Will the Election Be the Mainstream Media’s Last Stand?

Do you remember when it was a controversial charge to accuse the mainstream media of liberal bias? Do you remember when a media insider had to fear for his or her career if they admitted that the bias existed? Do you remember when conservatives were the only ones who seemed to recognize the bias?

It really wasn’t all that long ago – probably around twelve years. My how things have changed.

Today, there’s a general consensus among Americans that the media plays favorites. A little over a decade after CBS News insider, Bernie Goldberg, first blew the whistle on the problem, other journalists are finally peering out from behind the curtain and reluctantly conceding just how serious and widespread the problem is.

ABC News’ Jake Tapper, who has merely flirted with affirming liberal bias in the past, now seems to be done tap-dancing around the issue. He recently told radio host, Laura Ingram, that the national media is failing the country. He stated, in no uncertain terms, that they tipped the scales for Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election. He also criticized the media for how timid they’ve been in reporting on serious issues like our country’s dire economic state and the war in Afghanistan – you know, the issues that really matter to both our nation and Barack Obama’s presidency.

Just days earlier on NBC’s Today Show, Time Magazine’s Malk Halperin expressed frustration in how the media likes to give extra attention to stories that help Obama or hurt Mitt Romney.  “The media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants,” he said.

FOX News’ Kirsten Powers, who typically defends liberal views on FNC, is also disturbed by what she sees. She recently pointed out the outrageous double-standards the media uses when reporting on gaffes made by Republicans vs those made by Democrats.

The public has woken up as well. A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 51% of voters believe that most reporters are trying to get President Obama re-elected, while only 9% believe that they’re trying to get Mitt Romney elected. Furthermore, the same poll shows that they believe that media bias is a more corrupting force in U.S. politics than big money, campaign contributions.

Yes, the cat is out of the bag, but there’s still an important, lingering question when it comes to media bias: Just how much influence does that bias have on the public, and more specifically on the electorate?

Bill O’Reilly estimates that the media’s endorsement of Obama has given the president a three to five percent edge over Mitt Romney in public opinion polls. I tend to believe that number is much larger. After all, we’re not just talking about the media promoting Obama and disparaging Romney. We’re talking about the stories the media chooses to hype and the ones they choose to downplay. We’re talking about the information they willfully omit, and the partisan assertions they fail to challenge. We’re talking about the narratives that they help the president advance, and the messages from the Romney campaign that they work to bury. We’re even talking about the entertainment industry and late-night comedians, who by their own admissions can’t bring themselves to make sharp jokes at the president’s expense.

I believe that media bias is so engrained in our culture that we’ll never be able to fully recognize the effect it has had on our society. Several media analysts have pointed out that the age of New Media has given conservatives a tool to marginalize liberal bias, and they’ve pointed to a sharp viewership decline in established media outlets as their proof. There’s certainly some truth to that, but you can’t ignore the overall environment. Outlets like FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, New Media blogs, and conservative radio still make up a very small percentage of the media. Even with their individual success, they’re up against a widespread, collective culture of liberal group-think that is far more influential on public opinion.

Even those who recognize liberal bias in the media aren’t immune to its effects, because we’re conditioned to lend the benefit of the doubt to those who provide us with information. We want to be able to trust the media, but the reality is that we simply can’t.  Not enough people in that profession recognize their own inclinations. Not enough of them value the importance of their profession to our free society.

The November election will be a pivotal point.

The mainstream media has never been more invested and deliberate in deciding the outcome of a presidential election than they are now. The proof is clear: The economy is in the dumps, unemployment has been chronically high for four years, our catastrophic national debt continues to rocket out of control, gas prices keep setting records, our social safety net programs are failing, the entitlement culture is growing, and there are signs of another looming recession on its way. Yet, national polls still show that nearly half of the country approves of the president’s job performance. That’s a true testament to the media’s influence on public opinion. A large portion of the public clearly has no clue just how bad of a situation we’re in.

Just imagine if the media covered the U.S. economy with as much rigor and criticism as they covered the Iraq War during George W. Bush’s presidency. Does anyone honestly believe that President Obama would be clearing an approval rating of 30%, regardless of how personally appealing the public found him to be?

No, the primary reason the president has any chance of winning another four more years in the White House goes directly to how the media has chosen to portray both him and Mitt Romney. Thus, the November election should answer once and for all just how much influence the mainstream media still has on the electorate. The election will be far less about any meaningful measure of leadership than it will be about a distorted perception of who each man is. If most of the country buys into the notion that Mitt Romney will be more detrimental to the United States than Barack Obama has been, we’ll have proof that the mainstream media is still the domineering force in American politics. If Mitt Romney wins, even by the skin of his teeth, it will prove that the liberal establishment media-engine has finally jumped the tracks and will never again enjoy the kind of power they’ve had for decades.

We’ll find out the correct answer soon.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
Author website: http://www.johndalybooks.com/
  • Bluenergy

    They shouldn’t call it news, it should be called corporate opinion or opiate news.

  • Bluenergy

    This election was sickening, it was not coverage but complete media bias one way or the other.  People don’t want news anymore, they just want agreeable opinions.

  • wally

    Just saw this morning(10-16-2012), on NBC news. They showed a clip of Paul Ryan washing dishes in some place (I didn’t catch where). They then went on to tell about how someone said this was staged as the dishes were clean. Would they do the same thing when Obama shows up at a campaign office carrying pizzas. We all know that Obama did no more than carry the pizza boxes from outside to inside “staged”. Would NBC admit this?

