What Me Worry? YES!

Forgive me for going over old terrain, but I’m still bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the latest presidential poll results.

First, let’s review the state of the economy, which everyone agrees is the single biggest issue that will decide who wins the election.

Jobs:  The official unemployment rate has been over 8 percent for Barack Obama’s entire term thus far.  As bad as that number is, the reality is even worse.  If you count the people who stopped looking for work in the job numbers, the real unemployment rate is nearly 15 percent.  That should be very bad news for this or any president seeking re-election.

Economic Recovery:  It’s the most anemic at least since World War II.  And even if we don’t slide into another recession, no one is predicting a serious change for the better anytime soon.

ObamaCare:  Most Americans still don’t like it.  They worry that they won’t be able to keep their doctor or their medical plan, and they’re right to worry.  They worry that panels will decide if they qualify for life-saving operations – or if the cost would be prohibitive because they’re “too old.”  Let’s not call them “death panels” – that only riles up the liberals — but you can make a case that that’s exactly what they will be.

Spending:  Barack Obama continues to spend money we don’t have.  He’s racked up about $5 trillion in debt since taking office.  Even by Washington standards, that’s serious money.

You get the idea.

Now let’s look at some polls that have come out this month.

Rasmussen has Obama up 47 percent to 46.

CBS/New York Times has Romney up 47 to 46.

Pew has Obama leading 50 to 43 percent.

Quinnipiac shows Obama up 46 to 43.

Washington Post/ABC has the race tied 47 all.

There are more but they’re just like the ones you’ve been reading.  But shouldn’t Mitt Romney be up by at least 5 points, given the crummy economy?  Why isn’t he?

It isn’t because the American people think Barack Obama is doing such a wonderful job.  As dopey as we Americans can be, we’re not that stupid.  So what is it?  I think it’s that Mitt Romney comes off like a stiff.  Stuff like that apparently matters, even in hard economic times.  He reminds people of the little guy with the monocle on the Monopoly board.

The president has portrayed Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy who has money in Swiss banks and who knows where else?  And why isn’t he releasing his old tax forms, Team Obama wants to know?  What’s he hiding?

This may be taking a toll on Romney.  Never mind that FDR was also rich.  And so was JFK and LBJ and John Kerry.  Having a lot of money is only a crime, as far as liberal Democrats are concerned, if you’re a Republican with a lot of money.

The good news for Romney is that only Rasmussen polled “likely voters.”  And in that one, President Obama is up by a single point, well within the margin of error.  The others polled either “registered voters” – many of whom don’t show up on Election Day – or simply “adults” – folks who may or may not know how many states there are in the United State; many of whom,  thankfully, also don’t show up to vote.

There’s also bad news.  Romney isn’t doing well in the battleground states, the ones that will decide the election.

Now you know why I’m still bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

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  • Dubious141

    These polls are easy to figure out. They oversample democrats, sometimes by as much as seven percentage points (most recent WSJ/NBC poll). As Limbaugh points out, it’s just the lamestream media doing there part to help out ol’ Brother Barack! Pretty clear and simple

  • floridahank

    Polls are absolutely worthless.  Remember these people who take polls have jobs and they have to come out with results regularly, usually nonsense, but they have to “earn” their money and give something to the public.
    I’ve taken enough statistics to know you can come up with whatever you want by selecting certain control groups and having biased questions = crap!!
    Better use of your time is going fishing, listening to music of the ’70’s-80’s when something had a relaxing sound.  I feel sorry for today’s youngsters — they know nothing about music.

  • mikieb

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter

  • Gwlewis4

    Obama has nothing to do with the bad economy.  


    Bring back the over 20 million  jobs that have been outsourced and our economy
    will be fine.  


    Jobs are
    outsourced to save hundreds of billions in labor costs, so these greedy
    companies can pay billions in dividends and egregious bonuses annually to those
    above the glass ceiling.  Job outsourcing
    does not make America better; it just makes the top 1% much wealthier. 


    Microsoft, Dell, GE, etc., bring those jobs back to America or get the Hades
    out of America – America does not need you.  And, it has nothing to do
    with corporate taxes or regulations.  It is pure greed.

    • mikieb

      love ur logic….the only thing missing is “how” and “who.”

    • wally

      Obama didn’t create the bad economy but the Democrats and some Republicans did when they created Fannie and Freddy in an attempt to provide low cost loans to people who couldn’t afford them. The banks realized that these type of loans were toxic. They didn’t want to be holding the bag so they bundled and sold these loans to other financial institutions. However, Obama is responsible for the poor economy. He aggressively has the EPA make rulings on unproven environmental issues that harm existing energy industries such as coal, oil and gas. He has stated that he will work to make existing energies very expensive and wants all coal fired electric plants to be shut down. This will result in higher energy prices to all of the citizens, industry and business. This action means the US will be less competitive in the world market.  He gave billions of dollars to Brazil so they could produce and sell oil. Giving funds to Brazil means less oil production in the US and higher energy costs that hurt you and me.  He even promised them that the US would buy their oil. He vetoed the Keystone pipeline system and prevented job creation. He wasted valuable tax payer money by subsidizing Solyndra and other green energy companies that now are bankrupt. He is attempting to create a nation that is run totally by the government and  that provides hand outs for everyone so that we will be dependent on him and the Democratic party. He thinks that the government can spend it way out of the recession and has already spent trillions that have weakened the country to the verge of bankruptcy. If he is reelected, the country will be the same as Greece. Last, the movement of some companies to oversee locations and the purchase of products from other countries is a good thing. It didn’t start recently. It has been going on for many years under Democratic and Republican presidents. Bringing the companies back to the US and giving everyone higher wages will not help the US citizens to be more wealthy since both you and I will continue to purchase products from the low cost with quality supplier. To get companies to come back to the US, the government has to reduce corporate taxes, implement regulations that are reasonable and less costly, allow the oil and gas and coal industries to expand and provide the least cost energy to everyone etc, etc,etc.  

      • George – CPA

        You don’t know what you are talking about!  The banks loved it.  The Republicans got most of the banking regulations repealed and the banks and Wall Street when nuts.  

        EPA has got nothing to do with nothing about this issue.  

        And, we eventually have to get off oil, gas, and coal.  

        And, the republicans are the ones not approving  President Obama’s Job Bill.

    • captdot

       Hello. What you see is free enterprise.  Yes, the goal is profit. With that profit, entrepreneurs invest in their enterprises and grow their companies. Others also buy shares, thus investing in the business, and they make money. Create the environment for businesses to thrive and they will come back; they’ll stay here.  Why is Jeffrey Imelt, President Obama’s buddy and his Chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, taking his company over to China?  The president has not met with his Council in over 6 months. Why is that? Supposedly he gets advice from folks around. He hasn’t put it all together for an organized plan.

      • George – CPA

        They don’t invest in nothing that helps the middle class, just the wealthy.

        Any company taking jobs to China or any third world country should be thrown out of America and their property in America taken over by the Federal Government and given to Americans that will employee only Americans.

        If you don’t agree with that, you need to move to China.

        • captdot

           Thanks for your comment.

          Actually, when companies reinvest in their businesses, they are able to grow, thus hopefully hiring more folks.  Also, a lot of retirement plans are invested in companies through Mutual Funds, which help folks in their retirement years.

          I understand your frustration. However, be careful with that reaction. Seizing private property is a tactic employed by another form of government, (which will not be named here) that we do not want in this country.

          Freedom and liberty are what this country is about.

          Taking jobs elsewhere, can be seen as a crappy thing to do, but property ownership is a basic tenet in this country.

          Did you know that when the guys were debating and fighting over the wording of the Declaration of Independence, originally it was written as, “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and PROPERTY (rather than “…the pursuit of happiness”.

