A Slobbering Love Affair

From the day Barack Obama announced his candidacy to the moment he took the oath of office, the mainstream media fawned over him like love-struck school girls. Even worse, this time they went beyond media bias to media activism, says CBS veteran and #1 bestselling author Bernard Goldberg.

In his most provocative book yet, A Slobbering Love Affair, Goldberg shows how the mainstream media’s hopelessly one-sided coverage of President Obama has shredded America’s trust in journalism and endangered our free society.

Highlighting the media’s laughable coverage and shameless hypocrisy, Goldberg exposes how liberal reporters ignored important issues, focused on trivial matters, and attacked those who dared to question “The One.” Goldberg also argues that the media’s blatant disregard for their traditional role as the fourth estate and government watchdog has endangered America and eroded the notion of a free and fair press.

With his trademark blunt talk and his insider’s perspective, Goldberg reveals:

  • How the media ignored, downplayed, or sanitized Obama’s relationships with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers
  • How the media viciously attacked Sarah Palin for irrelevant issues like her wardrobe, but coddled Obama on anything and everything
  • Why Obama’s election will make it more likely conservative talk radio—and conservative books—will be stifled by a new “Fairness Doctrine” that is anything but fair
  • How Obama’s supposedly “post-partisan” campaign kicked reporters off Obama’s plane after their newspapers endorsed McCain
  • BONUS: an exclusive interview with Rush Limbaugh on the unholy alliance between Obama and the mainstream media

A blistering takedown of the media’s slavish support for Obama, A Slobbering Love Affair shows how the mainstream media has not only surrendered its integrity and objectivity, but could even endanger our democracy.