Who Can Beat Obama?

According to the latest Rasmussen poll only 16 percent of likely voters think the country is heading in the right direction.  A staggering 77 percent think we’re heading the wrong way. This, of course, is very bad news for president Obama.  But he can still win re-election.  Not because of anything he’s accomplished.  If he wins, he’ll have the Republicans to thank.

Even with Herman Cain leading in the latest polls, Mitt Romney is still seen as the candidate with the best chance of beating Obama.  But conservatives don’t trust Romney.  Here’s what George Will says about him:

“Romney, supposedly the Republican most electable next November, is a recidivist reviser of his principles who is not only becoming less electable; he might damage GOP chances of capturing the Senate. Republican successes down the ticket will depend on the energies of the Tea Party and other conservatives, who will be deflated by a nominee whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming.”

Romney, as I’ve said in this space before, not only is not a principled conservative, he’s not principled at all, not when it comes to politics, anyway.  James Carville calls him a “serial windsock.” When a conservative like George Will and a liberal likes James Carville agree, that’s news.  When they agree that Mitt Romney stands for nothing but his own success, that’s potentially bad news for the Republican Party.

The fix is easy, say the conservatives.  Don’t nominate Romney.  Pick a real conservative.  It sounds good but this is where problems come in for the Republicans:  Which conservative can win the independent vote, which would be needed to beat Obama?  I can’t think of any.

Rush Limbaugh says he wants the most conservative candidate to win the nomination – because the most conservative candidate can beat Obama.  Rush is a smart guy, but does he really think that Bachmann can win the independents and beat Obama?  Or that Santorum can?  Or Perry?  Cain is popular at the moment but I fear he’d come up the loser in a debate with Obama.   Newt Gingrich is the only conservative in the race who not only would beat Obama in a debate, but has the gravitas to be president.  But  if the polls are right, he can’t win his own party’s nomination let alone the general election.

Reasonable people differ on such things but I think this is a weak Republican field.  I remain on Team Buckley:  I want the most viable conservative candidate to win the nomination; the one who could actually beat Obama.  I’m not at all sure who that is.

But I am sure of this:  Reports of Barack Obama’s political demise – like those of Mark Twain’s death — are greatly exaggerated.


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  • Brian

    Romney has the best chance because he can get many Independent voters that may be turned off by Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum.

    The trouble is, Romney may not make it through the GOP primary.

    Gingrich, though very intelligent and experienced, is the candidate most hated by the media. If he goes up against Obama, the attacks by the Liberal press will be that much more vile and frequent.

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  • Shirl

    Keep watching Newt, Bernie! The people will decide and don’t tell me the Republican party will not back him. Who do you think they will back if chosen by the people; O? All the liberal socialists news is going to find baggage with whoever gets nominated; hell, they would find fault with Mother Theresa if she were nominated. But Newt’s brave enough to take on the challenge and get the job done.

  • Rand Mack

    Articles like this one keep me reading you, Bernie. As much as I might think your crusade against bias is nothing but a gimmick to keep yourself visible you have moments of clarity such as this that make me realize that even though you pretend to be a buffoon, really you’re not, you’re just a titty-baby.

  • Brendan Horn

    I find it strange, almost inconceivable, that 16% of the people think the country is headed in the right direction and yet Obama has a chance at winning reelection. Does it mean the country has given up? He is the leader of the country and people believe the country is being misled and yet he has a legitimate chance of being reelected. Perhaps Obama should run his campaign with the motto “Hopeless Change”. According to the polls this campaign motto might be a winner.

    • Bob Hadley

      Keep in mind that Obama is attacked from both the Left and the Right.

      Many liberals think Obama has abandoned them and is selling out to the moneyed interests. These liberals think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

      And all you need to do is peruse this website to see what many on the Rigoht say about him.



  • doggman

    Got news for you. No one but Romney is qualified to be President. Let the people decide.

  • Ralph Hahn

    I think, Bernie, if there is not a CLEAR choice for a potential GOP Presidential candidate after the first three primaries, the conservatives and the independents are going to want “None Of The Above.” I also think that Bachmann is damaged goods. Every sentence begins with her Tax Attorney resume and how many children and foster children she and her husband raised. Santorum is largely ignored. While proclaiming to be a Libertarian, I think Ron Paul would appeal to the people who voted for H. Ross Perot. If Perry, or his campaign, is proven responsible for leaking the “alleged” 20th century behavior of Herman Cain, Perry is history. Heck, Perry doesn’t even like debates. As you say, with Romney, there is a large (non)trust factor.