          They changed the wording to basically make it more acceptable and understood to all the folks over here. They could all envision what their own happiness could be, but some were not property owners per se, so may not be able to really get their heads around that “property” thing.

          The right to personal property was included in the Bill of Rights, as the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.

          This is great dissertation on the subject:


          • George – CPA

            The Declarations of Independence is not a legal document, for starters. 

            The Constitution is a great document – it eliminated God from running our government, which you might forget will all the GD praying that goes on in Washington.

            Our founding fathers did not put “In God We Trust” on our money, or in our motto – Religious fanatics from the groups like the Knights of Columbus did – pure BS.
            The Capitalistic system is broken and will only be fixed when all stock companies are employee owned and the workers get to share in the profits.  Wall Street and the Stock Market need to be closed and all hedge funds and all speculations ended.  Those folks need to get real jobs.

            And, companies only invest in promoting the welfare of those above the glass ceiling and the stockholders.  Mutual funds are a joke and only for the money managers who make all the profits from managing them.  The top 20% own 93% of all wealth, which is proof that the system is broken.

            And, all men are not created equally in the USA unless you are one of the top 20%.

            The workers need to shut down the whole system and demand much more than they currently get.  

            Power to the working class that made and continue to make America possible.  Without the working class, all you wealthy are doomed.  Get it?

          • captdot

             Thanks again.  True, the Declaration is not a legal document & I never proposed that it was. You may not have realized that I was presenting some background history related to property rights.  The Constitution is a legal document and as I said, the 5th Amendment addresses private/personal property.  I thought you would be heading in this direction.  Your statement: “…all you wealthy…”  I see you have a sense of humor. I wish! I see you are an atheist. Can you name the “ism” that you are advocating and the main characteristics? Socialism? Moaism? Fascism? Communism? Thanks.

          • George – CPA



            appear to be a learned man with some knowledge of the U.S. Constitution.  That being said, I am not sure you have a
            complete understanding of the history of the United States.  What I mean by complete is the actual history
            and events, not as told in most classes with standard history textbooks that
            whitewash almost everything.  I find that
            “A People’s History of the United States – 1492 to the Present” by Howard Zinn
            presents the true history; it is a good read; it should be required reading in
            all high schools.


            founding fathers were learned men too. 
            They had read Montesquieu, Locke, Price, Rousseau, Hume….  The U.S. Constitution is based on much of
            what those great philosophers wrote. But, all those folks believed in two
            classes of people: the wealthy ruling class and everyone else; of course,
            blacks were mostly excluded and Indians were completely excluded.  This is demonstrated by who owned most of the
            land after the America Revolution; land that was stolen from the Indians – the wealthy
            ruling class owned everything.


            As far as
            the Fifth Amendment, you forgot to mention the ending of the last sentence:  “…; nor shall private property be taken for
            public use, without just compensation.” 


            So, when I
            said that the property of the corporations that refuse to bring outsourced jobs
            back to America would be taken, I did not say “without just compensation.”  This could be done under the concept of “Imminent
            Domain – The power to take private property for public use by a state,
            municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions
            of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of
            that property.” And, I never said it would be easy and most likely would be
            tied up in the courts.  Of course, the
            working class would have to decide what that property is worth and how much of
            that price is from their work that they never got fairly paid for; so, the
            corporations would not get very much.  It
            is in the corporations’ best interests to bring all the outsourced jobs back to
            America, and then to start the conversion from stock owned companies to employee
            owned companies.  As far as taxing the
            wealthy, the Federal Government has that power per Section 8 of the U.S.
            Constitution – Powers Granted to Congress and that includes taxing them at top
            marginal rate of 91% if that is what Congress approves.


            reference to the laws and legal precedents over corporations that were created
            by the wealthy to protect the wealthy – they all need to be changed. Presidents,
            CEOs, and others in Senior Management should not be protected by corporate limited
            liability laws.  Their personal property and
            estates should be subject to seizure for anything they did illegally or misrepresentations
            made or gross mismanagement.


            As far as
            my “ism”, it is my own.  It definitely is
            not Capitalism, which is predatory and exploitative based, especially exploitation
            of the workers. Capitalism will self-implode at some point when there are no
            new markets to saturate and workers to exploit. 
            At that point, the markets will collapse, and your mutual funds and
            stocks will be worth zero.  So, we have
            to act now to save the world from the selfish ruling class – the Plutocracy – the
            top 1% of the wealthiest.


            My “ism”
            is about giving the working class – the 99%, the class without which there
            would be no economy – their fair share in everything, including profits and
            making a living wage.   And, that includes having a Universal Health
            Care system in America, similar to that in Canada, but better. America’s
            Universal Health Care will include dental and eye care for everyone!

  • Wallaceflint

       If Obama gets in again, that will be the end of our country as we know it! The question arises, can we afford 4 more years of Obam? My answer is NO! I don’t blame you for worrying- I do myself. After 60 years of voting, I have never seen  soclialism being pushed as much as Obama is doing.
       After seeing how Europe is being affected by it, what with these countries going broke and even rioting, such as is in Greece! Don’t people look at the whole picture any more? It just isn’t working! And yet peole are too concerned that Romney comes off as a rich guy who doesn’t care. After Obama you would think that people would want a change.
       Again like you, I”m damned worried!
                                            On God We Trust!
                                              Wally Flint- Boonville,NY

  • Frank J emkey

    I am retired and watch the news regular(Fox news)and I have a good understanding of what all this noncense is all about. I agree with most that this is the most important election of my life time. I know all the games and the deciet that goes on with Obama. I am able to see through all the noncense that he is throwing out there for the folks. If you have good common sence and are not a hard line liberal it is obvious what is going on. Wheather we like it or not Obama from a distance seems very charming with a very impressive smile. He also talks well. This is what worries me. I can remember when I was thirty five or forty five and trying to make a living and raise a family. I really did not know what is going on with the political seen other what I seen on the tv screen passing.I neither had the time or intrest with what was really going on. So I can see where Obama is able to impress the people just on visual appearance and his babble. An example; my son, daughter inlaw, ex wife just love Obama. But they are going on just what they see and hear from him. They really dont know the internial issues. This is what concerns me. There are probably over a million people that fit in that catagory. I agree Romney is not the most exciting candidate, however I feel he will do a good job. Compared to Obama I would do a good job. So what do we do?

  • Jim4tennis

    Romney is sand bagging…the fix is in…GOP sold us out!… 

  • TransplantedTexan

    I have a theory. When the polls ask specific questions about issues, the direction of the country, and who could do the best job with the economy; Romney leads Obama by a significant margin – sometimes in double digits. It is only when people are asked about Romney and Obama head to head that they are running close togather with Obama usually having a slight lead. I think a segment of the population is afraid of being labeled “racist” if they indicate they favor Romney over Obama in response to a pollster. It is a phenomenon similary to the exit polls in the Wisconsin recall election when the “silent” majority avoided the pollsters. I think you will see a similar dynamic on the presidential election exit polls, with the results inflated by 5% or more in favor of Obama. I don’t think the election will be as close as the polls indicate. I will get to see if my theory is correct on election day when people cast a secret ballot with only themselves to answer to.

  • Wheels

    I think Obama should give his Peace Prize back for being so nasty and saying so many untrue things. Also for having a kill list and bragging about it.

  • Wheels

    No matter what Romney says, those who think he will say anything to get elected will discount his message – just like what many of us think of Obama’s messages. Because it’s true.
    Romney needs to send a strong message with actions like: release more tax returns than what he is being asked for and then make the FDR, JFK, LBJ type comment. Like: releasing a tax plan, an economic recovery plan, etc and then challenge Obama to be as specific. Then, Romney should make the point that the only way to see his plans become reality is to work with congress with compromise. Romney’s CEO background is nothing without specific leadership – otherwise he sounds like just another politician. And many people rather stay with the same if they don’t hear specific plans. I think Romney is waiting for his VP pick so he can make sure the two are on the same page on the specifics (unlike Obama and Biden).

