Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has a new book out that hammers Donald Trump. In America, that’s an industry, is it not?

Esper was fortunate enough to land an interview on “60 Minutes” where he told Norah O’Donnell that Trump wanted to attack the Mexican drug cartels with missiles. Ms. O’Donnell did not challenge the statement.

Esper was misleading Norah, and the “60 Minutes” producers let her down by not researching effectively. President Trump did, indeed, consider using drone strikes against the Cartels, which are killing thousands of human beings, but only after designating the criminals “terror groups.”

That official action allows the United States to take military action, as I chronicle in my book “Killing the Killers,” which, unlike Esper’s work, is actually honest.

I know this story because I discussed the scenario with Mr. Trump in private and initially reported it two years ago. The subject also came up last December during the Trump “History” shows. The former president explained in detail why he did not slap the terror label on the cartels as Mexican President Obrador finally agreed to help the USA control the border.

Enter Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan who embraces and embellishes Esper’s phony reporting by alleging Trump “wanted to attack Mexican drug cartels … then deny the missiles came from us.”

Although that is clearly preposterous and unnecessary with the terror designation, Ms. Noonan parrots it, apparently without doing any research whatsoever.

Deeply embedded in the Washington establishment, Peggy Noonan is a “never-Trumper” and has promoted the cancel culture witch hunt as well. The theme of her column involving Esper is that both political parties are now riddled with fear.

“The Republicans are afraid of the Trumpers. The Democrats are afraid of the progressives. Both parties fear large parts of their base. So they lie to them …”

There is truth to that statement. If Donald Trump runs for president again, no high-profile Republican will primary him and risk alienating his supporters.

On the other team, President Biden fears the far-left so much that he has embraced many of their insane policies, thereby causing grave damage to individual Americans.

It would be wrong to designate the progressive left as a “terror group,” but come on, the destruction of the U.S. economy speaks for itself.

Ms. Noonan’s column then rambles along and suddenly veers into the twilight zone as she calls for rational political debate: “I have never met a human being yet who was completely impervious – completely – to a sincere, respectful appeal to reason.”

Ahem. I assume that Peggy has never “met” Vladimir Putin, the Iranian Mullahs, the race-baiters on MSNBC, and thousands of other destructive fanatics who cause pain on this planet every day.

Ms. Noonan should open a theme park called “Peggy’s World.” Disney would likely help her with it. Fantasyland could use an expansion.

Don’t Know Much About History

If a teenage Kamala Harris had been a student in my American History class, she would have flunked. Same thing for Joe Biden, although chalk wasn’t even invented when he was in high school. Our leaders are clueless when it comes to how the United States was actually founded. Frightening, right?

Let’s go back in time to when Tom Jefferson, Jemmy Madison, and Ben Franklin were figuring out exactly how a government “by the people and for the people” would work. Remember, there were no models. In Europe, the peasants had few rights and did what the kings told them to do, or else it was a noose or a dungeon.

The American colonies were a divided bunch. In order to get all 13 to unite and fight England, compromises had to occur. Thus, slavery was not addressed even though Massachusetts and other areas in the north believed it was wrong. Colonial leaders well understood that about 50 percent of the population would not oppose the English King. So accommodations were made for those who would fight.

Tom, Jemmy, and Ben also did not want a powerful federal government because it would be too easy for an American “king” to emerge and obliterate constitutional rights. Also, the three architects of freedom feared a military coup.

That’s why the Second Amendment is there – to guarantee that folks would have the “right to bear arms” in case a dictator tried to seize power in the country.

Memo to Ms. Kamala and Mr. Joe: the founders wanted the individual states to deal with all “social” issues – like abortion! That’s why the Tenth Amendment was invented. It states that any policy not articulated in the Constitution should be handled by the states.

Hello, Roe v. Wade. There is no citation for abortion or marijuana or gay marriage, or most other personal matters in the Constitution. Therefore, these issues fall under state authority—different strokes for different folks in the individual 50.

