offered the VP job. If Obama and his crew remain committed to do everything their way only, then Hillary will challenge the incumbent.

    I think a good tell tale sign on what Hillary would do is Bill’s press exposure come mid 2011-2012.

    • stmichrick

      Good predictions jdub; but I would add this:

      While the Congress may well flip this year, there has yet to emerge a presidential candidate that has the combination of star quality and credibility that will overcome the perfect storm of white guilt, black pride, faux intellectualism and collectivist palms-up entitlement expectations that got this guy elected, and that includes Hillary.

      I’m thinking about the hordes of ‘new’ voters who don’t pay close attention to the news and the issues and the principles involved but DO think Barack is really cool.

      I’m also thinking about the disaffected Americans who still think Obama transcends business-as-usual politics and believe he represents their own salvation, no matter how bad the economy tanks.

      Hillary’s core is the northeastern, educated professional class female who relate to her ascendancy, big time, including the cheating hubby. This group is no where near as large as the other two groups I described.

      All of these children of the Sixties need to be in long term care before Restoration can begin, I fear.

    • stmichrick

      Good analysis jdub; to which I would add these macro considerations:

      While the Congress may well flip this year, there has yet to emerge a presidential candidate that has the combination of star quality and credibility that will overcome the perfect storm of white guilt, black pride, faux intellectualism and collectivist palms-up entitlement expectations that got this guy elected, and that includes Hillary.

      I’m thinking about the hordes of ‘new’ voters who don’t pay close attention to the news and the issues and the principles involved but DO think Barack is really cool.

      I’m also thinking about the disaffected Americans who still think Obama transcends business-as-usual politics and believe he represents their own salvation, no matter how bad the economy tanks.

      Hillary’s core is the northeastern, educated professional class female who relate to her ascendancy, big-time, including the cheating hubby. However, this group is nowhere near as large as the other two groups I described.

      I fear that all of these children of the Sixties need to be in long term care before Restoration can begin.

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  • Dan

    We need to have this song be heard from sea to shining sea: http://mittromneycentral.com/2010/05/07/no-apology-song-the-case-for-american-greatness/

    The more people that realize that government isn’t the solution to our problems and that government is the problem, the better.

  • TA in Chicago

    OK Bernie,

    Obama, being a Chicago bully knows the writing is on the wall and he’ll use the opportunity to cut Hill’s legs. In the next year or two he’ll set up Hillary to take an international fall. . .he’ll call her out on the carpet and insist on her resignation. . .or he’ll out and out fire her. From that point on she’ll be viewed as damaged goods and her stock will plunder. Any pursuit of the presidency on her part will look like sour grapes. . .the woman scorned. Sure, the woman scorned role propelled her into her senate seat, but this time no one will buy it. As for white liberal guilt, there will be too many more exciting, smart and better looking politicians on both side of the aisle for white guilters to be pacified. Hill and Bill will finally be pulled out of the limelight they fight so desparetely to keep. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • TA in Chicago

      That is, better looking, exciting, smart FEMALE politicians. . .yes, looks count!

  • Ron Kean

    This is fun. Somebody, a long time ago said not to underestimate Hillary Clinton. I liked the spunk she showed toward the end of the campaign where she didn’t have give up. She could have fought to the end and not quit and we liked her for her drive and we never liked Obama. What is a Certificate Of Live Birth anyway? Who do you have to pay to get that?

    The one major flaw was the story about Sinbad and landing in Bosnia. That was off the wall. The Ron Brown story is wild.

    She’ll get plenty of support but most of all we’ll see Bubba smiling on TV again. I always liked him.

    We’ll see a kinder gentler Sol Alinsky.

  • Charity

    Correction from auto spell. Hillary come back as a bigger man eater than she already was. Not saying men are all bad but there are some in both parties that need to go. Tired of the whining.

