Adieu, Adios, Farewell To 2015

Remember the song ‘Sixteen Tons,’ made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford? It included this memorable lamentation: ‘Another day older and deeper in debt.’

Well, we are all another year older and much, much deeper in debt. About a half-trillion dollars deeper, actually. And what’s really scary about the relentlessly growing debt is that so few Americans even seem to give a fig. That’s partly because we have become numb to the trillions borrowed by President Obama and Congress. But it is also because so many other issues and dangers have taken precedence.

Just to jog your memories, we looked back at 2015’s Talking Points Memos, a reliable barometer of what concerned traditional Americans.

The year began with the bloodbath in Paris, where Islamic fanatics massacred journalists at the magazine Charlie Hebdo. The Obama administration did not join world leaders in an anti-terror rally and again refused to utter the words ‘radical Islam.’ Terrorism would be front and center for the rest of the year.

Here at home, Eric Holder’s Justice Department declined to file charges against the Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown. ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ was a flat-out lie, something many people still refuse to admit. Because of that despicable falsehood, deteriorating race relations was a major story throughout 2015.

In the Middle East, ISIS accelerated its reign of terror, grabbing land while beheading Christians and other ideological foes. The administration assured us that ISIS was being ‘contained,’ despite all evidence to the contrary.

Exactly midway through the year – on July 1 – an illegal alien shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle. The shooter had been deported five times but was free to roam the sanctuary streets of San Francisco. Six months later, there is still no Kate’s Law, although Americans of good will have not given up hope.

The mainstream media continued down its path of bias and outright dishonesty. The New York Times urged the Army to give accused deserter Bowe Bergdahl a break, but scoured Senator Marco Rubio’s driving records. Whenever it seems the liberal media can go no lower, they plumb new depths.

The city of Baltimore exploded in the spring when Freddie Gray died while in police custody. Many left-leaning Americans found every possible excuse to justify the riots that broke out in not-so-charming Charm City. As six cops await their dates with Lady Justice, Baltimore remains tense.

Murders were up in Chicago, New York, and other major American cities, especially those run by liberal Democratic mayors. The good citizens of those metropolises are paying a heavy price for decades of one-party rule.

Social conservatives took it on the chin big time in 2015. Same-sex marriage gained traction in the courts and in public opinion, while Congress supplied Planned Parenthood with more funding for their abortion mills. Not even those sickening videos, with PP officials talking about the best way to dismember babies in the womb, was enough to turn off the federal money spigot.

Of course, the year was dominated by presidential politics, especially the rise and much-predicted-but-never-materialized fall of Donald Trump. Other GOP candidates, including accomplished governors like Rick Perry and Scott Walker, came and departed. But Trump, to borrow from ‘New York, New York,’ remains ‘king of the hill, top of the heap.’ Hey, if he can make it in Iowa and New Hampshire, he can make it anywhere.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton’s coronation continues apace as she slaps aside Bernie Sanders like a pesky, socialist, spread-the-wealth gnat. If the front-runners actually win, we are in store for a terribly interesting – and perhaps very ugly – general election.

There were so many other memorable moments and events. The debate over Muslim refugees, the CNBC debate debacle, the Benghazi hearings, mass shootings in Oregon and South Carolina, and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. Meanwhile, the debt rose, politicians promised more ‘free stuff,’ religion was diminished, while many Americans remained eternally lost in their handheld devices.

But of course all the news was not bad. The year included individual feats of courage, physical and otherwise. Outside of the major cities, crime continued its long downward glide, gas prices plunged, and America remains home to people of unshakable faith and immense good will. Despite the litany of bad news chronicled above, is there any place you’d rather live? Didn’t think so.

Looking ahead, we offer only one unassailable prediction for the coming year – The Factor and Fox News will continue to dominate the cable news race. That is because of all of you, of course. So thank you, everyone, and Happy New Year. All of us at The Factor hope the coming year brings you countless blessings and immeasurable joy. See you in ’16.