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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

Hello Bernie, Do you still blame Donald Trump and his offensive, egotistical, personality for the advent of the Biden administration in all its wokeness, and can you see things getting much worse, leading to economic depression and outright race wars. — Fred N.

Yes on the first question, Fred. I still blame Donald Trump for what we’re stuck with now with Mr. Biden and his team of left wing ideologues. Had he not been so offensive, he might have won a second term. And if he had not been so irresponsible after he lost, the Senate might still be in GOP hands. Can I see things getting much worse? Depends on what you mean by “much.” But yes, things can get worse. But no, I don’t see an economic depression or a race war. One more thing: Biden’s non-stop talk about “systemic racism” in this country will not calm things down.

S0 I’m ready to watch some TV. I open my saved recordings and was going to open a show I watch fairly frequently, ABC News’s 20/20 and what do I see for a storyline? They spent two hours “profiling” the life of…….wait, George Floyd. My anger meter immediately went from 0 to 100. Has any major network ever profiled the life of a cop or policeman killed in the line of duty.? But this career criminal does!! Obviously I didn’t watch it, can only wonder if his seven separate incarcerations, one involving the home invasion of a pregnant woman were covered. GRRRRRRRRRRR — John M.

There’s no hope for the woke.

I was trying to put logic to the Democrat strategy of court packing and making DC and Puerto Rico states. Now that preliminary commentary is coming out of a possible shift in power of the House based upon the Census data, it appears to be logic behind their madness. Do you think is the core of their strategy or is it an outright power grab? — Tim H.

It’s an outright power grab.

I’m sure [Monday’s column] will play well with the majority of Republicans, but Democrats will discard it as pure partisan attack. I think Biden’s rhetoric about “Neanderthals” and “Jim Crow on steroids” are certainly not unifying, but also are the standard political fare. The party line vote on COVID relief matches the party line vote on the Trump tax cut. Fiscal sanity is gone from both parties. Illegal immigration under Biden is a problem, but the mainstream media is giving that some airtime. It appears the Biden administration is poised to spend much more on government and that may be a departure from some campaign perceptions, but those bills haven’t passed Congress yet. Your hair trigger for attacking the left went off just a bit early. — John R.

I’ve spent plenty of time taking on the right … now that the left is running the show … I’m more apt to take them on.

[Regarding Monday’s column]: The vote counting was halted on election night in several key states – in Georgia the phony excuse was a water main break… So we do know that observers were sent home and the count continued through the night without them. These are facts. Add in the 5,000+ affidavits from people at the polls (sworn under penalty of perjury) citing unusual counting procedures, and the “pristine” unfolded, un-mailed “mail-in” and absentee ballots counted – tens of thousands by some accounts… I’d would say lots of people have got some ‘splainin’ to do. — Laurie S.

Donald Trump’s team of crack lawyers — not lawyers ON crack — filed numerous lawsuits … and none of them succeeded. That tells us something, don’t you think? It’s one thing to make comments in front of a TV camera where you can get away with a lot. Quite another to make comments — without hard evidence — in front of a judge. That can get you in trouble.

Bernie, one of your readers/members scolded you under your column this week for rightfully saying that Biden won — not stole — the election. His comment: “Since there have not been performed any forensic examination of the 2020 presidential election, you should not present it as a fact that the claim of the stolen election is bogus.”

I don’t know what a “forensic examination” is, and I doubt that reader does either. But if one wasn’t “performed” for the 2020 election (which was probably examined and litigated more than any other), it definitely wasn’t performed for any prior U.S. presidential election — including 2016’s when Trump won. So does that mean the NO presidential election’s certified outcome should be accepted as fact?

I’m being sarcastic here but this is getting really old. — Jen R.

I’m with you, Jen … this IS getting old. Yogi is alleged to have said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Here’s the bad news for anyone who thinks Trump really won: It’s OVER!

Hi Bernie – I am wondering what you think about news outlets “critiquing” other news outlets about how they cover certain stories. To me, it’s kind of like they are a) a sibling telling on another sibling and b) simply preaching to the choir, i.e. their base. For example, I saw this latest headline from Fox News: “ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC all skip John Kerry controversy over alleged leaking of Israeli intel to Iran”. — Tony P.

Ideally, I’d say let the Sunday media shows on cable deal with how the competition is covering the news. But Fox isn’t likely to criticize Fox and CNN isn’t likely to bash CNN. That said, if they’re going to critique the competition, put it in a media segment — and say something like, “In Tonight’s Media segment, let’s look at how CNN covered such and such.” But you’re onto something, Tony. Each channel is good at taking on the competition but not so good at taking on their own channel for similar offenses. One more reason I don’t take cable news prime time shows seriously.

Hi Bernie. Great piece on Monday and the Off the Cuff on Maxine Waters rings so true. I will admit that I’m a staunch conservative, and am no fan of any of the liberal news outlets. I am guilty of watching Newsmax and a little of Fox. And listening to conservative radio such as Chris Plante. And I can’t help but wonder with the likes of yourself seeking to make a reasonable point out of shear lunacy at times, and others of that ilk such as Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, Mike Levine, and a host of others, who is listening to the message? And as much as we hear how the ratings on all of the liberal outlets have tanked, why is it their message seems to fill the airwaves? I would also say the papered outlets but the only reference I hear about The NY Times or the Washington Post is how they are also scrounging for online subscriptions and ad dollars. Are we again walking down the primrose path concerning elections where the pendulum usually swings back, or have we crossed over into something much more disconcerting? — Rod A.

I don’t see the pendulum swinging back — to the middle — anytime soon, if ever. There’s money to be made pandering to the extreme tastes and biases of the news consumer. Saying on the one hand this, but on the other hand that, is not how cable TV news or subscription print outlets make their money. We can point fingers at the media but as I’ve said before, the audience is the un-indicted co-conspirator. They’re getting what they want. The audience is part of the problem, Rod.