However, if a state violates the constitutional rights of Americans, think Jim Crow laws, then the federal government has the authority to stop the state from doing that. With force if necessary.

Are you all with me?

In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the USA, citing “privacy.” But there is no guarantee of privacy in the Constitution. There is a private property provision, sorry, Bernie Sanders, that allows citizens to live without outside intrusion in their purchased domains as long as they don’t violate the law.

With abortion “rights,” however, there is not just one individual. There is another presence within the domain. That would be the unborn fetus. And that’s the controversy. Do Americans have the “right” under the Constitution to kill the unborn?

In June, the Supreme Court is likely to rule 5-4 that each state has the authority to regulate abortion. Liberal states will continue unfettered access, conservative legislations may limit the procedure.

No doubt progressives and even some pro-life people will hate that ruling. Fine, despise it. But the Tenth Amendment will rule, as they say, as it should.

We live in a country where the law is interpreted by nine imperfect people. Those Supreme Court Justices head the judicial branch, which checks the power of the president and congress. Tom, Jemmy, and Ben clearly understood the system they devised was not infallible. But the American concept of freedom has led the world for almost 250 years.

Let’s respect that as we sort out the complicated and emotional abortion situation. And stop the politics. Please.

The Art of the Gloat

Gloating is easy; it requires no skill or rigor. It is simply an unattractive technique used for one purpose only: to insult someone.

Right now, a major gloat is aimed at President Biden, a man doing enormous damage to the country he was elected to serve. There is no question about that. After 15 months in office, Americans are getting hammered because of Biden’s foolish economic policies and his general befuddlement on just about everything.

Last week, the stock market finally capitulated, believing Joe would lead the country into a recession as George W. Bush did in 2008. Bush totally missed the crazy home lending spree, which eventually caused massive pain economically.

The Obama-Biden ticket was elected because of that.

Joe got the top job in 2020 despite a strong economy under President Trump. The bombastic former businessman handled economics well, his policies stimulating wages as well as energy independence before Covid shut the country down.

But more than 80 million voters turned away from Trump’s accomplishments and embraced Biden, who barely campaigned at all. He didn’t need to. The corrupt corporate media did it for him by demonizing ‘The Don’ and totally ignoring his economic success as President.

Today, the United States is weaker in almost every area than it was two years ago. Yet, many Biden voters are pulling a Tammy Wynette, continuing to stand by their man. It’s amazing in the face of the facts, but, unfortunately, people believe what they want to believe. And some folks will never admit a mistake no matter what.

The truth is that President Biden is unable to govern. That’s what’s spooking the financial markets. It was painful watching him last week trying to describe Russia as a “plutocracy” and a “kleptocracy.” The President could not get those words out of his mouth, and his verbal attack became “stumble-ocracy.”

Embarrassing doesn’t come close to describing it.

And so the anti-Biden legions brought out the gloat once again. “Look at this guy,” they postured, “he’s unable in the extreme.”

Sadly for the country, it’s true. Mr. Biden will be 80 in November, and he’s not Paul McCartney, who turns 80 in June. The former Beatle is currently on a nationwide tour and apparently can remember the lyrics to his songs.

Joe Biden couldn’t even sing the refrain to “Hey, Jude.”

The United States has no choice but to tough out the Biden Administration. There’s little we the people can do. The President, I believe, will not run again, and his Vice-President is as incapable as he is.

This is not gloating; it is stating the truth. Gloating is a waste of time.

Wising up so that something like this doesn’t happen again is what every single American should be doing. Voting on emotion directly led to the leadership debacle we have right now.

It’s there, right before our eyes.


Living the Dream

You know them. Some folks are detached from reality and have constructed a fantasy place that provides comfort from the cold world. They hide in plain sight.

Let’s get specific. According to the polls, about 35 percent of Americans still think President Biden is doing a good job. I guess these are the same folks who believe in the Easter Bunny who, just last week, led old Joe away from reporters.

On the other side, a few days after the election of 2020, I told my audience the vote would not be overturned unless massive evidence of fraud was presented to the federal courts. Well, I took some heat from the Trump dream team, who objected to my analysis which, of course, turned out to be true.

