Who We Need Is a Gordon Ramsay

I think Gordon Ramsay is great.  For those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s a world-class chef, entrepreneur, Michelin Star restaurant owner and the star of several reality tv shows, my favorite being Kitchen Nightmares.

When restaurants are failing miserably, Ramsay is called to save the day.  He speaks with the owners, managers and employees, observes the kitchen and dining service, and then comes up with a plan to fix it all.  He does all this in seven days.

Many times, the owners are resistant to change and it’s always interesting to see their reactions to his analysis on why the business is failing.  More often than not, the owners don’t see themselves as part of the problem.  They blame everyone else for why their business is not successful and are frequently seen kicking and screaming when solutions are presented.

The owners often want to hold on to a business model that might have been successful twenty years ago, a menu that’s far too cumbersome and inefficient, or they just don’t have any control over food costs.

One of the problems is that the décor of the restaurant is either outdated or unwelcoming and what Ramsay will do is bring in a whole crew to do an overnight makeover of the dining room and sometimes the kitchens as well.

Ramsay’s solutions are spot on and whether the owners agree or are reluctant to make the necessary changes is what the show is all about.  Oftentimes, it will be suicidal for the restaurant to hold to its old ways.  And when Ramsay revisits the restaurant after several months, those that adopted his changes succeed; those that don’t, die.

I think we need a Gordon Ramsay to stir things up in Washington.  For the past two and a half years, we’ve seen a far left agenda fail miserably and yet the architects of that plan don’t see the reality of it all.  As a restaurant that’s going broke, the government is a sinking ship.

As in a restaurant with over 100 items on the menu, the government cannot run efficiency when it’s trying to do too many things.  Government needs to be stream-lined.  You have agencies and bureaus during the same thing and redundancy in government is rampant.  For example, there are more than 100 programs dealing with surface transportation issues, 82 monitoring teacher quality, 80 for economic development, 47 for job training, 20 offices or programs devoted to homelessness and 17 different grant programs for disaster preparedness. Another 15 agencies or offices handle food safety, and five are working to ensure the federal government uses less gasoline.

And unlike President Obama who just wants to tax us more but doesn’t want to cut spending, I don’t recall a single episode of Kitchen Nightmares where Ramsay tells the owners all they have to do is raise their prices.  He will always find ways to cut waste and get rid of dead weight.

Wall Street’s lack of confidence in the administration is no different than the lack of confidence expressed by employees of the ownership of the restaurants Ramsay visits.

I think Gordon Ramsay would whip these yo-yos in Washington into shape but I don’t think he could afford to take the cut in pay.  But, I’d sure like to see him try.

Author Bio:

For over twenty years, Leona has tried to heed her husband’s advice, “you don’t have to say everything you think.” She’s failed miserably. Licensed to practice law in California and Washington, she works exclusively in the area of child abuse and neglect. She considers herself a news junkie and writes about people and events on her website, “I Don’t Get It,” which she describes as the “musings of an almost 60-year old conservative woman on political, social and cultural life in America.” It’s not her intention to offend anyone who “gets it.” She just doesn’t. Originally from Brooklyn, and later Los Angeles, she now lives with her husband, Michael, on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest, which she describes as a bastion of liberalism.
Author website: http://www.idontgetit.us
  • Roger Ward

    To those who post comments on Leona’s contributions: Leona periodically posts segments on Bernie’s site, so I can understand how a quick read would produce the mistaken notion that Bernie had written a given article (rather than the actual author, Leona.) I assume that Leona’s thoughts are her own and may or may not reflect what Bernie thinks. My point in making this observation is to have you properly assign blame or credit, according to the actual author of a piece.

    I consider Bernie and Leona to be national treasures …. and always look forward to reading their thoughts.

  • LAD


    (817-words with quotes and cites) Why Obama is NOT a natural born citizen.

  • LAD

    I am also a fan . . . of course, Ramsay represents a Benevolent Dictator, i.e., Chef.

    During the credit ceiling debates, I cried out for the Republicans to hire Gordon Ramsay to appear in ads screaming, ‘SHUT IT DOWNNNNN!’

  • chief98110

    I am familiar with the Ramsay approach to solving failing business models. It would be wonderful to have a leader who would have the guts to set Washington straight. It seems that politicians don’t want to tell their constituents the truth or maybe the folks don’t want to hear, “we are broke”. Truth is, we are broke because we are hemorrhaging money, plain and simple, and the solution, while painful, is clear, we need to cut government waste. Gordon! Help.