I agree with your point that Biden ran as a moderate and is governing like a progressive. I have a related theory: During the campaign, I don’t think Biden expected or even wanted the Democrats to win the Senate. That way, he wouldn’t have been under pressure to try and deliver on some of the lip-service he gave to progressive Democrats early in his campaign.

However, when Trump suppressed GOP turnout in the Georgia runoff by telling everyone the state’s voting system was corrupt, which lost Republicans the Senate, Biden was probably thinking: “Shoot. Now I’m going to have to try and deliver on some of this over-the-top stuff, so let’s throw every left-wing thing at the wall and see what sticks, because the GOP will likely win back the house in two years.” 

What do you think? — Ben G.

I know what you’re suggesting, Ben, but I don’t see it that way. Joe Biden is a lifelong politician — and lifelong politicians want majorities on their side. So I do think Biden wanted Democrats to win. I don’t think he cares about any supposed pressure to deliver progressive policy. I think he see it as an opportunity to transform America.

Bernie, I’m curious about something you said in this week’s audio commentary. Who are some of the people you listed in your book “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America” that you now think shouldn’t have been on the list? — Alex D.

Barbra Streisand for one. She says dopey left wing things … but is she “screwing up America”? Probably not. Howard Stern? Paris Hilton was a big deal when the book came out. I listed her parents for raising such a seemingly empty headed kid. Not sure they deserved to be on the list, either. There are a few more. But they’re the exceptions. Almost all the others belonged on the list … though 100 People Screwing Up America is still my least favorite book.

As our government looks to be poised to spend tons of money — and I hope we do get some good things in return for it — I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Is Bitcoin’s rise a vote against the Dollar? — John R.

I don’t understand anything about bitcoin. It’s a mystery to me. That said, I wish I bought in at $300.

Sir Bernie, I hear tales of liberal Democrats supposedly getting fed up with blue state governance, so they move to red states to escape the excessive taxes, crime rates, homelessness problems, ad nauseum. However I also hear that these same liberals move to red states and then continue voting for the same types of politicians who promote the same liberal policies that these people were allegedly trying to escape in the first place. However I have not seen any stats to back any of this up. Inform me please if you know—are these allegations true and if so, then WHY In the world would liberals flee to a red state, only to end up consciously voting for the same Dunderhead policies they originally tried to get away from? –“Singing The Red State Blues” Regards From The Emperor

I’m tempted to say, “Beats me” — and leave it at that. I’m not sure all the people who leave a blue state and move to a red state can be lumped together. I don’t know, either, of any stats to back up how they vote in their new state. I suppose some who’ve had enough of liberal policies, abandon them when they move to conservative states. But for others, liberalism is in their blood. They move but their politics remains in place. Go figure, right?

LeBron James is an extremely polarizing figure – not just in the country, but in my head. I can’t seem to square the two LeBrons. He was born to a teenage unwed mother and a non-present father who was in and out of prison. Through an extreme work ethic and dedication to teamwork, LeBron developed his natural talents to become a great basketball player and the face of his league, winning multiple championships and MVP awards. Off the court, LeBron has spent millions opening schools, a housing complex, a community center and a retail plaza in his native Akron, along with donating bikes and a multitude of other necessities to the Boys & Girls Club, etc. Privately and most importantly, LeBron is a good and present father to his three kids. But here’s the part that’s hard to square – LeBron’s words and tweets are too often hateful, bigoted, hypocritical and destructive to the collective community. He was critical of those who supported Hong Kong protestors in defiance of Communist China, is an active participant in the victimhood narrative of black America, and most recently openly targeted and incited the mob against the police officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant, who was in the process of stabbing another black girl. So three questions: Should LeBron James be fined and suspended by the NBA for his incendiary rhetoric that is clearly inciting mob violence toward a police officer? Should he be suspended by Twitter for those same words? And is he only the most recent and high profile public figure who can’t preach what he practices – living a life of responsibility and agency over your own actions? — Steve R.

Should he be suspended by the NBA? No. I don’t want players suspended because they made comments I don’t like, you don’t like or that even reasonable people don’t like. There are boundaries … not anything goes … but for his comment about Bryant, no on suspension.

No regarding Twitter suspension too.

Here’s how I would handle LeBron’s comments: I’d ask him what he would want that police officer to do if Ma’Khia Bryant was about to stab one of his children … or his mother? That would be enough for me.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson instructed his millions of viewers to “call the police immediately” and report child abuse if they see children wearing COVID masks while playing outside. He also said that a vaccinated person wearing a mask outside is like a grown man exposing himself in public. In neither case was he joking.

Do you think that those of us who have parents or parents-in-law who watch Fox News every night (and day), and hang on Carlson’s every word, could successfully sue Carlson to help pay for the costs associated with those family members inevitably being committed to mental institutions? Also, how much would one have to pay you to make Carlson’s laugh your ringtone? — John D.

Let me first take on the most important part of your observation … the part about Tucker Carlson’s laugh. Rightly or wrongly, we no longer waterboard terrorists. Yet there’s no law against Tucker Carlson’s laugh — or Kamala Harris’s either, even though when I hear either of them cackle, it’s torture as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather be waterboarded than be exposed to either of their moronic laugh. Seriously.

As for those who hang on Carlson’s every word … my sympathies to their loved ones.


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Bernie’s Q&A: LeBron James, President Biden, Dr. Fauci, and more! (4/23) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

Hello Bernie, I think your analysis was wrong to blame Trump for causing Republicans to lose the senate and house and thus paving the way for the very destructive radical victories. Trump was a God sent to a Republican party that had loss its way. Trump faced censorship from the corrupt corporate media. With the large unchecked mail in voting nothing could have prevented a a Biden victory. The fix was in regardless of what Trump did or did not do. A shame and as disgrace. — Frederic N.

