Brave New Transnational Progressive World

The attacks of 9/11 awoke some Americans — by no means all — to the threat posed by totalitarian interpretations of Islam. John Fonte, a scholar at the Hudson Institute, has long been concerned about another ideology that is perhaps no less dangerous to free peoples.

It goes by names that sound either vaguely utopian, such as “global governance,” or too wonky to worry about, such as “transnational progressivism.” But in a new book, Sovereignty or Submission, Fonte makes clear how this ideology, which is widely embraced in Europe and, increasingly, among elites in the U.S. as well, is stealthily undermining liberal democracy, self-government, constitutionalism, individual freedom, and even traditional internationalism — the relations among sovereign nation-states. To put it bluntly, while the jihadists call for “Death to the West!” the transnational progressives are quietly promoting civilizational suicide.

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