    • James King

      It doesn’t really matter how many tax returns Romney provides because it will never be enough to silence the call.

  • Drew Page

    Maybe Romney isn’t showing as well in the polls because half the wage earners in this country don’t pay federal income taxes and they want to keep it that way, as do all those on government assistance (excluding Social Security and Medicare).  Romney may be seen by minorities and the poor as “the Grinch”, while Obama is seen as Santa Claus.   Given a choice between “the Grinch” and Santa, who do you think will be more popular?

    • George – CPA

      You don’t know what you are talking about.  Just more
      nonsense from right-wing reactionaries! The top 1% should be taxed at 90% and
      all capital gains over $200,000 should be taxed at those higher rates.  And, all the wealthy should have to pay FICA
      on their investment earnings.  They
      should be taxed like they were under Republican President Eisenhower under the
      1954 Tax Rates, where the top rate was 91% –  91% for adjusted gross income over 3.75

      • Drew Page

        lewis  —  If you are so gung-ho about paying more taxes feel free to liquidate your assets and foward them all to the IRS.   Nothing is stopping you, except for maybe common sense.   The top 1% pay more than 38% of all income taxes, the top 10% pay 70%.  The lower 50% of all wage earners pay 3.8% of all federal income taxes.   What’s their “fair share” ?  You want to go back to the Eisenhower years, the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation and polio?   Be my guest. 

        • George – CPA

          Whatever, that is typical nonsense answer from you folks.  Their fair share is about 90%, screw them, just like they have screwed the poor and middle class with low wages.  The 99% will win in the end, even if it takes another revolution.  

          Again, we will have Universal Health Care and we will tax the wealthy and their estates.  All their wealth will be redistributed to the workers who made and make America possible.

          President Abraham Lincoln, the
          Illinois Rail-Splitter, told his audiences that,


          “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.  Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could
          never have existed if labor had not first existed.  Labor is the superior of capital, and
          deserves much higher consideration.” 1861The 99% will win in the end; you need to join us.

  • Super5843

    discarded bernie is always finding things bemusing…  can’t figure them out.  And he thinks that he has to explain himself.    Beware,  golberg is totally owned now by fox news..  notice how golberg gives the nod to rasmussen as “thee poll…”   rasmussen is also wholly owned by fox news…  fox news asks and rasmussen reports exactly what fnc wants to hear.
    Hell,  I wouldn’t be surprized if rasmussen didn’t even call anyone.   

  • FloridaJim

    It is because the lamestream media is pumping lies for Obama daily and Obama’s ignorant followers are too dumb or too naive to check Obama’s words to separate truth from Obamaspeak. When you have your hand out from Obama he is enslaving you quietly.

    • floridahank

      You forget to mention that probably many of Obama’s ignorant followers are too dumb or too naive to check Obama’s words….(I would predict a large number of them cannot read either)  so all they can do is listen to propaganda on the major
      networks and rag newspapers.

      • FloridaJim

        I like your name.

  • GlenFS

    Whether Obama is slightly ahead, tied or a bit behind in public support, that level of support he does enjoy is tenuous.  It’s hanging there awaiting any disturbance to the balance to send it crashing.  I do not believe he can defy gravity for another 104 days.

    Romney on the other hand need only be seen as a safe alternative to have an edge and gain support.  I think he will go well beyond this standard once he’s nominated and in full swing.  Obama has all the support he ever will and stands to lose some, while Romney has not reached his potential.  It may not be over, but it is done for Obama.

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Sooner or later the cowards at the Conservative media outlets will realize that they cannot continue to remain silent about the three fraudulent documents that have been associated with Barack Hussein Obama.  There  is NO DOUBT that the April 27th, 2011 computer generated birth record that Obama has been flaunting is a forgery.  That by itself should have been front page news and a 24/7 story at Fox but there little whimpy legs cannot hold up under the weight of criticism from their counterparts on the left side of the isle.  They have become shameless and Bernie is part of that weak kneed scandalous media. 

    There is also more pretty convincing evidence that the Commander in Chief fraudulently registered with the Selective Service.  The stamp they used was obviously tampered with.  The “08” was cut made to look like an “80.”  Obama’s is the only draft card that used a TWO didgit number, all others at that time used  a FOUR didgit number.  This by itself should also be of concern but the wobbly legged conservative media is running scared. 

    There is a law suit going on in the State of Ohio that presents very credible evidence that Obama’s SS# is fraudulent.  It was flagged by the E-Verify system mulitiple times.  The SS Admin claimed they never issued that number to Barack Hussein Obama.  The same number appeared as Harrison J. Bounel at the Obama’s Chicago address.  This is more than enough to cause someone to sue.   This suit has great legs and this also should be a top story for the wobbly legged conservative media. 

    When this scandal finally makes headlines the media, both liberal and conservative will have mud in their faces and rightfully so in that they should have been all over this a couple of years ago.  If they did their job this nightmare would have ended much earlier. 

    • James King

      Hey, Clunker, I actually agree that Obama was not born here. Where I disagree is that you think it will come out and I don’t. A lot of wagons are attached to Obama, wagons that have unbelievable power, and they won’t let it happen. Years from now it might come out, but by then it will be too late. Obama will have been re-elected and the final nail in America’s coffin will have been driven.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Mr. King, thanks for responding.   As I mentioned many, many times here I have told the group here that Obama is not only using a forged birth certificate, he is using a forged Selective Service card and a fraudulent SS#.  There is also a chain of events that ended in a murder of a man who was accused of attempting to look at Obama’s Passport information (see Pamela Geller’s article at American Thinker for details on Passport).  I get upset with Bernie because he has an inside track to Fox through Bill O’Reilley and he doesn’t lift a finger to expose the details of this scandal of the century.  You need to hammer him right here on his blog to request he start doing something about this scandalous silence.

    • Drew Page

      You say there is an ongoing lawsuit in Ohio claiming Obama’s SS# to be fraudulent.   Where can this be verified?   You also say that the S.S. Administration claimed they never issued the number being used by BHO to him, but rather to Harrison J. Bounel, at Obama’s Chicago address.    How can this claim by the S.S. Admin be verified?   Are there documents available to the public that can verify this?    I am not saying that you are making this up, but I would like to be able to document this for myself.

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        I have been following this scandal for over a year now and this material in The Globe article is very accurate.  You can click onto the picture of the magazine cover and it will take you to a site that has a number of articles about the frauduelnt SS#.  Susan Daniels and Albert Hendershot (skip trace expert) have done a great job with this investigation.  Drew, isn’t it shameful that none of this has been available to Drew Page or most Americans.


    • floridahank

      I blame many of the Rep’s politicians who are afraid to bring these questions to light by demanding qualified answers to these accusations — forged documents, absent documents, gaps in time of jobs, etc.   So many items that those in Congress should be demanding proof — one way or the other — but they all sleep in the same bed and don’t want to make it uncomfortable for anybody in the bed.  A bunch of phonies who couldn’t make it if they worked for a profit-making compay like the rest of us.  Politics has a cancer running through it and needs to have a total
      surgery to get rid of the disease.
      Vote out 100% of the Dem’s and 75% of the Rep’s

  • Elaine Coyle

    Well if this was a Boxing match, Republicans are playing by Marquis of Queensberry rules & Democrats have lined the gloves with concrete & covered the outside with pepper.
    Democrats have flooded every column & blog with shills that do nothing but attack
    Romney 24/7. They try to silence any defense.
    If they find the name of a donor to a Republican, they harass the donor, his family, his business & clients.
    If a Democrat dares to criticize anything that a fellow party member does, they excoriate that member…Cory Booker
    or they force walk-backs from them…Diane Feinstein.
    The President, even when proven wrong, continues to lie about Romney & every single Democrat supports his lies.
    They are playing as if their lives depend on this election & Republicans are are treating the election just as they always have.
    It is time to man up & fight as if our lives depend on this election 

  • Itasara

    One problem some of us have is living in NYS. Is there anyway that enough voters  will convince the electoral college voter to overturn this  liberal state?  I almost feel that my vote will not count. It didn’t the last time, that’s for sure. 

