The No BS Zone: Political Violence Targeting Kavanaugh and Pro-Life Institutions

Welcome to episode 7 of The No BS Zone with Bernard Goldberg and John Daly. Today, the two discuss political violence stemming from the leaked Alito draft, and the mainstream media’s tepid coverage of it.

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Editor’s note: This episode was recorded just prior to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, and was originally scheduled to go out next week. But in light of today’s news, and the discussed Alito draft being replaced with the actual ruling, we’ve decided to release it today. There will be no new episode next week. Thank you.

Show Notes:

–For clarification, when Bernie said during this episode, “I understand why you voted for Hillary” and “I understand why you voted for Biden”, he meant to say “DIDN’T vote” in both cases.

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Bernie’s Q&A: Trump, McCarthy, Cosby, and more! (6/24) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I listened to your commentary. I would like to know if you believe that these hearings would have had more credibility if they were truly bipartisan and Kevin McCarthy allowed to choose which Republicans would be on the committee. Why was no security provided to the capitol and if security was provided would not the electoral vote counting have continued with the distinct possibility that certification in enough key states would not have occurred. What about the reprehensible and unconstitutional way hundreds of Trump supporters have been treated? What about the fact that 1/6 has become a pretext for the accelerated weaponization of the federal government to target US citizens on the political right? — Fred N.

In my last column, I noted that it would be better if there were cross-examination at the hearings. Perhaps you missed that. I noted that the hearings, coming in an election year, had political overtones; that Democrats were trying to divert attention from nearly 9 percent inflation and over $5 a gallon gasoline. Perhaps you missed that too. Besides,  John Daly recently wrote a piece that includes detail on how Kevin McCarthy was given the opportunity for a truly bipartisan committee, and he rejected it. Donald Trump himself even recently criticized McCarthy for passing on the opportunity.

What troubles me about your comment is that you say absolutely nothing about Donald Trump’s reprehensible behavior on and before Jan. 6. You say nothing about how he incited the riot that day. Is there anything that man can do that would cross a bright line for you?

Is Jane’s Revenge the next Antifa, and can we expect another George Floyd-like summer of violence from these leftist thugs? — Steve R.

The Trump knuckleheads who stormed the Capitol have been called insurrectionists. Sounds like the thugs who are part of Jane’s Revenge, if they incite violence against the Supreme Court, will be insurrectionists too. Trump’s crew attacked one branch of government, Jane’s Revenge has another branch in its crosshairs.

Bernie, I am going to make two predictions, one Trump will run for President in 2024, and two, if Ron DeSantis runs he will beat Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Here is why, Trump will never let go of 2020 and if we keep heading off the cliff Biden is taking us, no one, not even diehard Trumpsters will want to hear about 2020 and unprovable accusations of election fraud. Ron will be able to speak to the issues that impact the voters, Don will only speak about the issue that impacts him. What do you think? — Joe M.

I hope you’re right, that Trump is defeated in the GOP primaries if he runs. I could support DeSantis — and a few other Republicans. I could never support Donald Trump.

If Trump did decide to quit with whiney talk and came out with a more straightforward “I lost, but let’s move on” message, anyway you can see him getting back on the good side of middle of the road liberals, such as yourself? I’m pretty sure how you’re going to answer, but I put it out there anyway. — Rodney A.

First, Rodney, I’m not sure why you think I’m a liberal, middle of the road or otherwise. Maybe you think anyone who isn’t a hard-core right-winger is a liberal. I don’t know. To your question: Trump will never say, “I lost, but let’s move on” —  NEVER!  So I can’t make believe he could. I’m still amazed by how many people don’t understand the man — and his illness.  He’s a clinical narcissist and a sociopath.

Bernie thanks for writing [Monday’s] article. I think that I realize Trump lost the election. But I also know that Molly Hemingway wrote a great book called “ Rigged” and I found it compelling. The movie 2000 Mules was well done also. So yes Trump lost. But there are 75 million Americans waiting to vote for Trump again with all his warts. Even Bill Barr says he will vote for the Republican nominee vs anyone the democrats could come up with. So continue to find fault with those of us who can decide for ourselves who is going to do what is best for me and my family. All I can hope is that in 2024 Molly Hemingway will be able to write about an election that was not rigged. — Denis M.

I understand why some people voted for Donald Trump and I said as much in my column. Funny how people read and absorb only what they want. Do what you want, Denis. Vote for him if you want. You may think he’s better than the alternative. I get it. But while I won’t vote for a Democrat, neither will I vote for Donald Trump, a truly despicable human being.

Hemingway’s book is largely about Mark Zuckerberg’s funding for get-out-the-vote efforts (which were perfectly legal, though she basically portrays them as corrupt and evil), and Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” (which suggests massive voter fraud) has been widely dismantled.

