The Trump Legacy

Liz Cheney got the headlines but the Wyoming Congresswoman’s vote to impeach President Trump was not the most damaging republican action recently.  No, the largely unpublicized resignation of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was. That’s because she is married to Senator Mitch McConnell who is now torturing Mr. Trump in a foolish display of power.  Ms. Chao’s exit sent an anti-Trump signal that was surely endorsed by her husband.

As Senate majority leader, McConnell is delaying the impeachment trial until after Joe Biden is sworn in.  But the Kentuckian is also saying it’s okay if GOP senators vote to ultimately convict the president on charges of inciting the violence at the Capitol building.  Why would McConnell do that?

He has to know that voting to convict Donald Trump in the Senate would damage the Republican Party immensely.  Millions of people who voted for Trump would leave the GOP.

This is not a Richard Nixon situation where the nation heard the President on tape conspiring to commit a crime.  The Trump case is subjective, an opinion that he directly incited a mob to violence.  However, he used the word “peacefully” in public remarks to the protestors so that is certainly exculpatory.  Yes, he did not tamp down the visceral anger of his supporters as he should have.  No, that is not a high crime or misdemeanor.  It was a severe error in judgment.

Mitch McConnell knows all this so it is a mystery as to why he wants to hurt his own party.  He, himself, is partially to blame for the Republican senate loss in Georgia because he blocked the $2,000 Covid relief checks.  So McConnell is now emerging as a villain to many Republicans.

Fair-minded Americans should understand that President Trump was largely successful on policy during his term.  His signature achievement is reviving the sluggish Obama-Biden economy – an action which benefited nearly all working people.

Mr. Trump also managed “Operation Warp Speed” to success as a Covid vaccine is a reality.  That is a colossal accomplishment.

In addition, President Trump contained North Korea and Iran.  Confronted the Chinese threat in a methodical way, and broadened U.S. power in the Middle East.

Also, Americans were rewarded with three traditional Supreme Court justices by Mr. Trump which protects against arbitrary changes to the Constitution.

Therefore, Mitch McConnell is playing an extremely dangerous game by diminishing President Trump in the eyes of Americans who still like him.  And the crazy part is that McConnell doesn’t have to do it.  Donald Trump will soon be a past president and the nation is not well served by an unnecessary impeachment trial that will stoke even more division and hatred.

Wise up fast, Mitch.  You’re misusing your power.  You’re hurting the country.


Imitating the bloody baptism scene in Godfather II, anti-Trump zealots are coming with guns blazing.  The horrendous display of sedition and treachery at the nation’s Capitol has provided some leftists with a license to figuratively kill and they are locked and loaded.

President Trump is the primary target and he is badly wounded with more pain to come. Mr. Trump is obviously loathed by many powerful people and is now stripped of defenders. Those who would even grant the President a fair hearing are putting themselves at risk.

Mr. Trump’s failure to tamp down the angry protestors supporting him in Washington has destroyed his legacy.  The Trump-haters are screaming that he “encouraged” the violence but I believe that’s false.  The President is an opportunist and smart enough to understand that a calculated violent attack on Congress in his name would destroy him.  Because of his bitterness over the election and the unprecedented press mistreatment he’s received, the President has lost all perspective and personal discipline.

Not an excuse, just accurate analysis.  I know the man.

Now we have even more hatred.  Let me ask a simple question: do you think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer care about “bringing the country together?”  Of course they don’t. They want to punish Donald Trump and every single one of his supporters by ginning up another impeachment fiasco that they know will light yet another fuse in this nation.  Joe Biden has not signed on because he understands the brutal consequences of totally emasculating his predecessor, a man who garnered 74 million votes.

I’m not even going to address the corrupt media which believes its reckless disregard of facts and perspective is a moral obligation. But social media?  Now, that’s a different story.  Pun intended.