    • Drew Page

      I live in Illinois, the most corrupt state in the union, and feel the same way.   The Democrats own Illinois and have for years.   The massive patronage armies, the unions and the minorities on public assistance keep the Democrats in power.   There are more people benefitting from corruption and state government largesse than there are people voting against it.   Even after state income taxes were increased by 67%, the state is broke.  It’s bond rating has been dropped by Moody’s, it can’t pay its bills and carries a minimum of $83 billion in unfunded pension liabilities for teachers and state employees.  We have passed the tipping point and may never be able to get back to being financially sustainable.

      • James King

        Drew, I also live in Illinois and agree with your comments. But they leave the impression these things are done solely by Dems, and the Republicans participate against the Constitution in different ways.

        In this pres. election there is only one candidate running who would stop it if elected, and his name is Gary Johnson. But he won’t be elected because even those who agree with him think they would be wasting their vote, or that a vote for Johnson would be a vote for Obama.

        It’s the chicken and egg, and no one who thinks like Johnson will ever get enough votes to govern. He will not be given a position in the debates because the powers that be know he would win all of them and nothing will change. America is dead.

  • RonKean

    Romney’s too nice to the media.  His sons should belittle interviewers who are pro-Democrat.  People cheered Gingrich when he did it and boo’d Stephanopolis when he kept asking biased questions.  Sununu was a hero because he put Andrea Mitchell in her place.

    • Drew Page

      Sununu knows what he’s talking about, Andrea doesn’t.

  • Dan Starr

    I’m scared too; today while visiting Oakland and riding in a car driven by my 35 year old daughter in heavy traffic, I said ,”It’s because Obama is in town stayed last night at the Intercontinental Hotel.” She replied, Nice place.”. I said, “Yea, our tax dollars at work!”. She responded, “I’d rather not talk politics. … It doesn’t go anywhere!”. If that is how my college educated daughter feels, who is going to change the pole results? Worse, who will vote him out of office?????

    • Bob Hadley

      Sounds like your daughter is the sensible one.  Apparently she wasn’t taking your bait. 

      • Drew Page

        Sounds like you are a liberal.

        • Bob Hadley

          Nahhhhh, I’m just sensible.  :)

          Many of your counter-parts – liberal ideologues – think I’m conservative

  • soundnfury
  • Brendan Horn

             It is baffling to me that some polls indicate that people think Romney would be better for the economy but Obama is fighting for the middle class. What affects the middle class more than the economy? If people think Obama’s policies have harmed the economy, shouldn’t these same people also believe that Obama’s policies have harmed the middle class? 
            The Republican’s need to fight fire with fire. When Obama is casting aspersions and basically demonizing Republicans every day, the Republicans should go full on with their attacks against Obama’s socialist agenda. If they pull punches, they will harm their chances and give credence to Obama’s distortions. The Republicans should be truthful, but very aggressive. 
            Obama’s continued attacks on Bain  should be promoted as what they are: an attack on capitalism, and also a distraction from the real issue of the campaign: the economy. 
            Obama has been getting away with blaming the failure to compromise on congress. People need to start pointing out that compromise is a two-way street. If there has been no compromise, Obama is at least half responsible. He has failed to effectively compromise for four years and there is no reason to believe he will compromise  effectively in the next four years. 

    • Drew Page

      Obama’s attacks would have us believe it’s more important to know what Romney has done with his money than what Obama has done with ours.   I believe Romney should call his bluff.  He should call a press conference and standing in front of a file cabinet holding his tax returns for the past seven years should issue the following challenge:  “Ok Mr. President, I will release all these tax files to the public when you release all of your college applications and transcripts.”  Let’s see if Onbama will take up the challenge.  I’ve got a hundred bucks that says he won’t.

      • James King

        Here, here! You’re right!

  • DOOM

    You forgot to mention the most important rich president: Obama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1560111594 Robert Blum

    An economy dominated and controlled by the government is not characterized as an ‘American ideal’ in other countries.

    It was recently stated by another market observer that the free market ends where government tyranny begins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobbylanesadler Bobby Lane Sadler

    Romney needs to notch up the passion.. we saw a glimpse shortly after BHO’s “you didn’t build that!” speech.. but overall I feel he’s just a little too reserved.. very simple thoughts: I believe you can tell a lot from how a man walks.. watch Mitt walking.. looks like he’s walking lightly.. almost timidly.. he needs to show a strong stride.. same with his speaking style.. lots of times it sounds like he’s holding down the volume.. we need to hear him in full strong loud voice regarding his displeasures w/BHO and his own plans for leadership.

  • bearmountain

    Hey folks, I am just an old retired Marine. I have a question: If Obama is truly the smartest man in the room, perhaps in the universe, and he is such a whiz at being the President King then why in hell is he not leading this race by an overwhelming percentage.
    As a side note the idiot in Colorado WAS NOT USING  an assault rifle; if was merely a firearm that looked like an assault rifle: no selector switch for full auto—no assault rifle PERIOD!!
    Semper Fi

    • Drew Page

      The term “assualt weapon” can be truthfully be defined as any weapon used to assault someone.  It may mean one thing to the general public, such as any weapon that looks like a military weapon.  But to those who want to see all guns banned, “assualt weapons” are more broadly defined to include any semi-automatic pistol, shotgun or rifle.   Chicago and NYC have the strongest gun controll laws of any of the states.  Check out the murder rates there to see how effective more gun control laws have been.   It’s not the gun, it’s the lunatic that uses it on innocent people.   You can’t legislate against a lunatic.

      • bearmountain

        *In full agreement. The talking heads haven’t a clue what a true assault weapon looks like much less how it functions.
        MyGySgt..0311,0372, 8541
        Semper Fi

  • seriouslie

    Bernie, my 73 year old father disagrees with me on this
    point, but to me the fact is conservative voters are outnumbered on a national level – and the local level is not even in play – and never will be again… The
    best we can hope for is that “they” don’t show up (as you said)… when they do – a national election looks like a local one… Quick review,
    a despicable person like WJC got elected 2 times in the land of the free, follow that with a more despicable
    person winning the popular vote in 2000, and yes but for Ohio, a 3rd out right
    military traitor would have won in ’04… and here we are today living in Barack’s
    version of the USA, and it will likely continue for another “5” years… People
    like Karl Rove are responsible for poor leadership in the Republican Party at
    time when the Nation needed real leaders to step up – instead 3nd rate
    “senior advisors” lead us down a path with no clear vision, and from a
    defensive position. The reason Reagan was/is different is because he knew how to lead  by playing on the offensive side of the ball… his predecessors
    have been more comfortable playing defensive containment, for the last 25 years… So get ready for
    the McCain Train Wreck Part II – it won’t be pretty…

  • Rkk451

    Didn’t the “unbiased” media do pretty much the same thing with the Regan/Carter race?  According to their polling, Carter won in a landslide!

  • soundnfury

    I don’t know where you’re getting your facts, Bernie. The 7/24 Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll has Romney @ 45% to Obama’s 44%, with another 5% undecided. If Dick Morris is right about the undecideds, 80% of them will go with the challenger.

