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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

The left has been very effective and in two tactical areas: incrementalism and enforcement. What starts as a request for acceptance ends up encoded and enforced into the culture by a strident leftist mob. In what policy areas can we on the right employ these same tactics to fight back and implement our agenda? –Steve R.

Very smart observation, Steve. First let me say that the left — if they haven’t already flat-out won — are definitely winning the culture war. I keep hoping the American people — including many traditional liberal Democrats — will wake up and see what’s happening to their country. We can see the beginnings of what we can do to fight back: Parents are saying NO to what their kids are being taught about racism in America, about how it’s pervasive and in our DNA. That might spread to other parts of our culture; at least we can hope it does. That’s the best I’ve got, Steve.

Regarding [Monday’s] article on San Fran-stinko which similarities are also prevalent again in The Big Crapple; why is it these progressives think this is the way to go? Do they think chasing away tourism income and high income tax payers who are moving out while increasing their public “dole” expenses is sustainable? Shouldn’t Economics 101 be a prerequisite for politicians? I like you grew up in NYC, sadly I won’t be going home to visit the Five Boroughs or to SF anytime soon, maybe never again. –ScottyG

You ask a good question: Why do they allow chaos in their cities that costs them tourist dollars and income tax from residents who are saying bye-bye. The only answer I’ve got, Scotty, is because their left wing ideologues. They want to fundamentally change America and the traditions that brought us this far. And they don’t think their policies will really destroy their cities. If rational people stop electing these clowns, there’s hope. If they continue to elect progressives who don’t have a clue about governing, their cities will slowly fade away. The ball is in their court.

I visited [San Francisco] from Australia in 2012 and again in 2019. The downward slide in the disparity gap was obvious. Not a fan of people trying to bum a cigarette off you as soon as you walk out of the international terminal to having mentally ill demanding food in your hotel foyer. Not going back again. –Tom F.

You’re not alone, Tom. Trust me, you’re not alone.

There’s been some major-paper reporting over the past few weeks that Tucker Carlson (despite attacking the mainstream media nightly on his show) has been one of the MSM’s best sources of leaked information in recent years — both on happenings in Trump World and the drama and gossip going on behind the scenes at Fox News. In a NYT report, almost 20 journalists confirmed this to be true. Carlson was supposedly even a major source for Brian Stelter’s anti-Fox book. This revelation has gotten some Fox people like Sean Hannity and Mark Levine (who’ve been at the forefront of some of the leaked reports) very upset. They’ve both attacked Carlson on-air, though not referring to him by name.

As a longtime journalist and someone who worked for Fox, does any of this surprise you? — Jen R.

First, Jen, let me share with you (if I haven’t already) a very brief story involving George Carlin. I interviewed him when I was at CBS News. We hit it off. Two former blue collar guys from New York. At one point said, “Bernie, I root for chaos.” He thought things had gotten so bad all over the place that he wanted to see chaos which might set the stage for a new beginning. Either that or he just liked chaos. Carlin wasn’t just funny. He was also smart. So if Hannity and Levin and who knows who else are fighting with FNC’s biggest star, that, Jen, is media chaos. And it puts a smile on my face. I want even more chaos. Those doofuses deserve what they get given what they’ve done to our culture. Does it surprise me? Nothing Carlson does surprises me. Nothing any of what the giant TV egos do surprises me. If Carlson thinks his opinions are so important that the world needs to know about them, he’ll share his “brilliance” with reporters who want to know what he thinks — even if they comprise the supposed “enemy.” He’s a mean-spirited person who attributes the worst motives to people he doesn’t like. If he’s now in the crosshairs, GOOD!

The decay in big cities seems to have accelerated with COVID (more graffiti, homeless camp sites, boarded-up businesses). I can’t help but think that many workers will not want to return to downtown. This would in turn depress commercial real estate. Richard Riordan (Los Angeles) and Rudy Giuliani (NY) won Mayorships when city dwellers were exhausted by similar circumstances. Do you think we could see more competitive Mayor races in big cities as a result of this decline? — John R.

Here’s my hope: that people who live in these big cities and who reflexively vote for the Democratic candidate (even when he or she is a left wing progressive who couldn’t run a lemonade stand) might finally wake up and say, “ENOUGH!” If that happens we will see more competitive races. If the voters continue to reflexively cast ballots for the kind of politicians who don’t know how to govern, their cities will go into further decline. They can vote any way they like … but they deserve what they get.

Recent polls have revealed that more Republicans now place blame for the January 6th attack on Joe Biden than do Donald Trump.

I remember when Bobby Jindal took a lot of party criticism back in 2013 for calling the GOP the “stupid party” but does it now seem he was being too generous? Yes there are a lot of stupid Dems too, but this is just beyond normal partisan dumbness. — Ben G.

I saw that poll, Ben, but if true, “STUPID” doesn’t begin to describe Republicans who think that. And you’re right, (again if the poll is accurate) it goes way beyond normal partisan dumbness. Way, way beyond.

“President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper in February 2014 to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and to ensure all youth can reach their full potential. In 2015 the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance) was launched, inspired by My Brother’s Keeper, to scale and sustain this mission. In late 2017, MBK Alliance became an initiative of the Obama Foundation. Within the Obama Foundation, MBK Alliance focuses on building safe and supportive communities for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity”.

This was taken from the MBK’s website. At the risk of boring you yet again, why not write a column decrying the national news media’s lack of coverage of MBK and other such groups aiming to alleviate some of the major problems in the inner city – i.e. Fatherlessness and gang violence? You’ve loudly made the point several times that groups like BLM and some liberal whites (showing their “racial good manners”) hypocritically will not focus on these statistically greater risk to lives of African -Americans. While much of the right-wing media lecture about these problems, they do so as a rebuttal to BLM and certain white supporters’ reaction to the injustice of unwarranted police violence to African-Americans and their supposed hypocrisy for not focusing on the inner city problems of gang violence and Fatherlessness. You’ve repeatedly – and correctly – bemoaned the profit motive of the national news media overriding good reporting. Isn’t this another instance of the hypocrisy of much of the right-wing medias and of the national news media in general? — Bob H.

