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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I’ve looked on the internet but I can’t find the complete emails that caused the fall of Gruden. I guess he said the NFL Players Ex. Dir. “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelins”. That’s pretty offensive, but is that racist? He apparently said Roger Goodell was a ‘faggot’ for some action Goodell had taken (maybe Jon was thinking of the 16th century definition = a bundle of twigs for starting fires). And he questioned whether women should be NFL refs. Those are all offensive, to some level or another, but to be labeled racist, homophobic, misogynistic without the full context is a bit much, it’s like this is another Salem witch trial, and the barbecue has already occurred. I’m curious how the woke go back in time on some, like Gruden, and get them cancelled, but others are immune, like Biden voicing his opposition to busing saying he didn’t want his kids growing up in a “racial jungle.” Strange days. — DonEstif

Re Gruden’s use of the word “faggot” — You say: “Maybe John was thinking of the 16th century definition = a bundle of twigs for starting fires.” I hope that was a joke, because I know you’re better than that. If you want to make the “double standard” case, all good. No problem. But please let’s not pretend that what Gruden wrote wasn’t nasty stuff. Should he have resigned? We can discuss that. But let’s not downplay what he said simply because “the other side” thinks it’s significant. That’s a problem with both sides: If liberals think something is important, conservatives don’t — and the other way around. Not good.

Bernie, Trump did a good job and that is all the more apparent based on what a lousy job Biden is doing. I’m from CA (now living in OR) and everyone I know there loathed Newsom and yet big win for the guy. Knowing the Democrats as we know them to be, it amazes me that you dismiss the possibility of shenanigans. I do not, and in fact believe that they have been “cooking the books” for years. Beating a dead horse with you I realize, but for me, voter ID as a prerequisite to vote is more important than anything we discuss. Newsom’s results a great reminder / head scratcher. — Thomas C.

I’m for voter IDs. That said, Newsom didn’t win because Democrats cheated. He won because there are more Democrats in California than Republicans — a lot more. Why his victory is a head scratcher is beyond me. As for whether Biden won fair and square: I never said there were no shenanigans. I said that happens to some extent in all elections — but there’s no evidence that they were so widespread that they affected the election. One more thing: Pauline Kael, the New Yorker film critic, famously said (something like): “I don’t understand how Nixon could have won. I don’t know anybody who voted for him.” That showed her narrowness. With kindness, I say your comment about how everyone you know loathed Newsom fits into that category.

Bernie – as you suggest, Donald Trump remains radioactive, but given the Biden Administration’s ability to create crisis’ out of seemingly thin air, I would not fully discount the ability of Joe Biden to significantly rehabilitate Trump’s policies by the time we get to the midterms. That may take Trump off the board as the bogeyman option. Which could leave the Dems, given Biden’s current record of success, with almost nothing to run on… — Hendrick G.

I don’t think Trump’s policies were, or are, the issue. The issue is Trump himself. His approval rating never reached 50%. He’s unlikable to millions upon millions of Americans — including independents, the ones who decide elections. The Dems can’t run on Biden’s record; I’m with you on that. But they can and will run on Trump. That won’t be enough for them to win, I think — unless Donald keeps blabbing about how the 2020 election was stolen from him … and GOP candidates are forced to take a position on that nonsense. If they agree with Trump, they’ll likely lose moderate, independents. If they say they disagree with Trump, they’ll likely lose Trump’s most loyal base. Which brings me to my conclusion that Donald Trump should play golf in Mar-A-Lago and stay out of 2022 politics. I know, I’m dreaming.

As a big Sinatra fan you will enjoy this book I just finished, “Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours “by Mary Jane Ross and Tony Oppedisano. Tony O was Sinatra’s closest friend for the last few decades of Sinatra’s life. I’m sure you will enjoy this informative and entertaining book. — Bob S.

Thanks. I’ll get it.

Bernie, I know you do not like to speculate but I was hoping you might express your opinion as to whether President Obama (via Susan Rice or others who were key members of his administration) is actively influencing the policy decisions and actions of President Biden. On another note, I think I speak for the vast majority of your readers (cannot be sure about that John D guy ) that when we say or chant “Let’s Go Bernie” we mean exactly what we say and there is no hidden message. — Michael F.

I think Biden is further to the left than Obama — at least further than Obama WAS when he was president. So I don’t know if Obama is sending smoke signals to Susan Rice — or if the lefties in the Administration are putting ideas into Joe’s head. All I know for sure is that Joe is not running the show. The wizards behind the curtain are. Whether Obama is the ultimate wizard, I don’t know. As for “Let’s Go Bernie” — I hope what you mean is something good. Ha.

Bernie, Excellent stuff this week, but it just highlights what those of us who haven’t had our heads in the sand for the last 50 years know about Joe and just about any other politician. They change with the times. Specifically, Joe was against busing back in the 70s because he didn’t want his kids in the jungle, to us his racist words. He went with his daddies who got him into Congress, Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd, and the prevailing thought of the day, at least according to these bigots. And over the years, he’s changed opinions and thoughts, and I use that term very loosely as I don’t believe he has EVER had an original thought, about as often as a chameleon changes colors. Go with the Flow Joe. And so I ask, why are people who did, or supposedly did, vote for him surprised he is leaning so far to the left? He is just following his natural tendency to follow what in his limited capacity is the right path. Will the idiots who are holding his leash realize that these polls are going crush their party next November, or are they just arrogant enough to think they can effect enough change to silence the majority voice? — Rod A.

First Rod, I agree with your analysis. Spot on. As to your question — why are those who voted for him surprised that he’s moved to the left: I think they voted for him not because they thought he was a centrist, a moderate, a traditional liberal Democrat. They voted for him simply because he wasn’t Donald Trump. I’m not even sure they’re actually surprised by the “new” Joe — I don’t think they care all that much. They’re glad they defeated Trump and that’ll do for now. If Joe brings down the party in November 2022, then they might think about the man they voted for, who, as you correctly say, really is Go with the Flow Joe.

Who are the doctors who are performing these sex-change procedures? Whatever happened to “Do no harm”? Are they doing it out of some desire to perform “cutting-edge” surgery? Or to “advance the science”? Maybe they use it as a way to wind down after a hard day doing something boring, like real organ transplants. I am really fed up watching the damage being done to people who are too young or too stupid to realize what they are asking for. I’m 80 years old, and it breaks my heart to see what “Average America” tolerates these days (yes, I can remember the celebrated case of Christine Jorgensen in 1952, but considered it a one off side-show stunt). Can you make me understand? Thanks for any clarification you can provide. — Al L.