    From a historical perspective, this race most closely resembles the 1979 Carter-Reagan contest, both in terms of economic & political turmoil, as well as party dynamics. Reagan was trailing Carter by 8 points up until the last four weeks of the race, and then beat Carter handily in a landslide.

    From a polling perspective, it’s also important to remember that Rasmussen tracks likely voters, as opposed to registered voters. In addition to this difference, the others also skew their polling heavily toward Dem/Independent participants over those of the GOP. These differences could account for the huge disparities we see regularly between projected & actual results. A good example of these was the exit polling during the Scott Walker recall. Oops!

  • Larbabe

    I don’t know what it is – some sort of animal magnetism I guess but people that I know who supported Obama in 2008 still do so today. When I ask why, they say he’s trying to fix the mess that Bush created, or we’ve got to give him a chance (like the previous 4 years didn’t happen). My 2 sons in law have bet me  dinners at a high end restaurant that Romney will win. At least for the start of Obama’s second term, I’ll be well fed.

    • bbf

      Family members who supported Obama in 2008..are having serious second thoughts because of his support of same-sex marriage.  They are not saying they will vote for Romney..BUT that they will probably just stay home.

  • 3arnhardt

    Many of us tried to convey the importance of running with a conservative when we had the chance. Unfortunately, the conventional wisdom of the candidate who “can win” got in the way of the candidate who we can believe in. We are running out of  opportunities to save this country. That said, Obama must be defeated. 

  • Joe Miskin

    I`m worried too and I am a Canadian. I thought that Romney would walk over Obama. Since California is pretty well bankrupt I don`t know why they keep on spending money that they don`t have. I think that if Rob Ford was an American he would lead them out of the Sea.

  • http://twitter.com/JoeFallacaro Joe Fallacaro

    Bernie, lets look at some recent results. The Wisconsin recall election was polling at dead even and some polls had the Gov losing, but lo and behold it was a solid thumping for the Gov and the conservatives over the unions. I really think Repubs under-poll for what ever reason, which eludes me. People are embarrassed to respond on the conservative side since the lame stream media is so biased against conservatives.
    Joe Fallacaro

  • Richman64

    You’re very right to be worried Bernie, as am I. However, one big thing that hasn’t been mentioned is how the redistricted  game board will play this go around. I believe that everyone is still looking at this one through the lens of ’08, and with all things being equal, Obama comes out on top by a slim margin. But that was last time, not this time. I think there is a pent up rage against this administration that will come out of the woodwork that polls aren’t reflecting. What about all the young hipsters that still cant find a real job, what about the low income people that cant find work, what about middle class Americans that have been downsized, even the union guys that cant get any overtime? All there needs to be is a small minority of those folks that simply stay home combined with the folks that are coming out in droves. Obama certainly doesn’t have any of the enthusiasm that will help this time. I actually think that it sets up as a 60-40% landslide in favor of America getting its act together and getting back to work.

  • mick0746

     I agree with  Brhurdle. People will not say in public that they will not vote for Obama.

  • Niknfrank10

    50% of Americans are un-read and not too smart. That’s putting it mildly. I guess Americans like the idea of hanouts. What a shame. But Nov. is a way off yet. Romney has to really start kicking his butt NOW or he’ll take a beating.

  • bio mom

    Your problem is that you do not understand polling. Most are registered voter polls not likely voter polls. And most, including most likely voter polls are oversampling Democrats. Even with all of that, it is a statistical tie within the margin of error, even in most swing states. Romney is in very good shape right now and once he is officially nominated he can use his big warchest. The undecided vote will swing to him.

  • Walter

    The answer lies with an interview O’Reilly had last week. He asked the person (can’t remember the name) if a white democratic candidate would get the black vote with Obama’s numbers. he wouldn’t answer.

  • James King

    Bernie, you are not alone in your dismay. Count me in too, except for this. Is it possible that Romney is actually hiding an attractive candidate? Is it possible that he does not want to peak too early?

    I know. I’ve heard some of that but have begun to think there might be some truth to the idea. With as little regard as I have for a lot of Americans who are either too ill-informed or too dumb, perhaps they will catch up. If they don’t, America is lost to those who said they would bury us.

    The current president was educated by socialist/communist/statists, etc, but only those of us who are aware of this are willing to state it. He was also reared by those statist-leaning individuals, so what would have been a great surprise would have been an individual rights kind of man.

    Republican pols are afraid to make these obvious things known for fear of being painted as an extremist. This would upset the independents. All of this is true to the detrement of America, but we will not stand if Obama is re-elected. We may not stand even if he is defeated because the Republican’s have also usurped the Constitution for many years.

    So here we are, with a president whom it should be extremely obvious to everyone that he must be defeated. But it isn’t. Obama should be 20 points behind, and I am convinced he would be if the voter’s were not ill-informed.

  • robin in fl

    Good article Bernie.
    I think now a days a LOT of people are just done caring and far too busy to think about it anymore. The ‘working class poor’ are just trying to stay one step ahead of the game and getting more tired by the minute and see no reprieve from it no matter who is in office at this point.It’s kind of gotten to the point of the same ol’ same ol’ anymore(I still vote though).

    and of course the ‘so called poor’/you know, the ones that get everything for free anyway are doing ok and will be taken care of either way because they think they ‘deserve it’,the ones that are so use to handouts and free stuff they have no worries at this point,well for them they want obama in office and probably will not vote anyway ,but if polled will say they are voting obama,kind of like some of the very young ones will do….they will claim they will vote Obama but forget it’s voting day or be too busy on facebook to vote.

    sure the likability factor may be important to some extent,but if a person is smart enough they may be ok with the ‘stiff’ rich guy because we have already seen what the ‘cool’ guy is and isn’t capable of by now.

    I’ve never put all that much stock in poles. I can’t remember the last time I was polled on something and I would bet that a lot of the other working class poor I know if polled the question “when was the last time they took part in a pole”..well I would bet that most couldn’t tell you..they were probably too busy just trying to keep their heads above water to take the pole!

      robin in fl

  • Mcweijun

    The reason is clear.  Private sector business trashed the once loyal American worker 25 years ago in the name of the old bottom line. When employers took care of their loyal, hard workers and workers gave 100% in appreciation of that, it was mutually beneficial.  That paradigm is gone now. They have sent millions of jobs overseas for cheap labor and less regulation. Good for their profits. Bad for America. America is afraid that Romney will continue this decay. They have bought the false idea that Barack will save them with his handouts. Smart people know he is only making things worse. The Ultra rich have no clue how bad America is hurting right now. They scarf their $100 steaks and quaff their $100 bottles of wine and try to tell me they feel my pain. They will find out how wrong they are in November. The only solution is to bring the jobs back home and rebuild the mutual respect that worked so well for 200 years. The fortune 500 is just going to have to settle for modest profits. Maybe the milti-million dollar bonuses for CEOs will just have to go away. If we don’t restore what made us great, they will lose those soon anyway. If it makes Jeff Immelt feel any better, I feel your pain.

    Dan McVicker 

    • J Skar

      “They have sent millions of jobs overseas for cheap labor and less regulation. Good for their profits. Bad for America.”

      Why, then, are Americans looking for the cheapest (Asia-made) products?
      Sorry. It’s not the profits, its the lowest price.

  • Brushfour

    Bernie is correct,..but he forgot to mention the Undecided voters.  They will swing for Romney.  It’s very close in the swing states and it’s possible that Romney could win the Popular Vote…but lose the Electoral Vote as Gore did in 2000.   Romney should get a hefty bump coming out of the August GOP Convention.  Obama more likely than not will not receive such a bump.  Romney will need to win the debates or most of them,..and then carry the momentum of the Convention on to November.  Why Obama is posting such high numbers still is beyond me.

