Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bilderberg?

Burt’s been unusually productive lately. When you finish reading this article, be sure to read “Political Correctness 2012.”

It seems that whenever I point out that a true conservative is not ever likely to win the presidency in a country that is only slightly right of the middle, I can count on hearing from people who regard RINOs as worse than Obama, worse than Pelosi, Reid and Waxman, and even worse than jihadists.

They are sure to let me know that Ron Paul is the only true patriot in the running. When I point out that in 2008 when he was well-financed and only had to worry about McCain and Romney, Rep. Paul couldn’t win a single Republican primary. How in the world did anyone think that he would ever win a presidential election when, for reasons I don’t really understand, they permit Democrats to vote?

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas)

When these folks aren’t busy lambasting any Republican who isn’t Ron Paul, they’re running around screaming about the Bilderberg Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, conspiring to create a one-world government. The members of those groups are wealthy and influential, but, if that is really their endgame, they might as well form a bowling league.

I mean, this conspiracy theory has been kicking around since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Now, nearly a century later, does anyone in his right mind actually believe that a billion Muslims, a billion Christians, a billion Chinese, and a billion Russians, North Koreans, English, French, Germans, Poles and Americans, are about to come together for a chorus of Kumbaya? Heck, you can’t even get the wackos hanging out in the U.N. to agree on what to have for lunch.

Instead of worrying myself sick about conspiracies that have allegedly been hatching for 100 years, I choose to concentrate on the creep who has his shoes on the desk in the Oval Office. I realize that it is easy for liberals to discount my anger with Obama. After all, I’m a rightwing partisan. What I don’t get is why liberals don’t get angrier with him.

I mean, here’s a guy who is constantly telling Congress and most Americans that we’re not doing enough, but no president has ever taken as many vacations or played as many rounds of golf in three years as Obama. And as if that’s not enough to make him the playboy-in-chief, between February and December of this year, he spoke at 69 campaign fund-raising events. For the mathematically challenged, that’s roughly seven times a month he’s taken off to bad-mouth Republicans, millions of whom have to help pay for his jet fuel, his campaign buses and his security detail.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Air Force One can actually get airborne, what with having to fly this guy’s ego around. After doing everything but giving Benjamin Netanyahu a wedgie when he came over for a visit, Obama had the chutzpah to say, “I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration. And that’s not just our opinion, that’s the opinion of the Israeli government.”

Well, I hope Obama didn’t damage his rotator cuff patting his own back, but if suggesting that Israel stop building houses in Jerusalem and pull back to 1967 borders is his idea of befriending Israel, I’d hate to think how he treats his enemies.

It isn’t only Obama who exhibits signs of being disengaged from reality. Consider, if you will, how deeply concerned those on the Left claim to be with the environment. Even at the risk of costing 20,000 Americans good-paying jobs laying an oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, they insist the project be scrapped because of the potential for harming Mother Earth. On the other hand, the environment was the very least of their concerns when they congregated for Obama’s inauguration and left the capital looking like a city dump and when hundreds of union thugs trashed Madison, Wisconsin, in order to show their displeasure with Governor Walker for attempting to bring fiscal sanity to the state.

More recently, we all got to witness the liberal approach to ecology at the Occupy Wall Street events. Even if you overlook the crime, the violence and the harm they did to local commerce, it’s hard to ignore the fact that when the L.A. cops finally sent the various anarchists, socialists, anti-Semites and whiny babies home, the mutts left 30 tons of garbage and debris in their wake. That’s 60,000 pounds, which, coincidentally, is just about the combined weight of the Democrats in the House and Senate, plus what Barney Frank had for lunch today.

In conclusion, I will frankly admit that I had no use for Bill Clinton, but at least he tried to pretend he felt our pain. That’s in stark contrast to Chairman Obama, who recently had the gall to say, “I always tell Malia and Sasha, ‘Look, you guys, I don’t worry about you.’ They’re on a path that is going to be successful, even if the country as a whole is not successful.”

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that. I can live with 9% unemployment, a $15 trillion deficit and a nuclear Iran, but worrying about his daughters was keeping me up nights.

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  • Willy de Berger

    People are naturally sceptical of clandestine groups, those mentioned in this blog relate to three that we definitely do need to be concerned about.
    The idea that it is a private meeting is nonsensical and has been used as a “catch all” reason for attending by those supposedly representing their constituents.
    The public are still being informed by so called “trusted sources” that that is all it is and are expected to go away happy.
    Well unfortunately we are not going to go away, we want to know what e.g the General Secretary of NATO is doing with the CEO of Lockheed Martin and the British Chancellor of the Exchequer?
    Another question of the many would be why would anyone want to see Peter Mandelson at a private meeting? The only answer would be to try and steer him into a certain direction on global trade when he represented the “citizens”of the EU on that matter.
    Bilderberg is at best corrupt but scratch the surface and you find a vile stinking agenda that really does have only the interests of a few.
    What I detest is the fact that FOX news and the like (btw Murdoch is normally at Bilderberg) often talks about the virtues of democracy – as if we have such a thing.
    Prior to 1980 or so Bilderberg was reported very vaguely, from the 80’s to the mid to late 90’s it was largely denied by the mainstream media.
    The internet has truly shed light on it, so for them the way forward is damage limitation, playing down its significance.
    It is highly significant and is in NO WAY “just a private discussion” It wholly represents the deceit of politicians who are the best money can buy.