    Before April Fools Day, 2012, look for the Draft Huckabee and Draft Christie movements to begin to make some noise. Possibly, a Draft Palin group. True conservatives may want one of their own in the White House in 2013. But, at least with Christie and Huckabee and even Palin, they won’t exactly be holding their noses when they cast their vote.

    • Ralph Hahn

      Funny. After writing the reply above, I saw a Nate Silver piece in the New York Times also speculating about a late-candidacy/draft movement for both Christie and Palin, even throwing in Tim Pawlenty’s name. I think if Americans are going to want a male President THIS time around, they’re going to go for a Ronald Reagan guy, with a bit of John Wayne. Pawlenty doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s scary when I begin seeing the same scenarios espoused by me in articles written in “Newspaper of Record.”

  • rider237

    we can elect the most conservative person out there. if we don’t get congress, it won’t matter.
    a less conservative republican will be ok if we get conservative reps in there.

    it has always been a frustration to me that so many Americans shoot their entire political wad on the presidential election, and can’t even name their congressperson or senator. they have no idea if their judges are appointed or elected. don’t know who those judges are if they are elected. they don’t vote in off year elections and are surprised when regulations appear out of nowhere and taxes go up.

    while we are foaming at the mouth about our presidential candidate, we should remember that the vote for president might not be the most important vote we cast.

  • STAN

    Obama will win again, he’s working hard to advance the country while the Republican field has nothing to offer.

    • Ron Kean

      Advance what?

    • EddieD_Boston

      Advance? He’s running the country into the ground. The republicans do have a plan. It’s to stop this looney liberal from turning us into Greece.

      You liberals could be beaten over the head and you still wouldn’t get it.

      • Brian

        Yeah, the only thing Obama is “advancing” is my belief that he had no business being a president in the first place.

        • EddieD_Boston

          He’s in over his head and he thinks stupidly.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      An advance over the cliff is called a “plunge”.

  • RecknHavic

    There will be a conservative Republican nominee. If Mitt cant poll better against several conservative candidates, what are his chances when a few drop out?

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  • Kathie Ampela

    I enjoy reading the posts on this thread as much as Bernie’s columns..I learn as much too (for the most part).

    I wonder how Reagan would have fared in the era of the 24 hour news cycle and the blogosphere? I sometimes think a good thing cuts both ways..NONE of the GOP candidates stand up to close scrutiny..I mean CLOSE (CLOSE) scrutiny. I agree that Newt Gingrich would wipe the floor with Obama in a debate and certainly has the depth and gravitas to be POTUS as Bernie said, but he has even more baggage than Romney. Even HE has seemed dazed and shaken by the scrutiny..it ain’t the 90’s Mr. Speaker…

    I listened to the discussion between Monica Crowley, Juan & Mary Katherine last night about Rick Perry. What candidate could possibly stand up to instant analysis unless they have the support of a loving media as was the case with Obama in 2008? If Obama was held up to such standards, McCain would have certainly won.

    I did agree with Karl Rove regarding the team Obama attacks on Mitt Romney. It’s laughable beyond belief that they would have the audacity to chastise Romney for his lack of convictions, however the attacks leave Romney vulnerable. What will be his response..Obama was an even more spineless, soulless politician than me?

  • joedee1969
  • Dan Farfan

    “.. whose blurry profile in caution communicates only calculated trimming.”

    What a terrific phrase. Well done, Mr. Will. Terrific full quote to select, Mr. Goldberg.

    You were good on The Factor on 31st (w/ Monica). I believe the “rule of thumb” you presented needs some polish. You posed it as if it applies only to the left-leaning mainstream news folks. This is not true. Your rule of thumb applies to all ideologues so appropriately, it’s close to definitional for the term ideologue!

    You know darn well, the right has their own “you get easy treatment if you are on my team” folks. In fact you were on a network that employs one of the loudest ideologues who wears the costume of analyst to (try to) trick people into believing he’s a thinker.

    continued here: https://plus.google.com/106781577383582078999/posts/JJVkiGtRJbJ

    • Paul Courtney

      If you think Bernie has let ideologues on the right off the hook, you haven’t been paying attention. The subject was lefty MSM, but when I heard Bernie say it, I took it to apply to both sides. And I missed Bernie’s appearance on NBC.

      • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernard Goldberg


        Thanks. You got it exactly right. As for NBC … you didn’t miss anything. I wasn’t on.


        • Paul Courtney

          Bernie, then I’m at a loss, ’cause the pretend analysts at other networks trying to trick people aren’t as loud. Oh, I get it, he meant Fox. Proves he’s not paying attention.

  • Cmacrider

    Your subscription to the “Buckley Rule” assumes that the previous political rules of how to win an American election still apply. From my assessment of the mood of American voters, they are looking for a substantive change in direction. If that is a correct reading of the public mood then it would appear to follow that Romney is not going to attract a majority of the independent vote …. and that explains why he cannot move up in the primary polls.
    Secondly, the current field of Republican candidates for the presidential nomination looks stronger and more exciting that in 2008. If the 2008 field had not been frightfully weak, John McCain would never have been the nominee. The fact is that Newt is correct when he says that anyone of the Rep. candidates would make a better President than the incumbent. So if American Republicans would stop beating up on themselves and stop looking for Superman to announce his candicacy ….. they can let the primaries take their natural course and start proposing common sense solutions that pursuade Independents these policies will put an end to this economic diaster made more dire by having a socialist in the White House.

  • Paul

    Agreed that each Republican has his/her own set of baggage, but I believe you underestimate the country’s discontent with Obama. If the 2008 election were replayed today, knowing what we know now, I think McCain wins handily. He had as many flaws as anyone in the current field, and wasn’t exactly the darling of the Republican party, but he certainly would have been a better choice than what we have now. Barring an economic miracle or naked pictures of the challenger, my crystal ball says Obama’s goose is cooked.

  • Ken

    What do you think of a Newt Gingrich / Herman Cain ticket. I think that the Republican Party will force Mitt Romney on us. It’s time the people take back the Republican Party. Remember 1994 and 2008.

  • Denis

    Newt is the best qualified and would be a good president.

    • Wil Burns

      Gingrich told Atlanta’s WBS TV, according to ABC News. “Cain’s out there trying to help a country that’s in desperate trouble, and he has gotten more coverage over the last few days over gossip.”

      This from the guy who threatened to talk about the Lewinsky scandal every day — while he was schtupping his staffer. But, then he was only doing it out of love for his country ..

      • EddieD_Boston

        When Cain commits a felony like Clinton did let me know. Honestly Wil, you’re so clueless it’s beyond comprehension. Last I check perjury can get you put in jail. It can also get you disbarred, like it did Clinton.

        Seems to me it’s a lot harder to get disbarred than it is getting an ambulance chaser to get you to settle out of court on a harassment charge.

        • Bob Hadley

          Judge Wright issued a long ruling in the Paula Jones case saying Clinton did not commit perjury. Remember, perjury is a MATERIAL lie told under the penalty of perjury.

          Jones withdrew her appeal of Wright’s dismissal of her lawsuit against Clinton. Ergo, her dismissal of Jones’ lawsuit stands. Accordingly, no lies Clinton told in that case could be material.

          Judge Wright found Clinton in civil contempt. This is largely why Clinton was disbarred in Ark.

  • Bill Hurdle

    I’m certainly not a Romney fan. However, I also have to admit that many of the “True Conservative” candidates will offend certain independents – those who recognize the failures of the Obama administration but are afraid since they buy the line about heartless conservatives. Is there any conservative who would be willing to roll the dice that enough of the independents will be able to pull the R lever no matter who the candidate? The answer should be no since the primary objective should be to halt the destructive Obama train. The objective is to stick your finger in the leaking dike rather than rebuilding the dike.

  • Sam

    I am confused. We got Obama in part out of anger w/the Bush Administration and a feel good “change” marketing campaign.
    So can Obama not fall victim to similar sentiment?? I personally like Cain – he’s reasoned and can put “the cheerleader” in his place, back in school. Agree the Mitt would have trouble catching a cold, he’s an invertebrate, when the country badly wants a strong tree to which it can tie-off.