People believe what they want to believe. Most of us can be persuaded by facts, but a substantial minority cannot. They feel secure in the dream world they have created.

Hustlers of all kinds exploit the dreamers; craven politicians are at the top of that list.

The Green New Deal is a great example. It is simply preposterous to believe that “alternative energy” can fuel this country anytime soon.

Yet, we have a president who attacked the fossil fuel industry on his first day in office, using climate change as justification.

The result has been a painful reality: inflation.

Joe Biden lives in a dream world, of that I am certain. And part of that construct is looking away from vexing problems. Like chaos at the southern border. Like horrendous violent crime. Like progressive indoctrination of students.

We could go on.

The point is that the dream weavers who continue to back Joe don’t care that he often walks with Dorothy and Toto on the proverbial yellow brick road. The Biden people have convinced themselves that their guy will return us all to Kansas in the end.

He will not.

Some Trump people remain dreamers as well, although the historical fact is the Don provided effective governance on many levels. Something Biden has not.

But progressive dreamers, including many in the corporate media, will not accept that and are now rejecting fact-based reality across the board. To them, Kamala is “amazing.” The Black Lives Matter crew are noble. Cancel Culture is a positive. Socialism is justice.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream. And it was stellar. But the martyred Reverend did not live in a dream world. He understood the importance of character and the power of realism.

He also knew that people of fairness and positive accomplishment do not live in fantasy places. That flight obscures both accomplishment and wisdom.

President Biden, I believe, is incapable of understanding exactly where he is on the life chart. He lives in a place of bunnies and hazy ideological apparitions—a place where wishing on a star substitutes for effective policies.

The White House has now become a fantasyland. It is indeed a magical kingdom.

Blame Putin

“You did it, you did it,
you did it in a minute.”
– Hall & Oates

Putin caused inflation. That’s what Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Jen Psaki told the nation. We are dealing with the “Putin price rise.”

Of course, all the stats say consumer prices were going up fast before Russia invaded Ukraine but damn those pesky facts. It was Putin, for sure. Just as the devil made Flip Wilson do it a long time ago, Bad Vlad is the instigator today.

And it’s not just inflation. Not even close. Did you know that Putin made Will Smith slap Chris Rock? Didn’t you know that? Old Will simply channeled Vlad, and boom, the Oscars stage was invaded.

Jennifer Lopez reunited with Ben Affleck because of Putin. No lie. Jen is so frightened of the diminutive Vlad that she sought protection from Big Ben. The actor, not the clock.

Rumor is Jen Psaki will soon blame the chaotic southern border on Putin. People in Honduras believe their country is on Vlad’s invasion list, so they are getting the heck out while the getting is good.

Putin is also responsible for the rise in violent crime in America. Criminals are apparently under his spell and want to violate innocent civilians like Vlad’s forces are doing in Mariupol.

President Biden sees this Putin thing clearly and knows his adversary is directly responsible for every single failure of his administration, and it’s a long list that I can tell you.

Massive airline delays – Putin’s fault.

Trans restrooms – Vlad did it.

Critical Race Theory – invented by Putin.

MSNBC – the dictator secretly runs it.

The Los Angeles Lakers – Putin.

Tom Brady coming out of retirement – Vlad ordered him to do it.

Hunter Biden? Don’t even ask.

With Vlad having so much power over everything that happens in America, it is only a matter of time before the following occurs.

Vlad will be appointed CEO of Disney.

He will partner with Elon Musk to take over Twitter.

He will be a substitute host on The View.

He’ll run Ocasio-Cortez’s next campaign.

Vlad will make Kamala Harris stop giggling.

He will tour with the Rolling Stones.

And finally, The New York Times will discover, through anonymous sources, that Putin forced that bird to poop on Biden’s suit.

I know all that sounds incredible. But it’s not nearly as unbelievable as blaming the Vlad-meister for the nearly ten percent inflation rate now battering the USA.

Is it?