Fair point, Bob … but there’s a tendency in the news business, as I’m sure you know — and that is to focus on bad news. I’m not suggesting this is a good thing, but it’s not new; it’s always been the nature of news. But your suggestion is worthy of consideration. Thanks.

Sir Bernie, your weekend column about immigration and the hatred of America by the woke left got me to thinking about a possible scenario. Let‘s Imagine What would happen IF…

The U.S. became two separate countries not through civil war but by consent. That is, the Red States of America and the Woke Blue States of America. Now let’s imagine that Red State America is enforcing strict immigration policies and The Woke Blue States are having the immigration policies that are more to their liking. Let’s also imagine that Red State America is pro law enforcement and pro military but still welcomes people of all skin colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds etc. as long as they are law-abiding citizens.

Now let’s speculate—- which of the two countries do we think would have more people trying to immigrate to it? This includes Black people, Latinos, Muslims, as well as foreigners from other countries, gays, and other disenfranchised groups that the left wingers claim are constant victims of White Supremacy and the systemic racism that is so prevalent in current historical America? I welcome all thoughtful comments from you as well as the rest of this community that I’m pleased to be a part of. –“Nation Building” Regards from The Emperor

I’ve written about my friend who suggested to me that we do just what you’re suggesting — have Blue State America and Red State America … and we can all choose to live where we want. I don’t think he was kidding, though it’s obvious in real life this could never work. But — as to your question — if we did have Two Americas, while just about everybody on the right and some on the left would choose to live in Red State America, the hard core progressives wouldn’t. They’d rather live in a culture of like-minded folks even if it means more crime and more cultural decay. You, and others, might think just about everybody would make the choice to live in a country with sensible policies and values. But don’t bet on it. Being rational is not a strong point of ideologues — on the left or the right.

In the wake of this year’s July 4 tantrums (coming courtesy of Cori Bush, NPR and The Squad’s Godmother Auntie Maxine, among others), can we now conclude that for many who hold high political office or work in national media there are no remaining constraints on their expressing disdain and hatred for America, the Declaration of Independence, The Flag and various other aspects and symbols of our history and values? All of this begs the question of what exactly do they want? We all should be holding our collective breath each time an American wins a gold medal in Tokyo. At least those of us who have reverence for the Flag, the Declaration and the Constitution. Care to predict how the NBC sports announcers will discuss or ignore the obvious elephant in the room when it comes to these matters? –Mike F

I agree with you Mike that there likely will be political fireworks at the Olympics regarding the American flag. Unless NBC sport has gone totally woke, the announcers will have to acknowledge what just happened. In my opinion, they should do it without commentary — either bashing it or praising it or even understanding it. Just the facts.  If they ignore it, they’ll be making a big mistake — and I won’t be the only one pointing that out.

Bernie G! I just received my copy of Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy by Andy Ngo. Any decent human being will feel some form of frustration watching the cowards shown in the videos Andy posts on his Twitter. I hope folks would fight fire with a hotter fire when coming across these punks, but that’s unwise and uncivil.

THREE questions: what are some of your thoughts on Andy, his work in general, and his book, if you read it? And, how should law enforcement and our elected representatives and officials deal with the problem of Antifa, specifically since they’ve largely ignored the issues that causes Antifa to grow? Finally, what do YOU want Christians to do and say about Antifa? –D-Rock

All I know about Andy Ngo is what I’ve seen and heard directly from him on television. He seems like a reasonable guy who’s gone through a lot. He’s described as an independent journalist — but I think it’s fair to say he leans right. As for how law enforcement should handle Antifa: the way they’d handle any criminal element. But in places like Portland they get away with all sorts of mayhem. That’s got to stop or they’ll be at it again in full force soon enough. Finally, I don’t want or expect Christians to respond any differently than any other American regardless of religion.

With your statistics [on the political leanings of college professors] in mind, will the chasm between the haves and the have nots widen? So many middle class parents have sacrificed to send their children to higher education institutions for a better financial future. A “degree” is/was the key to success, although the building trades suffered. It could be that intellectual diversity is gained by simply reading worthwhile books or mentored on-the-job training. — Sandy S.

Don’t underestimate the power of ideological teachers (in college or kindergarten) to influence impressionable young students. So while reading good books is certainly a plus, colleges that preach diversity need to recruit a more diverse teaching staff if we’re going to produce a more intellectually diverse citizenry. I don’t know if the chasm between the haves and the so-called have nots will widen — let’s just hope economic policies lift the have nots so they have easier lives. I agree with you that we’ve neglected the building trades. Not everybody should go to college. We need good plumbers too.

Earlier this week, Michael Flynn posted pictures of himself, along with fellow pro-Trump conspiracy theorists Lin Wood and MyPillow guy Mike Lindell, posing in front of the enormous whiteboard pictured below:

At the center of the whiteboard is an image of Donald Trump, with hundreds of lines and arrows connecting notable Trump sycophants, Trump family members, and even Jesus to the former president. There’s also lots of scripture.

After studying this colossal, cryptic, and complex flowchart for 9 hours straight, I believe it could hold the key to Trump regaining the presidency (and perhaps ultimately ruling the universe). What I don’t get is the mysterious inclusion of famed self-help guru Tony Robbins. How does Robbins play into all of us this? Could he be the secret ingredient in the MAGA stew that could change everything? — John D.

Let me see if I understand your question: They have Jesus as a prominent player in this thing … suggesting that Jesus and Donald Trump and the 2020 election are somehow connected … that Jesus may know something about the foul play that went on in the election, primarily in Pennsylvania … and that Jesus may have had a conversation with the pillow guy about how Trump gets back to the Oval Office sometime this summer … AND YOU’RE ASKING ME ABOUT TONY ROBBINS???

