Ode to ’06

It was a lively year in every way
With American voters having their say,
The ballots were cast – the count was quite fast
The Democrats ruling the day

Mr. Bush was confident he’d win
But the polls said his ear was pure tin,
He didn’t back down – and watched his guys drown
Takin’ it straight on the Presidential chin

Iraq was the main driving force
Americans not staying the course,
The Shia and Sunni – the whole thing is looney
Brutality lacking remorse

Dick Cheney shot his friend in the head
Our noggins not compatible with lead,
While Dick wasn’t tellin’ – the media was yellin’
Something certainly needed to be said

Iran remains a very dark cloud
It’s leader constantly saying it aloud,
Israel must go – Americans should know
The Persians will never be cowed

Back home machines are the rage
With computers replacing the page,
Little reading last year- with IPODS in ear
Are Blackberries becoming a cage?

TV news ratings continue to drop
But American Idol had plenty of pop,
The war on terror is boring – so that show is soaring
One wonders when all this will stop

Media gossip was also big stuff
With Paris and Britney and fluff
Undergarments went missing – even before they were kissing
The word for this display is simply “enough.”

Of more importance is campaign ’08
Much better to run early than late,
While Hillary’s a mama – her competition’s Obama
The outcome’s a matter of fate

So in essence the year was confusing
In Iraq are we winning or losing?
Only time will due tell – what will become of that hell
No matter how many continue their musing

My wish is a peaceful new year
One lacking in violence and fear,
The one thing I’m sayin’ – is for that I’ll be prayin’
Let’s hope that serenity is near.

A Journalistic Cover-Up

In the summer of 2003, Operation Predator was launched by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency. The investigation has targeted individuals who make and consume child pornography worldwide. Because much of this stuff is manufactured overseas and shipped to America, ICE agents took the lead in tracking down the bad guys in the USA.

In case you don’t know, child pornography features children from infants on up, being raped in a variety of ways by adults. It is expensive to purchase and, because of the Internet, the distribution of this evil material has become easy. Have a credit card, you can get it.

According to ICE agents, one of those who used a credit card to purchase child porn is attorney Charles Rust-Tierney, the former President of the American Civil Liberties Union in Virginia. Tierney was arrested and charged on February 23rd.

Tierney apparently told the feds that he paid for the child porn using a PayPal account and then downloaded images of prepubescent girls being violently raped onto CD-ROM disks, which the authorities seized in his home.

One of the images Tierney was in possession of showed a little girl tied up and screaming while being violently raped.

This shocking case received little media attention even though Tierney, 51, is a well known figure in the Washington, DC area and strenuously fought against limits on internet access in libraries.

On December 1, 1998, Tierney issued this statement: “Recognizing that individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet.”

And included among those “resources” is child porn. The ACLU in Virginia successfully blocked any filtering of objectionable material in Loudon County libraries.

This is off the chart disturbing, and you would think the media would be all over it. When Ted Haggard was scandalized by a male prostitute in Colorado, the media relentlessly hammered the preacher. He deserved much of it, but the coverage was everywhere.

How many of you have heard of Charles Rust-Tierney?

The only major liberal news organization to cover the story was the Washington Post. It ran a small mention of it in the second section of the paper, essentially burying the situation. The New York Times ignored the story entirely. So did NBC News, CBS News, and CNN. ABC News mentioned it on its website.

There is no question that an ACLU big shot who fought against library filters being busted on federal child porn charges is a big story. So what’s going on?

The truth is the committed left press in America is no longer interested in reporting the news. Anything that hinders a favorable view of the far left will be ignored; anything that advances liberal causes will be celebrated. News reporting today is largely about ideology and shaping the culture, not about informing the public.

This is dangerous. The Constitution gives the news media a wide variety of protections because the Founding Fathers wanted information to get to the folks. So answer me this: Did the media do its job covering the case of Charles Rust-Tierney?

It did not. Another example of the downward spiral of American journalism. The New York Times masthead says “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”


‘Tis The Season

Well, the Supreme Court punted. The justices were supposed to decide weeks ago whether or not to hear a blatant example of anti-Christian bias in New York City. But still no decision.

The case concerns a policy by the New York City public schools to allow displays of the Star and Crescent flag for Ramadan and the Menorah for Hanukkah, but to ban the Nativity scene at Christmas time. The decision makes no legal sense, as the federal courts have previously ruled that so-called “religious” displays can appear on public property, as long as there is no preference given to one religion over another.

As one of the lead players in defending the traditions of Christmas in the public arena, I must say that I am tired of it all. It’s just so dumb. There is no need to deny students a Nativity display. Don’t they get enough bad stuff? How about some nice stuff? I mean, how threatening and offensive can a baby, two loving parents, and three wise men really be?

All the polls say that most Americans believe as I do: That the traditional signs of Christmas are a good thing. So leave them alone, okay?

The Supreme Court, of course, could have made things a lot easier by taking the case, discussing it for ten minutes, then ruling that New York City school officials are crazy. Would that be so hard to do?

But no, the Supreme Court justices are now on their Christmas break, and have left the country adrift once again. The anti-Christmas forces are still clinging to the bogus separation of church and state argument that does not appear anywhere in the Constitution. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would mock these secular fools and then retire to his Virginia estate for Christmas dinner.

The good news is that despite the cowardice of many public officials and the anti-Christian bias of many in the media, the forces of Christmas cheer are winning in America. Most retail stores are saying “Merry Christmas” again, and the ACLU can’t stop them.