  • Joan

    Great view.. A lso gives good talking points!! Joan T

  • Fred

    Those of us who wanted the Republicans to nominate someone else, understand precisely why this is happenning. When people argued against nominating Gingrich, the Republican establishment said that would be a bad ide, because it would make the election about him instead of the economy. Well, it’s ALWAYS about the candidate. This is what we get. We wanted someone safe who didn’t particularly inspire the Republican base, and we got him. If he can’t inspire the base, then how the hell’s he supposed to inspire everyone else? If he manages to win, I’ll be amazed.

    • JmThms

       But it would be MUCH worse with ANY of the other Republican candidates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    I am hoping (against hope?) that Romney is waiting until September or October to present his tax returns.  They will then show definitively that he pays his (huge) taxes and is clean, clean, clean.

    But: Get Mad, Mitt.

    Tell Americans the truth.  Democrats are destroying this country, morally and commercially.  (Not to mention internationally.)

    Tell them that their jobs come from the private sector.  That prosperity does, too.  Tell them that “Big Business” and corporations are mostly owned by….them.  Americans’ mutual funds, pension and profitsharing programs.

    Tell them that “business” isn’t a big, bad entity but a process of making, buying and selling things.  That there are great and average business leaders, moral and immoral business leaders, legal and (very few) illegal ones.  Just like in government and the world as a whold.



    • soundnfury

      You nailed it, Ted. Romney is playing too nice, like McCain. It’s time he grew some cohones took the fight to the President.

  • Brhurdle

    The answer to your question is quite simple – race. The polls are very clear that people don’t believe that we are heading in the right direction yet Obama still leads in the presidential race. This dichotomy can only be explained by people being afraid to express their dissatisfaction against Obama for fear of being labeled a racist – white guilt prevents them from expressing a preference of a white over a black. I believe you know this also but are afraid to express it for fear of the backlash. It’s not rocket science.

    • DrSique

      Perhaps but, once alone in a polling booth, noone will know who pulls the lever for a rich white guy. The social stigma attached to the “first black president” keeps people from telling the truth in some polls, thereby skewing the data. Also, undecideds will probably break hard against the president. Just the way it is.

    • JmThms

       I believe there is something to this. I don’t know how much but I think it is substantive. Obama, our Celebrity-in-Chief, was, is and always will be about political correctness.

  • DeepSouth Dave

    I think there are two possibilities:

    1.  The pollsters or the people being polled are lying.
    2.  Romney’s perceived as just as much an Establishment figurehead as Obama.

    If Republicans are serious about saving America from Obama and his lunatic-left cronies, they need to PROVE they are NOT just the other head of the same globalist-corporatist  -fascist – communist – whatevertheyare New World Order monster that’s been swapping power back and forth between Democrats and Republicans for the last hundred years.

    Here’s what would prove it to me:

    1.  Newt the Newly-Saved Historian needs to have a public come-to-Jesus meeting at the Republican Convention, and deliver a thorough from-the-inside expose of ALL the Establishment Insiders’ shenanigans.  Agenda 21, Communist infiltrators from Alger Hiss to Van Jones, Federal Reserve currency manipulation and the bailout game, the interventionists’ thumbs on the scale that have driven up housing prices and college tuitions beyond what the market can bear due to their interventions, the chump’s game that is our “free trade” agreements with un-free nations (ask Donald Trump for his analysis on this point; he’s the only public figure besides Pat Buchanan who gets it) — ALL of it.  Get on the stage with Ron Paul and let the presentation pass muster with him, with Romney on hand to deliver his blessing.

    2.  At the conclusion of the Convention, Romney needs to stand up, hold up the U.S. Constitution, and declare:  “THIS is our ‘Contract With America!’  And we WILL reassert the doctrine of Specific, Enumerated Powers!  The Federal Government WILL be confined to its Constitutionally-defined parameters!  It will take years to wean ourselves off the government largesse we’ve been seduced into depending on and re-grow our once-vibrant economy — but it begins NOW!!”

    The thunderous applause would sweep the nation.

    BONUS POINTS:  Romney’s answer to the attacks on him over Romneycare are obvious to anyone who understands Specific, Enumerated Powers:  refer back to Federalist Paper #10:  “The powers of the general government are few and defined; the powers reserved to the states are many and indefinite.”  If a state wants to institute socialized health care within their borders, it’s their call.  But they need to bear in mind that they are in a continent-wide REAL free-trade zone called the USA.  And if they burden their in-state economy with ruinous government-largesse programs, they will drive their economy elsewhere.  Exhibit A:  California.

  • Kathie Ampela

    It’s summer and most people are at the beach and not focused on politics. Romney needs a dramatic VP pick (hopefully he/she will be fully vetted by then) and parlay the 24/7 news cycle interest until November.  Drama coaching would be effective, no squishy GOP wimping out this fall…Romney needs to lower the hammer to hold public interest.

  • Appealnow

    Finally, somebody on the Rep side is admitting that it is not looking good in the battle ground states. I frankly fear that Romney will win the popular vote but lose the electoral college.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-L-Macchia/649373637 Robert L Macchia

      That is why the electoral college should be eliminated.  Popular vote should control the elections and nothing else.

      • JmThms

         Oh no. Which side do you think the ‘unwashed masses’ gravitate to? Some layer between these stupid masses and the electoral process and policy needs to be maintained.

  • Bill

    Bernie, People don’t pay much attention until the last few weeks, also people don’t tell the truth to pollesters or exit pollesters.
    I predict a landside much like Jimmy Carter vs Ronald Reagan

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    Bernie, your point; “But shouldn’t Mitt Romney be up by at least 5 points, given the crummy economy?”
    Romney might do well to take that same number “5” and make his campaign a 5-point advocacy; namely 5 issues. (I’ve employed the terms ‘advocay’ for a reason.)
    The man must lay out a lattice work (Americans like graphics more than words and will linger a nano-second longer.) and demonstrate models by which he’ll lead.
    And generalities won’t do it.
    Further more, he must be campaigning for – FOR – the presidency, and less against the current occupier. (It would do well to avoid the name of the latter altogether.)
    Basically; a minimum of, well defined points; with the least number of moving or extra parts.

  • John DeCarlo

    With you all the way Bernie. You’d think that reasonably intelligent people can see what a disaster this BO presidency has been since day 1; (pardon the pun)… It Stinks! Since everyone is in the same boat save those who don’t pay taxes why are BO’s #’s so high? Anyone else would have been ridden out of D.C. on a rail. The image of 4 more years of this guy is unimaginable, unthinkable, unconscionable, and all the more scary.

  • libertyfirst

    You are correct, Bernie.  The Dems always forget the many Presidents and/or Presidential candidiates they have fielded over the last century or so did come from priveleged means. Goes to show you the hyprocisy is their ranks!!

  • beniyyar

    Polls are like Monopoly money, they aren’t really worth anything and they count for nothing. But when a voter decides who to vote for for real and goes into the voting booth, that is like real money and counts for everything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/buz.chertok Buz Chertok

    There never was a bigger shmuck in the White House than Jimmie(!) Carter and yet, in 1980, when Ronald Reagan was running against him, the economy was in the toilet, unemployment was high, the Ayetolla was holding a load of American hostages  and thumbing his nose at all of Carter’s feeble bleats of complaint, he was leading by far in all of the polls. Then there were the debates followed by the election in which he was swamped. The reason why the polls are even close with the present bozo as President is simply that he, in true Chicago style, is running a TV blitz besmirching Romney that is not being opposed because Romney is keeping his powder dry. And, yet, the best that his brickbats against Romney can accomplish is to get him a tie. Romney has a fortune awaiting his pleasure to turn loose on Obama–and Obama jolly well knows it. Obama is, once again, displaying his ignorance by thinking that his unopposed smears will stick in the memories of a public that he holds in utter disdain. He is, as usual,totally wrong. The public has the memory of a piss- ant and will not remember a thing. Howevr, when they get bombarded day and night with videos showing Obama making tons of promises that are proven to be lies accompanied by videos showing him contradicting his previous blatherings, and by debates in which he will not be able to use a teleprompter thereby resulting in him sticking his foot in his mouth–as he inevitably does without its presence, the tide will turn–big time. I honestly believe that he is going to get buried despite the media’s disgusting shilling for him because he even makes Carter look good–and that aint easy!

