The Pope vs. President Trump

Pope Francis is a good man.  At least I think so.  He’s seriously interested in alleviating suffering and corruption around the world and uses his influence to do that.  His ultimate boss must be very pleased.

Jesus the Nazarene was a compassionate, practical guy who looked at the cold world with a realistic weariness.  “The poor will always be with us,” he told his followers. 

With precision, Jesus spoke of ambition and achievement in his parable of the three workers given investment capital by their employer.  The man who did nothing with that opportunity was scolded in the parable for squandering the gift he had received.

In his new book “Let Us Dream,” Pope Francis also speaks of practical matters, confronting the world of Covid and directly criticizing the actions of President Trump. 

Having written “Killing Jesus,” a history of the most famous human being who ever existed, I think the Pope may be making a significant mistake in his analysis, one that the teacher Jesus would not have made.

On page two of the book, the Pope writes: “Think of governments having to choose in the pandemic. What matters more: to take care of people or keep the financial system going?  Do we look after people, or sacrifice them for the sake of the stock market?  Do we put the machinery of wealth on hold, knowing people will suffer, yet that way we save lives?  In some cases governments have tried to protect the economy first, maybe because they didn’t understand the magnitude of the illness, or because they lacked the resources.  Those governments have mortgaged their people.”

That is quite the indictment by Francis.  So, playing devil’s advocate with His Holiness, let me challenge.

No country on earth has successfully eliminated Covid and a number of them badly damaged their own citizens by ordering intense lockdowns.  That’s a fact.

I guess a case could be made that Sweden’s refusal to take strong isolation action led to more death in that country.  That seems to be true.

As for the United States, President Trump did not want to panic the markets and create intense economic hardship.  Remember, about 13 million Americans have contracted Covid.  There are 330 million of us and we are all dependent on the market economy which slid into recession shortly after the virus hit.

Pope Francis is responsible for souls, an American president for bodies.  Folks have to have money to support themselves and, under Mr. Trump, the U.S. economy has remained resilient while other nations have faltered.

It is true that Donald Trump did not aggressively promote mask wearing and punishing lockdowns. He was also far too optimistic about defeating the pandemic in the beginning.  He might have handled those things with more touch and, surely, has paid a political price.

But the President did not “mortgage” his people.  He protected their hard earned assets and investments.  He also successfully fast-tracked a vaccine.

Capitalism comes through again.

Pope Francis is a disciple of “liberation theology,” a theory that demands social concern for the poor and political “liberation” for oppressed peoples.  I believe Jesus would have endorsed that concept as well.

But it is HOW you provide for the downtrodden that separates the saints from the sinners.  Allowing all citizens opportunities to improve their lives in this callous world should be the basis of “liberation theology.”  Protecting folks from harm is equally as important as long as you don’t “destroy the village” in the process.

In the age of Covid, the USA continues to lead the planet in social and economic opportunities.  With all due respect to the good man Pope Francis, President Trump contributed greatly in allowing opportunity to continue to knock through an extremely dangerous time.

At least that’s the take from this loyal American Irish-Catholic.

The Truth about the Vote

Because I am a simple man, I pose an elementary question: do you believe the corporate media wants to know if there was any corruption in the presidential election? Simple yes or no answer will do.

Time’s up!  The answer is NO!  With capital letters.

President Trump believes the vote was compromised in a number of places.  So do many of his supporters.  But, so far, solid legal evidence, the kind federal court rulings should be based upon, is scant.

From the beginning of the controversy, I have said the probe must start with analytics, the math.  So, what are the odds that a 600,000 vote Trump lead on election night in Pennsylvania, can turn into a significant loss after mail-in votes are counted?  Is that a ten percent chance?  50 percent?  What percentage of Pennsylvania mail-ins went for Biden?

That kind of data is exactly how serious election doubt is raised.  But analytics has not been introduced on a significant level in the vote controversy.

Why not?

Can’t answer that definitively, but educated speculation points to incompetence on the part of the Trump campaign.

If you take nutty left California out of the popular vote, Joe Biden won by about a million.  Far less than one percent of votes cast.  That means the country is equally divided with almost 74 million folks rejecting Biden.