Good question. But I don’t know. Thank you for asking. You lunatic.


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Bernie’s Q&A: Carlson, McCarthy, Rumsfeld, and more! (7/2) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Welcome to this week’s Premium Q&A session for Premium Interactive members. I appreciate you all signing up and joining me. Thank you.

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

We all love science. Who wouldn’t? My liberal friends defend “The” science about climate change, defunding police, COVID origination, and numerous other so called indisputable scientific evidence. I respond to them saying I’ll pay more attention to “The” science when “The” science can indisputably prove that Subway uses real Tuna in a Tuna sandwich. So my question is, do you like your Tuna sandwich with or without Mayo? — Tim H.

A very important question, Tim — and indisputable proof of the intelligence of my audience. With mayo.

Bernie, I loved you on HBO Sports and now with Bill O’Reilly. Realizing that your co-hosts were basically …especially Mr. Gumbel. I always thought his speech at Ali’s funeral is something of a classic. I also was a great Letterman fan …but both he and Bryant have seemed to allow their views to overwhelm almost everything they do. Do you think this “woke” treat” will continue on forever or at some point (similar to Bill Maher) are we reaching the point of “enough is enough!” — Rich T.

I’ve already reached the point of “Enough is enough!” And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. The crazies always go too far. And when they do, the sane crowd tells them it’s time to knock it off. It can’t come soon enough to satisfy me.

Professor B, what do you think about video cameras in the classroom? — Tony P.

Haven’t given this any thought — until now. If I were a teacher the only way I’d want a camera in the classroom would be to protect me from malicious and fake allegations about almost anything. Otherwise, don’t think I’d be a fan. That said, if the teacher is preaching political propaganda, it would be nice to have video evidence.

Bernie, I wanted to get your thoughts about the upcoming Olympics and the decision of he US Olympic committee to permit “protests” at the start line and medal ceremonies. I read the statement of the USOC and my two cents is that it smacks of the two sets of rules approach that we see all too often these days. I expect we will see quite a lot of ” I am here for myself and not the systemically racist USA” on display. Care to venture a prediction of how low TV ratings will be for this Olympiad? — Mike F.

First, a clarification: The rule allowing protests is for the trials … not the games themselves. But I have little doubt that there will be demonstrations at the Olympics. And I hope the ratings suffer because of it. Check out my Off the Cuff from Wednesday. It’s on the subject of your question, Mike.

Hi, Bernie, from your 4th Patreon member! What do you think African Americans who rose to the top of their profession — let’s pick Bryant Gumbel and Lester Holt, not that news-o-tainment is the only profession where blacks have risen to the top because Kenneth Chenault became CEO of American Express 20 years ago and Barack Obama was elected POTUS twice, if I remember correctly — whether their success is due to ability or race? In contrast, if there is a distinction to be made, what do you think today’s successful black Americans would say? Hmmm, I bet I know the answer(s). Happy Independence Day! — James P.

I’m more than willing to acknowledge that black Americans who have risen to the top of their profession had a great deal of ability. You don’t become a news anchor or a corporate CEO if you’re not good at what you do. Does race play a part at the jump, in hiring? Yes. And let’s be honest here — whites have taken advantage of their race, too over the years.

Nice article [on Monday], and I guess I’m part of the problem. Another problem in 2024 is that Joe Biden is too old to serve another four years and his Democratic natural successor, Kamala Harris, won’t be able to win a national race. So I’m wondering if Biden will run for re-election, with all the incumbent advantages, win, then a month or two after being inaugurated, resign. That’s the only path I see for Harris becoming President. Do you think this is plausible? — John R.

Could be, John, but if I had to guess this far out, I’d say, Biden doesn’t run and the race for his successor is wide open. Harris being just one of many candidates. But 2024 is a very long way off.

I saw this video of Kory Yeshua and his young daughter calling out Critical Race Theory for what it is—- a bunch of hateful racist foolishness embraced by cowards and idiots. THEY seem like the All-American family next door that many of us would like to have as neighbors in our communities—-Mr. Yeshua is NOT allowing himself or his daughter to be seduced by the racist hatred of the left, and we need MORE people like him calling out the left wing weasels.

We can reasonably speculate on how the liberal media members and Liberal Democrats would have responded to this video had this message been delivered by a white man with his young daughter, but then this begs the question——why don’t more liberals (and this includes those in the mainstream media and the Democrat party) actually EMBRACE this message from Mr. Yeshua and his daughter? Logically speaking, wouldn’t it actually be to their benefit to prop this man up as a great example of fatherhood and as a promoter of unity? However it appears to me that only the right wingers are promoting this man. Your thoughts? — “Love Thy Neighbor” Regards From The Emperor

The kid is very cute, no question about that. Here’s the handy dandy rule of thumb, Your Worship: If conservatives are for something, the left will be against it — and that goes for just about everything, including a cure for cancer. But let’s be honest: If liberals are for something, right wing TV types will be against it. But on the particulars of the video: Father and daughter make a lot of sense. Common sense … that as you say, more of us should embrace.

I found your summary of the poll on Qanon interesting, scary but interesting. Doing some basic Googling, I found this article that delves into the subject of why and how people answer polling in at times bizarre ways. I am not trying to discredit the polling summary; I found that full polling report as well. You want to put any faith in maybe those polling results being inflated or tilted? –Rocco S.

Not all polls are created equal, Rocco. I agree with that. I simply thought I’d share that one and everyone is free to make of it what they will. I do find the crazies on the right different than the nutballs on the left. The loony left finds fault with just about everything in America. The wacko right is deep into conspiracies. I don’t want to get too close to either side.

What are your thoughts on Tucker Carlson trashing General Mark Milley, calling him a “pig” and “stupid” for Milley voicing his thoughts on reading about Critical Race Theory. Also, do you think the NSA is spying on Carlson, and trying to take him off the air, as Carlson is suggesting? I’m thinking there’s nothing Tucker wouldn’t say for ratings. — Ben G.