Your good friend Bill O’Reilly would disagree with you on some of your points such as Trump inciting riot. He clearly stated that the group should be “peaceful.” O’Reilly continually points to that fact. You should as well. I don’t want to do the dance with you again Bernie, I just want to point to the fact that a smart guy like O’Reilly sees things a little differently. Is he one of the blind acolytes as well? I live in Portland, Oregon and I experienced supposed “peaceful” protests firsthand. The hypocrisy from the Left is stupefying as usual. — Thomas C.

Bill disagrees with me on some points — and I disagree with him on some points. I once told my friend Bill that a journalist can’t cover a friend. It’s too difficult. I was right then and I’m still right today.

Bernie, I understand your issue with Donald Trump, but can you name one person who you think would do a better job at fixing America’s economic, foreign relation, and immigration problems? — Michael B.

Yes.  I can name a bunch of people — and none of them have Trump’s dishonesty to drag around with them. I’d rather see Liz Cheney in the Oval Office than Donald Trump … or Mitt Romney … or Chris Christie … or Ron DeSantis … or Nikki Haley. Or a few others. It wasn’t Trump’s policies I objected to, it was Trump himself.

Dear Bernie, with mass shootings and Covid seemingly on the rise, should I wear a mask or bullet proof vest to the beach this summer? I want to have a fun time but also a safe one. –2 Pfizers + 2 Moderna Chasers 

Just make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen.

How can you two gentlemen take seriously a kangaroo court run by a committee that disallowed two Republicans nominated by the House minority leader, and which presents only one side of the events of January 6? –dmckinleyp 

Have you listened to the testimony? Do you understand that it’s Republicans who are burying Donald Trump. That it’s conservatives who supported him who have the courage to say he tried to overturn the election, that he tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power?

Where and who are the rich, greedy, racist conservatives that are regularly presented to us as an existential threat to democracy? The left has Soros who puts Boudin, Gascon and many others into power positions, a non-event for news. All social media billionaires block anything non-liberal and promote only websites and news by liberals, we’re told this is acceptable. There’s the print media controlled and owned by leftists like Bezos (even some liberals are now questioning). Is this why the media focuses so much on Trump? There’s nobody else because they’ve all been limited in speech and cancelled and their twitter accounts frozen? — DonEstif

Yes, the media deck is stack in the left’s favor, you’re right about that. And they focus on Trump because they know their audience hates the man. But, come on, Don, Trump is newsworthy. He tried to overthrow the election. That’s big news. Do liberals play down stories that make their team look bad. Yes to that too. Is it wrong? Yes it is. But that doesn’t make Donald Trump anything even vaguely resembling a good guy, or a decent human being for that matter.

Bernie, I have two simple questions. One do you think some of Trump’s supporters are watching the hearings? Two do you think the overwhelming facts and inside information will change any Trump supporters’ minds? This level of insight behind the scenes is powerful. Trump really did try to steal the election. — Douglas S.

I’m sure there’s not a 100 percent boycott of the hearings by Trump supporters, but many, I assume, would rather watch something else. As for the hard-core, dedicated supporters … no, I don’t think facts will change their minds. Such is their devotion to a man who, as you say, really did try to steal the election.

I thought Tuesday’s January 6 hearing was possibly the most riveting yet, with pro-Trump Republican election officials describing just how much pressure Trump, his lawyers, and Republican congressmen were placing on them to break the law to reverse the election. Maybe equally riveting were their, and that mother/daughter election-worker team’s, telling of how many vile threats have been made against them and their families for just doing their jobs in 2020. However I saw people complaining online that Adam Schiff being their questioner hurt their testimony, being that he’s such a hack. I don’t like Schiff either, but his questions seemed fair to me. What do you think? — Ben G.

I’m no fan of Adam Schiff, either. And maybe the fact that he was asking the questions detracted, for some, from the testimony. But … I’m with you, Ben, in that his questions were fair and the answers to those questions were devastating to Trump.

I don’t know, Bernie. I’m a Republican, voted for Trump, but would like, as I’m sure many others would, to move on from Trump. We know how you feel about him. Why keep talking and writing about him? I know you have subscribers who love the guy but you’re never going to convince them that he’s all about himself and wasn’t cheated in the 2020 election. To me, the best way to be rid of Trump is for those who don’t blindly follow him to just ignore him and those that support his falsehoods. He revels in recognition and controversy. You’re a good journalist and commentator. Don’t waste your time with The Donald. — Bob K.

I know what you mean, Bob. But the House hearings are big news. I could look the other way, but I feel a need to write about them. And since Trump is the center of attraction, I have to write about him too. I’ve got another column on the subject coming up on Monday. Be assured, I wish he’d just go away and leave us all alone.