    • asl3676

      The reason Carter lost is because of the botched hostage rescue….Do you actually think Reagan won because of the debates? What unoppossed smears are you referring to?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/HKATSKEOKBAFZRXE6HQALRY4TA Allan

        Carter lost because of the economy. Interest rate, for example, 18%.

      • soundnfury

        What? Are you even old enough to remember that race? Where were you?

        • asl3676

          I’m 60…I can even remember Nixon’s secret plan to end the war….Sounded like Romney’s secret plan to create jobs…..LOL

  • JohnInMA

    Perhaps we are all putting too much confidence in polls, especially considering how much “history” remains to be made in the next 3+ months.  There are many more opportunities for “you didn’t build that…” blunders while there is little time left for significant economic improvements.   Should Romney keep out of gaff-land and eventually find a way to portray himself as a little more connected/compassionate/in tune I think many will become tired of the same-old-same-old they are currently experiencing.   The onus is on Romney,  however, as any slip will be magnified ten times or more by the media.  

    For me the good news is this:  It appears to date that most of the contrivances from the Obama campaign that are willingly amplified and given extra life by media haven’t swayed voters to any degree.  Time spent in misery works to Romney’s favor, and it is likely enough will see through the spin about how evil Romney is/would be.

  • RedinDenver

    Off the subject, but:  it’s so FRUSTRATING to try to hear the points Bernie is trying to make on the weekly segment he does on  The O’Reilly Factor.  Bill O’Reilly is obviously ‘the man’ over there and would much rather we hear HIM, rather than his guests, speak.  I wish he would AT LEAST allow guests like Bernie to finish their SENTENCE!

    It’s so funny when Laura Ingraham is on … She let’s everyone know what she thinks of O’reilly with her FACIAL expressions and the rolling of her eyes.

    • soundnfury

      Agreed. O’Reilly needs to throttle back, but he won’t. He’s too full of himself.

  • Budinsky

    Some of the reasons he’s not excelling are:
    He hasn’t explained how he would create jobs.  He’s too much in generalities.
    He’s a Mormon – which turns off some voters who may stay home.  He needs to explain his Christianity more to those who are doubtful in certain states that are key to his win.
    He’s too business like.  He needs more emotion when speaking.  He needs new speechwriters to excite people and show more depth to arouse an audience.  He may even need a Jon Voight to coach him on drama.

    He needs to be more open, i.e. show more taxes and explain Bain to a greater degree.

    With the level of discomfort in the country he should be at lest five points ahead of Obama.
    If he can make changes, he will win in November. 

    He needs the fire of a Gingrich and a VP who can excite the crowds like Rubio. IMO.  It’s not too late but it’s getting close.  He needs to Win!!

  • Ger

    Your “death panel” is no joke.   I live in Israel, and my 83-year old wife recently had a pacemaker installed.  In all likelihood, this would not happen under Obamacare in the USA.

    We can only hope the voters in America will come around before it’s too late.

    • Kben500051

      Healthcare in Israel is universal and compulsory. That’s why your mother got her pacemaker. What is your argument then. My problem is Obamacare didn’t go far enough.
      Oh and by the way we already have your so called death panels Bernie. It’s called insurance companies. My youngest daughter has profound disabilities and every week I have to fight for what care I can provide for her.

      • Tim Ned

        My sympathies for your youngest and hope that her outlook is positive.  There is no doubt the health care system is broken.  I don’t have faith that the new health program will improve it.  I believe it’s just going to add more complexity and rationing to an already bad system.

      • JmThms

         Costs are the main issue. Obamacare does add more complexity and will induce rationing. I wouldn’t even be able to get prostate cancer screening under the NHS in the UK. plus the added entitlement/taxes issue when we absolutely need to go in the opposite direction to reduce entitlements. Health care coverage for everyone is a noble goal. But I stop short of declaring health care an inalienable right. Access to it yes. But not a free lunch. Obamacare doesn’t quite go that far, but he, like you Kben500051, would have that if he could get away with it. Insurance for it should probably be non-profit.

  • asl3676

    It would appear that this column took Bernie at least 10 minutes to write…probably had to first ask O’Reilly’s permission….

    • libertyfirst

      Then why do you read his blog?

      • asl3676

        Because ocassionally he says something interesting..This column is just a compendium of talking points…When Romney puts out his tax returns this election is over..people dont want a tax cheat in the White House…

        • Tim Ned

          But apparently it’s ok to have tax cheats on your staff such as Obama?  There is a vast difference between someone like Romney paying the taxes they owe versus someone who outright cheats such as Obama’s secretary of the treasury.

          But I suspect you don’t see the difference!

          • asl3676

            False equivalence. I didn’t vote for Tim Geithner did you? I find it hard to believe that you would vote for Gordon Gecko for President but then again you probably liked Nixon…

          • Tim Ned

            You are right, not equivalent.  Romney did not cheat on his taxes and Geithner did.  So where’s your proof on Romney?  I assume you have the evidence or do you just throw out garbage.  By the way.  Nixon/McGovern first election for me and I went with McGovern.  During college I was liberal until I went to work and saw the life my professors didn’t tell me about.

          • Super5843

            “….the life my professors didn’t tell me about…”     I’ll bet you cared about people in your college days, didn’t you Ted.  Thats a trait with liberals.   Make a few bucks and your mind and your heart changes..
            “screw em,  I don’t care anymore…”  Thats a Republican trait.    Get right with yourself Teddy boy,  try giving a shit about some “other” people now and then….

          • asl3676

            So you found that the American dream you were sold as a kid was a myth so you became a Republican?
            As an attorney and some who worked on Wall Street for many years it is my experience that people with Romney’s wealth will do anything and everything to avoid taxes…It’s sport and something to talk about with the guys…if he ever releases his returns the election is over…

        • JmThms

           The tax thing is BS. and you know it. What about the main stream media NEVER even coming close to vetting Obama? There is no way that he was or is even close to being qualified to be President of the United States.  Why doesn’t Obama release his academic records? Because he has something to hide and that is the fact that he was academically mediocre and rose academically primarily because of affirmative action and political correctness. Romney was a Baker Scholar at Harvard and had a 1600 SAT score.  If Obama had that documented evidence of intelligence and qualifications he and the main stream media would have had it out four years ago and would constantly reminding us of it.

          • asl3676

            So Fox News and the right wing talk radio machine didn’t vet Obama? Why not? Why is there a MSM and why is Fox News not a member of the media….
            I assume you voted for GW Bush? Guess you didn’t worry about his college grades….

          • JmThms

             You don’t make a lot of sense. Fox News and the right wing talk radio machine certainly did most of what vetting of Obama there was. Its the MSM that still wields most of the influence and it was the MSM that would have nothing to do with honest and essential vetting of Obama. BTW, Bush’s college grades were better than Gore’s were. And Bush’s aptitudes – as tested in the military – were higher than those of Kerry. You liberals are just sooooo intellectual aren’t ya? Just soooo complex, soooo nuanced!!! Ha ha.

  • Shampoovta

    #1 You can’t get to the White House by complaining. #2 Your candidate stinks. #3 Romney is only raising cash for the GOP, not a win.

    • libertyfirst

      Yeah, and YOUR candidate can’t run on his record.  His Chicago-style  way of doing things is sickening!