So it’s easy to allege fraud against Trump as there is an enormous audience ready and willing to entertain that prospect.  Add to that the fact that the corrupt American press won’t even consider electoral corruption – after it hysterically hyped bogus Russian electoral interference for two years – and you have very bitter feelings about the election of 2020 that are damaging the nation.

Since the November 3 vote, I have compiled a massive amount of electoral information for my news agency on  My fact-based assessment is that some democrat election officials in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) cheated by breaking a variety of state mandated voting rules.

It is impossible for anyone to say whether the deceit was enough to win entire states for Mr. Biden. That’s where analytics could produce powerful circumstantial evidence. The federal judges might consider an evidence package based upon sworn affidavits and scientific “probability.”

But no such package has been produced and the Trump campaign is facing doom as state certifications loom in early December.

That’s exactly where we are.  And it is certainly not a good place for the United States of America.

It’s a Smug World After All

Get ready. Big changes coming next year in politics and media. All of us will be affected. Spread the word.

Unless Moses comes back and parts the Potomac River, Joe Biden will be President. Old Joe grabbed more that 78 million votes, a record.  Donald Trump garnered 73 million, the second biggest vote-getter ever with only Biden besting him.  Doing the math, more than 150 million Americans cast ballots.

But on the day after the election, with the contest in dispute and drama high, only two million Americans watched the CBS Evening News.  Just two and a half million watched ABC’s World News Tonight.  Three and a half million tuned into see Lester Holt anchoring NBC’s newscast.

Those are catastrophic numbers.

Cable News had more viewers but not many more.  Astoundingly, CNN beat Fox News.

So what’s happening right before our eyes?

Well, most Americans who consume what the corporate media puts out know that dishonesty and unfairness is the lead story. From the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump has been brutally attacked by the press which openly allied itself with the Democratic Party.

Every honest person has to admit that.  The Russian collusion fiasco and impeachment were historic embarrassments.

The smearing of Mr. Trump combined with the President’s lack of discipline in defending himself led to his defeat.  In his heart, the President knows I’m right.  Trump made too many unforced errors.  But the way he was treated by the combined national media agencies was corrupt and unprecedented. 

Americans who pay attention understand that no matter who they voted for.  They know the media fix was in.  And they will not forget.

Therefore, all of the corporate media will suffer and lose audience steadily over the next year.  Because the fix will STILL be in. Readers and watchers of the news will continue to be misled.  Every day.  Every way.

President Biden will be fabulous.  Everything he does will be magnificent and perspicacious.  Forget Abe, FDR, and JFK. Joe will dwarf them all.

The media has to do this.  It can never admit it backed a mediocrity.  Maybe Joe will prove me wrong and I intend to give him a chance, but I foresee a guy who is exchanging a basement in Delaware for a cloistered office in DC.  I don’t expect to see much of Joe B. Not too many press conferences or trips. Maybe a photo op here and there and some ice cream runs.

However, the new President will go to Sunday mass.  He has to thank God for the kind treatment the press has bestowed upon him.

Not too many in the press corp will attend church because it’s a secular crew. They largely believe in themselves and are celebrating the demise of Donald Trump, which they are convinced they engineered.

But demise is a condition that can spread like Covid.  These biased media people have become unbearable to many Americans; their smug condescension vividly on display over a painful four year period.  And so, while many journalists continue to betray their profession with unbridled arrogance, the folks will slip out the back, Jack.  They’ll make a new plan, Stan.

And, incredibly, the media chieftains do not even know the full extent of what’s coming – even as they draw up their job elimination lists.

Nope, these moguls don’t believe there is a major problem in their media domains. They remain, above all else, smug.

As a bug.  In a rug.

The Trump Vote

More than 70 million American citizens voted for President Trump, the most in history. Except for Joe Biden.  He got four million more.  At least that’s what the “official” popular vote tally is at this point.  But some of those Biden votes may be bogus. However, hard evidence is needed to define that.  

Back to President Trump.  It is incredible that he received so many votes. That is a true statement.  It’s incredible.  Even if he loses, he can go down to Palm Beach knowing he got more votes than Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Warren Harding.

But why did Mr. Trump get so much validation?