Hey Al, I’ll do my best. Sex change operations are serious business (obviously) and I don’t fault doctors for performing them — ON ADULTS who have been counseled on what they’re about to go through. Kids — teenagers — are a different story altogether. I’m with you on that. As for Christine Jorgensen in 1952: It wasn’t a one off … and it wasn’t a side-show stunt. She knew what she was doing and had every right to do it.

[Regarding this week’s “Off the Cuff”], you’re not wrong, but I think the real disappointment with Biden is that he was expected to get COVID tamed through some kind of coherent government strategy. Vaccines were the kryptonite we were going to slay this beast with. Who knew large sections of the population would resist vaccination? I didn’t. More to the point, Joe Biden didn’t either and he didn’t engage with that section of the population in a friendly way to get them vaxxed. Mandates? Who’s ever in favor of that? COVID took out Donald Trump and it’s poised to take out Democrats in the midterms too. — John R.

I think you’re right, John. Covid was a major factor in Donald Trump’s defeat. And I’m with you when you say, “it’s poised to take out Democrats in the midterms too.” He couldn’t figure out a way to get more people vaccinated. And I’m not sure anyone could do that. People who don’t want to get the shot, I suspect, don’t listen to anybody who disagrees with them.

What empowered Biden’s rise to the presidency, where he is so obviously out over his skis? He is not Donald Trump. Trump has so poisoned our national political waters that even incompetent boobery is preferable to him. Trouble is that there wasn’t really any good choice in 2020 and why I cast a protest vote instead of choosing one of these two clownfish figures.

My question: given Trump’s hold on the GOP, demanding slavish devotion to him (his number one agenda item), what alternatives do thinking people who love this country and hate what they are seeing do about it? I consider myself a charter member of the remnant (thank you Jonah Goldberg for the appropriate labeling ) with a conundrum I never saw coming ten years ago. I cannot go with the Kristolites and become a Democrat indulging the fantasy that it can be pulled rightward into moderation. I cannot abide the absolute jackassery of much of the GOP and it’s chosen standard bearer. It may be true that no man is an island. Politically however, I sure do feel like one. — Jesse B.

After reading your commentary, Jesse, I wondered if I wrote it. I agree with everything you said. The best thing that could happen to the GOP in 2022 and beyond is for Donald J. Trump to stay out of politics. If he’s out there whining about how the Dems stole the election, he’ll put every Republican candidate in a very bad spot. In fact, I think that’s the biggest obstacle for a GOP big victory next year. And I also believe that Mr. Trump couldn’t care less about the Republican Party. He cares only about himself.

Speaking of buyers remorse, this is the election that keeps producing lemons. If for some reason Biden can’t complete his term and Harris slips into office, who do you think she would appoint as VP? I don’t see any lemonade in our future for at least another three years unfortunately. — ScottyG

I think Joe will last the entire term. But if Kamala should wind up in the Oval Office in the next few years, she’d be smart to pick an old school moderate. But there aren’t too many of them left in the Democratic Party and progressives loathe the few who might be called moderates. But as I say, I think this is moot.

I can’t think of a more blatant example of liberal media bias than Katie Couric editing out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s criticism of Colin Kaepernick (and other anthem-kneelers) from her interview with the Supreme Court Justice. It was bad enough that she did it, but the idea that she did it to “protect” Ginsburg from “backlash” feels like nonsense. I think she did it to protect the Kaepernick’s liberal narrative from someone who could knock it right down. Your thoughts? — Ben G.

What she did was just plain wrong. She should have used the controversial quote and when Ginsburg’s PR person said Ginsburg didn’t mean it the way it came out, she should have included the statement in the report — and viewers could make up their own mind. Someone I know who heard about what Couric did wasn’t surprised. She simply said: She was never a journalist. Let me add to that, that I’m confident that if she interviewed a conservative who put his foot in his mouth, she’d have no qualms about including that part of the interview. Forgive me for stating the obvious.

Sir Bernie, the Loudoun County School District has a policy of allowing transgender students to use any rest room they choose. As it turns out, a boy (who identifies as a “girl”) allegedly sexually assaulted two different girls at the school, one of whom he allegedly assaulted because he had access to the girls rest room. That’s bad enough, but her father was informed about the assault and when he arrived at the school, he discovered that it was actually a sexual assault on his freshman daughter. Apparently he became unruly and got arrested when he discovered that the school had tried to cover up the fact that boys that identify as girls may freely use the girls rest room. Of course there was a big backlash from concerned parents against the school board who felt that politically correct narratives were more important than protecting girls from sexual assault (don’t know what happened to “believe all women” but I digress). Next came an enemies list to identify parents opposed to left wing policies as bigoted transphobic types—-the usual drill.

Didn’t sensible liberals ever see nonsense like this coming? Remember back when some people thought that the Equal Rights Amendment would lead to combined male/female rest rooms (and how liberals denied that could ever happen)? Okay— so what the hell happened and why is the narrative more important than students’ safety? Your thoughts? –“Transphobic” Regards from The Emperor

First, Your Holiness, I’m glad you threw in a few “allegedly” qualifiers. Not because I doubt the story, but it sounds so strange that I’m just not sure. But that said, if the person who allegedly assaulted the girl was actually transgender — meaning was taking hormones and was transitioning to become a female — then I’m okay with her using the girl’s restroom. But if the person was a boy who simply said, “I identify as a girl” then the school board should be sued out of existence. I’d like to know more before I get too angry about this.

Back in May, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated, “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election,” and he argued that, “Each day we spend relitigating the past is one day less we have to seize the future.”

Earlier this week, Former President Trump released a statement encouraging Republican voters NOT to vote in 2022 and 2024 unless the “Presidential Election Fraud of 2020” is solved.

Isn’t it time for the GOP to have a come-to-Jesus moment, and finally purge from its ranks the one individual who keeps making it as difficult as possible for the party to hold and win seats? I’m of course talking about Liz Cheney. The nerve of that woman!!! — John D.