  • IndependentLasVegas

    I agree with Bernie these Repub candidates are WEAK… When Trump pulled out of the race, it forced us to settle for leftovers..

    BUT you have to get rid of the CANCER in the whitehouse..I’ll vote for Bullwinkle, Beanie and Cecil if the Repubs nominate them…

  • The Obama Timeline author

    You do not defeat a leftist with a liberal-lite candidate. You must challenge him with a well-spoken, strong, likeable conservative.

    Now all we need to do is find him or her…

  • The Obama Timeline author

    Romney changes positions more than an insomniac with restless leg syndrome.

    Resist Romney. We don’t need RINOs running; we need elephants stomping.

    Obama will crucify Romney. The DNC, the Dems, and the leftists in the media will use the word “cult” (to describe the Mormon religion) in 2012 more than they blamed Bush in 2008. You can bet your last dollar that Diane Sawyer will be interviewing some Mormon polygamist’s ex-wife, who left him because he beat her. Sawyer will then intone, “We’re not suggesting that all Mormons, let alone Mitt Romney, are like that… but it does raise some serious questions.”

    I can smell the stench of David Axelrod already…

    • Sam

      Well put. The co-opted Lib PRESS will have a field day with Mitt or any other RINO type. A strong principled Conservative will run rough-shod over the invertebrate Obama and the hand-wringing pondscum sucking PRESS.

      • Nathan

        Because he filloshoy believed that Democrats would work with Republicans to shut off the flow of illegals into our country after that.So Reagan does something wrong, and it’s not his fault.Got that. Whatever.Reply

  • The Obama Timeline author

    Can’t we just arrest the S.O.B. and force the Dems to nominate someone other than Barry? It’s not as though he hasn’t broken any laws…

  • The Obama Timeline author

    By “wind socket” I assume Carville and/or Goldberg meant “windsock.”

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/ Bernard Goldberg

      Obama Timeline author

      Good catch. Made the fix. Thanks


  • Jeannette

    I would vote for any Republican candidate. End of story.

  • Terry Aperavich

    If you can agree with the statement that the party will unite behind the eventual nominee like today’s Minute Men, I think the question is how can we help Newt get rid of enough baggage to free him to lead this counry out of its current chaos.

  • Skip ONeill

    Ron Paul has a very loyal following who do not compromise their ideals and beliefs. If the Republican party continues to ignore him, AND he doesn’t win the nomination, he is likely to run as a third party candidate. IF we does this, it will ensure Obama’s re-election. The Republicans need to wake up and offer a real solution and a real candidate who will fix America. I am afraid that if Ron Paul is at least not the VP candidate, the election will be Obama’s

  • Larry Clardy

    Obama acts more and more like a Dictator every day. He should not be allowed to bring the troops home with out the ok of the Congress.
    How come that he has not been impeached?–Is it Racist because he is black?–a white guy would have already been impeached.
    “Anchor Babies” are costing this Country Billions of dollars every year. Why do I say this? Because it is like a pyramid!

    Once there is an Anchor Baby–the parents as well become citizens and are allowed to legally take American Jobs.

    Then they keep on having more babies because they know that they can get on welfare. To make it worse as soon as

    these babies are old enough they have babies (plural). A gentleman from North Carolina was visiting Los Angeles –

    He stated that he had never seen so many babies having babies! On top of it they refuse to assimilate-even learn

    the English language. It would be so simple to take care of this .All Congress has to do is pass a bill that in order to

    become a USA Citizen born here– One parent must be a USA citizen. No other country–not even Mexico or Canada

    allows this. We are being very archaic in allowing this to still be happening.

  • John Oines

    This column makes similar statements as those you made a couple of weeks ago. Personally I see this race very much as you do. I see Romney [a man who will do or say anything to get elected] being fine if we have a conservative congress. I’m still putting my $ and hopes on Gingrich until it seems hopeless, I will get behind Romney, if I have to.
    I’m afraid that a 3rd candidate [Ron Paul] might throw his hat in the ring. That could give Obama a second term. Unless there are a lot more libertarians out there than I think there is [I consider myself one.]

    • Fred Pasek

      Doesn’t necessarily mean an Obama re-election. Not if the Republicans come to their senses and vote for Paul. :)

      • Skip ONeill

        The repubs need to wake up and really look at Ron Paul as the overall package rather than looking for the one or two items they don’t agree with.