We disagree. Obviously.

Fairly recently, there were headlines alleging that the FBI deliberately ignored tipsters and people who wanted to be interviewed about their knowledge of bad and inappropriate behavior from Brett Kavanaugh. Supposedly these tipsters had genuine evidence that gave credence to Christine Blasey-Ford’s rape accusations against him. Well… I have not seen much follow up to this. Is there any hard evidence showing that the FBI somehow tried to cover up a possibly embarrassing truth about Kavanaugh? Or is this just another bit of nonsense being pushed by the left in the hopes of getting him removed from the Supreme Court so that President Biden can replace Justice Kavanaugh with a judge who is more comparable to Ruth Bader Ginsburg? What are your thoughts on this? — “Continue Beating A Dead Horse” Regards —-From The Emperor

I have no inside information but if the FBI was protecting Kavanaugh the New York Times would be all over the story. Until I hear something resembling evidence, I’m not giving much credence to the accusation.

Is traditional news dying? Are the talking heads becoming talking corpses, who just don’t know that nobody is listening anymore? I’m in my early 60’s and I’ve watched as balanced objective news reporting on TV and in print, have become tabloid blather. TV or print news today is more like TMZ or the rag you see at the grocery store checkout counter (“woman has Martian’s baby”). More and more of my friends are turning to the internet or podcasts for either balance reporting or to reaffirming an existing opinion. The younger generations have bypassed traditional news and “go directly to podcast”. Just look at the popularity of Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Young Turks and David Pakman. Just like in, “The Death of a Salesman”, this Death of a Newsman seems to be a struggle between the dwindling viewership reality and the illusions that they are still relevant. Trump was a shot of adrenaline for traditional news, but I wonder if TV and print news will one day be parked next to the Town Crier and Hieroglyphics. — George A.

Newspapers used to be supported by advertisers. Now they get their money from subscriptions. So the New York Times needs to keep its readers happy. If they give them news that makes conservatives look good (or progressives look bad) they may lose subscribers. So they pander to their audience. Same with cable. Give the viewer what he or she wants or they might not return. Soon there likely will be no actual newspapers. And as news gets more biased — and more unreliable — people will go to other places for their information. But … those other places likely will be places that reaffirm what they already believe. Not good.

Many on the right feared that Biden would be little more than an empty vessel, a puppet with the radicals on the left pulling the strings. Biden denied this during the campaign saying, “I beat the Socialists.” Lets look at his record so far:

  1. he appointed Kamala Harris as his point person to address the immigration/border issue. Now maybe due to his decreasing cognitive issues he mis remembered that Kamala campaigned on open borders when she was running for President. So why would a person who wants open borders roll her sleeves up and jump right in on her assignment? Almost a month later and she has yet to do anything and has not made one visit to the border. No incentive and apparently Biden is not pressing the issue. Kamala was seen in a photoshoot at some crochet fabric shop recently.
  2. Friday, Biden announced that he would be leaving the U.S. refugee admissions cap for this year at where Trump had placed it, 15,000. Well the radicals led by AOC and her crew were having none of that and let Biden know they were not happy. By the end of the day the WH issued a statement that Biden would set a “final increased refugee cap” for the remainder of the fiscal year on May 15.
  3. Biden, during the campaign was luke warm on the subject of another “major want” of the radical left, packing the SCOTUS. When he was in the Senate he called FDR’s plan to do so “a bonehead idea”. Last Fall he stated on 60 Minutes that he was not a fan of court packing. And now, he has a commission that will spend six months looking into it.

So yeah, we know who’s calling the shots. — John M.

My column posted last Monday begins with this: “You have to hand it to Sen. Bernie Sanders. He lost the Democrats’ presidential nomination but won the presidency. Congratulations, Bernie, that’s quite an accomplishment.” The rest makes the case that you make, John.

I believe its been almost a month since Biden announced to the nation that his VP will be in charge of the border. I’m waiting. But now I’m thinking that maybe their plan is in place. That in reality they want this crisis to push for open borders. I hope I’m wrong. — Tim H.

I hope you’re wrong too, Tim.

Bernie, is a white person racist if they protect a black person from being attacked by another black person? I’m not asking for myself, this question is for my friends up in Columbus, Ohio and LeBron James, who is desperately worshiping at the woke alter in the hopes that doing so might somehow elevate him over Jordan. — Joe M.

I don’t think that’s what motivates LeBron. I think he sincerely believes that black people have targets on their backs. In a way he’s right. Young black men have more to fear from other young black men than from rogue white cops. But so no one misunderstands: Rogue white cops who use excessive force should be held accountable for their actions. I just wish LeBron and other athletes and coaches, black and white, would speak out about what’s become sadly routine in places like Chicago. I wish the national media would speak out about it also.

Bernie: You and other journalists have well chronicled the president’s and Congress’s extreme policies out of the gate in 2021 (trillion dollar “relief” bills, a plethora of executive actions, proposals to pack the court and add states, end the filibuster, etc.). The general thought among conservatives seems to be that the Dems think they have some sort of voter mandate. Though they control the House, Senate and Presidencies, their majorities are razor thin, and the 2020 elections were far from a blue wave. I actually think these hard left policy proposals are the RESULT of their slim majorities, not despite them. Dems know they will probably lose significant Congressional seats in 2022 and won’t have this hardball advantage much longer, so better cut to the car crash now. It’s also why Biden is barely paying lip service anymore to unity and bipartisanship. These take time, a commodity he knows he doesn’t have. What are your thoughts? — Steve R.

You’re right, Steve. The clock is ticking. Democrats have only until the midterms to push through has much as they can. After that, they figure they might not have control of (at least) the House. So, it’s all hands on deck right now.