Bill Cosby was successfully sued recently over an alleged incident that occurred at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 involving a couple of underage girls. So, supposedly in the elite liberal Hollywood circles of yesteryear, Cosby had a reputation for such deviant behavior that was well known by the liberal elites of the industry, yet they all looked the other way for many years. Even back then, I would think that a black man molesting white women would not have gone over very well in public, so no matter how rich and famous he was, I think he still could have gotten in big trouble back then. So what changed? Did his words demanding that African Americans hold themselves accountable for their situations and quit blaming white people for their own failures at the infamous NAACP Awards embarrass Julian Bond so badly that The Illuminati decided that “America’s Dad” must be taken down? Your thoughts? — “Step Off The Liberal Plantation & Get Buried With Old Dirt” regards from The Emperor

I think what changed, Your Worship, was that things that used to be tolerated no longer are. I think that’s a bigger factor than Cosby’s NAACP speech, which, by the way, was a much needed gem. And I’m not sure “molesting” is anywhere near the right word. What were a couple of underage girls doing at the Playboy Mansion in the first place? You might know the answer because my sources tell me some guy calling himself “The Emperor” was a regular at the place.

Mr. G., I totally get your Off The Cuff take this week, FDT I say; but at the same time why do other people keep voting for more crime, loss of savings, higher cost of living, increased illegal immigration, nutty woke social policies, increased homelessness and unsafe mass transit, a weaker America, and generally being worse off than you were before?

Ah never mind, I know there’s no good answer here. Just venting I guess. So what are you going to do with your 18cents per gallon of gas savings this summer? For me that’s about $43. We have that to look forward to I guess. 🙄 –ScottyG

Venting is OK, my friend. They’re voting for all that garbage because they’re Democrats who apparently would rather put up with all of it rather than leave their comfort zone and vote Republican. I know, crazy! As for the gas tax savings: I plan to buy a house in the south of France with my 18 cents per gallon gift. You’re welcome to visit. One more thing: I had to look up FDT. Play nice, Scotty.

Bernie, Over the last few months we’ve learned that Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has lied about being a high school valedictorian, lied about owning multiple companies (that never existed), lied about graduating from college (and doing so in the top 1%), lied about being a police officer, lied about being an FBI agent, and even lied about how many children he’s fathered. At this point, I’m second-guessing whether he even played football!

That said, don’t you agree that these revelations make him an early favorite to become president in 2024? — John D.

So he told a few lies. Big deal. It’s not that important. You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. And if you don’t believe me just ask the guy who’s endorsing him, Donald J. Trump.


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Bernie’s Q&A: Kavanaugh, Boudin, Cheney, and more! (6/17) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

In Hockey you misbehave they send you to the penalty box. I suggest the Senate and House have a penalty box so when they personally attack a SCOTUS member, they are forced to sit in that penalty box with no voting rights throughout the sessions for two months. Only potty breaks. Yes, I’m being ridiculous, but SCOTUS should be the one area of government free from personal attacks and threats from politicians. — Tim H.

The reason it works in hockey is because hockey players have higher standards and more moral clarity than politicians. They take their punishment without a big song and dance. But … the inevitable whining that would come when a politician is sent to the penalty box would be unbearable.

Mr. G., Ringing up your old gig here; what’s your position on the Saudi LIV Golf sportswashing efforts in buying away PGA Tour players for outrageous sums of money potentially changing the professional golf landscape and its long standing reputation as our most integral sport? FORE!  — Scotty G.

Not a big deal to me. As long as the NBA does business with China I can’t get worked up over golf folks getting in bed with Saudis who also have a horrible human rights record.

If a conservative justice were assassinated (a la the attempt on Kavanaugh’s life), would Biden move quickly to nominate a very liberal justice in his/her place? Would Dems justify this as payback for the Gorsuch nomination that was denied a hearing by McConnell? If the answer to both is “yes”, is this the epitome of Machiavellian opportunism? — Steve R.

Yes. Yes. And … Yes. Or to put it another way: Payback is a bitch!

I just saw your interview with Bill O’Reilly. Excellent debate and glad you stuck to your points. You ought to find out if you can get that segment and post it for your members. — Tony P.

We did a No BS Zone on the same subject — the House hearings — which you may have seen. Was posted on Tuesday of this week. Thanks for the kind words, Tony.

Bernie, I’ve never understood the woke DA. I know many liberals think the justice system unfairly targets minorities but what about all of the minority victims? It’s undisputed that the overwhelming majority of the victims of the crimes these DAs ignore are minorities. How can these DAs say they are standing up for these communities when their policies support and help those who commit crimes in these communities? — Joe M.