First … I think Carlson is one nasty piece of work. He goes out of his way to put the worst spin on everything he dislikes. I thought he was the one who looked bad when he called the general a “pig” and “stupid.” If Carlson disagrees with the general then rebut his argument without the childish name-calling. As for his contention that the NSA is spying on him: When you make a charge like that you better have hard, indisputable facts to back it up. At this rate, Carlson is going to step over a very bright line and even the money people at Fox (who masquerade as news executives) may have to do something about it.

After driving efforts to (successfully) strip Liz Cheney of her committee assignment, and successfully block the bipartisan independent commission on the January 6th attack, Kevin McCarthy is now threatening to strip any GOP member of his or her committee assignments if they agree to serve on Pelosi’s 1/6 commission. Meanwhile, McCarthy has NOT stripped committee assignments from Paul Gosar (who meets with genuine white supremacist groups) or Marjorie Taylor Greene (who’s done everything possible to warrant internal party punishment). 

I know the Democrats haven’t stripped Ilhan Omar of committee assignments either (they’re hopeless), but at some point I keep hoping that the GOP leadership returns to some moral and ethical high-ground, but it just doesn’t seem in the cards. Your thoughts? — Jen R.

Keep hoping, Jen. But bring your lunch while you’re hoping. It may be a while. As for Kevin McCarthy: Let’s just state the obvious. He’s no profile in courage.

Donald Rumsfeld just passed away. What are your thoughts of him as a public servant? — Marco

I think he was a decent man but one who got us into some very bad situations. For example, he said that getting rid of Saddam Hussein had “created a more stable and secure world.” I don’t think so. And in a farewell address at the Pentagon he said that — as the NY Times reported –“quitting Iraq would be a terrible mistake, even though the war, the country learned, had been based on a false premise — that Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi leader, had been harboring weapons of mass destruction.” The best and the brightest often make big mistakes.

Bernie, You were recently a guest on Mark Reardon’s Show. At the end of the discussion, Reardon complimented your website and said something along the lines of, “Both you and John Daly do a great job over there”… at which point, you failed to acknowledge Daly in any way. Is it possible that you had fallen into a bit of a trans, in which you were thinking about just how great of a job Daly does, and you couldn’t really formulate it in words? Or were you unsure of who Reardon was even taking about? Asking for a friend. — John D.

I have a confession to make to all my subscribers. I’ve lied to you for too long. Way too long. I am not Bernie Goldberg. Bernie Goldberg does not exist. I made up the name. I am John Daly and I use the name Bernie (or sometimes Bernard) Goldberg because it’s so much classier than … well … than John Daly. The guy who saw on TV for so many years … was me, John Daly, posing as some goofball I called Bernie Goldberg. So when radio host Mark Reardon said that Bernie and John Daly do great work, I panicked. I didn’t want to reveal the truth, that there is no Bernie. I’m so ashamed. Will all of you forgive me? I was, am, and always will be the GREAT JOHN DALY … pure and immodest but GREAT. But you may call me Bernie if it makes you feel better. Next time, I’ll share my family’s plans for Hanukkah 2021. Thank you all.


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Bernie’s Q&A: Conspiracy Theories, Critical Race Theory, and more! (6/18) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Welcome to this week’s Premium Q&A session for Premium Interactive members. I appreciate you all signing up and joining me. Thank you.

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I just watched Dr Fauci with Chuck Turd (not sure of the spelling) were Dr Fauci lectures, that attacking him was like attacking science itself. That is one grandiose statement. Science is not perfect and it is the doubts about science that fuel advancements in science. We all have to remember that at one time or another, scientist supported the Tuskegee airman experiments, Thalidomide, cocaine pain management, Fen-Phen weight loss, Methamphetamine mood pills, Ethanol tocolysis and it goes on. I believe that Dr Fauci is an exceptional physician leader, but maybe its time for his TV news sabbatical.

Also, Jeffrey Toobin is back on CNN. What is your opinion of this guy? Is he a “Jerk” or just being “jerked around”? — George A.

He’s a liberal. To some on the right that automatically makes him a jerk. But I’m guessing you were trying to figure out how to use the word “jerk” with regard to Toobin — given why he was suspended by CNN — as a kind of ha ha. Nice try, George. And why do you feel the need to call Chuck Todd Chuck Turd. Play nice, George.

Bernie, while not particularly a fan of his, and even though most of his shows have a ‘bash the GOP’ theme, I continue to watch Bill Maher because:

  1. I like to keep abreast of what the Left is thinking
  2. though he is a Liberal, he isn’t a loony radical Liberal, and he calls out those who are

In his latest show, he coined the phrase “prog. ress. o. pho. bia.” He defined it as those on the far Left who refuse to see that things have changed in a big way when it comes to race relations over the last 50 or so years. He went on to cite several examples of things that were not happening 50, in some cases 20 years ago. People don’t think twice about interracial relationships/marriages, celebrations of gay pride, gay marriages are now commonplace, TV shows, TV commercials all have black and hispanic representation, etc. I thought that was spot on.

Another phrase that apparently describes at least some of the Biden appointees is The Peter Principle. Biden appointed a woman named Liz LeVine to be the manager of the pandemic aid funds. Recently several billions in aid, reportedly up to as much as 400B were stolen from the U.S. Ms LeVine held the same position when she was part of the Washington State Government when Nigerian scammers made off with hundreds of millions of aid from that State! Did Biden or his underlings not see any red flags when they vetted her? To think these are some of the total incompetent people running the country. — John M.

I don’t know of any Liz LeVine from Washington State. Perhaps you mean Rachel Levine, a transgender woman. If so, diversity is a top value of the Biden administration. It trumps all sorts of other considerations. Enough said?