Spring is upon us and I expect a glorious summer. I was hoping most of us getting vaccinated would end the COVID tyranny of government overreach, yet I’m hearing lots of reports on variants, vaccine passports and other troubling news. Do you think we’ll see a wind down of the lockdowns, et al soon? — John R.

I think most Americans have had enough of lockdowns and masks and all the rest. Early on, it made sense. I got vaccinated twice. I understand that Dr. Fauci believes that I may still get the virus — without symptoms — and pass it along to someone else. Well, John, if that “someone else” has had the opportunity to get the vaccine … and chose not too … here’s my scientific response: tough noogies. I’m going to take off my mask whenever the store or restaurant allows it.

Bernie, us members knew you left Real Sports a couple months ago. Now it seems to be a big story. Are you surprised by all the exposure it’s getting? — Ben G.

Surprised is a giant understatement. I’m flabbergasted. A blogger became a subscriber to my website, dug through anything I ever said about my departure — which was next to nothing — and wrote a story about it which got picked up all over the place. I’ve turned down numerous opportunities to speak about this. Not interested. But … one more piece by that blogger will be coming out soon, I’m told. And that will be the most complete version of the story. At least I hope it is.

Yesterday I turned on the TV looking for a movie to watch. When “Saving Private Ryan” appeared on the screen list, the choice was easy. Not only because it is a great movie, but also because it gave me a chance to feel good about my ( our) country. Like millions of others earlier this week I awaited the verdict in Minnesota in part out of  fear ( would there be riots? ) and in part out of optimism (would a guilty verdict allow us to renew our faith in our justice system and thereby begin  to move forward in a positive and constructive manner?). Happily and sadly, the answer to both of these questions appears to be no. We seem to be past the point of healing. Is there any question anymore that a large number of Americans view this country as “systemically racist”and filled with “white supremacists?” One need only listen to the post trial soundbites of our elected leaders to know the answer. This past week our new UN ambassador made clear how she feels about America when she said that “White supremacy (was weaved) into our founding documents and principles.” Are these sentiments shared by our President and VP, our Speaker and scores of our senators and congressmen? If so, how can they  tell us that they love America and their fellow citizens who do not share  their negative views of America? This all begs the question of where do we go from here when there are powerful voices in this country that believe in their hearts that the only way to “cure” America is to strip it of its heritage and traditions and essentially start all over? I could not help but think as the final scene ended in Private Ryan whether millions of Americans today would view that movie with the awe and reverence and thankfulness that was palpable in movie theaters just 23 years ago. How do we ever recapture those feelings when we are inundated on a daily basis with vitriol about this nation by our politicians , media and even our schools? It will be very interesting to see how those who hold and constantly share these negative views talk and behave on July 4th this year. — Michael F.

After the verdict in Minneapolis, the vice president spoke about what a racist country America is. She was followed by our president who said the same thing. This was indefensible. The same words about how supposedly racist America is could have come from our adversaries — in Russia or China. When they come from our top two elected officials, it is a very sad moment for this country.

Despite the very high effectiveness and increasing supply (and distribution) of the COVID-19 vaccinations, Dr. Ben Carson was on Neil Cavuto’s show this week still advocating for hydroxychloroquine as an alternative treatment for COVID-19.

Are you surprised the political players on the right are still going to bat for hydroxychloroquine in light of wide vaccine accessibility, and also the medical determination that the anti-malaria drug never provided much (if any) benefit to COVID-19 patients? Also, do you believe, at this point, that a number of doctors who later went into partisan politics should have their doctoral degrees recognized as more of a personal branding title, similar to Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati? — John D.

You are being totally unfair, John D. Totally! To Dr. Johnny Fever. One of the great scientific minds of the last century.

True story: I interviewed a doctor in California for Real Sports years ago. The subject was addiction, athletes who use pain killers and get hooked. After I got the essence of his knowledge about the subject, I very seriously said to him: “The Rascals have said, ‘I’ve got the fever, you got the cure.’ What exactly is the cure?”

He looked at me like I just dropped in from outer space. It was hilarious. He was the only one who didn’t laugh. Absolutely true story.


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Bernie’s Q&A: Carlson, Haley, Coca-Cola, and more! (4/16) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

We have long debated the proper role between sports and politics, but this latest move by MLB moving their all-star game and draft out of Georgia due to the new voting laws seems different in two respects. In the past, if a corporate head wanted to contribute his/her own money for a political cause, to me that was no reason to boycott the business. Jack Dorsey (Twitter) wants to give millions to BLM? Knock yourself out. The Cathy family (Chick-Fil-A) supports organizations favoring traditional marriage? That’s no reason to cancel Chick-Fil-A building permits. However when a business organization like MLB seeks to essentially punish voters for who they chose to elect and legislation they chose to pursue, that’s a new, brazen act of overreach. In another respect, conservatives especially have talked a good game but generally not followed through on calls of boycotts and withholding commerce from woke corporations. This feels different, though. Do you think there is some staying power among conservatives who feel lines were crossed by MLB, Delta, and Coca-Cola? — Steve R.

Smart analysis, Steve. But I’m afraid those woke corporations — the ones who are showing us how “virtuous” they are but are really sucking up to the progressive Democrats who currently control Congress and the Presidency — will get away with what they’re doing. If you want to fly someplace Delta goes, you’re going to fly Delta. Coca Cola is different, of course. I for one will not drink it. Nor will I watch any baseball game not involving the Yankees. I enjoy watching Yankee games and I won’t punish myself for what MLB did. That said, I hope MLB suffers … I hope Coke suffers … I hope all those companies pay a price for their wokeness. But I don’t think they will. I hope I’m wrong.