  • Reyman4stocks

    Problem is libs are plain outright conservative haters because they have been brainwashed themselves. Heck I thought Lincoln was a republican and he only freed the slaves but you know those republicans they hate blacks right? Gee I thought it was the republicans that helped champion the right to vote for women but hey they are against women right? Libs dont care about truth they are haters that preach people to hate republicans and the masses just swallow thier garbage as if it were fact?

    Obama has lied about so many things its crazy
    He lied that he wouldnt raise the deficit during the election last time,
    He lied by saying he would have America back to work
    He lied that the healthcare system wouldnt be a tax

  • actual patriot

    So the excuse is already prepared.   If Obama wins the election–or should I say WHEN he wins–it won’t be because Romney ran a disastrously inept campaign, has no convictions, and clearly hates having to interact with ordinary people.  It won’t be because his running mate voted in Congress to destroy the country’s financial credit and to end Medicare, a very popular program last time I checked.   None of those things will matter:  once again the villain is liberal media bias.  (By the way, Goldberg’s claim to be the first to courageously speak out about this only shows how ignorant and self-centered he is.  Do the names Barry Goldwater and William F. Buckley ring a bell?  Both of them made the same charges in the 1950s.  So did the Reagan campaign in 1980.  Bernie, ever heard of a guy named Ronald Reagan?) 

    Right-wingers, get a grip.  It’s not liberal media bias that’s sinking you.  It’s your whiny attitude, your bigotry against anyone not like you, your claim to be the only ones with a right to speak for America, and–last but not least–your disastrous policies.   If you want to get Obama out of office, find some credible policies and some credible candidates, and then America will talk with you.

    • James King

      I’m against BO, but I agree that Romney is a bad candidate. But he’s bad because he is a liberal. You mention ending Medicare. That is the second program that needs to be ended. The first is Social Security. The reason–the Constitution.

      Those of you on the liberal side and those on the conservative side who are big government dummies do not believe in the Constitution and you violate it whenever possible. And here’s something to think about in regard to left and right hatred of the Constitution. In spite of talking heads in and out of government, including Rush, who I really love, and in spite of all of them invoking the word, democracy, that is not what America is. How about that for a concept?

      You sir, actual patriot is your handle, you sound as though you have some of your working brain which makes me give you a referral. Before I do, however, what is the word used in the Pledge of Allegiance right after “and to the?” It’s republic. We were created as a constitutional republic, not a democracy, regardless of how many so-called intelligent people use the word, democracy. If America were a democracy, Al Gore would have won in 2000.

      A democracy is about majority rule, and the Constitution has several undemocratic features. The biggest one is the Electoral College. The founders recognized that majority rule is immoral. Just imagine 51% of people with blonde hair want to discriminate against everyone else who do not have blonde hair. I know, it’s silly, but it is an example.

      Now, if you have real courage I invite you to read the wonderful book, Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer. Most people do not even know what the American Dream is, in my opinion, but it is freedom. The book was written many years ago but you can still find copies on the web. Next, go to and do a lot of reading at The Objective Standard by Craig Biddle. The key word is, objective.

      After than you might be ready to read Ayn Rand. Most of the people who talk against her haven’t even read her, but I’m sure you would not be one of those, even though you obviously support big government. Get away from liberal writers for a while. I’m sure you don’t read conservative ones, but they are just as wrong as liberals.

  • Bellringer

    I wish I could be calm and relaxed as John Daly appears to be with regards to the corrupt liberal media plaguing the United States, I for one see the liberal media as a treasonous evil agency, deliberately lying to the American people to enforce a corrupt government on the American people with the false deception that this is all part of democracy, they have demonized and slandered good, honest, all-American individuals right to our faces on US soil and are getting away with it, if Barack Obama wins the next election anyone opposing his government will be slandered and demonized to the point of oppression never seen in the United States.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMDTWDODCOEGWS66ZUIBMYPQDI Aelfgyva

    A Romney/Ryan win will mean severe austerity measures enacted to deal with the crushing deficit.  Can you imagine how the left will devour that like a side of red meat?  Oh, they will bemoan the millions starving who were taken off food stamps.  They will invent unending stories of the hoardes homeless, the multitudes dying from lack of health care that Obama’s plan would have provided and on and on.  By 2016 the red flags will be flying with abandon and, as Pat Buchanan has suggested, the days of freedom will be over as the left will usher in a new era of total government control with a Hilary or a Debbie Schultz or a Harry Reid leading the pack of totalitarians.  It breaks my heart but I think the writing is on the wall and we can kiss the America we knew…. bye bye. 

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/OGM4VZOE5LMWG4DRQ3TOQS6DD4 James

       I love the optimist

  • Grinnes

    I tend to agree that with Bernie Goldberg (i.e., on Fox News) that: disclosures of media bias will not temper that bias in the future.  I do not envision any soul-searching by liberal journalists, wherein they decide the integrity of their craft is more important than advancing their progressive/liberal agenda.   Instead, I expect a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” reaction in the next two months, as the liberal journalists work to assure Obama’s reelection.  This bodes well for media outlets such as Fox News, which will benefit from new viewers desperate for information that counter-balances what they see in the liberal media outlets.  However, in the short term, Obama’s reelection is almost assured.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z3L7DFVLUSXNDXRRIAMSMQYD4 General Zod

    i watched a bit of chris mathews try to go after gingrich. what i saw was a desperate, scared old man trying to demonize republicans with the attempted racism charges.
    from the welfare and  food stamp attacks, mathews seemed pretty desperate to try and find something- anything that might stick despite the fact that more whites than blacks are on those programs. but no, mathews seemed rather obsessed with trying to make it into some kind of racist attacks from republicans.
    he seems pretty scared and desperate indeed.
    he probably misses olberbum a.k.a. bathtub boy and wants to do another love-fest like they did for obuma in ’08’

    • John Daly

      Matthews and his racial obsession is actually the topic of my upcoming column.