May I respectfully suggest, Joe, where you’re going wrong? You’re being rational. The woke DAs are not. They’re hell-bent on ideology. They’re somehow capable of doing just what you say: Playing down the plight of minority victims so they can feel good about themselves by showing how concerned they are for minority criminals. Makes no sense, right?

You have a right to your opinion and analysis. I don’t agree with it yet I still want to hear it out of respect. What I don’t understand or respect is a deep seeded hate for Donald Trump that seems to permeate your very being. When Liz Cheney is seen the the upstanding example of political virtue, count me out. — Thomas C.

How many times do we have to go through this same song and dance, Thomas. I don’t hate Donald trump … I hate what he’s done — the his party, to the Constitution, to his country. He lost the election even if you don’t think so. His own attorney general Bill Barr told him there was no evidence of widespread fraud. Other top aides and advisers told him the same thing. He’s either a liar or he’s delusional, no longer attached to reality. He’s responsible for the House going to the Democrats, for the Senate going Democrat and for Biden winning the election. If you want me to count you out because I believe Liz Cheney really is an example of political virtue, then OK, I’ll count you out. I’m tired of going ’round and ’round with you on this. If you want to love Donald Trump, OK. But be assured of this: He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t give a flying F about you. He cares only about himself. He’s a sociopath and people like that don’t care about anybody but themselves. Look it up.

Given your long-term career of observing us and our politics, I’m wondering if today reminds you of any other time you’ve seen/lived in the past?

As for [this week’s No BS Zone topic], I pretty much agree with your comments and believe President Trump was guilty of inciting a riot, but not more than that. It’s disappointing to me Democrats keep reaching for the moon against him. Still, that’s enough and he should have been impeached, even with only a few days left in his term. — John R.

Good question, John. And actually, I can’t think of anything like this — not even Nixon and Watergate. And the reason I can’t think of anything similar is because we’ve never had a president like Donald Trump. We were so tired of politics as usual that we elected a sociopath. And if you look up the definition of that word, you’ll find that Trump fits the description to a T.

Hi Bernie. I just renewed my membership proving that even though I do not agree with you 100% of the time, hearing both sides of the issues is important to me. Anyone voting for Joe Biden should not be surprised by his incompetence. How could a man never actually punching a time clock feel the pain of deplorable in flyover country paying over $5 a gallon for gas? Anyway, as a health care professional who is glad to be 70, how this “experiment” of AMERICA turns out will be in my twilight years. Not sure I want to see the ending. Thanks Bernie. — Mary Lou A.

Thank YOU, Mary Lou. One of the many reasons I’m not a fan of Donald Trump is because he’s the reason Joe Biden is president. Do we really think Americans thought he was impressive, or smart, or a man with great ideas? I don’t. They voted for him mainly because … he was not Donald Trump. But I’m with you regarding his incompetence. Good news is that he won’t run for reelection no matter what he says. Thanks again for being a member. I appreciate it.

The Tampa Bay Rays recently had a Pride Night. For that night the players wore a Pride Night logo on their uniforms. This was optional to wear for the players. Some of the players refused to wear the logo. One player cited religious reasons. The Cardinals manager blasted those players in the harshest terms. Sarah Spain on ESPN’s Around the Horn called the players bigots. I didn’t see the segment, but I am sure the other panelists agreed with Spain. I don’t agree with their assessment. This was an optional thing and should not have been forced on them. If they refused to play that day, that would have been another story. I don’t think the players were saying that gay people were not welcome at the stadium by not wearing the logo as the manager and Spain implied. But maybe I am off base here. — Eric 

You’re NOT off base, Eric. I’m for gay rights and I also agree with everything you said.

Bernie, Congratulations!!! This [week’s No BS Zone] is one of your very, VERY, best productions. Your thoughts are very insightful, and TRUE. Jan/6 was far worse than a crime… was a blunder. Trump will survive; but will he prevail? And note….it’s been reported that the committee will make no criminal referrals. I think –and it’s only my opinion– that a true legal process will require a true cross examination and there are those (Pelosi?) who care NOT to have their behavior in the lead up to all this examined.  Again, good job!!!!

PS…..I caught you on Bill O’Reilly’s podcast recently… had him on his heels…..and he knew it. You still have some decent bat speed left. Be well. — A. Maile

First, many thanks. But … “still have some decent bat speed left”? Still? Some? How you hurt me, my friend. On a serious note, I like Bill. I think he’s smart. But he’s too close to Trump — and it shows when he’s talking about Donald himself or the hearings. I once told Bill, “You can’t cover your friends.” It didn’t sink in then and it still doesn’t.