Sir Bernie, Joe Biden said that Georgia’s voting laws are “Jim Crow on steroids.” Explain something to me please— A valid photo I. D. is often required for numerous legal transactions, and this is not considered to be racist, so what exactly is “racist” about requiring a legal photo I.D. to vote, and why do the liberals and Democrats oppose this and believe (and PUSH) the notion that voter identification verification is somehow racist? –“IDENTIFY YOURSELF!” Regards From The Emperor

Your Emperor-ness, Holy of Holies … If you understand this, all else will fall into place: EVERYTHING is racist nowadays. Even math. EVERYTHING. You’re welcome.

I’m going to make a bold prediction… Who am I kidding? It’s not bold at all, it’s a fait accompli. No way Biden boycotts it. Carter boycotted the 80 Moscow Olympics but there were no American companies doing business in Russia which would have lost millions as a result. Not the case with China, many major corporations would lose their shirts if China was boycotted. You know their names, Coca Cola, the NBA, etc etc. I believe Coke and Biden agreed on a quid pro quo, we’ll publicly decry the Georgia Election law and agree with you’re calling for MLB to move the All Star game out of Atlanta, if you can guarantee that you will not boycott those Olympics. After all, it is all about politics and money. — John M.

Whether there was a formal agreement or not, American corporations certainly are figuring if they kiss up to the Democratic Party, the party will re-pay the favor. As for whether our woke president will call off the Olympics. No way. I agree with you, John.

Right after the 1/6 attack, Nikki Haley said of Donald Trump: “We need to acknowledge he let us down. He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.”

This week, Haley said that if Trump runs for president in 2024, she will choose not to run, and support him instead.

This is so pathetic that I have to believe her political career is over (and probably should be). What do you think? –Ben G.

She, like most politicians, is simply being practical. She knows she can’t win against Trump so why jeopardize her career by running against him — when she can wait 4 years and the run. Is her decision to support him if he runs, courageous? Of course not. But nothing is LESS courageous and MORE pathetic than Ted Cruz. Donald Trump made fun of his wife’s appearance and suggested his father may have been involved with the Kennedy assassination — and he still won’t bad mouth the former president. It’s really sad, Ben.

The US case fatality rate from Covid-19 as of 4/13 for all ages is approximately 1.8%. So for example, out of 6.8 million infected patients there will be 122,400 deaths as a result of a Covid-19 infection. So we just paused the roll out J&J vaccine for 6 cases of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and thrombocytopenia after 6.8 million doses administered. The creation of this vaccine, in the time period it was created is nothing short of miraculous. Is the Press so committed to their hatred of WARP speed and Trump (J&J took $1B) that they cant put this in perspective. Is the press willing to sacrifice 100,000 Americans just to be right? Or are they just so lazy that they can’t do the math? — George A.

Probably all of the above, George, but certainly the last one you listed: Too lazy to do the math. And not smart enough to do it either.

You’re in FL where DeSantis & Dems have done a good job, but my part-time state is CA. Many CA counties are about to enter the lowest tier of lockdown & once there, restaurants can move from 25% occupancy to 50% . . . but there’s no ‘next tier’ to return to 100%(?). What “science” justifies this? “Science” is now a fluid term (like “racist” and “free speech”), and most times, true science is unsettled. Politicians’ appropriation of the term “science” has become an existential threat to the US. If CA restaurants and small business can only open at 50% capacity, they will die off. Nationally, Biden & Kerry & AOC are planning outrageous Climate expenditures that will limit many business activities and regulate others out of existence. Maybe insurrections like Jan. 6 will become more common like the “peaceful protests” we now accept. PS: Check out Steve Koonin’s (former Obama Adm official) new book ‘Unsettled’ — DonEstif

Despite all you say, Don, the governor of California may very well survive the recall move against him and I wouldn’t bet that a Republican would become governor if Gavin Newsom is ousted. As for Biden: His poll numbers are pretty good. Until enough people are directly affected by what you describe, Democrats will not pay a price for their policies.

Few people on cable news seem to enjoy scaring their viewers as much as Tucker Carlson. Lately he’s been inferring that the COVID-19 vaccines aren’t effective after all. First, I’m willing to bet money that Carlson himself has been fully vaccinated for some time. Second, the effectiveness these vaccines were sold on has proven true in the stats, and there’s been no instance of a fully vaccinated person dying or even having to be hospitalized with COVID-19. Israel, who’s been better at vaccinating their people than anyone, is now only getting about 200 new infections a day – which is fantastic. Yet, polls in America are showing the number of Republicans who say they’ll NEVER get vaccinated has been consistently above 40%. Fox seems to let their commentators get away with anything (other than criticize Donald Trump), but do you think the big wigs at the network have a moral obligation to pull Carlson aside, and say, “You’re someone they trust and listen to. We’re talking about a deadly virus. Can you please stop feeding them B.S. on at least this one thing?” — Jen R.

Carlson said this week that he believes in vaccines and supports vaccines … but wonders why if they effective, we still have to wear masks every time we leave our house. I try not to watch him too often, so I’m willing to accept that you’ve actually heard him say he doesn’t believe vaccines are effective — and are not simply relaying on what his left wing critics are saying about him. The bigger issue for me is how much all the prime time people on all the cable channels can get away with — as long as it brings in viewers.

Trump and now Biden want to pull all of our troops out of Afghanistan for what seems like a purely self-serving reason: to claim credit for ending the “endless war.” It’s hard to even say it’s for political reasons because few Americans seem to have strong feelings on the issue these days (most Americans don’t even think about Afghanistan anymore). For practical purposes, a full withdrawal doesn’t make a lot of sense and most military experts say it’s a mistake. The number of U.S. troops we have there is comparatively low, no U.S. solider has been killed on operations for over a year, and U.S. combat operations are very infrequent (practically non-existent). Our soldiers are basically just training and providing resources for the Afghan National army, supporting NATO troops, and serving as a regional deterrent against Islamic extremists organizing there, which are all important anti-terror roles to address a threat that hasn’t gone away. But the last two presidents have been fixated on removing the U.S. military entirely, even as a purely stabilizing force (as Obama did in Iraq which was a terrible mistake). And Biden wants to do it on the anniversary of 9/11 which is really bad optics. Do you see this as anything other than a vanity play for the history books at this point? We’ve kept troops in other countries for a lot longer. — Kirk V.

