Winning with Romney

Will it be Marco? Or New Mexico governor Susana Martinez (twofer!)? Will he be a Washington outsider, as Sarah Palin was? Will she be? Will Team Romney double down on the economics theme and go with Ohio senator Rob Portman, former director of the Office of Management and Budget? Interest in the veepstakes seems more intense than usual this year because of a general sense of unspectacularness about Romney, or so the narrative goes — the notion that Republicans have “settled” on a nominee they aren’t really excited about and thus need to add some spice at the bottom of the ticket.

But this is to miss the central story: that Mitt Romney may indeed be the man of our national moment. America is looking for someone who can articulate a realistically optimistic vision for the future and start to turn things around: Someone who can take us out of our national funk — which Washington has not been making better, but worse — and get us back on track, and then some.

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