The Devil and Joe Biden

A front page article in the Wall Street Journal reminded me that a Roman Catholic priest in South Carolina denied Joe Biden communion just about one year ago.  Reverend Robert Morey blessed Mr. Biden but refused him the host, later saying the former Vice-President’s liberal position on abortion defies church teaching.

As with many Catholic politicians, Mr. Biden fell back on the rationalization that he could not impose his “private” beliefs on other Americans.  But in Biden’s case, that rings very hollow.

For decades then Senator Joe Biden supported the Hyde Amendment, which disallows federal money for the abortion procedure because that violates the religious rights of Catholics and other religious people.  There are exceptions for rape, incest, and serious medical danger to the mother.

The Hyde Amendment was fair because pro-choice Americans can easily donate money to fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers thereby assuring legal abortions can be made available to all.

There is no need for the federal government to force religious Americans to fund a life-ending procedure they reject on moral grounds.

But the new, progressive Joe Biden now repudiates the Hyde Amendment in a stunning reversal of conscience.  He also selected Kamala Harris, an aggressive pro-choice advocate, as his running mate.  Some describe the Biden-Harris ticket as the most pro-abortion political duo in history.

The Democratic platform is very clear: there should be no restrictions on abortion whatsoever.  A number of states have rebelled against that using “science” to justify regulations.  It is a medical fact that a baby is viable in the womb long before birth. Many legislators believe destroying a fetus after viability is a violation of human rights.

Joe Biden has not responded to that point-of-view and that’s his problem with the Catholic Church.  His political posture enables abortion at any time, for any reason. Just this week, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Vigano, warned Catholic voters that killing babies is “demonic.”

With almost 70 million Catholics registered to vote, Biden’s flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment and his political embrace of Senator Harris, could be a problem for him on Election Day.

However, the former Vice President is counting on the Catholic clergy remaining largely silent.  The church is frightened, intimidated, and under financial siege due to the clerical abuse of children.  Few American priests will speak out on anything.

After Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the nation’s most powerful Catholic voice, said the opening prayer at the Republican National Convention, he was brutally attacked on social and traditional media.  Some wealthy Catholic donors even resigned from church boards.  The message was heard loud and clear by Catholic clergy in America.

So Mr. Biden may well believe he has little to fear from the Church.

As for Joe’s faithfulness to the faith, who really knows?  In 1936, Stephen Vincent Benet wrote a short story entitled “The Devil and Daniel Webster.”  In it, a good man sells his soul for prosperity.  In real life, it would be unfair to suggest that any politician would ever do that.

Wouldn’t it?

Welcome to Loonistan

The combination of Covid fear and a presidential campaign largely based on loathing, seems to have created a virtual army of loons who careen across the American landscape like decomposing zombies.

I mean mass hysteria doesn’t begin to cover it.

On the political front, both presidential candidates have obvious deficits yet many of their supporters refuse to acknowledge them. The absolute truth is that President Trump says whatever pops into his mind.  No filter.  Little verification.  That can cause problems, obviously.

Joe Biden’s mind is, well, hard to define. And it’s difficult to follow his thought process on many occasions.  Bewitched, bothered, bewildered.  Or something.

In his CNN Town Hall last week, Mr. Biden said “all the people” would still be alive today had Mr. Trump not botched the Covid response.  Quite the statement.

Therefore, the electorate now has to decide between two guys who could say anything at any time that might confuse and/or enrage us.

As Rod Serling once said: “we are traveling in another dimension.”

It is my belief that Covid combined with racial tension fused with political hatred on both the left and the right, has created madness in some precincts.  So let’s take a look.

On the right, a number of folks seem to think that wearing a mask to ward off the contagion is a “hoax.” They apparently believe this despite the fact that New York successfully blunted Covid cases after everybody masked up.

On the left, zealots are rooting for another lockdown so Trump gets hurt.  Vaccine?  Not until after November 3.
The racial thing is totally unhinged.  On campuses, the witch hunt to identify “racists” makes Salem look rational.  Writing for The Hill, Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley reports this about the college environment: “An emerging view is that all whites are racist or at least presumptively racist.  Angela Bell, an assistant professor of psychology at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, put it simply: ‘if you have to ask if you’re a racist, you are.  And if you’re not asking if you are a racist, you are.’”

