While various corporate news people spotlight the intense division in America, which the corrupt media cheers on, few will report the real story facing this country: the amazing ability of President Biden to create disastrous situations.

The Covid mandates are the latest demonstration of Mr. Biden’s incompetence.  Instead of rallying the nation to combat the virus on a personal level, the President demonizes the unvaccinated and tries to punish them.

It’s not that the basic premise is wrong – it isn’t.  Unvaccinated adults are allowing the virus to spread quicker.  That’s the truth no matter what the far-right puts forth.  But by going full-tilt authoritarian, Biden gives ammunition to the vaccine resistors, makes them sympathetic in some quarters.  Thus, anti-vax opposition deepens and more Americans get sick.

We all know how Mr. Biden screwed up Afghanistan, and his destruction of America’s border security is a big-time scandal – even if the corrupt corporate media ignores it.

But the worst may be yet to come.

Here’s the brutal truth: Joe Biden is not able to mentally assess cause and effect. He was stunned when Afghanistan fell, not understanding his foolish strategy led to it.

He completely hides from the collapsing southern border even though his executive orders to stop the wall and cease immediate deportations to Mexico have caused millions of migrants to cross illegally into the USA.

Biden’s attack on the American oil industry has directly led to higher pump prices, his embrace of late-term abortion has angered millions of human beings who were allowed to be birthed.

The radical-left progressives who run Biden know full well the man cannot grasp the consequences of his actions.  And the US economy is up next.

The socialists understand that only making millions of Americans dependent on government handouts will incite a change from capitalism to federal control of the economy.  Socialism will only happen if Americans give up trying to earn their prosperity and allow Washington to “provide.”

That’s what the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill is all about – creating dependence on government giveaways. Free stuff is a powerful drug.

President Biden, in my opinion, is totally oblivious to the consequences of record government spending and the draconian tax hikes that will accompany it.  And when the economy crashes, which it will if this insane spending continues, Biden will do exactly what he did with Afghanistan: declare some kind of “excellent” outcome.

But this time Americans will feel the pain directly – just as the Afghans are today.

President Biden is completely lost.  And so are many of the folks who are enabling him.  But not all.  There are forces in this country actually rooting for the demise of traditional America.  And Joe Biden, knowingly or not, is helping them.

The Biden Circumstance

Unintended consequences often lead to crushing reality.  When we do something that doesn’t work out (job, marriage, investment) there is usually hell to pay, as the cliche goes.

That’s where President Biden finds himself on Afghanistan.  The botched US withdrawal will haunt him the rest of his days and will hurt America in a variety of ways.

It doesn’t matter what Jen Psaki, the minister of propaganda, or the corrupt corporate media puts forth.  The truth is that only a heroic action in the future by the President could mitigate this colossal screwup. Place your bets now if you think old Joe will deliver heroism.

Let’s start with the reinvigorated jihadist movement.  Now, the fanatical Muslim killers have a huge safe haven.  If they have cable in hell, Osama bin Laden is dancing with the devil.

As Americans endure the 20th anniversary of 9/11, terrorists all over the world have reason to mobilize.  A weak US president encourages that.

Then there is Great Britain, America’s most important ally.  The government there apparently thinks Biden is a ninny. Even leftist Brits are generally appalled the USA did not work with Downing Street in abandoning Afghanistan.

China and Russia have to be very pleased by Joe Biden’s failure.  Expect trouble from those countries shortly.

But it is in the United States where the consequences will be most immediately felt.  Joe Biden is now a weakened leader, all the job approval polling demonstrates that.  So, his domestic agenda will be more difficult to pass.  Many in Congress believe he is a detriment to the country so his “bully pulpit” is receding. Fast.

Independent-minded voters have eyes. They clearly see that Biden is not really in command and his policies have been terrible at the southern border and in Afghanistan.  Economic hardship will likely follow and that will absolutely alienate working-class Americans.

Joe Biden can hide but he cannot run from his circumstance.  Again, only a big win by the President can reverse his very visible failures.  He is now being compared to Jimmy Carter as the midterm elections loom.

It isn’t completely over for Mr. Biden, but he’s behind by many touchdowns in the first quarter.  And the world knows it.

Time for Straight Talk

This column will take no prisoners.  Nor will it evacuate anyone.  No, what I am writing needs to be said and I will say it.

President Biden is not able to effectively run the United States of America.  He is directly responsible for the death and destruction in Afghanistan as well as thousands of poor migrants being brutalized in Mexico at this very moment.

These are humanitarian disasters on a massive scale.

Mr. Biden is a diminished man living in a world of delusion.  And now the entire world knows it.

No one really understands who, exactly, is running the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.  It is certainly not Joe Biden. But the President hired his staff and the cabinet members and the woke Generals, who are embarrassing the military and putting them in grave danger.

The corrupt corporate media is also responsible for the incredible mess Biden has caused in seven months.  Its destructive hatred of President Trump has led us to this point.  The press did everything it could, including peddling rank falsehoods, to demean and destroy Mr. Trump.  The result: perhaps the most incompetent leader in American history today works in the Oval Office.