  • Paul Courtney

    Hey John Daly, over 70 comments, including some left wing nuts?  You’ve arrived!  Good work.

    • John Daly

      lol. Thanks!

  • Wheels55

    You can see the liberal media hedging their bets by saying some of the stuff coming out of the left is complete B.S. Even they see the people want the truth.
    The real danger concerns our youth. Many say they get their news from shows like The Daily Show. I’m not so sure enough of them would know where to get real news if they tried. Our future leaders think everything is a joke.

  • steve

    Jackie,,u r right on everything u said..What bothers me is,,theres how many raido stations out there?? how many TV stations out there?? There are a hand full,, i beleive in every state,,thats not librals stations..Rush Limbaugh dose a thing where he plays all these stations that start the day with there opening news..And over,,and over,,and over including TV stations,,they use the same HEADLINE TO START THERE NEWS..To me this is scary,,,FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS NOT COPYING OTHER STATIONS WORDS,,WORD,,BY,,WORD..ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY???ARE NEWS DIRECTORS REALY SCARD THAT ONE WORD HERE OR THERE,,WILL PUT THE STATION IN JEOPARDY??? I realey get the feeling of 1940 Germany is having its way with the media,,but who is realey pulling the strings for this type of train to run this way???? Is it Merdock,,is it some one in the N.Y.Times,,Is it conected to the President..Look at him with G.E.??? They all ways say follow the MONEY?? When u have control over what is said,,or written,,be controled,,MONEY,,PEOPLE PUTTING OTHER PEOPLES LIVES AT RISK,,IF THEY DONT DO WHAT THEY WANT…I BELIVE THE MOFEA HAS ALOT OF POWER,,I KNOW CHICAGO,,N.Y. VEGAS,, HAS ITS HANDS  ITS HAND ON ALOT OF THINGS..IS IT THEM??? SEEING THE NEWS BEING DONE WORD FOR WORD,,,JUST SENDS SIGNALS THERE IS ACORNS IN OUR MEDIA…SOME SAY DONT BELEVE IN SET UP SITUWAYTIONS,,,BUT U LOOK AT THE STATE OF OUR NATION,,17 TRILLON DOLLARS,,IN DEBT,,NOTHING BEING DONE ON OVER 10% UNEMPLOYMENT,,THERE ARE BORDERS BEING CONTROLED ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WE CANT GET OURS DONE WITH DRUG CARTELLS HAVEING POWERS TO CROSS WITHOUT BEING A PROBLEM TO THEM AT ALL???CORUPTION HERE,,AND THERE.. There are storys of things going on and it usealy is only being reported by one outlet,,and onlyone…Wouldnt other media socorces like to be the watergate reporters to be as they use to want to be #1 on the story???SOMETHING IS ROTTON IN THE STATE OF DENMARK,,BUT NOW IT IS IN THE USA…I THINK A CHANGE,,THAT THIS PRES. STRESSD IN HIS MOTO 4 YEARS AGO,,GO’S WELL NOW…GET BACK TO GETTING WHAT THE FORFATHERS STRESSED,,LESS GOV,,AND MAKE THE PEOPLE FREEER.. AND TO KEEP US OUT OF INSOLVENTCY.. ITS TIME FOR LESS RELYING OR FOR WANT U WANT TO FALL ON DEPHF EARS,,SO U CAN WORK FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND EARN A REAL WAY OF LIFE..AND NO,,,,DISONESTY IN YOUR SUCCESS….A WORLD LIKE THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.       STEVE   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jackie-Debs/1330149028 Jackie Debs

    It not just the news either, every week another liberal TV show seems to be put on the air. SNL, the tonight show, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report,  30 Rock, FX’s totally biased, the entire ‘current’ network, etc. and we already know how many hollywood movies are completely biased. It is just 24/7 culture that is pounding the same message over and over and over.

    Is it any wonder why so many young people identify as liberal without even having a firm grasp on the issues. They are just trying to fit in and are constantly being told that the way to be ‘normal’ is to accept progressive views without argument. It is very scary and it makes me seriously fear for our future. Too many people clearly haven’t learned from the mistakes of the past and we seem bound to repeat them. How far will we have to fall before people realize the danger of what is happening?

    • steve


  • Revjames

    And yet another shallow guffaw worthy “anassisist” from Bernie.  Keep ’em comin’ you make the progressives case for them.

  • Barjandor

    Because of the hurricane, the mainstream media are jumping for joy over the fact that they can connect the GOP convention, albeit being held in Tampa, with New Orleans, seven years ago.  We saw a clip on the TODAY show this morning showing George W. Bush looking out at the devastation from a plane window way back then.   It’s never ending.  They also reported on all the gaffes made by the GOP, revisiting, of course, Todd Akin’s statement.  Didn’t see a thing about Joe Biden though.   That certainly was a shocker!  