  • Charity

    Hillary will disappoint me if she does not separate one way or another from Mr. Obama.
    I never voted for him and can’t see how he could be reelected. It is all disgusting and where is our media! They are not true journalist they are just killing their network ratings and they lack respect for their own profession. Networks who politically favor certain politics can not represent the public intelligently and objectively. The old school ethics,character for challenging others actions no longer
    exist. Shame on the new way of journalism. Tim Russert is greatly missed! He loved a challenge. He had character and back bone. I wish Hillary would rise and be a bigger mandated than what she was. She would not have the characters Obama has appointed in his cabinet. I can trust the ” Clinton ” cabinet to stick to some tradition instead of changing everything they touch and creating chaos and lack of focus on economy and jobs. Obama lacks focus! Enough is enough.

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  • Stephen Shields

    You know, I may not have agreed with all of Bill’s politics or his personal lifestyle, but I always felt safe as a citizen and thought he had the great good’s best interest in mind. Presidnt Obama has is own interest and warped sense of reality in mind. I have always thought he was a rather odd individual that tried way too hard to sound like he knew what he was talking about. I didn’t like him when he campaigned for the US Senate. I didn’t get, “shiver up my leg” when he came to Springfield to announce his candidacy. I was equally uninterested when he came to announce that Biden would be his running mate. I was however increidbly intrigued on both election night and inauguration day. I admit, I was caught up in Obama mania for a few days. I found myself liking him, defending his past and ignoring a lot of the tell tale signs that he had just duped an entire country into thinking he was post-ratial, non-partisan and was going to carry out a moderate agenda. I hope to God that Hillary runs, just so he doesn’t have a chance to run for re-eleciton. Maybe, just maybe, the media won’t take her into the back room and beat her over and over again. I won’t vote for her in a general election, but I would vote Democratic in the primary to ensure Obama doesn’t win.

  • Cindy


    I am here in D/FW area of Texas, and I am a Clinton Democrat.

    I am ahead of you and agree with you on this one. I have been saying since the Primaries, Hillary will run in 2012 and in Texas, we have been talking to one another about 2012 in 2008. We are preparing somewhat on our own cause the Democrats around here are run by men who backed up Obama over Hillary.
    I wrote an article @ AllOpinions.com and my article is titled: Leadership by example. I have blogged since 2008, been on the local news, and been on the Jeff Bolton, Mike Gallagher, and Mark Davis show. I have mainly told Jeff Bolton since 2008, Hillary will run.
    People are starting to figure out Obama is a natural disaster and the US is in its 10h year of downward spiral financially.
    During the Texas primaries, Obama’s team used Sexist key words and Race Card key words to intimitate voters into thinking Clinton is just another white person and the same old same old.
    If people looked into his history, he ran for State Senate and used dirty tactics to bump off 2 African-Americans. When elected, he allowed TONY REZKO to steal Government funds from the housing projects. 33% of Obama’s district had money stolen by Rezko and Obama allowed it to happen and after the money was stolen, Rezko gives Obama a sweetheart deal with his land and contributions. During this same time, an Iraqi stole Federal funds during the Iraq war and is wanted in Iraq. This guy helped Obama.
    In Nevada(as Bill Clinton stated), Obama’s team used voter intimidation to lessen Hillary’s votes. In Iowa and Texas, Obama’s team used intimidation to lessen Hillary’s votes.
    Feb 2008, a big Obama worker(who is well connected to the Tarrant County Democrats) was interviewed by the Fort Worth Weekley. He made damaging remarks and I know the guy. He is well known to have Sexist views. It is ironic all over the US in 2007-2008, Obama’s workers used Sexism and the Race Card to further his political career to win over Hillary and Obama got away with it.
    I am half Hispanic and half Caucasian female who is gay. I am a firm believer in equal rights and Obama is a step back for women even though he has nominated 2 women to the supreme court. I am originally from Illinois and Obama has a reputation of doing sexists tactics to get ahead.