  • Gote Geat

    Worthless writing. The Bilderberg group is a country club for the ultra wealthy where they hatch deals, in the name of profits. The guys @ Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral Commission and CFR have more combined financial firepower than anyone in the world. The deals made in there are never for lower class interests.

    You discounting the idea that the groups are influential shows that your strategy abilities are ZERO. Any person who wants to achieve something for personal interest, strategically knows that being in ANY of the 3 above groups will give you a huge leap in business.

    Was the author of this article dropped on his head as a child or does he really not see the influence of the 3 groups? Maybe Burt Prelutsky got paid off to orchestrate this worthless piece of literature. This really reads more like a persuasion-101 class homework. Like an freshman in college wrote this.

  • Gena Taylor

    If anyone needed a picture of how filthy the occupy emcampments were – how about the photos of the clean up crews who had to wear hazmat suits to go in to clean up? How about a contrast between areas where the Tea party groups had meetings or rallies and the filth left by these malcontents? And I read that before the authorities could open these park areas to the public, they actually had to STERILIZE the parks. Those images speak volumns to me.

  • Shirl

    Yeah, and I just wish O’Reilly and others would stop giving him the benefit of the doubt about where he is trying to take the country. POTUS all but admitted that he is a socialists in Kansas and said that is what the election campaign would be about; the stark difference between the usual American economics and kensian economics. The problem is that most people are in la-la-land demanding more hand-outs (pay-offs) from the dems.

  • UrAmodernDayPravda

    Why are we so worried about Isreali security. The isreali PM said “My friends, you don’t need to build Isreal, we already have it! You don’t have to nation build Isreal, we are already built! You don’t need to send troops to defend Isreal, WE DEFEND OURSELVES!!” before congress. Yeah but you neo-cons cannot take a hint. They don’t need us getting in their way. Let them deal with their problems and this shit would be over with already. Thats right, Neo-Cons are in it for the war profiteering.

    • cmacrider

      Soooooo Ura………
      Let’s see if I can understand the community organizers “foreign policy”
      1. Hillary goes to Canada and in some ham-fisted effort to influence domestic politics tries to intimidate the Canadian Government by doing her “negotiations” via a T.V. talk show host … result Canadians are pissed and give the Conservative Harper a majority government.
      2. The neophyte Chicago shill sends Sir Winston Churchill’s statute (a gift to America by Britain) back to the British … and then goes over there an flubs a simple Toast to the Queen. (As if some flunky from Chicago would even have the pure unadulterated gall to think he was even qualified to make a backhanded insult about a historical figure like Churchill)
      3. Canada offers to sell crude oil & pipe it to Texas at a lower price than that obtainable from either China or India … and Obama for patently political reasons decides to delay a pipeline previously approved by the EPA pretending its for environmental reasons…. PM Harper says … fine we will sell our oil to China if you are that stupid.
      4. Obama tells Israel to pull back to its 67 borders thereby making the state almost indefensible … So the Israeli PM says ….. fine if we can’t count on America we will defend ourselves and if that means we have to use our Nukes because we don’t have America to back us … well I guess it will be nuclear war.

      As a Canadian, I want you to know that Obama has made America the laughing stock of the world. Here is a super power which has NO FOREIGN POLICY … obviously when they were whisking him through University on an affirmative action program they forgot to tell him who were America’s traditional and closest allies.

      In Canada this guy wouldn’t qualify for City Council .. how some socialist caught in a 1960 time capsule ever made it to the top of the Democratic Party is beyond belief.

  • Mike Jackson

    Obama illustrates the actuality of socialism at its zenith with his words about what he tells his daughters. “Me & mine got ours, so screw you.”

    As for him being on vacation. I’ll encourage a liberal to leave town as often as possible. Hopefully, he’ll be packing and leaving for the last time in January 2013.

    Lord, I pray the GOP doesn’t blow this one.

  • Glen Stambaugh

    I wish Obama’s daughters the very best. Indeed my hope is that they have a full-time house husband for a daddy January 2013. I’m sure you’d sleep even better, Burt.

  • DOOM161

    Obama wouldn’t be able to spend so damn much if he couldn’t pretend that Bush was a conservative.