  • Carroll733

    if mitt loses you should blame mitt because during the primary and recently in his campaign he  has manage to alienate almost every group, but i am sure you will use the media as a scrap goat.  how come it okay for fox to be bias but wrong for NBC????

    • Drew Page

      What do you mean by “…he has managed to alienate almost every group…” ?Do you mean the groups that live on food stamps, rent subsidies and welfare checks, the illegal aliens in this country, the women who want taxpayers to pay for their contraceptives and the 50% of workers who pay no federal income taxes?  If those are the groups you are talking about, then I guess I would agree that he has alienated them.   I really don’t give a hoot if what Romney says alienates the people who want to live off my tax dollars.   It is Obama that has been President for over three and a half years, during which time unemployment has never been below 8% (15% if you count those who have exhausted unemployment comp), no federal budget has been passed and annual trillion dollar deficits have been incurred, now totaling $16 trillion.    It is Obama that has forbidden the Keystone pipeline, new drilling for oil and gas, building new refineries and the use of nuclear and coal fired power plants.   Today’s economy is Obama’s, not Romney’s doing.  

  • FloridaJim

    Obama learned many years ago that whites did not like angry black men like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton but they did like blacks who were not angry. Obama used this to gain favor among whites and blacks that he was “articulate and clean” as Joe Biden said. When the time was right Obama sprang forth and the country was poised to nominate s black rather than Hillary despite his lack of any meaningful experience.
    White guilt propelled Obama and he took advantage of the time and America was happy to proudly announce to the world “look at us we are past racial politics” as Obama himself said. It turns out Obama used his race to fool America and install his version of “socialism”
    which is his Father’s anti-neocolonialism, hence the return of the Churchill Bust to England.
    In the movie “2016” Dinesh D’Souza fully explains this and warns America of what Obama plans if reelected and it is frightening. Obama is losing his pleasant demeanor and showing his anger as he leads us to a $20,000,000,000,000 debt in 2016!!
    The debt has risen from $9.5 trillion when Obama took office in 2009 to 16 trillion today and Obama has done nothing to restrain the debt. He is using the debt crisis to win voters by giving the everything from  home loans to contraceptives to student loans to food stamps to amnesty for illegals anything to win, at the expense of America and eventually the world. I recommend everyone go see”2016″ !

  • RonKean

    Give something for free and people will take it.  There must still be couch potatoes who sit, eat and watch and thereby become indoctrinated.  

    If Romney wins will we see sharper attacks on him than we did with W?  Will the MSM go into an adolescent fit?  Will it get more and more negative?  

    We’ll see if Romney gets unemployment down to 6%.  We’ll see how they act.

    • steve

      anything better than the coruption and the file of who is in and whos out…if thats what u like u need look at the rest of humanity that live in this country,,having there choices taken from them,,is not freedom..go back to school and learn what the constitution,,and deculation of INDEPENDENCE teachs u…freedom by work U put in everyday…thats honesty,,not the giveaway program,,this addmistration barks,,,all the demos promise is,,we play the shell game for U,,so U can be needed by US,,AND THEY DO IT BETTER THAN ANY PARTY OF GOV,,,IF U LIKE STANDING IN LINES FOR SOUP,,,VOTE FOR THESE SHELL GAMEERS…GOOD LUCK..THEY DONT EVEN GIVE U THAT…STEVE   

      • Paul Courtney

        Steve, if good writing evokes images then this is a sort of masterpiece.  In my mind’s eye, I can see you drooling.

  • P A Mercurio,MBA

    Very refreshing to read honest unbiased reporting. obama is  not helping America in it’s strong position as an economic  power and the biased media will be  out of a job eventually! Companies have gone out of business, and business people are afraid of  obama and his secretive “czars.”

  • wally

    What is disturbing is the amount of infiltration that has occurred in the school books for kids 3rd grade and above. They have taken their play book from Saul Alinski and dictatorships etc. to start feeding the young from the get go to assure that the up coming voters will vote their way.

    • P A Mercurio MBA

      You are correct, we must worry about this infiltration. Remember the school teachers who were making the chidren sing obama songs??

    • Drew Page

      Equally disturbing is the fact that the majority of Americans don’t read.  You talk about Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules For Radicals and I think it’s fair to say that 99.5% of the people in America have never read it.   Mention the Cloward and Piven strategy and 99.9% of American’s wouldn’t know what you are talking about.   And I would guess that 99.7% of Americans have never read Obama’s two books, Dreams from My Father or The Audacity Of  Hope.   If people did read these publications they would understand the mind of Obama. 

      Obama is a typical socialist politician.  He believes that socialism is a good thing for everybody else but him and his cronies.   Consider all the heads of state of socialist and communiast governments, they are all wealthy.   They don’t live in public housing; shop at K-Mart, or drive used cars.    They don’t send their kids to public schools and they don’t go the state run hospitals or wait in line for government rationed health care.   That stuff is for everybody else, not them.

  • http://twitter.com/7daykatie katie anderson

    The media has a corporate bias because it is owned by corporations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Glenn-Koons/1313421958 Kenneth Glenn Koons

    The real real problem is that most folks still get their news opinions, so called fact from the MSM outlets. And our education system has so brainwashed pupils that growing up in this accepted life style, ideology, philosophy of liberalism, perverseness and secularism has all but blunted any of our old American heritage, history and values. Whether the makers can outvote the takers is a real question for Nov. 