Even now, anti-Trump fanatics like Juan Williams and Matthew Dowd spew incomprehensible gibberish about what a great job old Joe is doing.

The Democratic Party is also responsible for the madness that’s on vivid display. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not answer questions about Afghanistan. Why should she?  The Congresswoman can’t even explain why her own San Francisco district is overrun with criminality and social chaos.  

In addition, every single American who voted for Joe Biden is indirectly responsible for America’s dramatic decline.  And it’s not just overseas or at the border.  Inflation is galloping, the individual work ethic is being destroyed – right along with important American traditions like due process and self-reliance.

Yes, most people who voted for Biden did so to get rid of Trump.  But casting a ballot on emotion almost always leads to disaster.  And that’s what we are now facing as a nation.

Like many Americans, I cringe when the President of the United States has to answer questions or read the teleprompter.  I’ve been around long enough to know when a person is not able to do a job.  There is no debate about this – Joe Biden cannot run the country and the damage he is doing is incalculable.

As for a comeback, come on, man (as Biden might say)!  Biology is a definite science.  Every person ages.  All of us are slaves to time.

Joe Biden’s time has passed.  He is not capable of complicated decision-making. He and his band of enablers are not going to improve.

That’s the truth.  I’m glad I told it.

Riding Out the Storm

Sorry, this column is a bit late but it’s Henri’s fault.  The hurricane whipped through my backyard in eastern Long Island but did little damage other than scaring Holly the Terror Dog.

While preparing for Henri, I did a metaphorical thing; calculating the odds that President Biden will ride out storm Afghanistan.

Trump and Bush, the younger, would have been decimated by the corrupt media had the Afghan chaos happened on their watches.  Most sane people know that. Mr. Biden is getting some jazz from his enablers but, trust me on this, they are looking for a hard news diversion.  One will arise soon.

But it really doesn’t matter.  The American people now know for certain that Joe Biden cannot do his job.  And the fact that he refuses to acknowledge any screwups whatsoever just highlights his confused state of mind.

For months, I have been telling you the President is a diminished man.  I did not cheap-shot him with dementia allegations or other personal stuff.  I simply know he is not able to run this country responsibly. This is not an ideological analysis even though the progressive left controls Biden.  It’s simple: Joe Biden cannot retain information or absorb details about complicated situations. That is the truth.

So what now?  Well, the Republicans should do very well in the midterm elections.  That vote in November 2022, is crucial if traditional America is to be saved.  It’s not that GOP politicians are brilliant or noble.  Many are a long way from that.  But all this socialism woke fascism, and racial equity will never be a part of the Republican platform.

I don’t expect President Biden to be replaced by Kamala Harris.  The democrat leadership understands she will never win over the majority of voters.  So, the blue people will ride out Biden, hoping for a miracle.

History does have a way of self-correcting and the United States has always come back strong from disasters.  We will this time too, I believe.  But not before more pain – express delivered by a federal government which has completely lost its way.

So, it’s up to “we the people” to save the country once again.  No other way out.

Quite a Cuomo-tion

CNN will not fire Chris Cuomo. Unless, of course, he refuses to get vaxxed. Then he’ll be outta there faster than the network’s falling ratings.

And Mr. Cuomo shouldn’t be sacked simply for being a good brother. Loyalty in America is now rare because it requires caring about another person enough to put yourself at risk. ‘What? What’s that? Loyalty?’ I can hear the millennial confusion from coast to coast.

Here’s how I see this: Chris Cuomo believes his governor brother is innocent of intentional misbehavior because that’s what Andrew Cuomo quite clearly says. And in close-knit families, you support your siblings.

Before the workplace allegations, Chris had put Andy on his CNN program a number of times and they yukked it up – despite thousands of senior citizens dying in New York nursing homes because of Governor Cuomo’s reckless Covid order. Chris might have been lifting weights when that happened because he didn’t really address it. And he should have known better than to play Bud Abbott to Andy’s Lou Costello.

So where was CNN’s management while the Andy and Chris show was flowering? Well, they were where they always are – practicing being “woke.” Old people? Not a money demographic. Unless they’re trans old people.

The CNN poohbahs encouraged the Brother Act so how can they now fire a guy they, themselves, allowed to run wild? And what would be the reason for termination? Violating journalistic standards? Come on. Chris Cuomo’s program has nothing to do with journalism – it is designed and executed to give leftwing folks solace. Cuomo isn’t a bad guy, he’s a pliant guy. He does what CNN wants him to do.

In fact, that network is doing so poorly, it might consider a new primetime show called “The Cuomo Promo.” Chris and Andrew would co-anchor discussing a variety of topics such as narcissism and capitalizing on your famous name. The bros seem to have some chemistry and maybe people would watch. Maybe not.

In the end, Chris Cuomo will keep his job because his boss, Jeff Zucker, likes him. That’s loyalty too, in a somewhat twisted way. And all this talk about “standards” is the biggest baloney sandwich in the world.

Summing up: the Cuomo brothers once had it all – just like Bogie and Bacall. But now the ghost of bad karma has paid them a visit and the confrontation was harsh.

No need to pile on.