No, it is not time for that Come to Jesus Moment. IT’S WAY WAY WAY PAST TIME!!! But we all know what the problem is: If a Republican challenges Trump, his fans — the ones who adore him no matter what he’s done, does, or will do — will punish the person with the courage to stand up to Donald. They’ll either primary the profile in courage or simply sit home on Election Day. If on the other hand, a GOP candidates agrees with Trump, he or she likely would lose moderate voters, including moderate Republicans. I’d vote for Liz Cheney in the proverbial heartbeat — but ONLY if she takes you on as her VP. I can talk to her about that, but first I need to know if they’ll let you out of the “home” long enough to campaign. I would think as long as you take your meds it should work out. Regards to Nurse Ratched.


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Bernie’s Q&A: Joe Manchin, Nikki Haley, Stephanie Grisham, and more! (10/8) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

Netflix had a documentary on one of my favorite bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd. It highlighted how dedicated they were to their music and how nuts they were. It raised my curiosity if you always wanted to be a writer and if the music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s had an influence on you? Did you have the greased back Elvis style or Beatles hair cut? And what was the greatest concert you ever went to? Mine was the Beatles even though I couldn’t hear a thing because of the screaming girls. — Tim H.

Not a big concert guy. Don’t like people standing up in the aisles and dancing. That said, I’ve seen Sinatra 4 or 5 times. Great each time. I’ve seen (along with my beautiful wife) AC/DC as guests of frontman Brian Johnson, a longtime friend. And I’ve seen what remains of the Beach Boys — a fantastic show. Smokey Robinson was good too.

We arrived at the AC/DC concert in Madison Square Garden right from work, at CBS. I was wearing a blazer. Finally, one of the kids turned and asked my wife and me: What are you two doing here? He couldn’t figure out how we fit in. I’m still a little deaf from that show and it was a million years ago.

Finally, my wife and I went to a Paul McCartney concert in Miami. Met with him before the show. I had spent 4 days with him and Linda for a 48 Hours show. That concert was pretty cool too.

The greatest? Sinatra!

It is said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. It also makes for strange benefactors. In December, Democrats owed their Senate victories in Georgia to Trump’s oversized negative influence on independent voters. Without his demoralizing message, Dems would have lost both races and the Senate “majority.” Now we are seeing Joe Manchin throw a wrench in every progressive dream of Bernie Sanders and the Squad. Without Manchin crossing his arms and shaking his head “no” in the Democrat caucus rooms, the Sanders socialist agenda would have become law by now. Republicans greatly benefit by Manchin’s presence in these negotiations, more so than if he were a Republican. Your thoughts? — Steve R.

I’m with you, Steve, but I still wish Manchin would switch parties. He’s a Democrat in his DNA and most of the time he’ll vote with them — even though West Virginia is a solid red state. He’s actually doing the Dems a big favor by standing in the way of their gazillion dollar “human infrastructure” bill — even if they don’t know it. The higher the tab for it the worse for the Democrats.

This $3.5 trillion spending spree is, as Joe Manchin calls it, ‘fiscal insanity’. Biden now claims this bill will have zero cost, which is impossible. But that dream may be based on the Senate Finance Chair Wyden’s promotion of a “carbon tax”. Basically, a new tax will be imposed on all carbon emissions, industrial cos., production cos,, non-electric vehicle owners as well (and barbeques too?). In the age of “climate change existential threat,” this tax would penalize the emissions of CO² and provide the some needed revenue to fund the spending spree. It would be beneficial to learn if there are any “insider” interests at play here. In the late 90’s, the Carbon Credit Exchange was set up to reward the environmentally efficient: if your footprint was zero, you would earn carbon credits and then you could sell them on this exchange to evil industrial polluters (who could then go on polluting with the offsetting carbon credits [?]). This exchange has never had much volume, actually has floundered for 25 years, but now with the $3.5 trillion spending spree, it may take off. That’s fascinating trivia, but what’s really interesting is that Al Gore was an early investor in this, maybe his climate catastrophe rants are tainted. And later, Obama obtained some ownership in the exchange. Probably other politicians, pious as they are, also have interest in this. Maybe it’s a reach, but doesn’t it seem a more ration (devious) basis for politicians to commit ‘fiscal insanity’? That is, other than basic vote-buying tactic? — DonEstif

Sorry Don, I slipped into a coma. I always do when I read the words “carbon tax”,  “carbon credits”, and “Carbon Credit Exchange.”  Nothing personal, my friend.

In Chesterfield, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis county) in the Parkway High School district, anti-black racial slurs and death wishes to black people were found spray-painted on campus. Oh the horror! White Supremacy is alive and flourishing in St. Louis county! Students and teachers walked out in protest to stand with their black classmates against the racism! The administration promised swift justice and no tolerance for such behavior! And then of course the investigation revealed eventually that the hateful vandalism was caused by a—-wait for it—-BLACK student! (Surprise Surprise). At this point, the school administration stated how proud they are of the students sticking together and that this revelation does not heal the hurt that the community was feeling, adding that “we don’t know why” the guilty student (who confessed ) would do such a thing.

Here’s what I want to know from you Sir Bernie: WHY doesn’t the school and the mainstream media publicly shame these troublemakers promoting BS narratives and fake hate crimes? (I highly doubt that the guilty party here will get the same severe punishment that an actual racist student would have gotten). After all, they had no problem doing that to Nick Sandman. What would you do if you had been reporting on this story? — “School’s—-OUT—-For—BULLSH-T!” Regards Friday from The Emperor

If I were reporting the story, Your Emperor-ship, I’d be relentless on the principal, the school board and all the other nitwits — if they didn’t suspend the student responsible for the hoax. I assume they’re cowards and I’d make that clear in my reporting. If it were commentary I was doing, I’d really hammer their pathetic asses.

I recently read that a trillion seconds was roughly 31,709 years. Somehow we have made one trillion a trivial number. So why not 3.5 trillion? Have we lost our minds. A stupid, ridiculous amount of money and much of it goes to stupid, ridiculous things. — Thomas C.

Nothing to disagree with there, Thomas.

Joe Biden and the Democrats appear to be fooling some people who think that the “free” stuff comes for free. Did you see the video of the kayakers in the water near Joe Manchin’s houseboat demanding that he vote for the $3.5 trillion bill? Supposedly, they were from his state of West Virginia. He promised to talk to them in his office so that they would stop annoying his neighbors. They actually think that raising the tax rate on corporations won’t affect the cost of the products that they buy. There are a lot of stupid people out there, and many of them appear to be supporting this $3.5 trillion tax and spend monstrosity. — Jerry G.

