Why America Is on Life Support

Anyone who watched Mitt and Ann Romney being interviewed on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning show and didn’t regret that they aren’t ensconced in the White House, instead of the Obamas, has a very weak grasp on reality. When even Bill O’Reilly, who was busy telling his viewers just a few short months ago that Barack Obama was a nice guy and didn’t have a socialist bone in his body, has finally seen the light, I say that any Republican who sat home last November because he didn’t think Romney was conservative enough or because he couldn’t bring himself to vote for a Mormon, should take himself out behind the woodshed and give himself a good tanning.

When the presidential debates were taking place and I warned Romney to keep his eyes open for incoming drones, I thought I was kidding. Recent developments involving Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Attorney General Eric Holder, suggest otherwise. Those of us who have been paying close attention know how much Obama hates being thwarted, so perhaps Romney was lucky he lost the election, after all.

Recently, I wondered why Democratic senators even bothered showing up for work when they allow Harry Reid to make every single decision for them. Why don’t they just sign over their proxies to him so they can stay home with the wife and kids? I had the same thought recently when I learned that the speaker of the Colorado legislature, a creep named Mark Ferrandino, refuses to allow his colleagues to vote on Jessica’s Law, which ensures long prison sentences for people convicted of raping a child. In spite of Ferrandino’s insistence that Colorado already has tough sentencing guidelines for such crimes, Fox News managed to come up with a number of cases in which child rapists have gotten off with one and two year sentences.

Instead of protecting Colorado’s children, Ferrandino spends his time campaigning for same-sex marriages and the legalization of marijuana.

For my own part, I think Jessica’s Law is too lenient. If there’s a crime that screams for capital punishment, I’d say this is it. No insufferable defense attorney can ever argue that his client destroyed a child and a child’s family because he was driven to it by poverty or acted in self-defense. It is an act of absolute evil, and any society that believes it is showing itself to be civilized by doling out anything less than a life sentence is sadly, even tragically, mistaken.

Speaking of which, have you ever noticed that liberals, who believe that abortions should be performed for any reason under the sun on anybody of any age, are forever insisting that whether it’s raising taxes to pay for foolishness like Operation Head Start or increasing outlandish salaries and pensions for teachers, it’s being done for the children? Children, these hypocrites incessantly parrot, remain our most precious resource. It would make as much sense for these arrogant bastards to argue that trees and flowers are proof of God’s existence, but the seeds from which they sprout are worthless trash.

Another group of people who mean everything to liberals are The Poor. Because one of the surest ways to remain poor and voting the straight Democratic ticket in America is to remain uneducated, it figures that Democrats devote most of their waking hours to ensuring that poor people remain that way. That’s why left-wingers are always prepared to ballyhoo all those lousy public schools with their inept teachers and administrators, who devote more time to demonstrating the proper use of condoms and suspending little kids for pointing their fingers at someone than they do to teaching reading, writing and math. Liberals have no reason to motivate people to achieve and succeed, which might very well result in their becoming Republicans. They would much rather encourage failure by coming up with new goodies to hand out to those individuals residing under that mysterious demarcation known as the poverty line.

What makes that line so illusionary is that most of the people allegedly lurking beneath it somehow manage to own color TVs, air conditioners, cell phones, automobiles, refrigerators, hand guns and fully-stocked liquor cabinets.

The fact is “poor” is merely a relative term. Some of us are richer than others and some of us are not, just as some of us are taller or shorter than others. Poor Americans would be middle class or even well-to-do in many, if not most, parts of the world. To believe that through the redistribution of wealth, one can do away with poor people is such an idiotic notion that you would have to be a Marxist zombie to believe it.

You might as well say that you’re going to do away with dumb people through the redistribution of brains or eliminate short people through the redistribution of height.

Those, at least, could very well be noble enterprises. But only a fool would confuse being poor with being deserving. In this marvelous country, with all the advantages it offers to everyone, regardless of race, gender or national origin, poverty is far more often a sign of sloth and/or dumb choices involving sex, booze and drugs, than of any of the societal sins a liberal would blame it on.

I realize that the Bible claims that the Meek, which could be taken to mean poor people, shall inherit the earth. But it doesn’t state how much earth. I have always taken it to mean a plot measuring roughly six feet by three feet.

Unlike Obama, I don’t believe it means poor folks are entitled to everything their neighbors have. Otherwise, as I see it, coveting would be the equivalent of jay-walking, and we’d only have nine Commandments.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alfred-Newman/100002534825920 Alfred Newman

    Romney attacked the Ron Paul republicans more than he did obama, he lost the election because he disenfranchised the young Republican Ron Paul supporters and never answered how we could trust in in matters of pro-life, pro-family, and freedom from obama care.

    Romney lost it, obama didn’t win it, Romney lost it and you head in the sand rinos need to get over it and either join the fight for freedom as entry level privates, or head for another country.