Two reasons: first he succeeded in putting money in the pockets of working people. The Trump economy allowed more reward in the marketplace.  Can Joe Biden duplicate that?  

Second, millions of Americans despise the Trump-haters who are on display every hour on the hour.  It’s amazing but some anti-Trumpers are so vile, they have made the bombastic Trump look sympathetic.  We all know the hit list: phony Russian allegations, irresponsible impeachment, defamatory media, looters and arsonists, socialist politicians.

Let me be very clear:  the “get Trump” and destroy traditional America movements motivated the pro-Trump vote.

Now there is wreckage.  The entire election is suspect because some liberal places presented a massive amount of Biden votes AFTER election day.  Many believe the fix was in. The old saying goes like this: “perception is reality.”  The election of 2020 is tainted forever.

Also, the corporate media is finished. Companies like Disney, which owns ABC, allow commentators to smear any American who even voted for Trump.  Would Disney have allowed irresponsible broadcasters to attack Obama voters?  No.

Regular folks of all political views now understand the media is corrupt, generally speaking.  Older Americans have a basis of comparison because they watched Cronkite and Mike Wallace.  CNN?  Sure.  AT&T must be very proud.

So tens of millions supported President Trump largely because they are angry about how he was treated.  Yes, you can make an argument that he brought some of it on himself, but that hypothesis falls apart when the “Russian collusion” fiasco is evaluated. And the Hunter Biden blackout. And the unending chaos that the Washington establishment along with their media allies tried to impose on the Trump administration.

So more than 70 million voters essentially said “blank you” to the establishment.  That may not console the President or his supporters but it is a fact.  And anti-establishment anger is growing.  With every newly discovered mail-in ballot.

The Decision

There is danger in the national air and it has nothing to do with President Trump.  But do the folks feel it?  Do solid voters who embrace the vast goodness in America understand their country is on the cliff?

I don’t know.

Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson.  A man of impulse and, at times, colossal callousness.  Yet, his political strategy is to create opportunities; mostly for himself but the economic trickle down effect has helped working people.  The rise in wages will stop almost immediately if Joe Biden wins the election and begins increasing taxes.

Having researched and written a book about the President called “The United States of Trump,” and having known him for three decades, I well understand why millions of Americans want to fire him.  What I cannot fathom is the unintended consequences of doing that.

It’s not as if Teddy Roosevelt is waiting to take over.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, weak man who is fronting a subversive movement that will crush traditional Americans.  The signposts are everywhere.  Liberal cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle have collapsed.  Quality of life in deep blue states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey has drastically declined.

Millions of citizens are fleeing dangerous and chaotic places run by radical left politicians.

Mr. Biden is not a radical but his running mate is.  Senator Kamala Harris is a vicious due process denier who slapped Biden, himself, in the face with a racist accusation. Yet, he put her on the ticket because of skin color and gender, not because of vision and achievement.  Joe Biden – looking out for you.

The radical left in this country makes the hard right look like the Muppets.  This week, Senator Bernie Sanders accused police officers in Philadelphia of “murder” after they shot a convicted violent criminal dead as the man was coming at them with a knife. Sanders uttered not a word of criticism toward the hundreds of looters and “protesters” that injured scores of Philly cops. 

Joe Biden will do the bidding of Sanders and the other far left zealots.  He will stand by as the United States falls into disarray economically, socially, and educationally.  He will allow totalitarianism to rise by imitating Pontius Pilate, washing his hands as the cancel culture, corrupt social media barons, and socialist politicians rob Americans of their rights and assets.

Obviously, millions of voters do not believe what I am stating.  How could they and still support a Biden-Harris ticket?  When Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were elected, I did not believe the country would suffer permanent damage.  But that’s not the case with Biden.  He’ll be a fiddler watching the flames engulf traditional America.

And that brings us back to Donald Trump.  If he wins re-election, he’ll continue doing what he does; the tweeting, the feuding, the quest for never-ending approval.  But he will not hurt you, your children, your grandchildren.

Biden, Harris, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer et al, will.  They want to impose a new America where centralized federal power dictates your behavior right down to what you can say and how much you’re allowed to have.  They will try to alter the Supreme Court in an attempt to make this happen.

Think very hard about your voting decision.   Danger is close.