Hi Mr B. I hope you don’t mind me asking an inside baseball question. When a news channel shows part of an interview from another news channel, I would think that is a copyright violation but I guess it’s not since all the channels do it. Is this simply considered “fair use”? Do they pay the other channel to use it? Thanks. — Tony P.

Usually when one cable news channel runs another channel’s news video it’s to make a political point about how left wing or right wing the other one is. And the original channel’s logo is usually on the screen so everybody knows the source of the news clip. And yes, it’s pretty much a “fair use” issue. No harm no foul.

Greetings Sir Bernie. I thought this video was interesting.  It shows a survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution warning Americans about indoctrinating children in schools with racist propaganda known as Critical Race Theory. While the parents seem pleased with her, the school board members don’t seem especially happy with what she has to say.  What are your thoughts on this video? Do you think more Americans would be wiling to put a stop to this offensive racist nonsense if people like this Chinese American lady (and other “people of color” as they say) continue to step up to the plate and call out these dunderheads and show them as the wicked clowns they truly are—-worthy of our contempt? Or are there just too many woke fools in charge these days? ” — OFFENSIVE TRUTH ALERT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…!” Regards—-From The Emperor

It will take liberals and progressives to put an end to what you rightly call “offensive nonsense.” So being a minority isn’t enough. Not when that person of color is out of step with the woke crowd which will simply write them off as conservatives. One of these days the “wokes” will go too far and maybe — maybe — even the hard left will scream “ENOUGH!” One can hope, right?

[Regarding Monday’s column, “The Culture War That’s Coming,”]: Your points are well taken. However, and I think that you would agree with this, many folks think that the lame stream media is telling the truth. They tune into ABC, CBS, NBC and read the New York Times and Washington Post, and unlike you don’t do a fact check on the daily lies. The media has become a propaganda arm of the Democrat party and many people are too unaware or just plain stupid to recognize that. — Jerry G.

The media don’t outright lie. They don’t make things up out of nothing — generally speaking, that is. What they do is spin the facts to align with their liberal worldview. That may amount to a distinction without a difference but I just wanted to get that point on the record. And you’re right — a lot of people (understandably) believe what they get on the news. But polls tell us a lot of people also don’t trust the media. And finally, yes, too many journalists align themselves with the Democratic Party — and that’s a great big problem.

[Regarding Monday’s column, “The Culture War That’s Coming,”]: All that you state makes perfect sense except for a couple of nuanced points. The average American is clueless and getting more clueless by the day. Very few people really take the time to move beyond the spoon fed headline of the day. This is a huge problem and I’m not sure how we fix it. Pop culture is winning the war versus the civic duty is be well informed and independent thinking. It almost seems as though truly bad times are the way to usher in a different mindset. Also, as to 2022, who’s to say the many of the shenanigans we saw in 2020 don’t rear their collective ugly heads again? Many, many people believe the fix is in and we are really angry and discouraged. Another extremely difficult problem to fix. Especially when good people like yourself see no “there” there. Based on current job performance, Biden and his minions should get crushed in 2022. If in fact that does not happen, we are all in more trouble than we realize. — Thomas C.

If Biden does not get “crushed” in 2022 we may be in trouble, Thomas, but if the Democrats hang on to the House it won’t be because of a rigged election. It’ll be because the GOP failed to make its case. And of course, the Democrats will have a powerful ally in the so-called mainstream media.

[Regarding Monday’s column, “The Culture War That’s Coming,”]: Here’s the rub: if you are a Republican politician who has become Trumpified, then you have an albatross around your neck with the very voters you hope to activate toward you for 2022, that is Indies and center right to center lefters. With Trump superimposing himself on the party, the template for snatching defeat out of victory’s jaws is already well established. His presence is a cancer within the party and it will doom any movement toward genuine reform against a unified foe. You might disagree but if one is inclined to wager a dinner at Delmonico’s I have already picked out my steak of choice. — Jesse B.

I don’t disagree, Jesse. In fact, I’ve written about this and said that Republicans will have a tough time winning without Trump supporters … and they’ll have a tough time winning with Donald Trump continuing to mouth off about a supposedly stolen election in 2020.

Personally I’ve always seen opinion on the NYT front page — I think especially of election day in 2000 when obviously pro-Al Gore stories were on it. The “I hate America” theme, which I would put Critical Race Theory into, seems to me to be strongest in academia. Now it’s trickling down from universities to ordinary public schools, which hopefully can raise an umbrella. Do you see any countervailing force(s) acting against the radical anti-Americanism in academia? It seems to me the academics are only getting kookier. — John R.

I think trying to fix academia is pretty much a lost cause. There are pockets of sanity, but they’re islands in a sea of crazy left wing ideology. The problem has, as you say, spread to public grade schools. And that, I think, is fixable. Parents can protest as many have … and actually make a difference.

Both Tucker Carlson and Molly Hemingway are now speculating to their audiences that it’s the FBI who organized the January 6th attack at the U.S. Capitol. It’s bad enough that people like these two can’t simply admit Trump’s role in it, but I guess, after initially blaming Antifa for 1/6 didn’t work out, they’ve discovered a different conspiracy theory to divert blame. What an absolute joke these people have become. — Ben G.

I’m with you, Ben. Absent proof — real hard evidence — this is nothing more than garbage for the Fox audience, also known as the unindicted co-conspirator.

Bernie: Serious idea here, and I want to get your thoughts. We seem to be taken over now by designated “months” (Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month) that end up skewing towards opportunities to espouse Leftist theories and (dis)information. I’m proposing a couple of months to skew towards pro-American conservative ideals: Constitution Month and Free Market Month. Let’s designate September as Constitution Month, since the US Constitution was ratified in September of 1787. Media can feature stories about the founding principals of the Constitution, the flawed men and women who played a role in this near-perfect document, threats to the Constitution, and the future of constitutional government throughout the world. Since there are 27 amendments, each day of the month can also feature stories and debates about free speech (1st), the right to bear arms (2nd), etc. The same for Free Market Month. We need to feature and discuss the things we take for granted like the free and voluntary exchange of goods and services at restaurants, grocery stores, on-line, etc. This may sound a little boring the way I’m describing it, but creative minds can present these time-honored ideals in new and fresh ways. — Steve R.