No word on whether Lafayette has a degree in being a racist.  According to Ms. Bell, everyone has the credits.

So we are living in the golden age of lunacy where a battalion of nurse Ratchets vigilantly patrols the media and academia. There is no escaping these people and no denying the USA is quickly turning into Loonistan.  New passports are on the drawing board.

So don’t be surprised if the nation’s next two big reality TV programs are “America’s Got Covid,” and “Dancing with the Racists.”

There will be no shortage of contestants.

Putting Your Money Where Your Knee Is

Fascinating to see the nation’s intense culture war played out in Kansas City before the NFL opening game.  The Chiefs largely stood for the National Anthem and some players actually put their hands over their hearts.  My deceased father and grandfather, both war time vets, would have been proud.

The Houston Texans stayed in the locker room for the Anthem and I am thankful for that exposition.  It hurts me to see my country insulted so I’m glad I did not have to witness mass kneeling.

And I approve of clarity.  I now know exactly how the Houston team feels about America.

The football announcer Chris Collingsworth was extremely annoying, virtue-signaling that he “stands” with the players in their social justice protests.  Hey, Chris, spare us. We all know how noble you are.  And I’m happy to discuss your opinion on my news analysis program any time.  But using your entertainment platform to push a political view is exactly what the Academy Award pinheads do.

In truth, the bravest thing done at the game was play-by-play guy Al Michaels, a brilliant announcer, totally avoiding the culture stuff. By staying silent, Michaels knew he would be hammered by the “woke” mob, which is exactly what happened.

So here’s what’s GOING to happen to the National Football League.

Annoyed by the political correctness, many fans will stop buying merchandise from teams.  That huge source of revenue will plummet – with the Houston Texans leading the way.

TV ratings for the first game were down substantially from last year.  The teams are paid billions regardless, so they will not suffer there.  But the networks will.

Of course, the pandemic is severely limiting fans from going to the stadiums, so the ten dollar beers and six dollar hotdogs will be erased from the bottom line.  Along with the 30 dollar parking fee.

Right now, the average salary for an NFL player is $2 million per season; the lowest of all the major sports.  That’s because most players come out of college and sign for minimum union wages.  The NFL means “not for long.”  Many players are quickly injured and replaced by other young athletes. Average time in the league: less than three years.

What the players do not seem to understand is that the fans pay them.  And many spectators, perhaps most, do not want to see politics on game day.  I am among them.

I do respect dissent and well understand social injustice.  I have a charitable foundation that donates millions to help Americans who do not have equal opportunity for whatever reason.

Not virtue-signaling, just reporting.

The reason that I am able to give away millions of dollars is that the United States provided me, who had zero money when I left college, the opportunity to prosper.

The climb up was tough, requiring a massive amount of hard work.  I could not have done it in Sweden.  The NFL players could not have done it in Sweden.

So, this football fan objects to mixing politics with athletics.  As the cliche goes: give me a break!

However, I am interested in what the players think but not at the expense of seeing my country insulted.  So, no NFL gear for me this season.

And one more message to the protesting players.  Your salaries will start to decline as team revenue does.  Your knee will significantly affect your wallet.  Team owners are blowing smoke at you guys now, but money will ultimately prevail.

Always does.

What’s the Matter?

A friend of mine has a sign on his lawn that says “Black Lives Matter.”  Since I grew up with him in Levittown, New York, where blacks were not allowed to purchase homes, that piqued my interest.

He explained to me that justice is important to him and he believes African-Americans are denied a fair shake in America.

Millions of people believe that and their opinions should be respected.

I see the justice issue as more about poverty than skin color at this point in history.  My opinion should be respected as well.

Then I asked my friend if he was aware of the philosophy behind the Black Lives Matter movement.  I mean a sign is one thing, a well thought out political plan is quite something else.  Most Americans, including my boyhood chum, have no clue.