In the last few days I’ve heard a lot of compelling arguments — including from you — as to why Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan is a mistake. That said, we defeated both the Japanese and the Germans in 4 years and we’ve been in Afghanistan now for 20 years. I’ve long believed that if we stay there for another year … another 10 years … or even another 100 years … 10 seconds after we leave it’ll be as if we were never there. My instinct is to say, Enough.  Time to go home. But as I say I’ve heard from many experts who take the other side. As for the 9/11 pullout date:  Bad optics is right!

Some Dems in Congress have just put forth a bill to pack the Supreme Court with more justices (non coincidentally under a Dem president). The bill VERY likely won’t go anywhere but it seems to me that this a political gift to Republicans. Polls show the SCOTUS to be one of our most highly respected government institutions, and also that the public opposes court packing. Do you think this will be a big GOP campaign point in the 2022 mid-terms? — Ralphie

It should be but I’m losing faith in the American people. Biden ran as a moderate … is governing as a far left wing progressive … and is getting away with it. Republicans need a good PR firm to get their message out. Because right now more Americans like the Democrats than like the Republicans. But let me add that this has happened before and the GOP still picked up seats in the off year election. So there’s hope.

I just saw where the Jen Psaki, the press secretary, said the administration wants to reach conservatives to convince them to get the Covid-19 vaccination. So, ads will be shown on Deadliest Catch, CMT (Country Music Television) and NASCAR races. Wondering where you fit in Bernie with those choices? I have nothing against them but I view none of them. Is that not stereotyping conservatives? Is that what liberals think of red state natives? Too bad there just isn’t a Hayseed network to reach. Imagine if they were targeting a minority group and narrow casting the ads that way. Would there be any uproar do you think about that? — Warren

I can’t add anything to what you said, Warren. You nailed it. Here’s what they think but are hesitant to say out loud (though some have): That conservatives are just plain stupid. They’re a bunch of rednecks. Most, but not all, are also bigots. The liberal elite don’t only think they’re smarter and more sophisticated than Red State conservatives; they think they’re better than those people. Better! And we wonder why we’re so divided in this country?

Earlier this year, the Dr. Seuss estate cancelled and handful of its own books. A number of people on the political right, not understanding that this was a self-cancellation instead of an example of the “cancel culture,” bought a ton of Dr. Seuss books (off Amazon and elsewhere) and made the estate a lot of extra money (effectively rewarding them for cancelling their own books). With that in mind, have you considered asking your publisher to pull one of your books (whichever one sold the fewest copies), sending out a press release announcing that the book has been pulled, and then sitting back and watching sales on your remaining books experience a huge surge so that you can go on some really nice vacations this year? — John D.

Usually Mr. John D I think you’re borderline CRAZY. But this is actually a brilliant idea. I can even go on Fox and cry about how mean “they” are to me, cancelling my book for no good reason. I’m sure I’d get a lot of support from the prime time crowd at FNC. The book that sold the fewest copies was titled “Is a Ham Sandwich Infrastructure?” Given all that’s going on at the moment I think I could hit the jackpot if my publisher yanks it off of Amazon and claims “they” cancelled it. Brilliant idea. I’m glad I thought of it.


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Bernie’s Q&A: DeSantis, Barkley, Gutfeld, and more! (4/9) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

Do you believe that today’s Professors educating tomorrow’s journalists are out to lunch? If you had the chance, what would you say to these professors based on your experience? — Tim H.

Too many who teach journalism are part of the problem. Surveys have shown that J-school staffs are overwhelmingly liberal. I would tell journalism professors to make sure students understand the role of a journalist, which in my opinion is to be an honest, non-partisan broker of information — not an activist pushing a cause they care about.

So, a straight-up news piece on (not commentary or op-ed) openly takes sides offering companies three ways they can help fight Georgia’s restrictive new voting laws. Repeating the Biden claim that the law is returning Georgia back to the days of Jim Crow, despite the fact that the WAPO called him out on that they offer this:

  1. don’t donate to the two Georgia Republicans who co-sponsored the voting changes
  2. calls upon corporations to spread awareness so that similar bills are not passed in Arizona and Texas
  3. asks corporations to fight for federal law in which the article expressly takes sides in favor of the infamous H.R.1 which critics charge will be used to cement a lifetime Democratic majority.

Nothing in the article to point out that the vast majority of Americans have consistently supported laws that would require voters to display a photo ID before voting which is the most contentious portion of the bill. So we knew CBS was totally left leaning but now has dipped its toe into the cable news genre. Did you ever think your old shop would stoop to this, Bernie? Wonder what Walter Cronkite would think of it all. SMH — John M.

You know what I find most interesting about this, John: You can’t get into the CBS News Broadcast Center on West 57th Street in Manhattan … wait for it … without an ID. Too many young, woke people in news these days pretending to be journalists. For the record … when confronted with what they did, CBS fixed the mistake.

Charles Barkley recently criticized both Republicans and Democrats for sowing racial division in this country so as to “keep their grasp on Money and Power”. Charles said this, on TV, as a black man, while covering sports for CBS. Talk about the courage of swimming against the current. George Orwell was once quoted as saying, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Is Barkley a revolutionary and is he showing us a way to bring our country back together? — George A.

I know Charles. I’ve interviewed him several times. Here very simply is why he stands out among the many people on TV: He’s honest.

That’s it.