  • Iklwa

    Dan Quyale’s list of public gaffs was short but it you would be hard pressed to believe that from the reportage provided by our heavily left-leaning media of the day (there was little or no alternative media during Quayle’s political career). Conversely, Biden has provided an almost never ending stream of laughable (or sad…depending on how you view it) commentary ever since he stepped onto the national stage. You just aren’t going to hear little tid bits like “There’re going to put ‘yall in chains.” on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, or CNN with anything close to the frequency of criticisms leveled at conservative candidates or officials.
    Quyale was no dunce but on the other hand “charismatic” was not a term closely associated with his personality. In any case, he will probably always be remembered for his lack of spelling skill due to bias in the media.
    All I can say is: Thank God for spell check as well as perhaps the internet and Fox News!
    As a side note: Mr. Biden plays his democrat victim class strategy in exactly the same vein as democrats in the pre-War of the Insurrection days. During that time, democrats preached to the largest “minority” of the day that were Blacks ever freed from slavery, the jobs of the White Irish would be in jeopardy. Today, those of Irish descent have been completely homogenized into American culture and politics so the next disaffected minority gets the same verbiage as in the past.
    One can only hope the majority of Blacks in America realize how they are being used by the Democrat Party much faster than the largely uneducated Irish of the 1800’s.
    But the likelihood of having those facts explained on main stream media is nil.

    • Paul Courtney

      Another comparison-during Bush years, progressive press spent much ink & air time on irony of Cheney and Rumsfeld past friendly dealings with S. Hussien, yet they went to war to depose him.  Now, we could be seeing a spool of stories unwind on Biden, H. Clinton and Obama courting Assad since ’09, yet now call for his removal.  Any stories on networks, NPR, or anywhere on this?

      • Iklwa

        I hope you are not holding your breath…….waiting.

        • Paul Courtney

          Iklwa:  Whew….I was holding my breath, thanks for the reminder to exhale.  

  • venter

    The Main Stream Media has gone down so much.  They do not know how to  investigate a story or write a honest story ..I am also beginning question their intelligence..  They use so much slang.  Could that be because their audiance has no vocabulary. It is like they are all in high school  .  Should they have an individual thought they will be out of the group.  The M.S.M.    are blocked on my T.V..  Good article! 

    • Drew Page

      Liberal MSM journalism fancies itself the champion of the ‘underdog’, looking out for the ‘little guy’.   Today, the little guy’ can be defined to include the ‘protected classes’ such as women, gays, minorities, non- Christians,  the unemployed, illegal aliens, anyone under 26 and anyone over 65.   Those not in protected classes would include employed straight, white, Christian, males who are legal citizens, between the ages of 26 and 64.  And who do the ‘protected classes’ need protection from?  Why from those who are not among the ‘protected classes’, and from “the rich” and those evil corporations.  I wonder how those employed by the MSM reconcile the fact that the media outlets they work for are themselves corporations owned by “the rich”, who from time to time find it necessary to layoff hundreds of their own employees, ending their health insurance benefits without which they and/or their spouses may have died from cancer or other illnesses, due to the loss of insurance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    …arrested by the FBI and forced to perform a “perp walk” for the media. Or an IRS investigation of a prominent Republican. Or a report of a Romney affair. Whatever it will be, it will happen. The Left make Machiavelli look tame. The don’t have God on their side, they ARE God.

    But in four more, eight more years NBC, etc., and the New York Times and its lemmings, such as the Seattle Times will have slowly died, and truth will predominate. It will happen but the United States will have been rendered too weak and broke to help much. But we will come back under conservative rule of 25 – 50 years.

    We ARE exceptional.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    Propaganda worked well for Hitler and Stalin for a while. It has won our country for Progressives, but it will ultimately fail as it always does. Clearly 70 years of Progressivism has severely damaged the country and with it, the world. Think how many more millions of people would be out of poverty if conservatives or even moderate Republicans would have been in power even half of that time. And American citizens would have saved more, thus being more prosperous. Maybe we wouldn’t have owned so many large houses, fancy jeans or fast cars. Would any of us really be worse off? No! Perhaps Obama will win this reelection – after all in addition to most of the media, most educators, he possesses the entire asset base of the most powerful country in the history of the world, and like a cornered mother bear, he’ll use allof it. Legally or illegally matters not to him. A top-bank CEO arrested bybthevFBI.

  • Bruce A.

    Good One John.  It’s just a matter of time before the major networks see their news divisions fade away.   Who needs it, we have the Internet thanks to Al Gore.

  • jtosullivan

    John Daly’s column is a very well written examination of media bias and its possible consequences/effect.  By pure coincidence, I posted an in-depth discussion on the same subject (also on 8-25-12), which among other things examines serious and compelling studies dating back 35 years on media bias.  The findings those studies surfaced are stunning.  My post can be found at ALonelyConservative.com.  You will find my narrative supports Mr. Daly’s comments yet approaches the issue from a different direction.  The post is long but interesting and is chock full of fascinating facts.

  • Berryraymond

    The real problem here is the impossible correction of  the media.  What would it cost Obama to run ads and get the amount of coverage on television he now gets for free ?   It could actually cost a trillion dollars.  When you dumb down public education to the point that you have almost eliminated critical thinking, then create a population of young people who will not read, that is those who can read, then the electronic media rules.   Critical thinking is dead.  I am not sure anyone under 50 even knows what it means.   Polls reflect this.  Typical poll questions, ” which candidate would you most like to drink a beer with?”  Now that’s important to the election.  I just don’t know what I would do if I had a President I didn’t want to drink a beer with.  However if he doesn’t know Jack S_ _ _  about the economy well who cares.

