Break a Leg, Hillary!

Did you watch Hillary Clinton testify Thursday at the Benghazi hearing? I did, and now I fear that when the fabled emergency  phone call reaches the White House at 3 a.m., Huma won’t be able to wake her with a pitchfork.

She sat there at the hearing-room table, sipping some unidentified beverage for hours, yet never broke for one of her patented potty visits. Winston Churchill  used to insist that when you sit down for an important meeting, you remain seated, natural functions notwithstanding. Hillary seems to have learned that much about statesmanship.

Predictably, the Hillary groupies on CNN and elsewhere affirmed that her performance was “presidential.”

Which president do they mean? Can you name me a president who zonks out during a meeting that drags into the evening? Can you name me a president who starts sounding like someone in a hypnotic trance when dinner time arrives? Can you name me a president who gags on a beverage and refuses to take a break, so that she can evoke pity from the other female  victims watching at home? And what was that pill she slipped down her gullet just then? “Look at the  poor dear, Maude, those beasts have made her positively ill.”

Hey, Donald Trump, even if ole Jeb drops out of the race for the presidential nomination, there is still a candidate, on the other side of the aisle, whom you can label “low energy.”

I will somewhat gingerly align myself with the smarmy Democratic apologists on the Benghazi committee, who made the case that the hearing was largely a waste of time.  I doubt that many viewers changed their minds about Hillary. The hearing did make it clear, or at any rate clearer, that she may have just been following orders from President Obama when she blamed a video for the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound. Up till now, Hillary’s adversaries have cited this as a case of blatant falsehood. It still seems that way, but now it has been framed more as a case of Hillary just following orders, like Eichmann or Himmler, so that Obama could keep making the case, during his re-election campaign, that he had neutralized terrorism.

As one Fox News commentator pointed out, however, Hillary expressed no remorse for her lies, and her misleading comments to the families of the four men who died in the Benghazi attack. There was no vow that if it were to happen again, she would behave less mendaciously.

Instead, we watched her sit there making her best effort at a world-class dramatic performance. As she sat suffering gallantly while the Happy  Hour slipped by, she reminded me of Judith Anderson playing Lady Macbeth in the moments of greatest agony.

Nice try, Kiddo, but in finally walking out of the hearing room, you remained the same obvious phony who walked in eleven hours earlier. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.