Who’s The Most Conservative of Them All?

While the nation was digesting its turkey dinner, Rep. Michele Bachmann was seizing an opportunity to score points at Newt Gingrich’s expense. Suggesting that his position on illegal immigration amounts to “amnesty,” Bachmann predicted that the GOP electorate would “come home” to the person who has been the most “consistent conservative.” That would be, she offers, Mrs. Bachmann.

The voters may not agree with her solution, but many in the GOP do seem to be looking for a — forgive the expression — “thrill up the leg” candidate to take on President Obama in the general election. Thus the seismic spikes for Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and even, briefly, Trump. It is now, apparently, Newt Gingrich’s turn in what Brit Hume called “the single most dangerous place to be in American politics, which is the non-Romney leader in the Republican field.”

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  • Timely Renewed

    Our dilemma is that we are looking for a human being to restore constitutional government, and no mere mortal politician is ever going to be consistently on-track. While I agree that it is important to get a good candidate to defeat Obama, we must go deeper than just getting rid of this incompetent ideologue. Politicians will be politicians, and electing a Republican in 2012 will not guarantee the return of the leftists in the future.

    Therefore, we must also restore the original constitutional limits on the federal government to the Constitution itself. Given the deep entrenchment of the Supreme Court decisions allowing the federal government’s unconstitutional expansion since the New Deal, and the political class’s support of that expansion, the only tool we have is constitutional amendments restating those original limits.

    Of course, such amendments would never be enacted by Congress. Therefore, we need to eliminate the cumbersome and unnecessary convention requirement which currently prevents thee states from initiating constitutional amendments so that we can restore the limits on the federal government without having to go through Washington. See http://www.timelyrenewed.com