I agree that violent threats and defamation must be policed by Silicon Valley.  But denying the President and others the right to express opinions is dangerous to the nation. Companies have a perfect right to “flag” what they deem as inaccurate.  But punishing political expression is obviously unconstitutional.  The corporate media uses anonymous, unverifiable sources every day and social media aggressively distributes that.  We are in a danger zone here that may require Congressional scrutiny.

It is beyond any doubt that the assault on Congress by Trump supporters has created a national emergency.  We are descending into the madness of irrationality.  In addition, the anti-Trumpers are now exacting vivid revenge and there doesn’t seem to be any cease fire in sight.

And so our divided nation turns to you, Joe Biden.  Defuse it.  As best you can.

Happy Birthday, Jesus

President Ulysses S. Grant was a Christmas kind of guy.  A practicing Methodist, he made December 25 a federal holiday in 1870.  Ever since then, the birthday of Jesus the Nazarene has been a official day of rest.

And just last week, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order making Christmas Eve a federal holiday as well.  Joy to the World!  Or at least to the USA.

You may remember some years back there were attacks on Christmas by secular-progressives that went like this: “we don’t believe in Jesus and don’t want to see him and his parents displayed on public property. And we may sue if that happens. In addition, we don’t even want to hear the words ‘Merry Christmas,’ so don’t be saying them in places of business. Like stores where people buy Christmas presents. We’ll have none of that!”

Incredibly, some bosses actually ordered employees not to say “Merry Christmas.”  It would be “Happy Holidays” or else.

Enter me, your humble correspondent, who found that bit of fascism very offensive. Also, a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  If I want to say Merry Christmas while handing out burgers at the drive-through window, I’ll damn well say it.

Sorry for the wording, Jesus.

Once I brought the controversy to the attention of the nation on television and named some of the cowardly businesses, that “Happy Holidays “ mandate evaporated pretty quick.  But not before some far left media people attacked me.  Of course, in the true spirit of Christmas, I attacked back. Wait a minute. That might be the reason my stocking contained a measure of coal, and may have contributed to climate change.

Anyway, over the years there has definitely been a sea change back to a traditional Christmas landscape.  Yes, there are still ideological hooligans who despise the baby Jesus, but most of them are now hiding in San Francisco.

So what about this Jesus guy?  Why do most of us have his birthday off?  Well, he was a fascinating fellow and you know that if you read my history book, “Killing Jesus.”

Born into a family that lived communally in the small town of Nazareth, Jesus was trained as a stone-cutter by his father. However, his parents knew early on that their boy’s intellectual aptitude was off the chart. His eloquence was on display in the local Temple as he was not shy about challenging the Jewish clergy.

Eventually, the Nazarene became a cult figure who could attract thousands of people to hear him speak.  This meant he was a threat to the establishment and, in short measure, Jesus was brutally executed by Roman authorities.

After his death, Jesus became the most famous human being in history.  Today, billions of people believe he is God.

In America, according to a Gallup survey, 93 percent of us celebrate Christmas even though 65 percent claim to be Christian. That’s down from 78 percent in 2007, as the secularists make inroads.

But that Christmas thing is hanging tough. Perhaps because it is honoring a man who taught that your neighbor is as important as yourself, and you are to love both equally.

Not a lot of downside in that if you are a holistic human being.

So have yourself a merry little Christmas. And you might think about how a laborer with absolutely no resources has dominated world culture for more than two thousand years.

No wonder the anti-believers are so upset.

Is America Still a Noble Nation?

There is a dark anger spreading across the land. President Trump and a majority of people who voted for him believe the election was marred by significant fraud and the system is allowing a dishonest vote to stand.   Many Americans are furious and are questioning the nobility of America.

On the other side, many committed leftists never thought the country was noble in the first place.  They have cleverly set up a philosophy that tells people of color and the poor that they are victims of “white oppression” and that President Trump is the racist-in-chief.  That grievance play, fronted by the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, peddles hatred – aided and abetted by the corporate media.

So now traditional-minded Americans face two dilemmas. There is little doubt cheating occurred during the election.  Yet, the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear the allegations because not enough hard evidence has been put forth.  In order to overturn a vote, the nation’s highest court would have to see massive evidence of fraud.  And there is not time to assemble that especially because some states and almost all the national media oppose investigating the election at all.

