Losing the Race

The spearpoint in the intense progressive battle to dissemble traditional America is the anti-racism campaign.  It’s an easy calculation: if the United States was founded on the philosophy of white supremacy, and the country is presently infected with “systemic racism,” then it’s the moral obligation of good people to destroy the society and build another more noble one.

And if you disagree, well, you are racist.

The strategy is brilliant in its simplicity and also presents the gravest social threat in U.S. history.

That’s because the corporate media, an industry full of cowardice and greed, has surrendered to the radicals thereby allowing the destructive movement to avoid scrutiny.  Some of the nation’s largest corporations are openly cooperating with racial demonization – donating millions of dollars to the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation.

But most shockingly of all is that the President and Vice President are supporting the racial subversion.

Joe Biden has openly advocated “equity” instead of equality.  He has ordered the federal government to favor certain groups of Americans based on skin color. When criticized by Republican Senator Tim Scott for this divisive policy, Biden told the ever pliant George Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t believe the American people are racist, just our society.


The reason the President is able to peddle this destructive malarkey is because the mass media is affirming it.  The woman executive who controls TV production for Disney/ABC proudly told the world that she is rejecting first-rate programs unless the scripts conform to a racial litmus test.

After Senator Scott’s reply to Biden’s speech on Wednesday, bigots on Twitter labeled him “Uncle Tim.”

Most of the corporate media ignored the smear.

And now the race-baiting is coming to your house.

Newsweek Magazine used to be a fine fact-gathering organization.  Then it veered sharply left. Then it folded its print edition, now publishing only online.

Last week, the magazine ran an article by a radical leftist named Meggie Abendschein.  She owns a business in Texas that prefers to hire women. Remember the bigoted “No Irish Need Apply” signs?  Now it’s males instead of Irish.

Anyway, here’s what Newsweek and Meggie are serving up.  “We need to deeply embed anti-racism into our identity, our purpose and every facet of our life.  This work requires our full-throttle empathy and total commitment to dismantling an archaic, dangerous white supremacist system.”

Then Meggie brings it home.  “I was speaking with another white woman recently who told me her husband wasn’t sold on the idea of racism being our problem …

“I told her that by not saying something … was to choose comfort “

Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Let’s create marital strife if your spouse is not “woke.”

And so the battle for America once again centers on skin color.  Hello, Civil War.

But this time the sitting President is not focused on keeping the Union together. No, Joe Biden is a divider.  And with the media as his ally, he is hell-bent on conquering.

Rise of the Red Guards

While individual Americans are trying to figure out if they are as racist as the corporate media believes, California has already reached its conclusion.  The United States and its Caucasian citizens are, indeed, purveyors of bigotry and oppression.

So, Golden State educators are damn well going to do something about it.

According to reporting by City Journal, California’s Department of Education has approved an “ethnic studies model.”  This curriculum contains programs that advocate “decolonizing” the USA (open borders) and “liberating” students from capitalism, patriarchy, and “settler colonialism.”

Wow.  That’s quite a lift for Middle School.

The California vision is not new.  In fact it is directly cribbed from that old rascal Mao Zedong.  Back in 1966, the Chinese Communist dictator, whose hobby was mass murder, stood in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square waving to hundreds of thousands of “Red Guards,” students who were rooting out all cultural opposition to Mao’s reign of terror.

The young people destroyed books and art deemed not to be red enough.  They renamed streets and destroyed statues. They burned anything religious.  About seven thousand pieces of private property were demolished because China had outlawed private property.

In just two months, August and September 1966, fanatical members of the Red Guards murdered nearly 1,800 people in Beijing alone.  Many of the victims were designated as “capitalists.”

Back in California, Jorge Pacheco is doing his best to resurrect the non-lethal spirit of the Red Guards. Jorge is the radical left president of the California Latino School Boards Association and a top advisor to the state’s ethnic studies vision.

Jorge Pacheco is not a shy guy.  He openly admits the curriculum is based on a Marxist tenet called “pedagogy of the oppressed.” That line of study calls for students to “understand” their oppression and eventually “overthrow” their oppressors.

The taxpayers of California are funding this hateful campaign and I have heard little public dissent from politicians and the media.

Does Governor Newsome oppose?

Does George Clooney see the danger here?

Has the local California media condemned this?  Anyone?

How about President Biden and Vice President Harris?  Well, last week both of them told the world America is surely a racist country.  And that means the USA has to be an oppressive nation.  Right?

With little opposition, the nation’s largest state is embarking on a mass “re-education” campaign in some public schools; a curriculum that will surely lead to intense confrontation on the part of students who embrace it.

Somewhere, in a very warm place, Mao Zedong is waving.

The Victim Pandemic

With the exception of Caucasian males, everybody can be a victim.  It’s easy.  Just summon up some unpleasantness in your life and assign blame.  Use the word “systemic” a lot in formulating your grievances.  Make sure you point out that you are expressing “your truth.”  And certainly mention that you are speaking “truth to power.”

It is true that real victims are amongst us. The child born into a chaotic home, perhaps abandoned or abused by bad parents.  Certainly that innocent person has been victimized.

If you are treated unfairly because of skin color or gender, you should be angry.  But you have two choices: live your life in the victimization zone.  Or say “blank you” and succeed despite the hardship.

If you have been bullied as a child or teen, that is victimization.  Again, you have a choice.  Fight back in a smart way, or fold and incorporate the ordeal into your persona.  “I’m a victim of systemic whatever.”

Being a devoted victim can be comforting because it gives you an excuse to fail.  Or not even try.  You need a “safe space.” You feel “marginalized” by the “patriarchy.”