I’m with you, Jerry.

[Regarding Biden’s “free” multi-trillion-dollar bill narrative], could it be that we’ve been relativizing the truth for so long that this bombastic fallacy cannot even create a ripple in the Press Room? The “your truth” trope seems tailor made for a cut/paste/repost world where no one has to listen or be challenged beyond preexisting ideas.

To me, the most frightening aspect of our time is that the larger political middle that we’ve relied on for so long to keep our ship of state from drifting into existentially dangerous seas is precipitously shrinking. The constant pressure is for people to “take a side” and as soon as one does , the ability to reason and think beyond a template disappears. So old Joe can say what he wants as he counts on the mind numbed faithful to perpetuate whatever fantasy he’s selling. Trump didn’t create it but he sure added to the poisonous atmosphere. And the band plays on.” — Jesse B

As I’ve said before, principles are dead. Now we simply root for our team no matter what. If Trump were doing what Biden is doing, Democrats and their media allies would be going crazy. But Trump supporters are no different. They didn’t yell and scream about spending … but they’re yelling and screaming now. As you right say, Jesse: We’ve reached the point where “No one has to listen or be challenged beyond preexisting ideas.”

Nikki Haley was once a political hero of mine but she’s fallen far since January 6th. She had strong words right after the Capitol assault happened when she said the GOP shouldn’t have followed or listened to Trump, and that “we can’t let that ever happen again.” Since then she’s been kissing Trump’s butt in public, saying she won’t run in 2024 if he does (even while he makes fun of her for sucking up to him). In a new interview she said about Trump: “We need him in the Republican Party. I don’t want us to go back to the days before Trump.” I guess the lesson here is to never ever idolize a politician because they will always make you feel like an idiot for doing so. Your thoughts? — Jen R.

I’ve been thinking the same thing about Haley. The very same thing! And it’s all about the influence — and the threats that go along with that influence — that Trump has over Republicans. If they kiss is rear end, they risk losing you and me. If they tell Trump to get lost, they will lose his loyal fans. He presents a problem for Haley and the others that won’t go away. Anyone who kisses up to Trump better continue to kiss up to him — forever — or else there will be a price to pay. And his most loyal fans still adore him. Go figure, Jen.

I wanted to get your views regarding the slip of the tongue this past week by Terry McAuliffe when he made clear his view that parents have little if any rights with regard to what is being taught to their children in public schools. I will try to be succinct here as this issue has many important sub-issues including the desire of many on the left to outlaw homeschooling (one or two Harvard Professors not long ago made that clear) and the decision of DOJ to be on the look out for domestic terrorists masquerading as soccer moms (sarcasm intended). How critical do you think this issue will be to independent voters who rejected trump in 2020 and what does it mean if McAuliffe wins despite making it clear that the Dems are all in for indoctrinating as early as kindergarten (my opinion). Finally, your reaction to this thought: the traditional 3 R’s (Reading , ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic) are being replaced with the new 3R’s (racism , redistribution and retribution)? — Michael F.

My guess is that his comment about parents may very well hurt him — with independents. I think Democrats will stick with him and Republicans wouldn’t have voted for him anyway. But if McAuliffe wins it won’t shock me. Virginia is a blue state these days. What will matter is by how much he wins. If it’s less than what Biden got when he carried the state, that will tell us something about enthusiasm for Democrats next November. As for the 3Rs: If this continues we will raise a woke generation that has trouble with the old 3Rs. They already do, actually.

I know Biden is falling apart as we speak but if it’s Biden v. Trump in 2024, I am picking Biden in a landslide. In a Wall Street Journal article that came out this week, Trump said, “the single biggest issue is the election fraud of 2020.” Maybe Trump was tuned in with the voters in 2016, but claiming 2020 election fraud is the biggest issue facing our country is laughable. Crying about a loss in 2020 does nothing to spell out how he will help the economy / labor shortage, secure the border, reestablish our global reputation after the humiliating withdraw from Afghanistan, or promote safety and security in our increasingly dangerous urban centers. If he doesn’t give up the 2020 nonsense, then the Republicans need to find another candidate who will move America, and the party, forward. — Joe M.

Since Donald Trump is obsessed with money, here’s an idea: The GOP should raise a lot of it, give it to Donald and tell him it comes with just one condition: that he shut the hell up! If he continues whining about a supposedly stolen election, his hardcore fans will buy it but no one else will. Whether Biden could beat him, though, is another matter — that’s how bad ole Joe is doing. Biden won’t run in 2024 in any event (I’m pretty sure); but if the Dems put up someone whose name isn’t Kamala Harris and if Trump continues mouthing off, it could very well be bad news for the GOP.

You have said before that you’re a big fan of Bret Baier. I am too. I do think that his show has gone down hill though when it comes to the panel at the end. I used to really like when Charles Krauthammer, Mort Kondracke, and Fred Barnes were regulars because they were all serious and fair intellectuals. Not predictable party-line people. Yes, those 3 are now either dead or retired, but I think the show should still have people ‘like’ them because it’s supposed to be a serious newscast. Instead, way more often than not, they have partisans on as regulars (Hemingway, Domenech, Bennett). Harold Ford Jr isn’t that partisan, but he is not at all insightful either. Do you feel this way too? — Ben G.

Interesting point, Ben. The problem is that just about everyone is a partisan these days. You’d think Bill Bennett, who I used to admire, would have a bad word every now and then for Donald Trump, for instance. But everyone on Fox — and the other cable channels — knows his and her place. Conservatives are expected to adhere to the script. And on CNN, liberals aren’t there to praise Donald Trump. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: Principles are dead. Now we root for our side no matter what. I don’t see it getting better anytime soon — not as long as the people running cable news don’t care about honest journalism but only ratings and the bottom line. One more thing; Let’s acknowledge that cable news is only giving the customer what he and she want. Pandering is good for business and the viewer isn’t complaining.

I don’t have an insightful way to ask this, but why the hell don’t The Republicans in Congress get some balls and figure out a way to stand up and fight against all these recent Democratic overreaches on our freedoms and liberties like the $600 IRS oversight and DoJ / School Board Meetings intimidation? All they do is whine on Fox News, they do nothing of substance and impact. We are just getting run over at a frantic pace by the Dem Party. Feeling abandoned. — ScottyG

There’s an old saying about how if your opponent is destroying himself, get out of the way and let him proceed. Maybe that’s what Republicans are thinking. Maybe. But remember, the GOP is in the minority. They don’t call the shots. They don’t set the agenda. And you can blame Donald J. Trump for that. He was concerned only about himself and as a result, the GOP lost the House, the Senate and the White House on his watch.