Did you hear the BIG NEWS about how a would-be white supremacist racist MAGA right wing gun nut assassin tried to bump off Justice Kagan because of her positions on both gun control AND Roe v. Wade!? NEITHER DID I because it didn’t happen! Actually it was a LEFT wing pro-choice anti-2nd Amendment liberal Democrat from CA who brought GUNS (which he apparently strongly opposes) and other devices across state lines to Justice Kavanaugh’s home to allegedly wipe out him and his family. Ironically however, like in my facetious example above, MANY Americans didn’t hear about THAT ACTUAL assassination attempt! (allow me to add that the would-be assassin got the Kavanaugh address from a left wing website that doxxed the Kavanaughs to send people there to “protest”—-but I digress). Looks like the lamestream media buried this news; Well JEEPERS Sir Bernie, now why do ya suppose THAT is!? All that said, I’d like to hear your thoughts on not only the liberal media’s apathy on this story , but also the response from so many Democrat politicians who say that protesters gather at THEIR homes regularly as well. –“If We Can’t Bury Kavanaugh, Then BURY THE STORY In A Small Blurb On Page 24!” regards from The Emperor

Hello Your Royal-ness. Yes, the mainstream media downplayed (big time) the story about Kavanaugh and the guy who wanted to kill him. This is a textbook example of what I’ve been talking about for who knows how long. Except now they don’t even try to hide their biases. They’re not embarrassed by their biases. They … just … don’t … care! That’s why we need an affirmative action program for the smallest minority in American newsrooms: Conservative journalists. No, I don’t want them to be biased in their direction, but their very presence in the newsroom would add the kind of diversity that would force liberal journalists to see the other side. Of course, that might not change the way they do business. But it would be a step in the right direction.

On Monday at the Jan. 6 committee hearing, we learned that Donald Trump and his allies brought in a whopping $250 million from donors for a “stolen election” legal defense fund. The problem: no such fund existed, nor was the money used for anything relating to legal expenditures challenging the election results.

We also learned a day or two later that Trump’s future daughter-in-law (and former Fox News host), Kimberly Guilfoyle, was paid $60,000 for a two and a half minute speech at the “stop the steal” rally  on January 6. Not a two and a half hour speech, but a two and half MINUTE speech. That equates to $400 per second.

These revelations are being pointed to as astonishing examples of Trump and his family benefiting financially from Trump’s wild claims about the election. However, isn’t it possible that those critics are just haters, that Guilfoyle’s speech was really really really really really really good, and that those two and half minutes almost saved American democracy? — John D.

Is it possible that Guilfoyle’s speech “was really really really really really good” … and her speech “almost saved democracy’?


Here’s what truly baffles me: Why doesn’t this bother Trump’s most dedicated fans? Why do they put up with his disrespect? He lies to them. He takes money under false pretenses from them. And they still adore him. They deserve everything they get. They’re free to adore Trump, and to vote for him, and even to believe his BS. It’s a real shame that they have no idea that he plays them for fools.


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Crime and No Punishment: A Voter Revolt in San Francisco

Well, apparently there are limits to what even woke progressives will tolerate, even in a woke, progressive city like San Francisco. Just ask Chesa Boudin, the city’s progressive district attorney whom voters just threw out of office in a special recall election.

San Francisco voters had had enough — enough of crime, enough of flagrant drug use by junkies in broad daylight on the city’s streets, enough of the squalor that turned one of America’s most beautiful cities into a dump, where hordes of homeless people use sidewalks as outdoor bathrooms. 

They had had enough of a district attorney who didn’t think so-called “quality of life” crimes were serious enough to warrant prosecution — and who seemed to care more about criminals than victims.

At least you have to give Boudin credit for honesty. When he ran in 2019, he didn’t hide his intentions. He flat out said that “We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted.”

In middle America, a politician who said something like that couldn’t get elected dog catcher. But in San Francisco, where you’d have a better chance of running into a Martian than a Republican, voters weren’t put off by his progressive philosophy. At least not until the woke new world he promised them turned into a reality that invaded their daily lives.

They witnessed “smash and grab” looters hitting high end stores. They saw videos of thieves cavalierly stealing everything they could get their hands on from the shelves of neighborhood stores; one thief rode into a drug store on his bicycle, filled a trash bag with merchandise and cavalierly rode out the front door. So today in San Francisco, even small items in some drug stores, are locked behind plexiglass.

San Francisco voters sent a message to Boudin: They didn’t want to live that way anymore. If that was their future, they didn’t want any part of it.

I was based in San Francisco a while back when I was a correspondent for CBS News. It was a quirky city, which is why we good-naturedly called it, “Halloween-by-the-sea.”  