  • Ron F

    I don’t know if it can be done. When my favorite President, Ronald Reagan, was a candidate he said that he would abolish the Department of Education. He was never able to do it despite education is a matter clearly left to the states. He did get rid of a lot of regulations and simplified the Tax Code. Every succeeding President has made the Tax Code more complex and has added regulations. It seems that the solution should be simple, the federal government should not get involved in matters that are clearly state matters under our Constitution but it seems to be impossible to accomplish. The Constitution limits the powers granted to the federal government but I have not seen one Congress or one President, except Ronald Reagan, that actually attempted to reduce the activities of the federal government. We constantly have the federal governmnent suing states for getting involved in federal matters but we never see the reverse. As stated above, education is clearly a state function under the Constitution but every single President since Ronald Reagan has expanded the federal role in education. I cannot vote for Ron Paul for several reasons but he is the only candidate that I believe actually understands the limits of the Constitution.

  • SueT

    Same goes for Tabatha Coffey of Salon Takeover on Bravo. She tells the owner like it is, tells the employees if they’re problems, but also teaches and encourages. And she also will re-do decor overnight. These types of coaches are hard-hitting and nasty, and I believe it can be done differently, but it makes for great TV and the results seem to be great.

  • robin in fl

    Great article ,loved the Gordon Ramsay take on things…I would enjoy seeing how many “F” bombs would need to be bleeped out of a Gordon R speech when he made one.That in itself would be priceless to hear. Yes I do agree Gordon could wake them ALL up!..Always loved GR :)

  • Vince Ricardo

    He does get things done. He’s also an ass. Maybe that’s all for show, so people will watch, but I somehow doubt it.

  • therealguyfaux

    The primary and deciding difference between Government and the restaurant biz is that I can’t decide to govern in tonight, or have my government delivered on demand and at my convenience, or to sample a different style of government tonight(thank heavens for the last!). As well, restaurants are not able to compel my patronage and must live or die, without bailouts, on how well they serve my needs and wants. The thought is a good one– how to tell Government that they are a Gordon Ramsay restaurateur in need of a new idea before they utterly fail– and a ceaseless clamor from the public might move them off their duffs. On the other hand, we may not want Government to become too efficient without first shrinking it dramatically and circumscribing its power a lot more than we have up to now done. That’s the rub.

  • Lacee S

    I cannot believe you wrote this! (In a good way.) I agree totally! I have been watching Gordon while I work for about two days straight, having NEVER watched him before now and have totally fallen in love with him! Love as in a person deserving of respect and admirability. Pretty rare these days. Especially on reality television no less. I have been telling everyone I know about him and was about to figure out how to include him in my next article. I’ve said it before. Great minds think alike!

  • Roger Ward

    Of course, there’s no way to compare the complexity of the federal government with the simplicity of a single restaurant …. but your point is well taken and impossible to refute.

    No matter how simple or needed a program is when originally passed, the complexity of that program (in the byzantine mosh of other related programs that make up our system) will undo its value and effectiveness. Too bad we can’t have a “sunset” requirement as part of every law, policy, or program (i.e.: the given piece of legislation is set for a predetermined period of time … and then it automatically becomes invalid and dies.)

    Gordon Ramsay needs some help with his “people skills” and our politicians need some help with their “Gordon Ramsay skills.” It would be nice to have a clear-eyed view of what we’re about, a la Gordon Ramsay.

  • Mike Jackson

    Sir, reading your articles is like a breath of fresh air.
    I may not always comment, but I do appreciate your thoughts and perspective.
    I hope you had a great holiday.
    All good wishes

  • Bug B

    “Let us learn to live simply, so that others may simply live.” — Mahatma Gandhi

  • racVT

    Good column, except that Ms. Salazar may be neglecting a possible/probable motivation behind Mr. Obama’s bizarre approach.
    Maybe he’s not clueless.
    Maybe he’s calculating…
    …Striving to create the class war he’s believed in for so long.
    Maybe his plan is to tear down what we have… what the Founding Fathers envisioned… in order to establish his “New World Order”… a scary thought, yes?

    • Nicholas King

      Apologies for the ad-hominem attack here but it has to be said: Go put your tin foil hat back on and sit down with your coloring books. The adults are having a conversation right now.

  • Santiago Chouhy

    Leona, liked your article, liked your bio.
    Bernard, I love your perspective.

  • Charlie

    Your mind works in weird, wonderful ways, Mr. Goldberg.

  • Nancye

    Good article and good analogy. I love his shows, and have watched them for years. I’d like to see Chef Ramsay whip the yo-yos in DC in shape as well