Stephanie Grisham is the latest former member of the Trump administration to release a tell-all book about the craziness that went on behind the scenes at the Trump White House. In it, she details how, when Trump would become extremely angry about something, an aide would enter the room and play him the song “Memory” from the musical “Cats” to calm him down.

I have questions:

  1. Is it possible that Broadway actually saved certain countries (or perhaps blue states) from being nuked?
  2. Do you think White House staff came up with this idea from classic Three Stooges featurettes, in which Moe and Larry held cheese under Curly’s nose to calm him down?
  3. Is there a particular song that some of your past colleagues, or perhaps even family members, have used to calm you down in “Goldberg Smash!” moments of rage?

Thanks. — John D.

Since these are serious questions, asked in earnest, let me answer the same way.

  1.  Yes, it’s possible than Broadway saved much of the world from a nuclear disaster. I heard that Donald once actually had his finger on the button when Mike Pence came in to the Oval Office, dressed like a pussycat, while singing Memories. Donald took his finger off the button and shoved it in Pence’s face and said, “Thank you, Mike. I needed that. I was about to blow up Illinois.” But I can’t confirm the story.
  2. You probably did not know this but Donald Trump was asked by a Hollywood mogul to play Larry in a revived Three Stooges movie. He said yes but changed his mind when he learned that Nancy Pelosi was playing Moe and Chuck Schumer was playing Curly. But I’m told that Disney is thinking about an updated Pinocchio film and they want Donald the play the lead. My sources tell me he’s interested.
  3. When I got crazy at CBS — and it happened quite often — Dan Rather would sing anything by Motley Crue. Heavy metal — and heavy meds –always calms me down.


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Bernie’s Q&A: AOC, the Border “Whipping” Story, Peter Doocy, and more! (10/1) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I followed the LA Times during the recall election with interest and was quite shocked how the opinion and front page evoked a full court attack on Larry Elder. This seemed to start during the summer when the polls were closer. Quite honestly, I don’t know a lot about Elder but the interviews I have seen of him he isn’t short of facts. One opinion piece in the LA Times was titled “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned”. I’m not sure if you saw it, but if you did, would you permit it to be printed? — Tim H.

I did see that op-ed, Tim … and you ask a good question, about whether I would publish it. I generally favor more speech … and let the reader respond anyway he or she wants. But this one was really nasty. I’d commission another piece presenting a strong “other” point of view. But given that it’s the LA Times, I’m not as shocked as you were, Tim.

Do you think AOC can beat Chuck? I’m starting to think a much weaker and somewhat discounted Jr Senator from NY might be better for the whole than a Schumer sticking around? Wow I can’t believe I’m envisioning this kid as a US Senator…how did we get here? — ScottyG

I don’t think she can beat Schumer because he’s got the party behind him — and the money that goes with it. But I hope she does win. That might wake up the Democratic Party to where it’s heading — which is over a very steep cliff.

I was hoping to get your opinion on Peter Doocy as a reporter. When he first joined Fox News it certainly appeared to be nepotism (Fox promotes family values, almost as much as family members…), but he seems to have developed into a solid, talented reporter over the past decade. He is one of the few reporters who has consistently asked the Biden Administration tough questions and the level of contempt and disdain Jen Psaki displays toward him seem to indicate he is doing a decent job. Or has he just been hyped up by Fox News? Have a great weekend! — Hendrick G.

I was skeptical at first too, Hendrick. He just seemed SO young. But I’m with you — he has become a solid reporter. I give him high marks. He still looks like he’s 12 years old, but looking young in the TV business is not a bad thing.

I think Biden has another thing going for him: Donald Trump’s refusal to exit the political arena. The Republicans have a deeper bench than the Democrats but no one is allowed to step up as long as Trump is still interested in running. I think Trump’s policies are far better than Biden’s, but at the end of the day, a lot of needed independent voters will never pull the lever for Trump. Agree? — Joe M.

I agree with EVERY WORD, Joe.

Sir Bernie, I had heard that border patrol agents on horseback were whipping Haitian people with horse reins when the Haitians were illegally attempting to cross the border into America. There was a photo proving this. I had heard that The Biden Administration strongly condemned this and that those responsible would be held accountable. Then I heard that the photographer who took the original picture denied that any such abuses were being inflicted by the border patrol. Now supposedly a video has surfaced disproving the original allegations of abuse but I’m unable to find it when I search the web. So are the border patrol agents racist jerks that are abusing Haitians? Or is this story a hateful hoax from bad actors in the media? What are your thoughts? — “Rolling Rolling Rolling RAWHIDE!” Regards from The Emperor

You can either believe President Biden or you can believe your eyes. Your choice, Emperor of All Worlds Far and Wide.

Bernie, in the wake of the eviction moratorium executive actions and court rulings, we were told by MSM and many in the street that housing is a human right. Would appreciate your thoughts on the difference between human rights (freedoms to many of us to speak, think, worship without government restrictions and fear of retribution) on the one hand and human needs on the other and the role of the federal gov’t in delivering things people need (presumably to live) much less things people want. Note that this is not about safety nets for those who have mental or physical disabilities or those who are between jobs after being fired. I would argue that this dichotomy goes to the core of our political divide as we never seem to have an honest and open debate about what the gov’t owes to its citizens and what obligations a citizen owes to his or her country and community and fellow citizens. — Michael F.

I’m with you, Michael. Safety nets for the needy — yes. Temporary help for those in a bad spot — yes. Is housing necessary? Of course. But once we start calling everything under the sun a “human right” where does it end? Is a trip to Paris to visit great museums a “human right.” The left can dismiss that as ridiculous — but at some point down the road they may decide that if some people can afford a trip to Paris why should those who lack money not have the same “human right.” I realize I’m pushing the envelope, but my point is that not everything that is good is a “human right” nor should it be.

Do you roll your eyes as hard as I do when you hear hard-core Trump people on television and the internet all of a sudden VERY upset that we have a president who lies to the American people? I laughed out loud last week when that guy asked you for examples of Trump’s lies because the only one he could think of was the one about the inauguration size. I guess something is only a “lie” if you don’t like the guy who is telling the lie. We live in very silly times. — Ben G.

