Young Fatherless Elephants

Thanks to the cold-blooded murders in Oklahoma and Washington, black teenage thugs have been much in the news lately. But they’ve been newsworthy for quite a while now. It wasn’t that long ago that gangs of them ran wild in Philadelphia, forcing even the black mayor to denounce them. More recently, they ran amok here in California, looting and mugging in L.A. and in Long Beach. And we mustn’t overlook the record number of people they’ve been gunning down in the mean streets of Chicago.

What’s easy to forget, especially if you’re a liberal, is that it’s all an inevitable consequence of Lyndon Johnson’s policies. It was he and his stooges in Congress that made welfare to black women conditional on there not being a man on the premises. With a swipe of his presidential pen, Johnson ended black families, as America had known them. Until he put his welfare policy in place, the rate of marriages was higher among blacks than among whites. From 1890 on, the great majority of black children were raised in two parent homes.

I know that feminists and homosexuals think that the traditional family structure is archaic, but the evidence is all on the other side. Unmarried, generally uneducated women, raising children, especially male children, is a blueprint for disaster, and we have the crime and poverty statistics to prove it.

Years ago, I saw a TV documentary that drove the point home. It seems that game wardens on an African animal preserve started coming across the crushed and bloody carcasses of rhinos. They were at a loss to determine who was responsible and they couldn’t come up with a motive. As I recall, they finally resorted to placing cameras in the trees.

What they discovered astonished and repelled them. It seems that a sizable herd of young elephants were doing the killing. Like the three creeps down in Oklahoma who murdered the Australian jogger because they were bored, the elephants had no other motivation than that they felt like it.

It had nothing to do with turf or food or water. What it had to do with, the wardens realized, was that the bull elephants in the area had all been massacred by ivory hunters. Once they knew the problem, unlike our cowardly politicians and the race card hustlers who have spent half a century cashing in on LBJ’s legacy, they went about solving the problem.

They had a two-fold approach. One, they shot the leader of the young rogue elephants, convinced he was beyond saving. Two, they brought in a number of bull elephants to straighten out the rest of the gang. It didn’t take them all that long to set a good example. Like good fathers everywhere, they instilled discipline and showed the young ones how elephants are supposed to behave.

With the illegitimacy rate in the black community holding steady at about 73%, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the young creeps have decided they get to make the rules. And however much it benefits race hustlers to blame the plight of blacks on Caucasian bigots and to portray blacks as the innocent victims of prejudice and oppression, white people should not allow themselves to be confused with white hunters.

While it’s true that Lyndon Johnson did what he did because, as he said at the time, dependency would ensure that blacks — although that wasn’t the word he used — would vote for Democrats for the next 200 years, whites, it should be noted, haven’t trekked into the wilds of Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Newark and Philadelphia, and shot all the bulls.

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  • GlenFS

    A full dose of truth, Burt!

  • helplessinil

    Good one again, thanks Burt. You will not hear Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan or any of the rest make truthful statements about the corrective actions needed for the Black Family, this would stop the gravy train. Look how they turned against Bill Cosby when he made comments about his own community.

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Don’t think me a thug,cause I’m black,
    It’s really my father I lack,
    he’s not just for show,
    his firm hand I’d know,
    but without him, my life is just slack.
    Marriage even predates written history as an institution. Even millenia ago, folks realized that villages full of orphans, (fatherless children) was a bad idea. Even today, we say words at weddings, like “who gives this women to this man”. It wasn’t meant as misogynistic patriarchy. What it meant, was that responsibility for progeny, was being accepted by the two individuals, in a community enforeable compact. Thus only now, would the community accept persons engaging in sexual intercourse. (with each other) That is, the days of the caveman, bonking a girl on the head, and carrying her over his shoulder, to his cave was over. And we have a word for this new, and novel concept. We call it civilization. A community that has, (and allows), vast numbers of it’s members, to abandon their own progeny, may be called a lot of things, but civilized is not one of them.

    • cmacrider

      Brian Fr. …. very interesting … thank you

  • DanB_Tiffin

    Destroying the family structure has consequences.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    You hit the nail on the head with this one, Burt. Thank you LBJ. He gave us a lot of wonderful things, didn’t he?

    • artlouis

      I have been making the case for years that LBJ was the worst president. Not just the welfare maneuver, but wrecking the economy with his guns and butter policy and plunging the nation into something close to civil war with his Vietnam adventure.