Hi Bernie – I watch Fox News occasionally, and have you seen their new tagline: Standing up for what is Right? Glad they are calling a spade a spade. For all others reading this….I am not criticizing Fox News, just pointing out something interesting. And, I also guess I have been living in a cave or my eyes aren’t what they used to be since a quick search shows this tagline started back in November! — Tony P.

Too bad Fox (and CNN and MSNBC and the other cable news outfits) don’t always stand up for what is right — but instead stand up for what makes them the most money.

Great [Monday] commentary, Bernie! And, the reason that I am a member. Trump was definitely not healthy for our country. Yes, he accomplished a lot, but he also was the great divider (but he just continued what Obama started). Biden with his malarkey about uniting the country is continuing the division with his lies and his incendiary comments (about the fair Georgia election law for instance). And, as for the media, they are all responsible for this, all of them, including the print media, which you didn’t include in your commentary. This is why I am using outside sources, like Bill O’Reilly and you, to get my news and commentary. It is a sad situation that we are in and it can only lead to bad things happening (which is already occurring). — Jerry G.

Thanks, Jerry. Let me talk briefly about our current president. He talks a good game about unity but his words don’t match his divisive actions. You are absolutely correct when you say, “his malarkey about uniting the counting is continuing the division with his lies and his incendiary comments.”

Editor’s note: the next question was edited for length:

I agree, there’s money to be made by the media for polarizing, no doubt about that. I also agree and fear, you may be right about destroying the country. Where I depart slightly is in the equivalence. Right up to 2016, I thought there was bias in the media and along came Trump. He is basically, a counter puncher. Since I’m a person that prefers facts and deplores personal attacks, it is pretty hard for me to support Trumps counter punching. Having said that, he was under attack from a very wide band of the media, those that acknowledged their bias and the bulk of the rest that represents to this day their objectivity. Trump so enraged them that many reporters outed themselves as biased as everyone else. It’s pretty hard to be civil and have open and constructive discourse when you’re shouted down or turned off. … Bernie, when do you think they will come for you? I’m not kidding. The day you share something they don’t like enough and they will. So let’s talk some more about mutual polarization. — Peter J.

They came for me a long time ago, Peter. When I was at CBS I wrote about liberal bias in the news. At Fox, I talked about that AND conservative bias. The common theme was that I was speaking out against … bias. Liberals came after me when I wrote and talked about liberal bias and so-called conservatives came after me when I bashed conservative media bias. But as I’ve said before … they were tossing spitballs at a battleship.

Bernie, [regarding your Monday column] nice try, however, you truly can’t compare Trump to Biden. As a one-time right-leaning Independent, Trump’s level of … you name it … is outrageous. You just can’t do that kind of comparison. Your audience will just roll their eyes. Oh, about that election, you know, the one that Trump won in a landslide (eye roll) … You get my point? –Aloha, Mike S

Trump was a chronic liar and caused chaos every day he was in office. Biden has a nicer demeanor but he’s also dishonest (not as much as Trump — yet) and his nice guy routine wears thin when he plays the race card. You surely know, Mike, that I’m no fan of Donald. I’ve written extensively and negatively about him. But let me be clear: I’m no fan of Joe either and not only because I don’t like his politics. I don’t like his malarkey either.

Brandon Elliot of NYC, who was out on parole after pleading to stabbing his own mother to death in 2002, suddenly and brutally attacked an elderly Asian lady while yelling racial epithets at her and telling her that she “didn’t belong” here. As it turns it out in blue NYC, this guy happens to be another one of those black white supremacists that the media and the Dems keep warning Asian-Americans about. The NY Times reported that the attorney from the Legal Aid society representing the accused urged the public “to reserve judgment until all the facts are presented in court.”

Funny, but I didn’t hear anything like that from the media and their allies about Jussie Smollett, the Atlanta shooter, or Officer Chauvin, but I digress. WHAT GENIUSES think that it would be a good idea to let vicious murderers out of prison on parole? Seriously, who is accountable for these dumb ass decisions, and WHY do so many liberals keep voting in politicians that are soft on dangerous criminals? Don’t these liberals realize that they themselves are in danger as well when the idiots in charge release dangerous thugs back into society? — “Release vicious murderers from prison but lock up the MAGA people and throw away the key!”–Regards, From The Emperor

All I have to say in response, Your Holiness, is that I agree with you 100%. My first reaction was the same as yours: Who thought it was a good idea to let a guy out to walk the streets after he KILLED HIS MOTHER? Brilliant, right?

I’ll make this brief as I have already posted for this weeks Q&A. Once the gold standard of news magazines, 60 Minutes has stooped to the level of the rest with its hatchet job on Governor DeSantis. SMH. — John M.

If the Florida governor were a liberal Democrat, they would have been a lot more careful in their reporting. Simple as that, I’m afraid.

To a grey-haired geezer like me, CBS News and 60 Minutes were gold standards for journalism to my generation. The recent 60 Minutes show on Governor Ron DeSantis seems more like a hit piece to me. Yes Mike Wallace was aggressive and confrontational, but I trusted his facts. I can’t trust them now when Florida Democratic officials are saying the story is garbage. It seems to me Gov. DeSantis has made two unforgivable sins (for the media):

  1. He went light on COVID-19 restrictions and Florida is pretty much the same on hospitalizations/deaths as other states are that locked down hard.
  2. He would make a very strong 2024 Republican Presidential candidate. What do you think of the new crew running 60 Minutes and their recent story?

— John R.

Let’s just say the new crew isn’t in the same ballpark as the old crew — Mike, Morley, Ed, Harry Reasoner. And you’re right about the governor’s “unforgivable sins.” A young Republican on the rise is a juicy target.

Do you think the Democrat Party could, ever, get control of our Military? — Barney G.

Depends on what you mean by “control.” The Democrats can influence defense spending. They can influence how the military is deployed. The more votes they have in Congress the more influence they would have. But if you mean “take over” the military — a kind of coup — no.