But it wasn’t a lawless city. It wasn’t the “shoplifting capital of America,” as it arguably is now. You could walk the streets back then, day or night, and not worry that some deranged homeless person might attack you over who knows what.  You could park your car on the street and when you came back the windows were still intact and the stuff you left inside the car were still there.

Last year I wrote that, “San Francisco has long had a bohemian, ‘anything goes’ mentality – but until recently no one thought that meant thieves could walk into a store, take what they want, and casually walk out.”

And while people who live in that city were becoming more and more agitated, Chesa Boudin, true to his word, averted his eyes. He thought the legal system was racist and that there were too many people in prison. So instead of prosecuting “quality of life” crimes, he chose to help “the city’s more disenfranchised populations,” as one local news report put it.  

Now, he’s the one who’s disenfranchised.   

There’s a lesson in this recall election that goes way beyond San Francisco, and even beyond Los Angeles, where George Gascon, another soft-on-crime, progressive district attorney — and Boudin’s predecessor in San Francisco —  is in the voters’ crosshairs. They’re busy collecting signatures on a petition to have him recalled too.  The first time they tried to recall him, they failed. But after Boudin’s ouster, I’m guessing Gascon isn’t sleeping easy anymore. 

I get the impression that voters have had enough not only of progressive DAs like Chesa Boudin, but of soft-on-crime Democrats in general. Besides inflation, crime will be on their minds when they go to the polls in November. 

San Francisco is a case study of what can happen to a great city when crimes go unpunished because they’re considered too inconsequential to worry about.  

But, as I wrote last year, “Societies can’t thrive, they can’t go on indefinitely when people can urinate (and more) on the sidewalk or block streets or pretend that ransacking store shelves and walking out without paying is no big deal — because it’s a very big deal. And once the little things become commonplace, once they become tolerated, it’s not long before bigger, bad things start to happen routinely as well.

“It takes time for societies to fall apart, to crumble. Laws matter. Order matters. Believing that you live in a safe place where miscreants don’t run free … that matters too.”

When a public servant chooses not to prosecute a whole array of crimes we shouldn’t be shocked when we get more crime. Criminals may be immoral, but they’re not stupid. They make calculations about risks and rewards. And in San Francisco they concluded that crime pays.  

Chesa Boudin isn’t entirely responsible for the city’s rot. But he is responsible for a lot of it. 

And I’m pretty sure that it’s no longer only law-and-order conservatives who have had enough of crime and no punishment. Americans, I think, have reached a tipping point. Like the voters in San Francisco, they’ve also had enough.  

Chesa Boudin is paying a price for his “enlightened” progressive approach to criminal justice. And I suspect a lot of other Democrats will soon pay a price too.  

Bernie’s Q&A: Fox and the Jan. 6 Hearings, Guns, Boebert, and more! (6/10) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

With most of what the left puts out there, I support their basic propositions, but they take things way too far. A perfect example is gay rights during Pride Month. I am absolutely for the basic rights, dignity, and love of ALL people, a basic American bedrock principal. But then the left wants to indoctrinate and mutilate young children into this trendy transgender/non-binary nonsense. If you speak up with common sense objections and caution, the leftist mob wants to cancel and censor all speeches, books and publications that challenge their precious orthodoxy. Even their acronym is a microcosm of taking things too far. Just a few years ago it was LGB, now it’s LGBTQIA+ (I might have missed a couple of letters that were recently added). I will stand with anyone for basic human rights and freedoms. I am quite against child abuse and First Amendment abuse. Where do you stand on issues of Pride Month? — Steve R.

I’m big on civil rights, so that naturally includes gay and transgender rights. But I don’t think the left IN GENERAL is guilty of what you’re worried about. It’s a leftist fringe that wants to cancel ideas they don’t agree with. It’s the fringe that thinks men can get pregnant. They take themselves seriously but — for now anyway — we shouldn’t.

In your early writings I believe you stated that the MSM in most cases doesn’t purposely slant news, it’s relative to their political viewpoint. Forgive me if I may not be quoting you accurately. But in today’s news, do you believe that they have moved on from ignorance to outright political activism? And have journalism schools changed in your viewpoint from when you attended? — Tim H.

You have it right, Tim. In my early writings I said there was no conspiracy to get Republicans and conservatives; no conspiracy to slant the news. Bias was the product of groupthink. Put too many liberals in a newsroom and you’ll wind up with liberal bias– even if they don’t realize it, thinking their views are simply … reasonable. That was then. Now, thanks mainly (but not entirely) to cable news, too much journalism has moved to outright activism. They’re simply giving the audience what it wants — and that is biased news coverage … as long as it’s biased in their direction. I don’t have any hard evidence about changes in journalism school education, but if we connect the dots, these new activist journalists were being indoctrinated somewhere, right?