Therefore, a good portion of the 74 million people who voted for President Trump are fighting mad, some are even considering walking away from their country.

Then there is this question: if you stay, how do you deal with those who want to destroy the fabric of America and support using nefarious means to do so?

In radical left precincts there is utter hatred for conservative and traditional folks.  There is a loathing for many Constitutional rights. Also for religion.  A disrespect for private property and self-reliance.  The radicals want to diminish personal rights and empower a “woke” central government to impose “social justice,” which includes financially punishing the affluent and profitable corporations.

In short, a socialist government in Washington would make almost all the calls about what we can have and what we can do.

That scenario is already on display in California and New York where fanatical leftists are in control.  The result is disaster. Violent crime is rising quickly, quality of life is drastically declining, and punitive taxation to fend off bankruptcy is harming workers and the affluent alike.

The result: millions are leaving those places. Since 2010, close to two million residents have departed New York State with many others packing up.  Millions more would leave if they could.

In California, citizens in Los Angeles face this reality: officials will no longer enforce the law. For example, if a drunk driver hits you in LA, police will not arrive to document the crime. In addition, if you steal less than $900 of merchandise from a store, you will not be prosecuted.  I could site many more examples.

The radicals in New York and California would like to impose their anarchistic system on the rest of the country.  And so, conflict is coming.

I hope it will be peaceful.  You are committing treason if you use violence to impose or even defend a political belief.  The looters and destroyers in the wake of George Floyd’s death are traitors in addition to being common criminals.

Our system is under severe pressure right now.  I believe the good people will prevail, but the fight will be intense.  The patriotic play is to use all legal means to right wrongs and defeat the evil people who threaten our liberties.  If you walk away, the bad guys win.

Saving traditional America can be done.  But if it’s not done correctly, then we become as bad as the destroyers.  America remains a noble nation.  But the struggle to keep that way will be daunting.

The Trump Show Packs Up

Privately, President Trump knows he’ll be a regular citizen again shortly.  But he dislikes talking about it even with close family members.  Mr. Trump is still trying to resolve the fact that he received 74 million votes and lost!   He is angry and truly believes the vote in at least vital five states was illegally compromised.

When the President leaves the White House in January, a number of things are likely to happen.  Above all, the corrupt corporate media will continue to use him as cover. Every time Joe Biden makes a mistake or the country takes an economic hit, Trump will be blamed.  No matter what goes wrong over the next four years, President Joe will get a pass as he gleefully watches his predecessor continue to be demonized.

But a bit of vengeance will emerge that may comfort Donald Trump just a bit.   Because the press has abandoned it’s mandate of searching for the truth without ideology, many news consumers will abandon the news industry in response.

Ratings for all the television news programs will recede.  I mean what exactly will they cover?  Hating or loving Mr. Trump was the entire game for the past five years.  Now, it’s Joe Biden.  Talk about culture shock.

Maybe I’m missing it but there seems to be a lack of creativity on display.  The three network news operations pretty much cover the same thing, the same way.   Boring?  I believe so.

Cable news is simply dour.  When I was there we had a few laughs.  We did different things.  We had Miller and Goldberg and Watters running around annoying people.  On a slow news day, there was still energy. Today, watching many cable presentations is like algebra class.  Is it over yet?

Donald Trump used the media to get elected and may ultimately be responsible for destroying it.  How ironic.  It’s passive revenge.  Covid and Trump could depart the stage at about the same time.  Leaving what then?  What’s the media plan?

There is no plan.  Biden is dull.  Senator Mitch McConnell will be the most powerful person in the country.   Will Fox give him a show called “The Mitching Hour?”

No, they won’t.

And finally, there is only one thing that might stave off the disaster that TV news is facing. And that would be if one Donald Trump secures a commentary position, bringing a potential audience of 74 million with him.

Again, irony all over the place.  The man who destroyed the media – could be the only one who might be able to save it.