Well, everyone gets hammered at some point.  And in today’s cupcake society the victim card is being dealt all the time.  But it’s a bottom of the deck draw.  You won’t accomplish much in life constantly whining about unfairness or bad breaks.

In order to achieve and succeed, you need to be strong and believe in yourself.  Not whimper about injustice.

Americans used to be a pretty tough bunch.  My parents survived the Great Depression and World War II.  They lived very modestly with no personal power but did not see themselves as victims.  They knew who the real victims were: the Americans who could not buy a house in Levittown because of their skin color.

That’s largely gone now because some brave folks fought hard for worthy change. They didn’t pout on the sidelines or disrespect the entire country. They mobilized in a strong, peaceful campaign that defeated some ingrained wrongs.

It appears to me that in our society today, victimization is spreading faster than Covid.  It’s almost unbearable on many college campuses and cable TV.  Every white person is racist, every straight man a woman-hater.  No non-white male has a fair shot.

Everything that goes wrong in a person’s life can be blamed on someone else. White supremacy did it.  Homophobia caused it.  Misogynistic traditions ruined my dreams.

Yeah, okay.  Life can be brutally unfair. Again two choices: go get that safe space. Or use your skills to step up and improve things without foolishly demonizing entire groups of people.

Your call.

A Trifecta of Chaos

It’s a one, two, three punch.  Massive government spending and aggressive taxation, open borders, woke fascism. That’s what all Americans are facing even though many of them have no clue.

Let’s discuss that for a moment.  Always in this country we have had citizens too lazy or selfish to pay attention to the common good.  During the revolution, historians estimate that half of the colonists supported King George.  They were called Tories.  Today, you can visit a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Tory Row to see where some of them lived. Others died with ropes around their necks. The rebels were an impulsive bunch.

To support the king, you had to accept unlimited taxation by whim, total dominance over your private life, and subservient allegiance to an unstable monarch who didn’t give a fig about you.

Remind you of anything?

Right now, President Biden is as clueless as old King George.  He actually believes that boycotting the state of Georgia is a positive step for democracy.  Against every piece of evidence available, Mr. Biden thinks his border strategy is good even as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the USA.  And then there are the massive taxes Biden is willing to impose because American taxpayers are going to have to support millions of foreign nationals, as well as stop worldwide climate change.

Yet, according to the polls, about half the country thinks the President is doing a good job.  Hello, George, hope you’re not too hot down there.

As I wrote last week, socialism is on the rise and Joe Biden is not going to fight the trend.  He, of course, already has his and now, in his diminished state, he has morphed into a woke social justice warrior – fighting for the “disenfranchised.”

This is not going to work as the majority of Americans like their lives and don’t want the calloused hand of a powerful central government holding back their ability to achieve true independence.  That King George thing again.

But resisting the Biden calamity is not easy. Millions of voters are buying into the nanny state concept and may be willing to sacrifice personal freedom for a guaranteed life outcome, as paltry as that may be.

And then there are the “neck-benders” who can’t stop looking down at their devices.  Many in this crew have created a fantasy world of cyber-space gibberish that totally blocks out what’s happening in the real world.

The combination of the “give me’s” and the clueless device addicts has allowed the progressive movement power.

However, I believe the chaos trifecta will eventually destroy the Biden regime.  And it can’t come fast enough.  American freedom is in peril.

But like way back in 1776, only half the country knows it.


Comrade Biden

Okay, now it’s getting serious.  No more fooling around with this capitalism business.  Nope, old Joe Biden has gone full socialist.  Viva Fidel!  Viva Venezuela! Che, we miss you!

The President has proposed five trillion dollars in new spending.  The US Treasury currently owes about $27 trillion.  That means America has no disposable funds. So, since Albania and Sri Lanka are not going to give us any money, Joe has to get the cash from US citizens and businesses. There is no other way.  Joe may know all this but then again, he may not.  Depends on what day it is.

But his “people” certainly understand the $5 trillion spending play and they love it. All except Ocasio-Cortez.  She wants at least $10 trillion in new government spending.  She also wants to seize private property to fund the big government expansion. This is what socialism is.

President Biden might get to the private property seizure (wealth tax) as long as it doesn’t include his nifty beach house in Delaware.  But, for now, the President just wants to spend lots of taxpayer dollars and tax the country blind. Running up huge debt is fun for Joe, the working class guy from Scranton.

So here’s a bit of what Joe Biden wants to spend our tax dollars on:

– $174 billion for electric vehicles.  Global Warming play.  I like the electric cars.  But Tesla and other manufacturers should pay for the plug-in stations, not me. Someone tell Joe.

– $100 billion for “school construction.” This is what local property taxes are for, correct?  Is Joe going to federalize public schools now?

– $20 billion for bike lanes.  Insane. Again, this is a local spending issue.

– $25 billion for “transformative” projects. A complete ruse. That could be anything. Can Joe Biden define “transformative spending?”  In China, it’s building concentration camps.

– $400 billion on home care for seniors and disabled Americans.  Noble intent. Almost a half trillion on top of Medicare and Medicaid.  Will Jill Biden get a piece of that?

The horrifying truth is Democrats want the federal government to run everything; to provide cradle-to-grave entitlements. Free child care, elder care, health care, community college, food, housing,  job and wage guarantees.

To fund that, President Biden is willing to cede his executive authority and allow progressives to dictate how much money hard working citizens and businesses can keep for themselves.  And as the giveaways rise (checks for undocumented people), personal assets shrink.  A lot.

Good day to you, Comrade Biden.