    • Drew Page

      Berry  —  You are not wrong about ‘dumbing down’ public education.   I have many friends who teach high school classes in one of the collar counties around Chicago.   I am told that a passing grade on a test is sixty percent (60%).    How would you like to take your children to a surgeon who passed medical school learning 60% of what he was supposed to know?  How would you like to be on a plane with a pilot that got his license with a passing grade of 60%? 

      Grade schools (1st through 8th grades) are pushing kids through the system regardless of their ability to read.   Instead of holding them back until they can read at their appropriate grade level, they push them on through to high school, where they are almost certain to fail because they haven’t learned to read.  If students are slow in reading, writing and arithmetic, they should be put into remedial classes in these subjects, at the expense of any other subject matter, until they can be brought up to their grade level in these subjects.   If it takes summer school or after school sessions to accomplish this, so be it.

  • Ulyssesmsu

    No, they will find a way to survive, like the cockroaches they are. But if we elect Romney for 8 years and then Ryan for 8 years, that 16-year banishment will force the NFM to make at least a few superficial changes. 

    • Mitch Alatorre

      Don’t kid yourself.  Governing an out of control behemoth that is the modern Federal Govt is not as easy as you think, for either Party.  If you think Romney (the progressive) is going to substantially shrink Govt youre sniffing unicron farts along with the Libs.

      We need George Washington and Romney isnt him.  He is better than Obama though.

      I’m not real sure any rational person would want to be the next POTUS.  It ain’t gonna be pretty…

  • joer1

    Amen, Bernie.  It is undeniable however, a free society needs the Fourth Estate.  Apparently, Liberals run the J-Schools or they would not be turning out the “Journalists” we have.  Do we need a “purge” or just abandon the idea of a Fourth Estate and just marginalize them and search for new sources?  Oddly, these frauds thrive on the money politics provide.  Maybe, the solution to several problems could be to take the money from the media by forcing them to provide free space and air time to political candidates?

  • rbblum

    With the majority of the American media failing to adhere to professional journalism (by not consistently providing the who, what, when, where and why) nor being diligent in presenting today’s more critical stories, it is still the responsibility of the people to pursue due diligence . . . . exploring on a daily basis the multitude of sources (including the Telegraph, Asia Online, Russia Today, Ludwig von Mises or Cliff Kules Notes).

    Education is a perpetual process . . . . for life. 

  • greatj

    Their is no difference between M.S.N.B.C.and the Democratic Party.So what else is new?

    • Factman

      there is no difference in fox news and the right, right wing of the republican party… thats whats new….   :)

      • greatj

        I guess then that you agree with me about M.S.N.B.C.and the Democratic party are one and the same.I would bet that Debby Wasserman Schultz told you what to reply on my  comment.

        • Factman

          agree with you….  MSNBC – Liberal    fox news    right wing
          and I have not talked to Debby since Wednesday…

          • greatj

            M.S.N.B.C. is not liberal ,it is hateful leftist.Fox does not go after M.S.N.B.C.24 hours a day as they do.Again M.S.N.B.C. takes their orders from Obama and the Democratic party and will say and do anything to get Obama reelected.I think that M.S.N.B.C.is a Democratic party propaganda,misinformation operation.O’Donnel,Bashir,Schultz,Matthews,Sharpton,Toure,Maddow and Wagner who spent 3 months being indoctrinated to hate all Republicans and Conservative are all the same Democratic party toadies and two faced liars.I believe factman that you know this and if not Its like Dylan said ‘Sooner or later one of us must know.

        • James King

          greatj, I am on your side and I have a suggestion for everyone who knows her for the ultra liberal she is and hopefully Bernie or someone in media will read this. Start calling her Debby Schultz.

  • James King

    John, if you read this and have access to Mr. Goldberg, please suggest that he contact Bob Schieffer and replay his program of this morning. If he doesn’t get his built-in bias from that he will never get it regardless of how nice of a guy he genuinely seems to be.

    Schieffer spent valuable air time about the Todd Akin nut-case, instead of much of a focus on where America is and where it is headed. I think he could be shown his bias from this morning, and if Mr. Goldberg still has access, he should give it a try. Obviously his fine book, Bias, certainly didn’t get the message across.

    • Ulyssesmsu

      Bob Schieffer didn’t start being a flaming liberal just this morning.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A2CGOM4FAPMAPWTQNOCS6VWXJI John

    I think the influence of Liberal viewpoints has always been overplayed.  After all,  George W. Bush managed to get elected twice and it would seem that this country has been getting more conservative over a course of years or decades.  Also when talking “Mainstream Media” you almost have to include Fox because of the big audience they have.  Finally, don’t forget Facebook and Youtube when talking about media influence, because that involves less wealth people like myself now have a bigger voice.

    • joer1

       Sorry John.  You are simply wrong. Liberal Bias is not “overplayed”.   The mere fact that a Republican can get elected it not proof of anything.  In 2000, Al Gore was a not a good candidate and a large percentage of the public was tired of the Clinton era.  It was a very close election ……  but it was not an excuse to give the media a pass.  Just consider how quickly they went to work on George W. Bush !  and,  if you are a “Bush Hater”  … don’t bother with a response.

    • John Daly

      You’re comparing the liberal media of 2000 and 2004 to the liberal media of 2012.