Here’s what it comes down to, Ben: Principles are dead. If they weren’t, the same people who are upset with Biden’s lies would have been upset with Trump’s lies. But they’re not. And the reason is, as you say, “Something is only a ‘lie’ if you don’t like the guy who is telling the lie.”

On your website Dennis Prager said this in his new column: “We Jews often ask ourselves if a non-Jew in our lives would hide us in the event of a Nazi-like outbreak.”

You’re Jewish and I’m not, so I’m wondering if this is true. Do you ever ask yourself that question? — Phil M.

I don’t. But I’d like to think of have some friends who would hide me if it ever came to that. The Christians who hid Jews during the war were incredibly decent and courageous people. They will always have my admiration.

Bernie, many folks think that Joe Biden doesn’t know what is going on around me, and that in fact, individuals like Susan Rice and Ron Klain are actually running the country, and that they are his “handlers”, telling him what to do and say. For this reason, when he is interviewed, on Afghanistan for example, his responses are misleading because he really can’t recall anything. I think that after 40 years as a lying politician, he is just a practiced liar. What do you think? — Jerry G.

I agree that he’s a lifelong politician and lifelong politicians say whatever they think they have to say to get out of a jam. The bigger point is who’s calling the shots. Whether it’s Susan Rice and/or Ron Klain … it’s SOMEBODY. There’s a Wizard behind the curtain. Joe simply says what they tell him to say. Check out my new column on Monday. It deals with this.

Bernie, Now that CyberNinjas has concluded that Biden indeed won Arizona (by 360 more votes than the original tally), and couldn’t provide any evidence that the election was stolen, have you lost all faith in our country’s bamboo-detection capabilities? — John D.

The fix obviously is in. How could Biden win Arizona — and by more votes than previously believed — if he isn’t even a U.S. citizen. Did you know he was born in Portugal? No? Trump won the election in 2020. Just ask him. And if he runs again and wins (again) there’s a good chance he’ll sign an executive order forcing Arizona to secede from the Union. Good riddance, right? By the way, why don’t the media report that Biden has an identical twin brother and when Joe gets tired they roll out Mo, the twin brother? Trump can’t catch a break. It’s so unfair.


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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

From last week’s Q&A: “I honestly can’t think of any place I’d like to live besides right here. Scandanavian countries sound good … but way too cold for me.”

Way too cold?????? Is that the worst you can say about Scandanavian countries???? You do realize that Scandanavian countries are what conservative call dens of socialism???? What exactly do you find attractive about Scandanavian countries???? Watch out! Your comrades in-arms might call you a closet socialist. 🙂 — Bob H.

What do I find attractive about Sweden? Denmark? Norway?  Finland? The people are nice. Friendly. The standard of living is high. With exceptions, crime doesn’t seem to be a problem. Pollution doesn’t seem to be a problem, either. No, I’m not a big fan of socialism, but I’d hire a bunch of smart people who would try to help me keep as much of my money as I can. But money isn’t everything, right? Let’s take a trip together, Bob, and if you like it there you can stay and let me know how it’s working out. Yes?

Regarding ScottyG’s question [in last week’s Q&A] about President Biden choosing not to speak at the 9-11 Remembrance Service. Why, in your answer, did you feel that you needed to make it clear that you would expect similar behavior of President Trump? The question did not ask about Trump..why not also include any other ex-Presidents? My point is that President Biden needs to be addressed, commented based on his actions/words alone, not always in reference to President Trump. It’s kind of like saying…”Yeah, that was cowardly (fill in the adjective) but so was Donald Trump” or “Yeah, but Trump was worse.” This is a common Biden apologetic…”yeah, but Trump!” blah, blah, blah. I’m tired of hearing it and it lets Biden off the hook.” — John F.

First of all, here was ScottyG’s question from last week: “Could you ever have imagined 20 years ago or even up to very recently that we would have a President of The United States who has been advised NOT to speak live to the American people during a 9-11 Remembrance Service? Isn’t this man a true bully, that talks tough, talks and whispers down to Americans, brags about s*#! he never did; but when it comes to facing a challenge like possibly being booed or heckled, just like a true bully is nothing but a mere coward? Were you blown away that he chose not to speak on Saturday?”

Scotty’s question was about whether I could “have ever imagined” a president doing something like this, which amounts to the breaking of a presidential norm, and displaying poor character and leadership. Here was my answer: “Nothing [Biden] does surprises me, Scotty. Same as with his predecessor. Nothing he did surprised me either.”

My answer would have been incomplete without that context. Whether you love or hate Trump, he broke all kinds of presidential norms and frequently displayed poor character and leadership. That’s why it is not hard for me to imagine “a president” doing it. That’s not an “apology” for Biden (no one reading my columns could mistake me for a Biden apologist). It’s a criticism of both men (as well as today’s political environment). Biden could have been different from Trump in this regard, but he has proven over and over again not to be. So, as was the case with Trump, this latest example from Biden didn’t surprise me.

No doubt about the left wing slant of the mainstream media and kid gloves for Biden, but iron fists for Trump. It’s also true that Presidential approval poll numbers rise and fall with the economy and those lower poll numbers could reflect a weakening economy. More significant to me is how a medicine has been “partisan-ized” by the media. I keep hearing of Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” and also elsewhere as a possible Covid treatment. I’m thoroughly confused on whether it has real application for humans or not. How did we get to this point on something that should be irrefutable? — John R.

I hear all sorts of stuff on cable TV mostly from supposed “experts.” They often disagree on treatment, masks, booster shots and a whole bunch of other things involving the virus. I’m also confused — and not only about the drug you mention, John. I’m confused because I don’t trust news organizations anymore to play it straight. Too often the “experts” they put on their shows are there simply because they reflect the station’s values and biases.

Bernie, I don’t know but I think that Joe Biden is actually worse at telling the truth than Donald Trump. Donald Trump only looked worse because the media kept calling him a liar no matter what he said. Also, can you provide some specific lies that Donald Trump, not including the lie about the number of people at his inauguration? I’ve heard the comments about all Donald Trump’s lies but never specifics. — Jerry G.

If I have to provide lies that Donald Trump has told to convince you he’s chronically dishonest, then I’d be wasting your time and mine. Google Trump’s lies. Then discount half of them. You still have thousands of statements that are false, misleading or outright fabrications.