Rather than using income for determining eligibility [for student loan forgiveness], they should use vehicle value. If the borrower is driving a vehicle or vehicles whose payments exceed their student debt payment, they don’t qualify! If their cars are debt free and exceed $25,000 per car, no debt forgiveness. — Douglas C.

I’m okay with that, Douglas, but I’m not okay with forgiving any student debt. As I said in the headline over Monday’s column: If I pay your student loans will you pay my mortgage?

I completely disagree that Democrats give more largess to their supporters than Republicans. Rs love to cut taxes for their guys and only worry about the deficit when the Ds are in power. I do agree this student loan forgiveness trial balloon is a bad idea, but it also seems to have more lead than helium in the reaction to it. Still the Ds need something for November, so I think they’ll keep trying. I think it needs to be something non-means tested, like opening the National Parks for free for a week or taking marijuana off the same penalties as harder drugs (federally). It has to be something done by executive order since Congress will give Biden nothing. Still the Biden administration has to take attention off the higher gas prices (especially) and overall inflation stories. — John R.

Yes, the president “has to take attention off the higher gas prices (especially) and overall inflation stories,” as you correctly point out. As I said in my recent edition of Off the Cuff, guns and abortion may be pluses for the Democrats. But it’ll take a lot to avoid that red wave that is heading the Democrats’ way.

Bernie, what are you thoughts on Fox News being the only major network not covering Thursday’s prime-time January 6 committee hearing? Their plan is to move Bret Baier over to Fox Business to cover it, while Tucker and the regular Fox prime-time gang presumably use their shows to argue that the whole thing is illegitimate. — Ben G.

As Capt. Renault said at Rick’s Case in Casablanca, “I’m shocked!” Fox figures it’ll get more viewers if they air Carlson than if they air a hearing that will make Donald Trump and his cronies look bad. I’m surprised they’re letting Bret Baier cover it on Fox Business.

We’ve all heard about Lincoln’s cabinet termed the Team of Rivals. Andrew Jackson had his Kitchen Cabinet. FDR’s had his Brain Trust and JFK’s had the Best and Brightest. I was wondering what you’d call the Biden’s cabinet? I guess you can start with the VP in Harris, who had to hire child actors to get excited to see craters in the moon. What about Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on not getting it right on inflation? How about Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his handling of Ukraine and Russia? Then there’s Merrick Garland at Justice and his lack of interest in Hunter Biden. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his handling of high gas prices and airlines canceling flights all the time. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm telling folks to buy electric cars. The list goes on with lack of baby formula being a big one, too. What are your thoughts on how these people have done in service to our country? — Warren

What should we call the Biden team? How about NOT the best and brightest? I assume they mean well, but good intentions aren’t enough when you’re playing in the big leagues. Let’s just say, like you Warren, I’m not impressed.

Mr. G., Why can’t the idiotic GOP concede that allowing untrained and unsupervised 18 year olds (also idiots for a few more years) to purchase firearms and body armor is just plain moronic. Don’t they realize the points they would make with the majority of American voters if they would move off this stupid 2A excuse a little? Screw the manufacturers, they’ll survive. Who the hell needs body armor anyway unless your looking to get shot… Why are we all being such idiots? — Scotty G.

I’m with you, Scotty. I heard two GOP members of Congress on TV the other night — giving reasons for why 18 year olds should be allowed to buy semi automatic weapons. It was pathetic. That kind of thinking may go over in their particular congressional district, but the gun issue is one that could hurt — hurt, not sink — Republicans in the fall.

I spent a number of years heavily involved in electoral politics albeit at the local level, back home in Pennsylvania. While it’s true that DRT upset the applecart on my political instincts, I believe I’ve adjusted and cannot help but have those instincts kick in as another electoral season approaches. Since off year elections have become nationalized to a high degree it seems like a national strategy should be in the best interests of the combatants. My center-right side has been severely compromised by nationalistic Trumpism. I might rather say poisoned by it. Entrenched voters are a matter of turnout, not persuasion. The persuadables will turn the needle blue or red depending on the messaging/positioning in the campaigns. Most Americans are NOT radical. Never have been, never will be. My question is this, looking at the success of Glen Youngkin in Virginia, wouldn’t it be in Republicans’ best interest to take away these two hot button issues [of abortion and guns] by slight compromises to get something “done”? Wouldn’t it be in their best interests to stop sounding like invaders from the Planet Inbred and actually sound like normal humans? I can see defeat snatched out of the jaws of victory so very easily. The media is what it is. Who will be smart enough to play them? — Jesse B.

I think Democrats are in trouble come November, even with guns and abortion as issues. But I think, as you do, that Republicans might want to give a little on guns or risk looking like the uncompromising hardliners their critics say they are. As for abortion: My concern for the GOP is that they stay clear of talk about a complete ban on abortion, and even contraceptives. That’s not where most Americans are.

