Who’s Racist?

No day passes without a Democratic politician, a left-wing commentator, or, if I may be excused a redundancy, a left-wing academic labeling Republicans and conservatives racist.

Given the power of repetition, one consequence is that many Americans, especially young ones, believe that one side of the political spectrum — the right — is racist.

Having been involved with conservatives for about 30 years, I have long known that this isn’t true. In fact, the charge of conservative racism is so easily refuted that it is difficult to imagine anyone without a vested interest in libeling conservatives believing it. How, for example, does one explain that the most conservative Republicans were the ones who most supported Herman Cain, the one black running for the Republican presidential nomination n 2012?

Left-wing commentators offer this response: Conservative support of Cain was essentially a ruse to fool people into believing that conservatives are not the racists we liberals know them to be.

The absurdity of this response only proves that there is no good response to the question. The fact is that, compared to a person’s values, conservatives couldn’t care less about a person’s color. I have actually asked large conservative audiences if they would prefer a Supreme Court composed of nine white male Christians who were liberal or nine black secular lesbians who were conservative. I have never encountered a single vote for the former.

But while I’ve never associated conservatives with racism, I also never used to associate liberals with racism. But I was naive in this matter. While there are liberals and leftists who are not racist, I have come to understand that many are — considerably more than conservatives.

Here are some proofs:

First, white liberals repeatedly state that America is a racist a country, and that all whites are racist. The latter doctrine is taught at virtually every American university. The only difference among whites, liberal professors teach their students, is not that some are racist and some are not; it is that some acknowledge their racism and some do not.

But isn’t that an admission that liberals are racist? When a person says, “We are all racists,” isn’t he saying that he is a racist?

A second proof that racism has a home on the left is the left’s primary argument against requiring all citizens to show identification when they vote. The liberal-left-Democrat argument, repeated by almost every editorial page, columnist and news outlet, and by every Democrat, is that such a requirement would greatly suppress the black vote. Thus, voter ID is racist. This is said so often and with such conviction that few people ask whether it is true: Will requiring ID really suppress the black vote?

The answer, shown in study after study, is no. Therefore, people who assume that voter ID would suppress the black vote have to believe that millions of blacks are uniquely incompetent citizens. Few things in civic life are simpler than obtaining an ID, and identification is needed almost everywhere in society. One has to believe in widespread black incompetence in order to believe that obtaining an ID is too difficult for a vast number of blacks.

And is virtually every democracy in the world racist for requiring voter ID? Again, the answer is no. The idea is absurd.

So there are only two possibilities here. Either Democrats and the left make this argument for political gain — to reinforce their hold on black voters by scaring them into believing that Republicans are racist — or the left really believes that blacks are less competent than other groups.

It is probable that both reasons — political opportunism and liberals’ belief in black inferiority — are at work here. Most liberals, after all, do not believe that whites — even those who didn’t graduate high school — have any difficulty obtaining an ID, but are certain that millions of blacks find this too onerous. This insult to black intelligence is as obvious as it is ignored.

Third is the liberal and left-wing advocacy of lowering standards for blacks — what is known as affirmative action. How is it not plain as daylight that whites (and other non-blacks) who argue for the continued lowering of standards for blacks have a low view of blacks? White liberals never advocate lowering professional or academic standards for, let us say, Asian immigrants who recently arrived in America, often without money or any knowledge of English.

Why not? Because white liberals think that Asians are bright.

Finally, there is the Democratic and liberal opposition to school vouchers that would enable many blacks parents to send their children to schools superior to the awful ones that the (liberal-run) educational establishment has provided blacks children.

Most blacks want school vouchers, but most liberals vehemently oppose them. Why? Because what is good for teachers unions is of more importance to the left than what is good for blacks.

Who, then, is racist? By their own admission, and by the policies they pursue, the answer is the people who call themselves progressive.

Dennis Prager’s latest book, “Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph,” was published April 24, 2013 by HarperCollins. He is a nationally syndicated radio show host and creator of PragerUniversity.com.


  • buckrodgers

    Fact, If African Americans stay home on election day white Democrats will lose, no doubt about it and the last time I looked most of the Democrats in Congress are white, so don’t expect them to criticize a President who controls upwards of ninety percent of the black vote, next we have the liberal media and Hollywood, they are also a segregated industry, who never miss an opportunity to label everybody, but themselves a racist, when a liberal insults a minority,women and other groups they deem to be threating to their power, they label them a bigot, but as the self appointed spokesperson for minorities and women.There allowed to say and due anything they want, for some reason they think it’s ok to insult women or burn crosses on the lawns of African Americans who want to move in their neighborhood, that’s what white liberals have has been telling Americans for decades and they do it in unison, but for the first time we have an African American President, who has to know how blacks have been treated by the white establishment, the days of give me your vote and nothing else is coming to an end, before President Obama can change America, he has to change the face of the Democratic party, African Americans don’t need white liberals to save them from the rest of America, when they have a man of color in the White House and it won’t be very long before white Democrats who have controlled the party for decades,will have to move on in the name of equality. President Obama wants to see African Americans,who are the most loyal Democratic voters get a seat at the table of power.

  • Brian Stover

    When I was young, many black people were Republicans for two reasons:
    1. It was the party of Lincoln.
    2. Democrats in the South supported segregation and Jim Crow laws.

    I was taught to take people as individuals, not as members of a group.
    Of course, I was not running for office.

    Let’s stop the unproductive name-calling and discuss important issues without rancor!

  • chuck.tatum

    Not all Democrats are criminals. All criminals are Democrats. I’ll take the false assumption all Republicans are racist over the party of the criminal.

  • nepakandy

    Taking your argument a bit further, can we say that requiring a driver’s license keeps black people from driving cars?

  • gold7406

    This type of behavior is reminiscent of the left during Viet Nam, calling everyone involved with the war, baby killers. Draft dodgers, draft evaders, cowards making the extreme case as to justify their actions by running away out of fear.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    It’s the politics of division. I find an identifiable group or community, I tell them they’re oppressed, and if they agree, I’ll get them an advantage. To get blocks of votes Abraham Lincoln used to opine “there are simply not enough teets on the sow”. Well the bigger the Government, the more the “teets”. These days politicians are simply more sophisticated about how they buy votes. Combine this with a lack of traditional morality, and you get modern leftism.

    • chuck.tatum

      Your first sentence describes community organizing. Hmmm. Who am I thinking of?