Bernie, as far as I can tell, Joe Biden hasn’t done one true press conference since he was elected, where reporters were called on randomly and without prior knowledge of what would they ask. Am I correct in this, and if I am can you think of any previous President that went eight months into their term without a true press conference? To me, this more than anything shows that not only is Biden not equal to the position he holds but that everyone around him recognizes that he’s not equal to the position. — Bob K.

I think you’re right on all counts, Bob. The reason he doesn’t hold more news conferences and take more questions from more journalists is because his handlers don’t trust him not to screw things up.

On his show Monday, Tucker Carlson said: “The point of mandatory vaccinations [in the military] is to identify the sincere Christians in the ranks, the freethinkers, the men with high testosterone levels, and anybody else who doesn’t love Joe Biden and make them leave immediately. It’s a takeover of the U.S. military!”

In the world of reality (a world that doesn’t have much representation on cable news these days), U.S. military members are required to get several different vaccinations before they can serve (for health and readiness purposes), and receiving those vaccinations (including the Covid vaccine now) obviously doesn’t make those soldiers any less Christian, less independent minded, or have low testosterone. It’s clear that Tucker doesn’t believe a lot of what he says on television these days, but because he knows that millions of Americans really do take him seriously, would it be unfair of me to recognize him as a sadist who gets some kind of special thrill out of sending his viewers into hysterics? — Ben G.

Whether he’s a sadist or not, Ben, he is one crummy human being. Is he perceptive at times? Yes. Does he say things at times that need to be said? Yes. But he has a bad habit of attributing the worst motives to people — and I suspect he does it because he knows that’s what the hard core part of his audience wants to hear. As for the quote you reference: Assuming that’s what he actually said, it’s just one more example of how he crosses the line to make points with a segment of his audience.

Sir Bernie, your prediction came true! Apparently three black women from Texas attempted to enter Carmine’s Steakhouse in New York City, but they were asked to leave because of the vaccine mandates in place (you know, those mandates that President Biden and the liberal Democrats support so much). Apparently the three women could not or would not show proof of being vaccinated against Covid. So what did these classy women do? Well the three black women assaulted the young Asian hostess (golly gee whiz—so much for stopping Asian hate, but I digress). Then the three hooligans allied themselves with BLM to harass Carmine’s staff and customers with the same old hackneyed accusations of racism that’s been a part of the liberal playbook for decades. I’m sure you’ve known many liberal Democrats—What do the liberal Democrats say when they witness such incidents?—-How do you think those diversity loving left wing Democrats in New York City feel when they see incidents Like this that destroy several of their narratives all at once? I’m really curious. — “New York Strip with a side of Assault & Battery” Regards from The Emperor

I don’t know what actually happened. But there are reports that paint a different picture than the one you’ve outlines, Your Holiness. Here’s a report from something called “Eater, New York” …

Vaccination requirement controversy at Carmine’s takes another turn

Late last week, various media outlets reported that a trio of customers allegedly assaulted a hostess at Carmine’s on the Upper West Side after she requested to verify their vaccination status. The incident sparked a flurry of news coverage and outrage over social media over the weekend; however, the conflict took another turn on Saturday: The New York Times reports that the customers, three Black women visiting from Texas, did in fact show documentation of their vaccination status, according to their lawyers as well as Carmine’s.

Video footage from a security camera appears to show that three men tried to join the women in the restaurant but two weren’t able to prove their vaccination status, according to reports. At that point, the women exited the restaurant and the Carmine’s hostess allegedly used a racial slur and assaulted the customers first, one of the lawyers representing the women told the Times. The restaurant has denied the women’s account of the altercation through its legal team. The women now have a court date for October 5.”

I’ll wait to see if truth emerges, Sir Emperor.

Yes, I’m going to touch the third rail of political speech – abortion. To me this issue is one where we need strong voices on both sides (all sides?) and a constantly evolving argument. I’m uncomfortable with the government interfering in the most intimate of medical decisions. I’m also put off by this “celebrate your abortion” mentality of the left, which I think is an unconscionable departure from “safe, legal and rare”. Likewise, I am in favor of the death penalty, but this is also a moral issue that needs to be constantly debated by intelligent people. Aren’t these difficult issues the reason we have free speech? Instead we want to declare “settled law” so our side can win and move on. Medical ethics, discoveries, taboos and social mores are necessarily shifting and evolving. Shouldn’t our public discourse be thoughtful and unsettled as well? — Steve R.

You make a lot of sense, Steve. But as you know, both sides are locked in. Some, but very few people are moved or influenced by arguments put forward by the other side. If there were more like you out there, we’d be less polarized — and more open-minded.

Hey Bernie, where can I find the resource for those who is paying the taxes percentages you mentioned [in this week’s “Off the Cuff”? It’s not that I don’t believe you, I just want to be able to back it up when I share it. — Titaniumman11

Here’s the link.

Bernie, as public figures who insisted the 2020 election was “rigged” continue to face costly defamation lawsuits from the voting-system companies they falsely implicated, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell appear to have joined forces to generate extra revenue for their legal defenses:

Three questions:

  1. Isn’t this the greatest collaboration of two individuals since Simon & Garfunkel, or at least since Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man” Savage formed the “Mega Powers” tag-team in the WWF in the late 1980s?
  2. Do you agree that “Towels that Work!” is an absolutely genius product tag-line, being that so many of us are sick and tired of falling victim to regular towels that refuse to absorb moisture?
  3. Is there a “Bernie” promo code that I can use on my next My Pillow online order?

Thanks. — John D.

All interesting questions, John D. And by interesting I mean you’re clearly off your meds — again. But I’ll take a whack at it anyway.

  1. It is a great collaboration … the guy who makes pillows and the guy who made things up. I agree with you that Simon & Garfunkel might be a tad higher on the “Great Collaboration” List …  but only a tad higher. As for Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage: I’ll bet you didn’t know that they recorded “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” BEFORE Simon & Garfunkel did. But Jesse Waters threatened a lawsuit claiming the song was about him and he wanted a piece of the action.
  2. Towels that work are much better than towels that don’t work. I stand by that. They’re especially useful if you fall into troubled waters.
  3. Yes there is. It’s “BernieSaysGFYS”. YS stands for your self.


