What Preoccupies the Left? What Preoccupies the Right?

A news item this past week made this point with glaring clarity. It reported a meeting that the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights had on Friday.

Before revealing the subject of that meeting, let’s review for a moment what is happening in the world regarding human rights.

North Korea continues to be an affront to the human species. That North Korea, whether or not it had nuclear weapons, is not a central concern is an indictment of humanity.

That the West, with the noble exception of Canada under Stephen Harper, is appeasing the dictators of Iran, is an indictment of the West.

Add to this list the U.N.’s and the world’s ignoring of the Chinese government’s continuing suppression of all dissent and its decades-long violent eradication of Tibet’s unique and ancient culture.

Then add the slaughter of millions in Congo over the last decade, the 100,000-plus killed in Syria just last year, most of them civilians killed by their own government, and the blowing up, burning alive, and throat-cutting of untold numbers of innocent people by violent Islamists on a daily basis.

In other words, if what bothers you most is evil — the deliberate infliction of cruelty on people by people — North Korea, Congo, China, Syria and radical Islam will bother you more than anything else on the world scene.

So, then, what was the subject of the meeting convened Friday by the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights?

The alleged racism of the name of the National Football League’s Washington team, the Redskins.

That’s right. All these horrific evils are happening as you read this, and the second-ranking official in charge of human rights at the United Nations had a meeting about the name Washington Redskins.

The U.N. is not alone in paying undue attention to the Redskins’ name. The left in the United States is nearly obsessed with it. President Barack Obama has spoken out against it. The Washington Post editorial board has demanded that the team drop the name. In the herd-like way that governs media, innumerable columnists and sports writers have written passionate columns against the name, and increasing numbers of sports writers have vowed to never again write or speak the name.

This left-wing obsession with a non-evil exemplifies the left’s moral universe. That universe is preoccupied with lesser evils while nearly always ignoring the greatest evils.

Preoccupation with real evil is the greatest difference between right and left. The right was preoccupied with fighting Communism while the left (not liberals such as JFK, but the left) was preoccupied with fighting anti-Communists.

The right today is preoccupied with fighting Islamism; the left is preoccupied with fighting “Islamophobia.”

One way of putting it is that the right is preoccupied with fighting evil and the left is preoccupied with fighting those who fight evil.

The right is preoccupied with defending Israel against those who wish to annihilate it. The left is preoccupied with Israeli apartments on the West Bank.

This difference was made manifest last week in the address given by the one world leader to exemplify the right’s preoccupation with evil, Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper. Talking about all the condemnations of Israel, Harper said:

“Think about the twisted logic and outright malice behind that: a state, based on freedom, democracy and the rule of law, that was founded so Jews can flourish as Jews, and seek shelter from the shadow of the worst racist experiment in history, that is condemned, and that condemnation is masked in the language of anti-racism. It is nothing short of sickening.”

Only a conservative leader would have the moral courage to say that. Because while the right fights evil, the left fights the Redskins.

Dennis Prager’s latest book, “Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph,” was published April 24, 2013 by HarperCollins. He is a nationally syndicated radio show host and creator of PragerUniversity.com.


  • buckrodgers

    The Democrats had a once in a lifetime chance to pass immigration reform, a ban on global warming,ten dollar an hour minimum wage or anything else they wanted when they controlled both Houses of Congress with a veto proof majority, along with a Democratic President to sign it into law, instead they spent all their time on Obamacare, the fact is that liberals really think their the white master race, their still living in the sixties where minorities depend on them to lead them into the promised land, take a look at the skin color of Democratic Politicians, the networks,the editorial board and staff of your local newspapers, including Hollywood and you will notice that they are predominantly white individuals who see bigotry everywhere except in their own institutions and they work in unison,passing around the same story over and over again, with different twist and turns, like a bunch of mind numb robots who are getting their thoughts from one central brain, while hapless Republicans walk around like a bunch of zombies, waiting to be humiliated and when they finally get some backbone and stand up to stand up and be counted, they get attacked by fellow Republicans,while Democrats circle the wagon, Just a few years ago the liberal establishment threw Hillary Under the bus when they rallied around President Obama, in liberal land race trumps gender and the closing of a bridge is more important than the death of our ambassador in Benghazi, Republicans need to find a leader who can stand up to the liberal bullies, that are already geared up to go the distance.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    Liberals’ priorities are their feelings. We know that.

  • gold7406

    great points. what makes the left feel best about themselves. exactly what happened during viet nam. instead of protesting about the spread of communism,they protested about their going to fight communism. [me and I always come first]
    and very ironic, the UN putting more pressure on dan snyder than assad or un.

  • Bob Olden

    Perhaps this phenomenon pointed out by Dennis explains why the major media spend so much time focusing on inconsequential drivel while there are events of incredible significance that get ignored completely. For the left, it doesn’t even show as a blip on their radar if Christians are persecuted in an Islamic country, or if thousands starve because of a crop failure that could have been prevented if pesticides had not been banned by pressure from some environmentalist group. The media would rather obsess about a teenage pop star and his drunk driving. I’m fed up with it! Even Fox News gives too much time to this crap.

  • buckrodgers

    Every single day the left sends out another white liberal to label everybody but themselves a bigot, If you take a good look at the liberal media and Hollywood for that matter you can’t help but notice that they prefer to hire people with white skin instead of people with color, white politicians depend on the African American vote to win elections, that’s why they can’t afford to even criticize President Obama, but the liberal media are nothing more than a bunch of closet racist who remain relevant by playing the race card and preaching hate

  • Concernedmimi

    Maybe that’s why they are called ‘bleeding heart liberals’, supposedly always for the underdog, when in fact, they are always batting for the other side of right. Their phony altruisms are just who they are, or their MO, if you will.

  • Florida Orange

    Perhaps the Washington Redskins should change their name to comply with the new realities.
    How about changing to the “Virginia Redskins” because they are really based in that state?

  • scott autry

    The Left is obsessed with evil – if it inside the United States – or perhaps these days only if it can transport them back to their heyday.

    A top grad student in the same program as me once described an informal meeting of profs and students at his house by saying that all such meeting quickly broke down to the same, shallow theme: But who are we liberating?!

    What is marvelous and mindboggling about them is — once they largely succeeded in attacking gross evils related to civil rights in 20th Century American society, they decided —— they could not extend their frame of reference for what is right and wrong – beyond our borders. They can’t bring themselves to attack The Other…

    So, they have to apply a microscope to dig up where this or that group within American society is being unduly oppressed…..like due to the name of a football team….

    • scott autry

      Oh, I forgot….They do have no trouble seeing evil on the right. Of seeing Hitler in any popular Republican, conservative leader. Of spotting invisible white sheets and hoods on every member of a Tea Party rally. I guess the only thing they hate with a passion more than those people they do call evil are minorities who dare to support conservatism.