    You will hear me again on the Dallas radio stations promoting Hillary to run.
    Thank you
    Cindy from North Richland Hills Texas

    • Cindy

      Correction: Fort Worth Weekly (sorry for the grammer errors)

      • Cindy

        The Texas Democrat who made a terrible remark of Hillary in February 2008 was Mark Greene who unsuccessfully ran against Kay Granger.
        Theres an article with him on it in February 2008 but he was quoted in the Fort Worth Weekly in just before the Texas primaries. Once I can find his quote, I will post it on your website.

        • Ken Besig Israel

          Even if Obama is unprincipled and entirely scurrilous, he is still going to be running things for a while yet. America is facing domestic economic breakdown and the Iranian threat is growing and Obama is the only leader America and the Global Community has. Somehow Obama has to be forced or convinced to start doing his job immediately. My fear is that when the Democrats lose their legislative majorities, Obama will be rendered impotent politically at home and diplomatically abroad. Not only will America and by extension the international community suffer a deeper recession, the rogue states like Iran, N. Korea, and Syria, and the Islamic terrorist organizations will feel empowered to take risks they would never even dream about if a strong, determined, and forceful United States was on the scene.
          I dislike and distrust Obama intensely, but I am praying for him to change drastically and immediately and shift to the political center, if only for his own political good.

  • Ken Besig Israel

    Bernie I hope you are wrong about Obama’s political situation becoming so bad that Hillary Clinton will throw her hat into the ring against him.
    I say this because even though I deeply distrust and as a Jew even fear Barack Obama, if he continues to screw up the American economy by his tax and spend economics, the financial catastrophe certain to hit the US will kick off an economic tsunami for the rest of the world.
    That said, I do hope he sees Hillary coming up behind him because this could be the impetus for him to change his counterproductive economic, political, and diplomatic policies.

    • Bruce A.

      Bernie may be right again with this one. Hillary sounds more & more like a future candidate every day. What will be her parting words to the Obama admin. when she leaves her post?

      • Mark Dannreuther

        My guess is that HIllary’s parting words will be the following Carole King song.
        Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time
        There’s something wrong here
        There can be no denying
        One of us is changing
        Or maybe we’ve just stopped trying

        And it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
        Though we really did try to make it
        Something inside has died and I can’t hide
        And I just can’t fake it

        It used to be so easy living here with you
        You were light and breezy
        And I knew just what to do
        Now you look so unhappy
        And I feel like a fool

        And it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
        Though we really did try to make it
        Something inside has died
        and I can’t hide it
        And I just can’t fake it

        There’ll be good times again for me and you
        But we just can’t stay together
        Don’t you feel it too
        Still I’m glad for what we had
        And how I once loved you

        But it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
        Though we really did try to make it
        Something inside has died and I can’t hide
        And I just can’t fake it

        Don’t you know that I…
        I just can’t fake it
        Oh it’s too late my baby
        Too late my baby
        You know
        It’s too late my baby

        • CCNV

          I sort of thought Hillary’s theme song would be what was playing when Elmira Gulch (aka the Wicked Witch) was riding the bike in the tornado in the Wizard of Oz.

        • Bruce A.

          Very good, it would show some class.

        • Ron Kean

          more like Helen Reddy:

          I am woman, hear me roar
          In numbers too big to ignore
          And I know too much to go back an’ pretend
          ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
          And I’ve been down there on the floor
          No one’s ever gonna keep me down again

          Oh yes, I am wise
          But it’s wisdom born of pain
          Yes, I’ve paid the price
          But look how much I gained
          If I have to
          I can do anything
          I am strong (strong)
          I am invincible (invincible)
          I am woman

          You can bend but never break me
          ‘Cause it only serves to make me
          More determined to achieve my final goal
          And I come back even stronger
          Not a novice any longer
          ‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in my soul

          I am woman watch me grow
          See me standing toe to toe
          As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
          But I’m still an embryo
          With a long, long way to go
          Until I make my brother understand

          I am woman
          I am invincible
          I am strong
          I am woman

          I said this was fun.

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  • Gerry

    The sure way to tell if Hillary Clinton is serious about running for the Presidency in 2012 will be to watch her views on Israel. If she continues her present course, she will not run. If she starts to backpedal on her criticisms, she will run.