      Bush no doubt had a rough time with them during his elections, but they weren’t slobbering all over Gore and Kerry the way they do Obama.

      It has never been as blatant and shameless as it is today.

      • Berryraymond

        John Daly you are 100% correct.  However you did not offer a qualifier.  Anytime you make a statement about Obama or any other black candidate, you must say something like this.  ” However I do have a lot of balck friends, I have also had them over to my house. ”  The failure to qualify will get you called a racist. 

    • Berryraymond

      When George W. Bush got elected, the media felt they had to hide their bias and cleverly make statements that might hint at their attempt to control politics.   The left is out of the closet.  All attempts at being even handed are gone.  The curtain has been pulled back and there they stand and they don’t care.  Two reasons is half the population isn’t smart enought to see this, and the other half  will never vote their way anyway. 

    • Late For Dinner

      John:  that “big fox audience…”  is of little help.   preaching to the choir is what fox is doing…  they attract only the hard core right that would vote for Howdy Doody
      if he were the g o p nominee…   the republicans and karl rove running ads on fox
      is a waste of money…  fox viewers made up their minds when they were born.
      spend money on those “other” networks…  maybe they’ll pick up some undecided’s.

  • http://twitter.com/Edward_767 Edward Baker

    I’ll be floored if at anytime in the next few weeks somebody has the intestinal fortitude to take up an hour-long program on the possibility (probability) that communist Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s real father. One only need look at the side-by-side images of Obama and Davis to understand that there is a great coverup by the Administration and the medial. Once you plug in that bit of information, so much of the mystery that Obama is gets cleared up!

    If that should happen, it would truly shake the foundations of the liberal media to its very core!

    • Ulyssesmsu

      They would ignore it, like they always do. They will never admit that they are wrong.


    If you want to know what’s going on  you need not watch Network News. I have always liked Jake Tapper. I wish he would have taken over World News rather than Diane Sawyer. The LSM only see one side. Diane Sawyer rubs elbows with Hollywood so called celebs. She can’t be objective. Brian Williams has a crush on Obama so he is useless. Bob Schieffer well I think it’s time to retire. Chris Matthews is the worst of all.
    So what do we have, IDIOTS  reporting the news that’s what. It’s rare that I watch Network News, I’m looking for both sides, well you won’t find it there that’s for sure!!!

    • Late For Dinner

      Mary Jo:   “I don’t watch network news….”    No wonder you don’t know what is going on……….

      • MARYJOE

        The Reason I know what’s going on is I don’t watch network news.
        I certainly know what’s going on, and I don’t like it. The Idiots that voted for OBAMA will do it again, they have learned nothing because they watch network news!!

        • CCNV

          Maryjoe, the reason these libs will vote for obaMAO is because they are scared to death that their government freebies will cease; thus, they will have to earn their own way. Nothing strikes fear into their hearts as having a Republican put “work” back into welfare.

          • PIE IN THE SKY


        • Factman

          like was  said,  you don’t know whats going on……….     :)

          • Maryjoe

            Idiots who watch network news don’t know what’s going on. If the shoe fits!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HP4YJ2L3NOTXDT37UGJ7CTP3PY John

    Assuming I’m the John being praised, thank you for that.  If I may expand on Mr. Goldberg’s reply, part of the reporters’ credibility starvation stems from their failure to recognize bias among people they cite for their stories.  In a recent Senatorial contest in Texas, a Tea Party favorite, Ted Cruz, gave a stinging defeat to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.  The Houston Chronicle printed three reports on the electoral results.  In those reports, the reporters quoted each candidate once, two or three party strategists once each, and professors of political science thirteen times.  What’s wrong with that?  Aren’t poli sci professors objective and free of bias in studying politics?  Not at all.  College professors have, if anything, as great a left-wing bias as MSM reporters and editors do, so this type of Rolodex journalism merely transmits academia’s biases through the newspapers with a bogus air of academic authority and scientific objectivity.  One of the reporters facetiously suggested that Cruz won because all the clear-headed Republicans were on vacation; she quoted a professor who theorized that Cruz won because muddle-headed voters represent the majority.  The reporter never considered that the professor might be biased in his remarks, since his attitude matched hers. 

    • John Daly

      Actually, I think she was referring to me… The author of the column. 😉

    • Kathie Ampela

      Here’s an example of how editorial decisions can potentially shift public opinion.  NY1 covered a non political story here on Staten Island.  There has been an ongoing problem here of fare jumpers on buses. I used to take my son to preschool by bus (I don’t drive…rely on public transportation or I walk) and saw the same bus driver every day.  A very nice guy, typical working class, friendly to everyone sort. I used to witness fare jumpers every day when taking the bus back and forth, mostly middle school and high school kids. During the summer months, when my son went to summer camp at the preschool, I witnessed less fare jumping.  NY1 ran on story on how the NYPD is cracking down by putting undercover cops on buses to catch them in the act. When I ran into the bus driver sometime later, I told him I saw him on NY1.  Yeah, he said, they cut out a lot of what he said. He assumed it was out of political correctness. (No mention was made in the story of the large number of school kids who were the biggest pepetrators of the fare jumping) To be fair, his appearance may have been cut short because of time restraints however we don’t know for sure. Again, this was a crime story, not political, but the point is made.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Excellent analysis, John, just flawless.