        • sunnyinaz

          One or two items should be overlooked?? Like his total lack of concern about Iran getting a nuclear bomb? Are you kidding??

          • Chuck Reeves

            After watching Paul and his followers much closer this time around, I have come to the conclusion that his followers are as delusional and out of touch with reality as Mr. Paul himself. Especially regarding foreign policy.

  • talers

    Is anyone looking beyond the popular front runners? The Primaries give us (the citizens) and opportunity to give voice and recognition to a less-known candidate. One republican who may have the ability to gain swing votes is Buddy Roemer.

    Best to do homework on the alternatives now and place your vote in the Primary elections!

  • Bill Coffey SR.

    Bernie on occasion you are one dumb ass. Registered Independents are more Conservative then liberal. Many registered Independents do so in order not to go to war with their neighbors over being a registered Republican. Living in a Blue State and wanting not to be labeled a raciest or homophobe or sexist it becomes much more advantages to hide as an independent. Reagan proved this by remaining a Constitutional Conservative and he got the Independent vote. I am positive that there are more conservatives registered as Independents today then in the Gippers day. Also in most off year elections there are no Republican candidates on the local election ballots, ergo an independent can vote for the lessor of two evils by claiming the Democrat ballot. Here are three possible tickets that will beat Obama, #1 Newt and Rubio, # 2 Michelle and Allen West and #3 Cain and either West or Rubio. PS: This election will be between Obama and the TEA Party and all three of my selections will be supported by the TEA Party.

    • Fred Pasek

      Tea Party guy here. I agree with your last line.

  • Dave O’Connor

    “But he can still win re-election. Not because of anything he’s accomplished. If he wins, he’ll have the Republicans to thank.”
    Not to mention this tremendously “educated” public that I call “Americana”; masses of elites (Oxymoron? Yes, but don’t tell them.)
    He came “pass/fail” with their tuition. No wonder they don’t want to pay back the loans.
    Sure, Republicans will be thanked for his victory. After all, these BS’s, MS’s and PhD’s (The last meaning ‘piled higher and deeper’ and the second item ‘more’) can’t be at fault. Think how educated they are. (But, we know their grades – never have we heard his.)

  • therealguyfaux

    To some extent, Romney reminds me of the bounty hunter character in Western movies; “I know you folks don’t like me and that’s all right with me– the main thing is we catch the Tombstone Kid. That’s what y’all want, isn’t it? Well, I’m the only one out there who’s gonna do it instead of palaverin’ about it. Now are you with me or not?” At which point one of the sodbusters usually says, “He’s right, you know; the Kid first, then we argue about whether we want this sidewinder in town after he gets his 30 pieces of silver.”
    Let’s get rid of Obama first. Romney’s the only one out there who can do it. Then we argue about whether we really like Romney or not.

  • Fred Pasek

    Well, as a Tea Party guy, I can say that I’d vote for Romney if he got the nomination, but not if Ron Paul runs as a third party candidate. And I certainly wouldn’t be politicially active leading up to the elections. Essentially, I’d mope around, grumble about Romney, and tell anyone willing to listen that I think he’s better than Obama, but not by much.

    Gingrich isn’t my first choice, but I love Newt. He’s smarter than Perry, Santorum, and Romney combined. I’d be elated if Newt got the nomination. Cain’s inexperience is destroying his campaign, and Bachmann never got any traction. I still think Gingrich will get the nod, and if he does, I’ll be thrilled. If it’s Bachmann or Perry, I’ll still be enthusiastic, though I’ll worry a lot.

    As for beating Obama, Republicans shouldn’t take that into consideration. Pick the best candidate, and that person will represent the ideals of the party in the election. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, and that’s the best strategy for winning. Honestly, how many people who voted for McCain in the primaries in 2008 because they they he was the more liberal candidate and that gave the Republicans the best chance to win, wished they’d voted for Huck, Thompson, or even Romney when McCain was getting closer to Obama but repeatedly looked like the feeble minded old fool he was to keep Obama in first place? When in doubt, pick the sharpest mind.