  • gray_man

    “I realize that the Bible claims that the Meek, which could be taken to mean poor people, shall inherit the earth.” Actually it means the humble.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joel-Wischkaemper/100000008210596 Joel Wischkaemper

    I quoted all of it because we all know the backbone of Obama’s support was the African Americans of the United States.


    The Bureau of Justice Statistics has released a study which finds that, despite the total number of prisoners incarcerated for drug-related offenses increasing by 57,000 between 1997 and 2004, the proportion of drug offenders to total prisoners in State prison populations stayed steady at 21%. The percentage of Federal prisoners serving time for drug offenses declined from 63% in 1997 to 55% in that same period.[10] In the twenty-five years since the passage of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, the United States penal population rose from around 300,000 to more than two million.[11] Between 1986 and 1991, African-American women’s incarceration in state prisons for drug offenses increased by 828 percent.[12]

    In 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that U.S. State prison population growth rate had fallen to its lowest since 2006, but it still had a 0.2% growth-rate compared to the total U.S. prison population.[13] In California, the US State Prison population fell during 2009 for first time in 38 years.[14]

    When looking at specific populations within the criminal justice system the growth rates are vastly different. In 1977, there were just slightly more than eleven thousand incarcerated females. By 2004, the number of women under state or federal prison had increased by 757 percent, to more than 111,000, and the percentage of women in prison has increased every year, at roughly double the rate of men, since 2000.[15] The rate of incarcerated females has expanded at about 4.6% annually between 1995 and 2005 with women now accounting for 7% of the population in state and federal prisons.

    The United States has a higher percent of imprisoned minorities than any other country in the world. In Washington D.C., three out of every four young black men are expected to serve some time in prison. In major cities across the country, 80% of young African Americans now have criminal records.[16]”

    The reason Americans are going to jail is that they are buying illegal drugs. Do we want to stop it? The consequences of a thoroughly narcotized population seems to be social chaos. I think we are pretty close to that anyway, and I think a lot of people want open borders because that makes dope a lot easier to get. We have a huge problem.. we have our heads in the sand.

  • potemkin_village_usa

    The Rich, The Poor, Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red: Listen Up!
    When America defaults, crashes, and no one is buying our debt; we lose reserve currency of the world and all of those dollars come home to roost; and we have to pay our debts in real assets, how will you survive?
    ___Rich folks with Gold: When the shelves in the supermarket are bare, no amount of gold can buy what’s not there.
    ___Poor folks with food stamps: Same as the rich folks with gold; you can’t get food that’s not there, since the shelves are bare.
    ___Thugs with guns: You folks’ll be out in packs kicking doors down and taking other people’s provisions while hurting or killing them in the process; and some raping as well. We will need guns to fend off these thugs!
    This is when we learn that there is no such thing as Something for Nothing!!!

  • Kansan

    What complete crap!

    Jessica’s Law is a scam that has been promoted by the for-profit prison industry to substantially raise prison populations around the nation. It’s not protecting kids from “child rapists,” at all. Quite the contrary.

    It has eliminated the ability of prosecutors to plea bargain what are truly lesser offenses, so most cases go to trial. There’s nothing worse, perhaps, than forcing a six-year-old to document her abuse under withering cross examination by a defense attorney in front of a courtroom of strangers, doubling her trauma and jeopardizing legitimate convictions.

    In Kansas, an 18-year-old who touches a 14-year-old on the breast could wind up doing 25 years. In Ohio, Mark Lunsford, the father of Jessica Lunsford, for whom the law is named, complained that his son was being prosecuted as a pedophile for exactly that same offense, even threatening the judge if his kid was sentenced to jail. It was “Romeo and Juliet,” he claimed, not some “30-year-old pervert” needing to be sent away.

    For-profit prison operator GEO Group actually “bundled” their bill to repeal the state statute banning new private prisons saying that the 1,000-bed prison they allegedly would build in an unsustainable location would be “a complete package,” as they lobbied for passage of the conjoined measures.

    Lunsford made a comfortable living running around to around 40 states in the union pushing his law and sucking up the proceeds of his unapproved “foundation.” He even took an immensely expensive custom motorcycle and trailer donated for “the cause” as his own personal property.

    A Corrections Corporation of America guard in Appleton, MN, put a gun under his wife’s head and blew it off. After the first “homer” Grand Jury failed to indict, he fled prosecution to California City and applied to work for CCA there. A federal background check prevented him from doing so, perhaps because he had previously become a police informant to avoid prosecution on a prior offense.

    He then went to the CCA pen at Florence, AZ, and was quickly back at work as a CCA guard, until the grandparents found where he had spirited their granddaughter off to. The Appleton D.A. then got a Murder I indictment. The guard, making eyes at a couple of women jurors (one of who went to his sentencing) managed to get a jury hung on the Murder I count and was convicted of manslaughter. He just got out in December, after serving only two years.

    However, a woman convicted for violation of Jessica’s Law in Kansas got life imprisonment this week.

