What Florida Means

Newt Gingrich has surged and fallen back, surged and fallen back. Each time, he has managed to stage a sharp assault on the pole position, with moments of political bravado on the debate stage. There is little question that GOP voters have their own form of PTSD over George W. Bush’s inability (or unwillingness) to defend himself and his policies during his two terms. Newt Gingrich, despite his many flaws, speaks to that bad memory. With his sharp rejoinders, he effectively says, “I won’t sit on my hands after someone smacks me in the mouth.”

But in our ultra-fast news cycle, those moments come and go. Gingrich can’t pull out grand slams at will. And when he falls short, his temporarily intense coalition falls apart. In addition, the debate opportunities are about to dry up. Gingrich futures are trending down rapidly.

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