    The Jewish vote is vital for her.

  • Dave

    I’ve been thinking this for a while. If it happens, it will be very, very bloody, rending the Democratic party right down the middle (so really, it’s win/win). If the President wins (as I expect) he alienates whatever moderate Democrats are left in the party, along with a good chunk of it’s women, the natural Hillary supporters. If Hillary beats the President, blacks will sit out the general election in droves. With it’s two biggest victicrat constituent blocks at each others throats, the Democrats are toast in ’12. Hell, even McCain could win against that!

    • CCNV


      You hit this one right on the head. You said “it will be very, very bloody”. When Obama loses re-election, I predict riots, thuggery and murderous madness. We’ve all witnessed the Rodney King ordeal, and most recently, Oakland, CA. (I’m still trying to understand how a manslaughter verdict equals looting, fires and vicious attacks on property and other human beings – other than any excuse will suffice.)

  • http://www.bigbureaucracy.com/ Ellie Velinska

    I’ll raise you an Obama speech and will throw in a vuvuzela – Hillary cannot run.

    Democrats seem to be counting on the race-baiting strategy for elections.

    The African Americans block will not forgive any challenger unless he/she is an African-American who is more inspiring for them then Obama.

    • DennisN

      And her name is “Condoleezza”.

  • stmichrick

    I think the warning shot was Carville’s complaints about the oil spill response; the Clinton machine is engaged!

    While there is no doubt about the pervasive Clinton ambition; it will be a fools errand. She will NOT get the black turnout AND no matter how crafty those Little Rock/Hot Springs rascals are; they will NOT be able to shed their baggage. What an opportunity for Republicans to carve out some black vote in the general election!

    Obama is the only hope for libs; he is too big too fail, but fail he must.

  • Berg

    It all depends on how Obama will keep on his lousy performance. If he’ll keep on what he’s been doing so far, HRC’s got a chance.
    I t think that no matter whatever accomplishment she’s going to have in the State Department, if any, will be credited to Obama. So will be the failures.
    The real chance lies with Republican – will they be able to attract the Independence and the Tea Party members?

  • Pas de Eur

    Watch Massachusetts.

    Governor Deval Patrick’s entire political rise there has been a test bed for the Obama rise to the Presidency. Slogan for slogan, tactic for tactic, things were tried there first, and if they worked (which they largely did) they were used at the national level in the Obama machine.

    Right now, the Democrats in MA have run a fiscally conservative Dem named Tim Cahill as an “independent”. Instead of taking votes from Deval Patrick, his support has all come from independents who would have voted for the Republican Charlie Baker. In a manner which is completely dishonest and cynical, Cahill denies he is doing this to get Patrick reelected, when it’s patently obvious he is doing exactly that.

    If this trick works in MA, and Deval Patrick gets back in in November, it’s a dead cinch that this will be done at the national level, either with Hillary Clinton or Jim Webb.

  • Camden

    According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating with Democrats is over 80%. Democrats are not going to vote for someone else. By the way, that number is higher than Clinton’s rating with Democrats and Reagan’s rating with Republicans at the same point in their presidencies.

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  • jedimom

    I am a Hill supporter and recovering Dem who maxed out to Hill then voted MAC Palin in 08. I predict no way Hill will run in ’12 unless Obama appoints himself to SCOTUS somehow or steps down. Romney wins in ’12, then if GOP does not listen to we Tea Party Patriots, we will all swing back to vote for Hillary in ’16. Hillary is the ONLY DEM who gets the mod Dems and Indies back, bet on it.

    • nate

      Romney has to win the GOP primaries first – something I do not ever see happening considering much of the base of his party thinks he belongs to a weird cult. The only way Obama loses is if the GOP gets away from their tendency to award nominations to the guys who lost the last time, or the guys who have “paid their dues.” They need an out of the box, less nationally recognized candidate. If they nominate a dinosaur like Newt, or a loser like Romney – they are toast.