It’s Pride Month. I’m for the gay community celebrating all they want, but I have to draw the line at some recent events. In Dallas, parents brought young children to a gay club sponsoring  a “family friendly” daytime event called Drag The Kids To Pride. Boys (maybe girls too) came onstage to stuff dollar bills down the “costumes” of the drag queens, and also learn dance moves. When word got out, concerned parent groups protested outside the club, and it was eventually stopped. This caused a backlash in other cities and similar events were cancelled. This brought the typical accusations of homophobia and anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry. I’d like your thoughts on a few things:

  1. Why are some parents encouraging these events, when tolerance of gays can be taught to kids in age-appropriate ways?
  2. Why does the gay community think these events help their cause, when they just reinforce conservatives’ fears that gays are trying to groom young children?
  3. What would feminists say if traditional “Gentlemen’s Clubs” had events like “Jeffrey Epstein Pride Day” that encouraged dads to bring their young sons to get lap dances and stuff dollar bills down the G-Strings of the stripper girls, as well as invite young girls onstage to strut their stuff and get dollar bills from grown men and their sons stuffed down THEIR clothes ?

–“Shameful Behavior During Pride Month” regards from The Emperor

Hey, Your Highness. Let’s not pin the crazy stuff on the gay community in general. I’m pretty sure a lot of gay folks were as appalled as you about the drag queen event. Maybe parents didn’t know what “Drag the kids to pride” meant. But once they found out they should have all walked out. The crazies, as with everything else, put entire groups and communities in the crosshairs — needlessly.

Michael Avenatti was just sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing $300k from Stormy Daniels, the porn-star Trump slept with and then paid to be quiet. Do you think a TV-movie will be made about these three some day? — Alex D.

Not a bad idea, Alex. They could even run it on CNN where Avenatti could play himself — he was once big on CNN, right?

The left has made clear (in my view) that they are not interested in compromising on abortion and guns. GOP leaders need to frame and crystallize these issues as follows:

On abortion, state that modern medicine has made huge strides and thus fetus viability is now much earlier during gestation, thus laws like Mississippi (15 weeks) should be the focal point, and make the Democrats’ position on partial birth abortion clear for all to see (the point here is to take the issue off the table, and this position is what a clear majority of Americans want).

Regarding guns, concede certain easy issues like mental illness, and define what mental illness actually means. Then, make it clear what the left really wants is full confiscation, and pound on the fact that they do little to remove guns from “sane” people in large blue cities who illegally own AND USE guns on a regular basis.

The elections this year and in 2024 will show whether traditional American values and attitudes about government and freedom will survive, or whether we will go down the Western European (and Canadian) road. — Mike F.

Since you didn’t have a question, I don’t have an answer. But I will say this: You say the left isn’t interested in comprising. I’m not at all sure the right is either. If banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons to teenagers is a bridge too far for the gun lobby … if a federal red flag law is seen by the gun lobby a an infringement on civil liberties … then gun people are as set in their ways as the anti gun people.

Bernie, I would vote for anyone, even AOC, if they proposed a constitutional amendment to limit all federal law & regs to a length not to exceed the U.S. Constitution + the Bill of Rights (i.e., 4,543 + 649 words, respectively). – I’m trying to report a simple capital gain & I’m now on my 8th IRS publication of different code sections and still clueless how. Today we are required to comply with laws, like the 20,000-page Obamacare (363,086 words) & others, that are onerously convoluted. We know about Nancy, but how can politicians pass something they can’t possibly have read & almost assuredly can’t fully understand? Yet they unfairly demand compliance by citizens. Harrumph!! — DonEstif

I am totally with you, my friend. Each year I sign my tax return … AND DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL I’M SIGNING. I don’t understand any of it. And, Don, they pass laws all the time they don’t fully understand. And we pay their salary, right? 

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is currently under investigation by Colorado’s Attorney General, Department of Revenue, and Department of Labor and Employment over alleged fraud related to her 2020 congressional run. She apparently wrote herself two checks, using campaign funds, totaling more than $22,000 in driving-mileage reimbursement. When calculated against the price of gas at the time, that dollar amount equates to her having driven around the ENTIRE PLANET roughly one and a half times.

Critics are framing what she did as outrageously corrupt, but shouldn’t we be fair and consider that Boebert’s car might just get really bad gas-mileage? I mean, it’s not like her to just make stuff up. — John D.

How do we know that she didn’t drive her car around the ENTIRE PLANET roughly one and a half times. She may have made a wrong turn at Boulder and wound up in Calcutta. It’s possible.


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