  • Neil Johnston Rouse II

    Would it be too much to ask my fellow conservatives to reflect on, Reagan started out as a democrat, as did Perry? Romney says he’s learned some things in the years after being governor of libbyland. If he is the candidate I will FULLY support him. WE shot down McCain, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter are as responsible for Obama being in the Whitehouse as anyone. Who would have believed that anyone could screw up as badly as Obama, it really is as if he is intentionally trying to ruin America in as much as he should have done something right just by accident by now. This election has been handed to the GOP on a silver platter, it is ours to lose, and we will if we forget Reagan’s 11th commandment again.

  • John in MA

    With the most recent allegations coming out on Cain, and with the media poised to begin a barrage on Gingrich’s infidelities and some rumor about issues during his tenure as Speaker they may exploit (seen on a blog….so taken with a grain of salt), Romney is likely the only candidate left with any popularity who has already been eviscerated by the left. Not only can he win independents, but the worst charge the media will hit him with, to numbing regularity most likely, will be his liberal-ness. If conservative voters cannot handle a “Romney liberal”, how could they possibly tolerate four more years of a “Obama liberal?” Some choices in life suck, but the consequences of not making them suck worse.

  • rick geiger

    Obama will be very difficult to defeat. He is willing to lie shamelessly, the majority of the media are on his side and will not do negatives stories on him unless they are unavoidable, and even more importantly, as you can hear even on Fox with Chris Wallace, they take the DC consensus as if it came from the bible…well not the real bible, which they laugh at, but you know what I mean; and even more he will use the power of the White House to smear and attack in the most vicious manner imaginable whoever the Repub candidate is. And remember, Obama is a man that threw his own mother under the bus so that he could be viewed as being “down with the struggle” by the membership of the racist Rev Wright’s church. Finally, the Repubs are not nearly as competent at the Machiavellian type politics as are the Dems,

  • Barry

    It is much too early to write off any candidate. I do however agree with the assessment that electing a non-conservative will empty the political wind from Republican sails. The Tea-Party is principle driven and will not vote expediency any longer. This will either lead to a permanent rift and division within the party or a renewal of principles long deserted by the party.

  • Robert A. Hall

    We have to remember that many of those who think the country is headed in the wrong direction are statists who think Obama let them down by not completely socializing medicine, and taxing, spending and borrowing more. As to republicans, Romney is about my last choice, maybe excepting Trump. But the other candidates have come into what is the biggest under-taking of their lives almost unprepared, maybe excepting Newt, who lost his staff by not taking the race seriously. As a Vietnam vet, Romney pretty much lost me with his 2008 BS about wishing he’s served in Nam, after telling the Massachusetts press in the 1990s he had no desire to serve. If I was going to run for President, I’d spend a month before I announced in tough sessions with experts on foreign policy, economics, the debt and budget, and in mock interviews and debates with people throwing both substantive issue questions and hot-button non-substantive ones at me. When I announced I’d be ready to roll. But that’s just me. In 1972, I defeated an incumbent state senator by nine votes because I blew him away in a debate. He ended up screaming at me. Debates matter; why have Perry and Cain been so poorly prepared? This is the big time. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)
    For a free PDF of my book, write tartanmarine(at)gmail.com

  • Nancye

    I still think that most any of the Republican candidates could beat Obama. Of course, he’ll pull out all the “stops” to get elected – lies, character assassination, etc. – to discredit and destroy them, but hopefully it won’t work.

    Look at the Lame Stream Media now – trying to destroy Herman Cain with lies, probably because he has reached #1 in the various polls. The Dems will stop at nothing to win the 2012 election. Shame on them!!!

    • Ron Kean

      And it’s almost like Mary Jo Kopechne never happened. Or, ‘accidents will happen’. Or something.

  • Ron Kean

    If Romney can organize a team to win the first states, then he shows he’s effective at something.

    He flip flops but Obama ran on nothing. If Romney can turn his past into something that resembles ‘listening to all sides and acting independently as each new situation presents itself’ and if he keeps stroking business people, that’s all we need.

    The courts have all the power as far as abortion and gays go. If he doesn’t come down hard on Obamacare we’ve got big trouble but he has to be savvy enough to know opposing it is good. What else? He’s ok with the military.

  • Pilotf105

    After all those words, Berney, you never answered the question. Who can beat Obama? I was looking for you to pick one. If Ron Paul runs on a third party, no one can.

    • Robin

      The answer you don’t want to hear is that NO ONE can beat Obama!