Not boring at all, Steve. In fact, I like your idea. I have no problem with featuring groups that historically have been marginalized. But I’m all for adding a few of your ideas.  And if there aren’t enough months to accommodate all the reasonable entries, then they can spread them out over a number of years. January of one year  would feature a particular  idea or group … but the next January would feature something else. All that said, good luck convincing the liberal powers that be that you’re idea is worth serious consideration.

There has certainly been a lot of conversation regarding inflation and we seem to get the stock answer that it is only a transitory condition that is caused by supply chain issues and understock conditions both a result of the Covid-19 pandemic along with pent up demand from the Covid lockdown. All of these disclaimers may be well and good but I sense that this narrative ignores a more fundamental issue, the creation of literally trillions of dollars out of thin air courtesy of the Federal Reserve Bank and the U. S. Treasury. I loved getting my “stimulus” gift from the government, but I fear there is a lot of unintended consequence from this largess. Namely when the dollar is devalued due to the creation of funds supported only by an entry in the Feds ledger, and not new production or corresponding creation of new value, then any asset class e.g. petroleum, timber, housing, automobiles, and any other tangible asset must be repriced to maintain a representative value. This is inflation that is not caused by supply chain issues or pent-up demand. We all know that our family income is being stretched to the maximum every time we fill our cars or go to the super market. What is not being repriced due to the influx of dollars (dollar devaluation) is our wages. I don’t believe the pinhead explanations from the bureaucracy or the financial media. The only fair way to measure inflation is to compare the rate of rising prices against the rate of income rise. I would like your take on this. Thank you. — Douglas C.

Not my field of expertise, Douglas. But your last thought makes sense, to me anyway. If prices rise but my paycheck doesn’t … that seems to me to be a pretty reasonable way to measure inflation. But I suspect the Fed has other barometers that kick in. So for the time being, I’ll say your definition for inflation … as a practical matter, anyway … works for me.

This [conspiracy theory] diversion into crazy has affected me by forcing me out of relationships where agreement with lunacy is now the prerequisite for continued inclusion in the group. This is primarily my church, now my former church, where I met and married my wife and had many friends whom I trusted before they lost their minds. It feels as though I’ve been placed into this camp called “Remnant” at metaphorical gunpoint. We stand at a crisis point which is building , not losing steam. How will it work out? Regardless, I appreciate the fact that principled, well reasoned conservatism still exists. Thanks for your voice Bernie. Count me in your number. –Jesse

Thanks, Jesse. If it makes you feel any better, I quit a synagogue a few years back because it was a bastion of liberal ideas, ideas I found shallow, predictable, and insupportable. And I’m glad I did. If you’re not already, you’ll be glad you no longer have relationships “where lunacy is now a prerequisite for inclusion in the group.” Besides, any group that wants me as a member is probably not a group I want to belong to. Same may be true for you, Jesse.

I don’t find this statistic [of how many people subscribe to conspiracy theories] unusual given the kinds of things we’ve heard on the news or social media over the last few years. From Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed island of horrifying acts of pedophilia to all the bizarre acts of violence, be they organized or a lone shooter, it’s not surprising you have groups believing this is an organized attempt by the government to suppress the truth. And Hollywood does nothing but stoke the fires of these loonies. Is it so impossible to believe that someday an organized group of religious zealots couldn’t make some attempt to overthrow the secular and corrupt government in order to establish a new one based on their religious ideals, via Margret Atwood’s “The Handmaids Tale?” — Rodney A.

You’re onto something, Rodney. When crazy things happen people believe crazy conspiracy theories. They see an America they don’t recognize. They see riots last summer described as “mostly peaceful demonstrations.” They hear that they’re racist because they don’t buy what Black Lives Matter is selling. Then they jump the shark — and believe things that are downright nuts. As I say, you’re onto something.

Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich tweeted: “It’s clear that every negative news story about President Trump was a lie.”

Now that comedy clubs across the nation are re-opening thanks to the vaccines, do you believe that Newt and other political commentators of his ilk should try their hand at open-mic night? — John D.

Not a bad idea. But you can’t do comedy with a name like Newt. His needs to change it to Shecky … or Rodney … or Bob Hope. He could steal one from the late great Henny Youngman and open with:  “Take my president.  Please!” He could then go with, “When I was born, the doctor slapped my mother.” I got a million more. Also, people reading this should know that John D used to do standup — under the stage name —  John D. His killer joke was “Why did the chicken cross the road?” But he forgot the punchline. Not sure what he’s doing these days.


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The Culture War That’s Coming

Joe Biden won the presidential election last year mainly for two reasons.  One, he promised to unify a deeply divided nation. And two, he wasn’t Donald Trump.

He’s still not Donald Trump, but one out of two may not be good enough come 2022.  On that first point, while President Biden talks a good game about unifying the nation, it doesn’t look like he’s really trying.  With more than a little justification, conservatives believe that he ran as a centrist but is governing as a progressive.  That doesn’t do much to bring the two sides closer together.

But we’ll know more next year when Congress is up for grabs in those midterm elections, which historically have been a referendum on a new president’s first two years in office.

According to the New York Times, Republicans have a battle plan for 2022 – and it’s to run on cultural issues.

“Republicans’ attacks on critical race theory are in sync with the party’s broad strategy to run on culture-war issues in the 2022 midterm elections, rather than campaigning head-on against Mr. Biden’s economic agenda — which has proved popular with voters — as the country emerges from the coronavirus pandemic,” according to the Times.

(Let’s leave aside just how “popular with voters” Biden’s economic agenda really is.  Different polls have come to different conclusions on that.)