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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

Could you ever have imagined 20 years ago or even up to very recently that we would have a President of The United States who has been advised NOT to speak live to the American people during a 9-11 Remembrance Service? Isn’t this man a true bully, that talks tough, talks and whispers down to Americans, brags about s*#! he never did; but when it comes to facing a challenge like possibly being booed or heckled, just like a true bully is nothing but a mere coward? Were you blown away that he chose not to speak on Saturday? I certainly was, or then again maybe I wasn’t.  –ScottyG

Nothing he does surprises me, Scotty. Same as with his predecessor. Nothing he did surprised me either.

Bernie: I think a lot of Americans are wondering who this guy is we thought we elected President. Biden sold himself as “ol’ Joe”, “Joe from Scranton” and “a return to normalcy”. Do they wildly spend $3.5 trillion in Scranton? Does ol’ Joe the empathetic leader perform the most inept and deadly troop withdrawal in U.S. military history? And is it a return to normalcy to threaten state elected officials with cancellation if they don’t line up and do what he says in his dictatorial edicts? His governance is nowhere near normal, competent or empathetic. I’m starting to put ol’ Joe in the category of a fraud. He isn’t at all who he says he is. Too harsh? — Steve R.

I recently wrote, Steve, that a majority of voters rejected Donald Trump last time around because he was chaotic and dishonest. And then elected Joe Biden whose presidency is chaotic and dishonest. So I’m with you in your analysis. Check out my column that will go up on Monday for more on this.

Apparently a “racism task force” has been appointed by the National Archives to clean up the offensive parts of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The task force suggested that the National Archives should post trigger warnings for people who may suffer psychological damage from reading these offensive documents that did not originally guarantee freedom for everyone, thus promoting racism and white supremacy. In fact, this task force even found the rotunda offensive because of some of the illustrations on it (Honest to God, I wish this were a piece of satire from “The Onion” or “MAD Magazine” but it’s not). Funny, but I seem to recall how the liberal left wingers absolutely HATED a similarly named organization from decades ago called “The House Un-American Activities Committee” that Hollywood still demonizes and makes movies about. Golly, I wonder why the liberal left wingers suddenly like such organizations —-what changed, I wonder. But I digress.

Here’s what I want to know your thoughts on: how does somebody become a part of this “racism task force” and what must their qualifications be? Seriously. Also, what government office has the authority to appoint such a waste of time and money?

“Woke Dunderheads Committee” Regards from The Emperor

I got a call from Joe Biden today asking for a name or two that I would recommend for the racism task force. I gave him your name. Hope you don’t mind. Regarding your observations: I’m with you, Your Worship: This looks like it’s the work of Mad Magazine or the Onion. I’m guessing National Archives has the authority to appoint a panel without a vote of Congress. But let’s be fair: The Constitution of the United States of America is a pretty scary document — what with that First and Second Amendment stuff. I mean, freedom of speech? Doesn’t that deserve a trigger warning? Freedom of assembly? Come on, man! As for the Second Amendment: I will make no jokes about “trigger” warnings. I could get cancelled for saying stuff like that.

Going into the California recall election night, Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was suggesting that the election might be rigged. He was getting Trumpy in other ways at times on the campaign trail. But when he lost Tuesday night, he publicly conceded that he lost fair and square, and called on his supporters to be “gracious in defeat.” A breath of fresh air, though in the past a candidate conceding defeat was totally normal. What are your thoughts on Elder, and do you think ANY Republican recall candidate would have had a prayer in California? Schwarzenegger pulled it off years ago (because he was Arnold), but do you think anyone else could have? — Ben G.

It was a very long shot for Larry Elder given that there are twice as many Democrats registered to vote in California as Republicans. So, I don’t think — absent a scandal of major proportions — a Republican would succeed in ousting a sitting Democrat in a recall election. I’m glad Larry was gracious. That was a good way to go out.

Simple question, Do you think Trump cared about the Afghan’s that helped us. And do you think he would have done a better job of getting them all out? — Douglas S.

I don’t really think Donald Trump cares about anybody but himself (and maybe his immediate family). We can’t say if he would have done a better job … but I’m pretty sure of this: If it had gone as badly as it did with President Biden, Fox conservatives would have made a million excuses for him. Maybe 2 million. They had every right to bash Biden but they would not have bashed their guy Donald Trump if it had turned out the same way.

Comedian Norm Macdonald just passed away, and I’ve been surprised to hear about the many friendships he had with well known Republicans and conservative/rightwing media people. I’m guessing he leaned right, and discreetly hung out with a bunch of this crowd. I was wondering if you had a relationship with Norm, and either way, what you did you think about his comedy? — Jen R.

I only knew him from TV. He had a strange sense of humor but at times he did make me laugh. I just read an interview he gave where he came out against the cancel culture and other excesses of the left. I don’t know his politics, but if  he was a liberal, he was of the old-fashioned variety. If he played right field, it was smart not to be too political. He lived in LA after all.

This is from an interview he did in 2018 with the Hollywood Reporter:

Q: What about when someone admits to wrongdoing?

A: The model used to be: admit wrongdoing, show complete contrition and then we give you a second chance. Now it’s admit wrongdoing and you’re finished. And so the only way to survive is to deny, deny, deny. That’s not healthy—that there is no forgiveness. I do think that at some point it will end with a completely innocent person of prominence sticking a gun in his head and ending it. That’s my guess.

Goofy question probably, but other than the U.S.A., which country would you most like to live in? — Oliver T.

I honestly can’t think of any place I’d like to live besides right here. Scandanavian countries sound good … but way too cold for me.

Bernie, I have an idea on how to get more Americans vaccinated, and I wanted to workshop it with you a little:

Rather than presenting the vaccines as a choice between Pfizer and Moderna, we start presenting them as a choice between the “Trump Vaccine” and the “Go-Away-Trump Vaccine.” (In reality, the vaccines will be exactly the same, but people won’t be told that). This way, the Trumpers will get on board in larger numbers, as will those among the unvaccinated who wish Trump would just go away. I figure that these two groups pretty much make up the entire U.S. population.

Problem solved, right? Oh, and just for fun, once each of these people gets their second shot, the person administering the shot should say something like, “Oh sh*t! I think I gave you the <opposite> vaccine!”

Your thoughts are appreciated, sir. — John D.

First let me say that I have long believed that you escaped from a mental institution some time ago and that explains the strange nature of your questions. In other words, I have long thought they were crazy — just like you. No offense intended.

But I think this idea is really quite good. Brilliant actually. If they let you out for play time let me suggest you call Dr. Fauci and see what he thinks. Let us know how it goes.


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