    • Pollyanna Taylor

      Watching the Romneys’ interview was painful. What a waste of an opportunity to have a true leader who genuinely cares about this country. Romney wanted to get into the WH and fix this mess. It still makes me sick how the media and Obama and his thugs and stupid supporters lied about Romney. What is happening to our country? Can we save the greatness of the United States? Just going to the Mall and seeing all of the fat, slovenly, tattooed losers yapping on their iPhones and buying crap they don’t need, makes me question if there are even enough great Americans to fight for. My Dad owns several Section 8 houses and regales us of how his tenants have several big screen TV’s, Sony play stations, computers, iPads, pool tables, designer tennis shoes and sit around all day, but bitch and complain if the a/c breaks, faucet leaks, etc. Then, they leave the house totally trashed when they move out. The SCARIEST thing is that my Dad voted for Obama. Twice. I don’t get it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

    Your statement that Obama loves entitlements is pretty dumb, pal. Unless “loving” Medicare and Social Security is wrong. He had to extend Unemployment because the slobs in the House want to keep construction workers home – never reading infrastructure bills & encouraging red state governors to send back stimulus $$$$$$. Think the top 5% don’t get ENTITLED? Haaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And who fights their freaking manufactured wars? How about actually replying to me? :)

    • sgfan

      They are encouraging people to sign up for food stamps! If they are one of the few who have actually gotten a job recently, they don’t NEED food stamps. Food stamps is an “entitlement” and 50 million are now on Food Stamps! Unions got GM. It was given to them at the expense of the bondholders who got stiffed. It’s now owned by the unions. Think about it when you buy your next car. These are the guys who get the huge pensions and salaries and take long lunch and beer breaks before they go back to work. Illegals get free everything. Why? Because they vote, two or three times if possible. This nation is toast because everyone thinks they are “owed”. We will soon see that the Chinese, who work hard and don’t complain, are eating our lunch. If it weren’t for them, we would be bankrupt already. They are buying our debt and the borrower is slave to the lender. So, America, we will now dance to China’s tune. Congrats! See what “entitlements” got us? NOTHING but short term bailouts that only delay the inevitable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.vance1 Adrian Vance

    The long primary season was the killer. The major media made a shooting gallery of it and the only guy who could be left standing was Mitt Romney, clean as newborn baby and Mormon! Oops!

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: http://tinyurl.com/7jgh7wv and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • wally C

    And they will keep voting democrat as long as the democrats promise them “things”.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    The current poor of the USA are among the wealthiest and most privileged humans ever to walk the face of the earth.

    • pumped_up_kicks

      america…the only country in the history of the world where the poor people are fat…

  • DOOM161

    All the GOP had to do was nominate a guy that could beat Obama’s record. Did they not notice that Romney was the only candidate against whom Obama didn’t campaign during the primaries? You can claim that all the ignorant voters belong to the democrats, but there are apparently several million in the republican party, too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

      His record wasn’t all that bad – yes, the debt went up – but a thinking voter knew that he has to pay off the INTEREST on the DEBT left to HIM, plus the unfunded wars wars, pharma, etc. Ok? AFCA was a problem but it still is a national version of Romneycare, no? A thinking voter knew that Unemployment would have been way lower if Boehner & co. wasn’t h*llbent on keeping the bluecollar infrastructure workers at HOME, got it? Further, people generally like the GM-Chrysler “bailout” YES.

      • wally12

        His record wasn’t that bad? Regan inherited a recession and it took only a couple of years to climb out. Obama’s policies have not succeeded in turning the country around. You can argue that this recession is worst. That may be but I don’t think so. The fed has tried to help Obama by printing money and by keeping interest rates at very low levels. Yet, Obama hasn’t been able to get the country moving. The media claims that Obama policies are progressing in that the unemployment rate is improving. That support is completely inaccurate. Before it can be called a success, the employment rate has to exceed the number of people who are entering the work force and not just some weak improvements. Thus, the media only succeeds in hiding the truth, which they do since they are in the tank for Obama and the left. If Obama had not attacked the existing energy industry and instead promoted the unlimited drilling of oil and gas, the economy would be progressing at a much faster rate and unemployment rate would be much less. The proof shows in the private drilling of oil in the Dakotas. The unemployment rate there is around 3%. Compare that to elsewhere in the US where it is 7% to over 14% since many that are unemployed are not counted by the government counting methods. If unlimited drilling with a goal of making the US energy independent was pursued, the cost of gas could easily drop by $2 per gallon in the US. That amount of reduction would mean that $387 billion dollars would be saved by citizens and business and industry. That $387 billion per years is a continuing stimulus plus provided by private money and not government funds which tend to be a one time thing except under Obama who wants to make it permanent. Instead, Obama chose to support the increases of existing energy and the stimulus of green energies. We know how successful that policy has been. Let’s look at this from the 47 million people who are on food stamps. I don’t know how many miles per year these poor drive but let us use a number of 5000 miles per year and an average mileage of 25 miles per gallon. that means that the poor would save $400 per year and times 47 million people equates to $18 billion per year of less food stamps.

  • peppslugs

    right on Bernie!