  • David

    Wether or not you are right in the prediction that Hillary would try to run against Barack Obama in 2012, Bernie, you hit the nail on the head about why most Americans voted for Barack Obama.

    • Bernie


      First, thanks for the kind words about the overall analysis. I know it’s a long shot that she’ll run. What I’m really saying … the idea is no longer crazy.

  • Mark Dannreuther

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that HRC will resign from State as soon as it behooves her to do so. One simply doesn’t run for president and then wind up being satisfied with a cabinet position. So it’s a given that HRC will split with the Obama administration in order to prepare for her 2012 run.

    Short term? Short term, the Dems lose Congress in 2010. In 2012, Obama gets kicked out of the White House. And along the way, the Supreme Court holds that using the Commerce Clause to mandate the purchase of health insurance was “a bridge too far.” Also, the Supreme Court will uphold Arizona’s SB 1070. And if you REALLY want a laugh, read the Feds’ request for an injunction against SB 1070, and see how they worked the Commerce Clause into that one, too. (When all else fails…hey, there’s always the Commerce Clause!)

    They who laugh last, laugh best…and there are going to be a lot of very good laughs enjoyed by Americans who support Arizona and SB 1070.

  • Brushjumper

    Here another cliché sir, ‘you ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed’. I like MOST things you comment on, but you are dead wrong on this prediction. Obama would eat her alive with the black and hispanic vote, and the Chicago machine in Ill., and DC., let alone across the USA with the unions thugs. I do believe Obama is a one term failed president, but he will be the democratic nominee in 2012 for sure, maybe with a new VP though.

    • jedimom

      actually my friend, lo,the Latina vote went to HILLARY in the primaries. CA AZ NM TX NY NJ. We wanted Hillary and we were robbed. wait til ’16 :0)

  • http://www.americansforenergy.org Alex Majthenyi

    Hillary would first have to split from Obama and his policies.
    We thought we were getting somewhere when after a lot of pushing she relented from forcing Honduras to take a Socialist president. But right after that she slid back into the rubber stamp mode.
    She will run. She can beat Obama but I don’t think she will win the election. She should get back into the Senate first.

  • Bruce A.

    According to histroy with few exceptions people usually vote their wallet. The party in power ususlly pays the price for a weak economy. Sorry Hillary, but this weak economy may be around for a long time.

  • http://thepurplecenter.blogspot.com John Burke

    The sign to look for is whether Hillary leaves as SecState after this November. It will take a full year starting in January 2011 to crank up the machinery to challenge an incumbent President of her own party. She’s unlikely to do it unless Obama’s numbers tank even more and he is held responsible by Dems for an anti-Dem wave that hands control of the House to the GOP and adds five, six or more GOP Senators. Even then, it will be really tough going for her since so many state primaries and caucuses for the Dems are effectively controlled by liberal voters or (assuming they can be turned out) Black voters. All that said, Bernie has a point: Hillary wants to be President; she’s as much an icon as Obama; she and Bill doubtless hate him for upending her clear shot in 2008; waiting for 2016 carries too many unpredicables; and a weakened Obama will be vulnerable. Ted Kennedy challenged Carter in 1980 with arguably less of a case to make to Dem voters. Hillary’s strategy will have to be to run to Obama’s left on some issues where lefties are disappointed in Obama and to the center on others — not an easy trick but doable.

    • DennisN

      Also recall that Reagan challenged Ford on the GOP side in 1976, which was part of the reason that Carter won that year.

  • http://www.ridenourclarinetproducts.com wm. ridenour

    If she runs she loses. She likely will run as no one else seems to appear on the political horizon to challenge her. Obama is gone. He’s clearly an empty-suit. He’s not principled but an unscrupulous ideologue which a financial and racial agenda—the very antithesis of how he was packaged and sold in 2008.
    Hillary’s chances look slim because she is carrying such heavy baggage. Plus, she’s a self-admitted Progressive, a philosophy of government that is almost indistinguishable from the collectivist ideologies that have driven Europe into the ground and which guide Obama.
    Essentially, politically speaking, Hillary would not be a change from Obama, just more of the same. She will lose if she runs because if America has learned one thing from Obama’s reign of terror it is this: We cannot afford Progressives—and by that time my guess is it will be painfully clear to all but the blindest souls of the radical left that that we can’t afford anything, much less the free-spending, wealth redistributing, business killing ideology of the Progressives and their collectivist kinsmen.