    We’ve made a dent in liberal media bias over the past 10 years since the publication of Bias, Fox News and the rise of New Media, but unfortunately far too many are still getting their information spoon fed to them by the liberal mainstream media.  I’ve noticed the unddereporting of the economy on other outlets outside the Fox News and New Media universe. While it’s true that the news media will continue to lose the trust of the American people, the damage may already be done if they help Obama win re-election in November.  And until the people en masse take responsibility for their sources of information and make a conscious effort to educate themselves on their own terms, I don’t see how this problem will ever get any better.


    • John Daly

      Thank you. While I believe Bernie is probably right, as far as the mainstream media becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing year, I think you’re right in that, as far as this election goes, the damage may have already been done.

      Unfortunately, most Americans are either too busy or too lazy to take the initiative to determine which news outlets are trustworthy. Thus, they end up getting their information through whatever trickles down through the media grapevine, which is thoroughly influenced by a left-leaning slant.

    • Berryraymond

      Fox has a self inflected handicap.  Fox has decided to try and be fair and balanced.  Why ?  All the other media sure doesn’t.  With this handicap, Fox will always be lacking in the ability to combat the left.  Think about this.  The other networks don’t worry about being seen as in bed with the left, Fox is the only news organization who has that fear.  When the networks get in the starting blocks, Fox is 10 yards behind.  Does Fox help, yes.  Could they be more effective , for sure. 

  • Bernie Goldberg

    Smart piece, John.  By now even a lot of liberal reporters know how biased they are.  The problem is most of them, and their bosses, don’t care what we or anybody else thinks. They are less relevant today than when I wrote Bias in 2001.  They will be even less relevant next year.  And less relevant the year after that.  And they brought it on themselves.  Their arrogance will bring them down.

    • John Daly

      Thanks Bernie. I hope you’re right.

    • Berryraymond

      Bernie, I hope you are right.  I am a great believer in competition.  I am not sure we are in a competitive market.  Who out there can call their hand ?  They are close to owning the entire market.  What happens when the ” fairness in media act ” returns ?  Take away Fox and about 80% of talk radio and what does the news media market place look like ? 

    • Roadmaster

       What amazes me, is they know why their ratings continue to slide (and newspaper ad revenues decline) – they insult the intelligence of their customers!  Then they double down by going even harder left, the numbers go down again and they lose even more ground.  I guess they’re hoping Obama gets reelected and begins gubmint subsidies for media, otherwise why would they continue with such an idiotic business model?

      When they got into politics, they got out of the news biz – the ONLY entity specifically mentioned in the Constitution for special protection.  They have skated onto thin ice with their willful neglect of their essential function, that of a FREE PRESS!  I pray the leftist media and their progressive, political pals collapse before the country does.

    • Late For Dinner

      and your arrogance brought YOU down….    you’re right where you belong golberg….    at fox news….   with a bigger muzzle than ever…. 
      look at the fnc malcontents:    golberg,  guiliano  :)  trump,  gingrich,  ollie north,
      mark furman,   greta,  the nine-nine-nine idiot,  FORMER democratic pollsters that were washed up long ago now  being paid to say certain things…  geraldo,  huckabee…..  lots of losers,  some convicted….    please pray for all of them !

      • Patrick

        Feel better now? I just love the ranters who write like they’re kindergarteners. Honestly, it’s hard for me to take them seriously with such bad spelling and grammar. Then again, it’s hard for me to take LFD seriously when his/her post has very little substance to it. Anyway, this is a well written article and well, it’ll be interesting to see what November brings us being such a pivotal month in such a pivotal year politically wise.

        • Factman

          got your attention….    :)

  • CCNV

    If/when Romney gets elected, it would be great to see all the current reporters (and I use the term ‘reporters’ loosely) banned from being at any press conference. Instead, replace the obaMAO worshipers with bodies who are not in anyone’s pocket…you know, just report the damn NEWS.

    • John Daly

      I don’t believe a Romney presidency would lead to different reporters at his press conferences. There will be one difference however: Those reporters will actually start asking probing questions.

      • Berryraymond

        John you are right , reporters will have to go back to work.  The revival of investigative reporting will once again be alive.  Notice I said alive and not fair and objective.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HP4YJ2L3NOTXDT37UGJ7CTP3PY John

    We’ve all heard the newspaperman’s retort, “Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel” just as though how much ink you buy determines whether or not you’re right.  Now those who buy their ink by the barrel have lost 30% of their readers in the past ten years.  Many large dailies have laid off staff and several have gone out of business altogether.  Now that U.S. Snooze has converted to a monthly they buy just one fourth as many barrels of ink and now that Newsweak is abolishing its print edition it will buy no ink at all.  They attribute their loss of readership to the trend of people getting their news from websites.  That is true, but why the preference?  When I get my news from a website, I decide what’s news, while if I get my news from a newspaper, the editor decides what’s news.  Why should I choose the editors’ biases and preconceived notions instead of my own?  According to the editors, I should choose theirs because they buy their ink by the barrel. 

    • Kathie Ampela

      I wish more would decide what was news and what are editors’ biases and preconceived notions because it’s not hard to do. Awareness, some fair thinking and a little extra effort is all it takes.  I guess that’s asking too much of the people.

    • Berryraymond

      There are always unintended consenquences.  The national public education establishment has accomplished one thing, they have graduated a bunch of mind numb zombies.  These zombies can’t think, but must be told what to think.  However in the process the skill called reading has fallen.  The younger generation doesn’t read as much as it’s older counter part.  Sorry newspapers go find another way to rule the world.

    • Late For Dinner

      boy john,  you are a genius…..