Again, all of this is so stupid it hurts. With so much strife and evil in the world, why can’t we have a celebration that honors a baby who grew up to espouse “love your neighbor as yourself?” So what if it has spiritual overtones? Why can’t we introduce children to Judeo-Christian philosophy in a joyful way? Everything about Christmas is positive except the commercialism. And even that can be beneficial if resources are redirected to the poor.

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re offended by Christmas, you have a problem. See somebody or tough it out. But enough with the petty nonsense. When Christmas images have to be decided by the Supreme Court, you know things are out of control.

So give Jesus a break, enjoy the season no matter how you celebrate it, and be thankful you live in a country where the philosophy of peace on earth, good will toward all people is honored with a federal holiday.

It’s the Christian Thing to Do

Imagine, if you will, a presidential candidate hiring David Duke to work the Internet for him or her. Mr. Duke, an avowed anti-black, anti-Jewish provocateur, spews out hate pretty much everywhere he goes. Recently, he showed up in Iran to deny the Holocaust.

Any American politician who associated with the likes of Duke would be finished immediately; there’s no question about that.

Yet former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards apparently felt comfortable hiring two anti-Christian bloggers named Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan to work on his campaign. Both women have a far-left, bomb-throwing history that was vividly illustrated on their respective Internet sites.

But let’s give Edwards the benefit of the doubt because he’s a busy guy. Let’s say he wasn’t aware of the vitriol the ladies were spitting out, and this led to the hiring mistake.

Fair so far? Now comes the crusher. The Catholic League informed Edwards that Ms. Marcotte wrote a description of Mary, the mother of Jesus, having sex with the “Lord” on her website. It was a vile piece of business that can’t even be printed in this newspaper.

And what did John Edwards do? He said he “disagreed” with Marcotte’s words, but would not fire her or Ms. McEwan, who wrote on her blog that Christian believers were “mother-f—ers.”

I couldn’t believe it. So I had my TV producers call Edwards and ask his Chief of Staff what was going on. Neither Edwards nor anybody in his campaign would talk to us about the issue.

So I went on TV and told the country exactly what I have just told you. Within minutes of the broadcast, the Edwards campaign got rid of Marcotte. McEwan left the next day.

So how could John Edwards be so stupid? I asked that question to Jane Fleming, the President of the Young Democrats Association. Ms. Fleming replied that the bloggers didn’t really do anything wrong, although she also “disagreed” with them. I then asked her if she would hire a person who said vile things about blacks. She said no. So why is it okay to say vile things about Christians?

Ms. Fleming had no answer to that question, but I do. In the far-left, Christian-bashing is totally acceptable and rarely are any consequences imposed. The only reason these two women are not working for John Edwards right now is that he didn’t want to take the heat my program was giving him.

This entire shoddy episode has badly damaged Edwards, in my opinion, but it also points out that American culture, especially in the swampy blogosphere, is extremely tolerant of Christian-haters. Again, this could never have happened to any other religious or minority group.

To me, all bigotry is unacceptable in a just society. You can criticize any group on the issues, but using obscenity and sacrilege to demean perceived opponents should be condemned in no uncertain terms.

Even by John Edwards.

The Perils of Obama

Senator Barack Obama seems to be a nice guy; I won’t say he’s “articulate,” because some African-Americans hear that word and take offense. In fact, I won’t give the Senator any compliments other than the nice guy description, just to be on the safe side.

Is there any question that we are living in an age of hypersensitivity? Some of that, of course, is justified. When Senator Joe Biden described Obama as “clean,” it was a verbal disaster—adjectival Armageddon. “Clean?” As opposed to what?

Some whites thought the reaction to Biden’s remark was overblown, but consider this: If someone described me, an Irish-American, as a “sober thinker,” surely most Irish folks would raise a collective eyebrow.

But when President Bush said Senator Obama was articulate, I’ll confess to thinking he was giving the guy a genuine compliment. I mean, who knew some African-Americans would find the “a” word offensive? Many of us are still confused.

According to some columnists, if you label a black person “articulate,” you are implying that other blacks are not. You are expressing surprise that an African-American can actually speak English well. And that’s condescending, is it not?

Well, I guess it could be. But Mr. Bush’s tone wasn’t condescending at all. So I chalk this one up to mild paranoia and/or a victimization play.

Many of us know people of all races who are professional victims. They see slights everywhere. The world is against them, and if you live in the world, so are you. These people are tough to deal with. Anything you say to them can and will be used against you.

Few want to deal with this victim mentality and that’s the danger in this “articulate” controversy. I know some white people who don’t know what to say to black Americans, so they completely disengage. They don’t want to offend, and they don’t really understand the “rules,” so they play it very cautious.

This is not a good thing for America. All responsible citizens should be trying to break down racial and religious barriers and work together. But, believe me, there is fear in the marketplace—fear along racial lines.

None of this, of course, is Barack Obama’s fault, but he may suffer because of it. On January 17th, a Rasmussen poll had him tied among Democrats with Hillary Clinton in the presidential sweepstakes. Two weeks later, Obama was behind Hillary by 14 points in the same poll.

It is speculation, but all this word controversy stuff can’t be helping Senator Obama. For any candidate to be elected to high office, there has to be a certain comfort level with the folks. I don’t know about you, but the articulation thing wasn’t comfortable for me.

The solution here is for honorable people to give other people the benefit of the doubt. Senator Biden made a mistake, but it was not born from malice. President Bush simply did nothing wrong. We have enough problems in this country without creating phantom annoyances. And that’s about as articulate as I can be.