Another Times culture war story ran under this sub-headline: “As Democrats prepare to run on an ambitious economic agenda, Republicans are working to caricature them as liberal extremists out of touch with voters’ values.”

I can remember when opinions at the “newspaper of record” were assigned to the opinion page – not the front page.  But note the language in the headline:  Not only are Democrats running on an “ambitious” (not hyper-expensive) economic agenda, but Republicans are working to “caricature” liberals as extremists.  Caricature, as in “to misrepresent.” This is what passes for objectivity and fair play at the Times these days.

Media bias aside, it’s not only conservatives who think Biden has moved too far to the left on cultural issues.  Ruy Teixeira, a political scientist and co-editor of a newsletter called “The Liberal Patriot” recently wrote that, “The steady march of ‘anti-racist’ ideology’ into school curriculums “will generate a backlash among normie parents.”

“Normie,” in case you were wondering, refers to people attached to traditional norms.  And conservative Republicans aren’t the only “normies” out there.  A lot of independent swing voters and even moderate Democrats also fit that description.

In an interview, Teixeira took a swipe at Democratic leaders for not calling out critical race theory because of their fear, he said, that “it will bring down the wrath of the woker elements of the party.”

No serious American – woke or otherwise — objects to kids being taught about slavery, segregation and Jim Crow.  All of that is part of our history. But a lot of Americans say that teaching school children that America is a fundamentally racist country, that racism is systemic and ingrained in our institutions, is going too far.

Even some liberal parents at Manhattan’s upper crust Dalton school have had enough.  In an anonymous letter they said that, “Every class this year has had an obsessive focus on race and identity, ‘racist cop’ reenactments in science, ‘decentering whiteness’ in art class, learning about white supremacy and sexuality in health class.”

“Even for people who are sympathetic to that political viewpoint, the role of a school is not to indoctrinate politically,” the letter said. “It’s to open the minds of children to the wonders of the world and learning. The Dalton we love, that has changed our lives, is nowhere to be found. And that is a huge loss.”

When liberals say, “Enough!” it’s time for Democratic politicians to pay attention – or face the consequences.

But as tempting as it may be for Republicans to run a culture war campaign against Democrats, GOP analyst Karl Rove says the bigger, more important issue will be – as James Carville so elegantly put it many years ago – “the economy, stupid.”

In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Rove wrote that, “Democrats may be counting on Republicans to emphasize ‘culture war’ issues rather than deliver a focused, principled attack on the president’s orgy of spending and tax increases. This isn’t to suggest issues like defunding the police, critical race theory and border security are unimportant. But in 2022, as in most years, the economy will likely be the real congressional battleground. The sooner Republicans recognize that, the better.”

History is on the side of Republicans.  The party out of power usually picks up congressional seats in a new president’s first off-year election.  Still, history is only a picture of the past not a guarantee about the future.

And so, if Joe Biden continues to give the GOP culture war ammunition, if he continues to propose multi-trillion dollar spending bills not only for infrastructure but also for all sorts of social welfare programs, next year may turn out to be a very good one for the GOP.

Bernie’s Q&A: Limbaugh, Netanyahu, Trump, McDougal and more! (6/4) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I’d like to hear your thoughts on Clay Travis and Buck Sexton moving into the 12-3 radio time slot once occupied by Rush Limbaugh. Clay Travis carved out a niche a few years ago when he became one of the more high profile moderate / conservative voices in sports talk radio. When everyone at ESPN was going ga ga over Kapernick, Obama, and everything anti-Trump, Travis went the other direction. I am not sure if he is totally sincere in his beliefs or if he is just an opportunist, but I have to give him credit for realizing that being another liberal voice in the sea of liberal media voices won’t help you stand out. — Joe M.

It takes a certain amount of courage to challenge the prevailing “wisdom” in the world of sports journalism (or journalism generally). But I have a theory when it comes to replacing iconic figures like Rush Limbaugh: You’re better off waiting and replacing the person who replaced Limbaugh. Now Travis and Sexton will inevitably be compared to Rush — and it’s a comparison that can’t turn out well. But hey, it’s a job and a paycheck, so good luck to them.

Bernie, I believe that most of your readers accept that the media has become more bias as compared to when you first started. Many commentators point to educational indoctrination and fiduciary motives as the root cause of Media bias. I’ve wondered if this transformation is more deeply rooted in this country’s detachment from our country’s original Judeo-Christian values? Americas Judeo-Christian beliefs accept the inherent corrupt nature of humans and it is these Judeo-Christian values that in the past, had kept our worst nature in check. As communication via media increased so did the influence and power of politicians and “The Media”. Could it be this new power and lack of our original value constraints, that provided the impetus for Politicians and Media to feel that they can act without consequence. Might this also be the reason why the media is so frightened of Judeo-Christian values? — George A.

Good question, George, but honestly … it’s too deep for me. I think bias in the news is a problem for more secular reasons: too many liberals in the world of journalism who think their values are reasonable and even moderate. So to some extent they don’t see their bias as bias at all, but as the “correct” way to report a story. If it’s more than that, if it has something to do with the breakdown of Judeo-Christian values, I’m not the guy with an answer. Sorry.

Sir Bernie—apparently President Biden (our legitimate president) made a rather… ahem… discomforting remark …about a young girl and how he loved the barrettes in her hair, and how she looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there with her legs crossed. Is this something that conservative media websites blew out of proportion? I didn’t see who was being addressed so I don’t know if it was taken out of context or not. Even if it is what the right wingers are insinuating, I (as a right winger) see it as inappropriate and weird but not necessarily sinister—-just a doddering old man saying something that’s F—ING DUMB!