      • asl3676

        The only Chicago style thing I know is thick crusted pizza….What are you talking about?

        • JmThms

           The political culture of Chicago, the corrupt liberal under-handed way of doing things, is well known and acknowledged by the intellectually honest. Been that way for a long time. Ingrained in the general culture of that area. Think back to what happened to Nixon in the 1960 election when the corrupt Democratic machine of Chicago was really the deciding factor and stole the election from Nixon. Nixon decided not to contest it but left him even more paranoid about his enemies. Which of course contributed greatly to the events leading to Watergate. I suggest you read some.

      • Super5843

        thick skulls think that if the use the phrase “Chicago style…” in puts them in the “in-crowd….”    give us a break libertyfirst.   You don’t know shit !

  • Timewarped

    Bernie, come on. Look at the numbers and next time be more objective.
    7 to 11% of the population isn’t accounted for or 89-93% of those samplde made a choice.
    Look at just about any poll and they all start off with 33% for, 33% against, 33% undecided.
    It is highly unlikely BO or Romney will fall below 33%.

    Therefore, 67% is about as high as we can hope for.

    Since most people don’t decide who they will vote for at this time the numbers are actually quite good given that Romeny and BO haven’t squared off, BO has spent millions on false ads against Romney and these polls always seem to sample more Democrats than Republicans which inflates the percentage for BO.

  • PastorEd

    Could it be that about half the country’s voters pay taxes and the other half does not pay taxes.  Non-payers would be more inclined to vote for Pres. O. who is giving away all he can of other people’s money.  Hopefully, it will turn around.

    • RedinDenver

       Add in blacks, Hispanics and gays NOT on the government dole, as well as many members of public unions, and I think we have what appears to be a valid theory.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    Not only do I now know that you’re still “bewitched, bothered and bewildered,” but now I also know that you’re not a big fan of the serial comma. 

  • matt

    it’s very simple to see why…….RACE / COLOR.  By all accounts if you look at the dems / repubs, it’ll be split pretty close to 50/50.  Look at the black  vote  97 /3 in favor of Obama. I know quite a few of the blacks….by all accounts they are educated, intelligent, conservative socaially, economically, religiously.  Yet they will vote for Obama. When I ask them why (and I do) It’s always the same…..Because he’s black & they feel it’s their only way to be equal.  End of story

  • Kstone

    Bernie,  Stop worrying, most of the polls use survey far more democrats than republicans.  The ” Reagan Democrats ” and Independants will be the decisive voices in this election.  Romney should win comfortably ( I hope)

    • asl3676

      Just like they did in 2008….Romneys winning will do exactly what for you?

  • John Daly

    By the way Bernie, Thanks for keeping Bill focused on The Factor last night.

  • Tim Ned

    Good article.  I was confused as to how Romney lost the primaries to John McCain in 2008 where he dramatically outspent him.

    • John Daly

      Romney lost to McCain mainly on the integrity issue. Integrity means more to Republican voters than other voters. While few questioned McCain’s integrity, Romney came across as a phony and his flip-flopping only worsened things.

      That sort of thing will work against him this time around as well, but since Obama has the same problem, it won’t be as big of a factor.

    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      Remember the song, Ned? “Money can’t buy you love”. (If you’re a Republican.)

  • John Daly

    The sad reality is that ‘personality’ matters A LOT – especially to the people who aren’t engaged in what’s going on in this country.

  • Sebastian

    Mr. Goldberg, good and well-thought article. Here is my two cents and it’s all about “feeling”.

    First being unemployed in the US does not hurt as much as it did before. So, although unemployment is a big issue, it just does not do it by itself. Romney cannot win just on the economy issue.Second, your favorite subject: the media. No matter how bad things are in the US right now, if the MSM communicates otherwise, the electorate will believe what Obama says…things are slowly getting better and we do not want to go back to the same policies that brought us here. FoxNews, Rush, Beck and other by themselves won’t do. Romney needs to buy airtime in key places and run effective ads to get to people and make them understand that the country is not what Obama is telling them it is. Finally, and I am saying this as a non-US Citizen who resides overseas in a nanny state country who loves the US and cherishes how it came to be what it is today. Independents need Reagan-like messages and more important, they need to feel “crapy”. Independents need to feel that this is not it. They need to feel that America’s potential can do better than what it has given under Obama. They need to hear Romney ask: “Is this the best you can do America? They need many “Are you better off…” moments from Romney. Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) latest ad is the best I have seen in a long time and reflects my opinion: “Let America be America Again”.

    Always a fan of yours.

  • http://twitter.com/St_Louis_Ray Ray Raney

    Give me the result you want and I will show you how to construct the poll.

    Far too many media types (OReilly included) are lazy. It is cheap and easy to ‘report’ poll results. Few bother to look into size demogrphics and parameters of the sample. Almost none understand the margin of error, and completely fail to educate the viewer on it.

    It seems ludicrous that a ‘poll’ of as few as 750 people can accurately predict anything.

    Almost none report who is paying for these ‘polls’.

    • jjn205

      this is dick morris’ greatest beef.  registered versus likely voters.  we can only hope and pray that morris has it right!!!

      • asl3676

        Dick Morris’ problem is that he’s not sucking on some hookers toes….You hope and pray? Better go to church and find some religion…

    • Timewarped

      Give me the question too, so I know what they asked and who they asked.

      Figures don’t lie but liars figure.

      Knowing that the media lies, I know they figure-out how to get the numbers the want …even if they just make them up

  • Bruce A.

    I remember the same worries  during the 1980 election.   Look how that turned out.

  • CDeniston

    Your labeled a racist if you go against this President hopefully by Nov. people will come to their senses. I made the mistake 4 yrs ago voting for Hope and Change never again.

    • jjn205

      Thank God.  Glad u r on our side now.  we need more of you in droves!!!

      • CDeniston

         Well I’m Reg Independent but voted mostly Dem. After these last 3 yrs I lean the other way more moderate but I have alot of Ind and Dem friends that are voting Romney It’s the Economy.

        • jjn205

          Amen Alleluia!!!
          Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  • jjn205

    Bernie…it’s a combination of American stupidity…that which would elect a President Khardashian in the first place and secondly, the MMedia bias. If u saw the Romney interview last night on Kudlow, Gov Romney can speak to the issues all without a teleprompter. It is amazing that the whiner in chief can’t even speak to the VFW with bullet points on a 3 X 5 index card and talk with the vets????  For all his supposed brilliance, he is totally inept and cannot speak off the cuff???  The difference is striking between them, a clear cut choice.  The independents in the swing states better take off their blindfolds otherwise we are in for a total degradation of America.  “IF-WHEN” gov Romney wins this thing…the stock market will have it’s single best day in history, and the American economy will explode….and we will get back our international SWAG. Hoping and praying in Florida.

  • garygramscom

    Interesting, and all roads lead to speculation, however I sometimes think that voters are suffering the “Howard Stern Effect”  Afraid, ashamed or guilted into saying they did not listen, when they did.

    It is a common occurrence when I speak with a liberal they have a knee jerk reaction to stand by their man (and by that I mean they say something derogatory about Romney), then after a few questions of “Why do you support him”, it softens.

    I’m sure this will give you plenty of homework starting about Nov 7…

  • James King

    Do you get your news from Jon Stewart? If you do, he is a talented comic with a large staff of writers. Not a news man. I mention this only because it is true of a family member who did have the courage to admit that he never watches Fox. Oh, yes, by the way. Proper names are started with capital letters.

  • Tim Ned

    If Bernie is owned by Fox News, I wonder how big their royalty checks are from HBO?  I’ve also seen Scott Rasmussen on CNBC several times so I assume they pay Fox a royalty as well.  Did a word search on this page and the word “thee” only comes up under your post so not sure where you were going with this statement.