Enter Alicia Garza, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation and a proud Marxist, and we’re not talking Groucho here.  Nope, Alicia is a follower of Karl Marx, one of the architects of communism.  She freely admits that.

Ms. Garza is also an “opinion contributor” for USA Today and she lays it all out there – if you read between the lines.

On August 30, Alicia Garza wrote this: “We are in the midst of a black rebellion, spurred by decades of unequal treatment and undue violence against our communities…

“My work is about uprooting structural racism from every aspect of our society – our economy, our government and our communities.”

You can read “uprooting” as “overthrowing” because that is exactly what the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation wants to do.  The well thought out plan is to use racial disenchantment to batter the entire “white” power structure and eventually destroy the capitalistic system.

It could work because few understand the end game including the Democratic Party, and more than a few corporations that are pumping millions of donated dollars into the Black Lives Matter “movement.”

The smoke signals are key.  The far left including BLM are now demanding “economic” justice.  That means onerous taxation on the affluent and the seizure of private property through a series of “wealth taxes.”

Then there’s “housing justice.”  That means the government pays for sheltering low-income Americans.

“Education justice” means free college. “Worker justice” means guaranteed jobs and a “living wage.”  You get the idea.  A central government run by “woke” activists would provide pretty much everything and would confiscate private and corporate wealth to pay for it.

So that’s what’s in play and, again, the pro athletes, the casual liberal folks, the corporate virtue-signalers have no blankin’ clue.

However, some in the media do understand, but will not report the truth for fear their bosses will harm them.

So the next time you see a BLM sign please consider there is much more to this movement than words on paper or graffiti on a wall.  Marxism is now being slyly mainstreamed in America.   Somebody resurrect Paul Revere.

Mobbed Up

You know President Trump scored some points at the Republican convention by the way his media enemies attacked after his nomination speech ended.  Almost instantly, an after-party hate buffet was served up by CNN and NBC News but it amounted to little.  By 11:30 on Thursday night only Trump supporters were still watching.  Most of the resistance had gladly entered the land of nod.
Did you notice that the President barely mentioned the media in his 70 minute address?   It was amazing.  He disciplined himself to lay off Morning Joe and the other Trump-loathing zombies.  Who knew the President could actually do that?
The reason the media was not scolded as usual is that Donald Trump had more important points to make.  So the fun-bunch press people receded for the moment in his mind.
There are two simple issues that could win Mr. Trump re-election.  First, that he is the candidate that can best reignite the economy when Covid finally subsides.  And second, that he will smash the radical left “mob” and Joe Biden will not.
Voters with weak attention spans can understand those things without repetition. And folks who don’t pay much attention to politics will decide the election.  There are legions of them.
Donald Trump helped himself at the convention but angry, rampaging fanatics helped him more.  Most Americans understand that police need stronger standards on using lethal force, but they despise the lawless conduct currently on display.
You are not going to win hearts and minds by threatening Senator Rand Paul and his wife as they walk home from the White House.  You will not hurt President Trump by terrorizing restaurant diners.
Joe Biden looks weak on the radical issue even as Mr. Trump makes it a centerpiece of his campaign.
The truth is that the more threatening radical leftists become, the more likely it will be that President Trump and senate Republicans will prevail in November.
The backlash against radicalism is already on display.  Let’s take the National Basketball Association for example. Players in the league are actively participating in the protest movement right now.  And some of them are aligning themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Big economic mistake.
The BLM leadership is Marxist and destructive.  It condones violent protests and seeks to destroy police authority.  So, how much is that Laker jersey?
Millions of Americans disagree with BLM tactics and will not watch or support organizations that embrace violent chaos. Someone tell ESPN.
History is a fluid thing.  Weeks ago, it looked bleak for Mr. Trump.  Covid, unemployment, schools struggling to reopen, racial tension, I mean who could get re-elected with all that?
But things are changing fast.  And will change again and again before November 3. Both Trump and Biden are caught in a swirl of unpredictability.
Even as the debates loom.

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