Here’s what I want to know—-in your opinion was this simply a dumb remark blown out of proportion, or was it something creepier? Also—-dumb or creepy, what do you think the mainstream media’s take would have been had President Trump made the same observations in the same context? — “Cross Legged 19-Year-Old” Regards From The Emperor

I watched the video. What’s the big deal. I’m so sick and tired of partisans on the right picking at everything Biden does … just as partisans on the left picked at everything Trump said or did. Okay, if Trump made the same comment, it might have been big news. I’m shocked! But one of the reasons I watch almost no cable in prime time anymore is because I’ve had enough of the stupid, partisan shots at whoever the enemy is. But let’s me clear: That’s what many viewers want and the cable channels and the dopey websites are more than happy to give the customer what he wants. Count me out!

Bernie, [regarding Monday’s column], I love you like a brother and think your heart is in the right place but I do not believe we can dismiss the election malfeasance narrative. We have already seen that there is very little that the Left won’t attempt in their Machiavellian world / mindset. It is VERY important that we find out what happened and probably has been happening for years. Brained washed youth and illegal immigrants form a fairly solid and growing base, throw in the possibility (needs to be proven) of perpetual cooking of the voting books and we have no chance going forward. If I were Trump I wouldn’t let it go either. Put yourself in his shoes and I think you might understand the frustration. — Thomas C.

Take it up with Donald Trump’s legal team — the same team that brought more than 60 cases alleging fraud … in front of all sort of judges … some appointed by Trump himself … and they lost every time out. If there was fraud that was so widespread that it turned the election for Biden, Trump’s team failed to prove it. As far as Trump not letting go: He’s a narcissist of monumental proportions. He can’t accept defeat. And, sorry, Thomas, but he’s bamboozled a lot of his fans into believing his nonsense. I know you won’t like my answer, but unlike the idiots on cable TV, I won’t pander.

Hi. Answering your question to me from last week: there are MANY things that the Democrats do that concern me. Policy wise I think they’re wrong on most things (foreign, fiscal, domestic, etc.). On the culture, the wokeness stuff drives me crazy and I think a lot of it is bad for society. But being a Republican myself (for a very long time), today’s GOP especially embarrasses and disappoints me because they no longer stand for any of the things that made me a Republican in the first place. They scrapped conservatism for Trump populism. Character no longer matters. The truth no longer matters. Accountability no longer matters. Not even the constitution matters – look at all the Republicans in congress voted against certifying the last election. I have no real expectations for the Democrats. They have been getting it wrong for a LONG time. I expect the GOP the be better than them but they no longer are. Both parties are jokes. — Jen R.

I couldn’t have said it better! Thanks, Jen.

It looks like Benjamin Netanyahu will be ousted as prime minister of Israel. Do you have any thoughts on him as a leader, and do you think Israel will miss his leadership? — Ralph P.

I don’t keep up with Israel’s domestic politics. That said, Netanyahu is a tough pol who often gets criticized for his toughness. But he lives in a tough neighborhood and that needs to be taken into account. Generally speaking, I like him. But again, if I were more savvy about Israel’s internal politics I might have another opinion. Israelis may miss his leadership in the long run but it looks like he’s on his way out, so in the short run they won’t miss him. They’re the ones kicking him out.

Naomi Osaka made a lot of news recently when she revealed mental health issues that make post-match interviews virtually impossible. Ricky Williams also had social anxiety issues, and a number of other notable stars admit to similar limitations. From the fan’s perspective, revealing sports star interviews are few and far between. I can’t think of the last one I found interesting. We hear a lot of coach-speak and bland statements from players. With the rise of 24/7 sports media, social media and commentary, do we really need these anymore? I’m all for “shut up and dribble 2.0”, where players play and commentators comment. — Steve R.

I just did an interview with sports journalist Jason Whitlock for a new online men’s magazine. I’ll share at least some of it with you when it goes live. Whitlock is the exception to the rule: He’s black, he’s conservative, and he says interesting things. Players have the right to speak up on issues they find important. And fans have the right to say I didn’t tune in to a basketball game to get a lecture on critical race theory.

A lot was talked about Stormy Daniels and the Trump payoff a few years ago. This week we’re hearing more about actress Karen McDougal who also (allegedly) had a sexual affair with Donald Trump. AMI, the company that publishes The National Enquirer and has close ties to Trump, just paid an almost $200k fine to the Federal Election Commission over their efforts to suppress her account of the affair, during the 2016 election cycle, by buying the exclusive rights to McDouglal’s story, and then sealing them shut. The FEC said the action was an illegal contribution to Trump’s presidential campaign. Also in that election, the National Enquirer relentlessly went after Hillary Clinton on their front pages –and before that Trump’s primary opponents including Ben Carson and Ted Cruz– while promoting and endorsing Trump to the moon.

I  haven’t seen this talked about much, but it does make me wonder. We all make fun of the tabloid, but much of the country still reads its cover in checkout lines. With the pub also helping Trump behind the scenes, is it possible that the National Enquirer may have actually been the tipping point of the 2016 election (which was in the end decided by only about 80k votes in a few close states)? — Ben G

Interesting question, Ben. I guess it’s possible given, as you say, a lot of people read that crap. But I’m not sure they also vote.

Hello. Are there any companies that you have personally boycotted over a political stance they or their CEOs have taken? — Robert M.

I don’t drink Coca Cola anymore. That’s about it. For now.

Bernie, Trump is reportedly telling people that he’ll be reinstated as President of the United States in August. Sidney Powell recently told a panel audience the same thing, as did My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. I have some questions:

  • Why wait until August? If America is going to be made great again, it feels like a shame to take the summer off.
  • Will Trump get 7 months added onto his second term for time lost (therefore permanently changing the presidential inauguration date), or will the term be creatively prorated somehow to reflect a proportionate amount of MAGA awesomeness?
  • Will Mike Pence be required to resume his job as Vice President? This could be awkward being that Trump still blames him, and his adherence to democracy, for Biden taking power in the first place.
  • Will Lou Dobbs be re-hired by Fox?

Thanks. — John D.

I have one more question, John D. When will you start taking your meds again?


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