    • CCNV

      Very well-stated! And when Obama goes, hopefully he takes his cronies, thugs, racists and anti-American folks with him.

  • DennisN

    Hillary needs a foreign policy “triumph” before she quits and runs for President. She needs something like an Israeli/Palestinian peace, peaceful revolution in Iran, that sort of thing. If she gets one, watch out: she’ll resign in a minute and start campaigning. Bill has already started runing interference for her by backing candidates that Obama dislikes.

    • jedimom

      START Treaty, done.

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  • Buz Chertok

    So what-A rotten smell is as bad as a stink.

  • Uncledave

    Mr. Goldberg,

    She may well indeed run and I suspect we’ll know by her actions soon after the November elections.

    The most critical and difficult part of her electoral calculus will be the black vote. She needs a huge portion of it to win in 2012, as all democrat presidential candidates do. Would blacks support Hillary if she challenges off Obama? You can be sure a LOT less blacks will come out to vote for Hillary in 2012 than were out in 2008.

    I think she’d need to depend on a lousy GOP candidate to win. Which isn’t a bad bet!

  • gahanson

    Hillary is too identified with the 0bama administration now, after 1.5 years as SoS, plus, she’s a dyed in the wool liberal who would push many of the same programs, but probably not quite as hard. But, I hope someone challenges 0bama, and forces a long, drawn out, bloody battle, weakening him even more.

  • Chaz

    Goldberg, you are an idiot.

    That is all.

    • Janet

      What a well-thought out argument, Chaz. You must be proud of yourself.

      • Chaz

        This article doesn’t deserve a well-thought out argument.

        Again, that is all.

  • Ed

    Secretary Clinton accepted a foreign policy job, one in which she quickly came to be viewed as one of the grown-ups chaperoning the party (along with Secretary Gates and GEN Jones) and can EASILY distance herself from the entire domestic mess. Speaking as a Republican who has never voted for any Democrat for President and won’t vote for Secretary Clinton, I hope she challenges, and I hope she wins the nomination, because that will make the worst possible outcome of the next election less bad.

  • MikeS_MA

    My comment is along the same lines as Elias’s. To run for President, Hillary would first have to resign from the cabinet. I’m disinclined to believe she would do that.

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  • Woody Pfister

    If President Obama continues his slide to Jimmy Carter Land, I look to the soon to be unemployed Evan Bayh to play a much more sober Ted Kennedy in the Dem 2012 race for the nomination. However, can you imagine the racial politics that will be unleashed in should any Dem challenge our post-racial president?

  • Elias

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,
    Your opinion is very interesting, but I have a different idea of this situation. I think Hillary Clinton is smart enough to know that her chances ended when she accepted to be part of this administration. Who would believe that she would govern differently than President Obama, after she publicly accepted his policies without question?

    • mike gallagher

      Elias, you may be right but it appears to me that HRC has done an exquisite job of keeping her distance from the domestic policy debacle that is the Obama administration. I think she could resign one day, and the next day begin her campaign to the great satisfaction of all those Democrats that are terribly unhappy with things just now.

      • Bob

        I have been saying that ever since Hillay took the SoS job, that it was her way of getting out of the domestic policies that Obama wanted. She took the SoS job to line up her support for the Presidential run, so that Obama could not use any lack of foreighn policy against her while running for President in 2012. If Obama did not want her to run for President in 2012, he should have not offered her any position in his administration. He should have left her be a Senator of NY!. I am a conservative, and won’t vote for Hillary in a Presidential election, but would in a Democratic Primary. Bernie Goldberg is on target!