It was just announced that Mike Pence will be releasing an autobiography in 2023. What do you think the odds are that it will include an honest, accurate depiction of what he saw and encountered in the Trump White House? I’m thinking about 0%, especially if he plans to run for president. — Ben G.

Zero percent is in the ballpark. There’s very little chance — if he has an interest in running for president — that we’ll get the full story of what went on behind the scenes. If he makes Donald Trump look bad, he’s toast. Mr. Trump’s loyal allies have it in for Pence to begin with — because he actually did what he was supposed to do on January 6. They might vote for him just to get Joe out of office. But not if he bashes Donald.

Greg Gutfeld’s new weeknight comedy show premiered on Fox this week, and I’ve seen a few clips from it. Is it safe to say that the network succeeded in its quest to prove that anti-liberals are just as capable of producing an unfunny late-night show as the liberals at the major networks? — John D.

Yes. It is safe to say precisely that! Some guy doing a ventriloquist act ON THE RADIO would be more entertaining than “Gutfeld!” Tyrus is the only one on the show worth listening to.


Thanks, everyone! You can send me questions for next week using the form below! You can also read previous Q&A sessions by clicking here.

Bernie’s Q&A: Carlson, Biden, Gaetz, and more! (4/2) — Premium Interactive ($4 members)

Welcome to this week’s Premium Q&A session for Premium Interactive members. I appreciate you all signing up and joining me. Thank you.

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Now, let’s get to your questions (and my answers):

I’m really tired of the phrase, “Follow the Science”! One of the core principles of the scientific method is to always apply rigorous skepticism. Science works to learn about our world and in doing so, changes how we perceive/interact with that world. Today we seem to have our world view and try to fit the science into that view. Be damned if you question an ideological view and god help you if you offer new or even established facts that contradict this view (Gender identity, Climate Change or even Covid-19). Questioning previous scientific results or established ideology, is the exact mechanism of how science moves forward to make our world better. Richard Feynman once said, “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered, than answers that can’t be questioned”. — George A.

Nice analysis, George. Like too much in our current environment, “follow the science” is another way of saying “follow my politics.”

What are the odds that Joe can buck the pressure to eliminate the filibuster and turn Republican to shift them to the majority party. He would be a hero to the Republicans and most of West VA but he would be scorned by the Left. — Patrick M.

Let me be clear to those who don’t know who Joe is. It’s Joe Manchin, the Democratic Senator from West Virginia. He won’t switch parties. He was born a Democrat and plans someday to die a Democrat. As for bucking the pressure to eliminate the filibuster: He has repeatedly said he’ll stand strong. He better or he’s going to look like a world class liar. But I suspect he’ll go along with a tweak here or there.

It is clearly obvious that Joe Biden is not in charge. He can’t even hold a press conference without a pre-planned questioner list and answer cards to read from. The question remains. Who is really pulling the strings and how did that person or committee achieve the real power? You have implied it might be Bernie Sanders. I suspect Barack Obama with his inside woman, Susan Rice. What say you? — Robert V.

I’m with you, Robert, in that Biden is not in charge. I think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer along with Bernie Sanders are in charge. Joe is going along for the ride. Obama may have some influence too. But the important point, as you state, is that the president is just the front man — he’s not calling the shots.

Joe Biden’s rambling, mumbling performance at his press conference was nothing new and, I guess, something we will have to get used to. That he has to use cue cards to articulate his own policy decisions and rambles off of his own thoughts and sentences incoherently should concern us all. But it doesn’t seem to bother the Left, who are obviously using a cognitively declining president to cram their extreme policies through a narrowly divided congress with no mandate for such extremism. Biden never advocated for any of these directives, including killing the filibuster, when he was in the senate for 26 years. Have Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris granted themselves de facto power of attorney over the White House? I’m not being hyperbolic. –Steve R.

See my previous answer, to Robert’s question. But yes, Pelosi, Schumer and Sanders (maybe Harris too) are running the show.

(Regarding the press conference) Do you agree with the view that Biden is so befuddled that he does not know what is going on at the border, therefore he is not lying to the press and is controlled by other more sinister people such as Susan Rice. –Fred N.

I don’t know what role Susan Rice is playing, but as I’ve said in response to the last few questions … Joe is just the frontman. But I think conservatives are handing Biden and his team a gift when they portray him as completely out to lunch. People then expect him to spit on himself, and spout nonsense. Conservatives may think everything that comes out of his mouth proves that he has dementia, but I think he comes off as fairly normal to non partisans. If the right continues to lower the bar, to tell people he’s incapable of uttering a complete sentence, then Biden will pass the befuddled test.

I thought Biden’s press conference was kind of a mess, but it’s funny watching his political opponents on TV and online portray it as a disjointed, mentally aloof atrocity. They do remember Trump’s press conferences (or any time he was in front of a microphone), right? — Jen R.

Their memory is not the issue, as I suspect you know Jen. Their hypocrisy is. Neither side gives the other side an inch. I detest all of them.

No question the press was much kinder to Biden on his fall than to Trump’s slow walk. I still wonder if Biden is just getting a “honeymoon” period with the press or if this will last the whole four years. Trump did not get any honeymoon period, so that is hypocrisy I saw. Americans want to believe in their President, especially right after the election. Do you think Presidents should get a “honeymoon” with the press? — John R.

I think reporters should do their job from Day One. I don’t want them to be overly confrontational, but I’m not a big fan of honeymoons that involve people in power and journalists. As for whether the honeymoon will last: Let’s just say the road may get a bit rougher for President Biden, but it will never approach the relationship between the press and Donald Trump. And I want to emphasize that if the press gets tougher on Biden, it won’t be a lot.

Bernie, is there any time in history where one can point to those that restricted rights and censored speech and say that those people were the “good guys”? I am sure there are some limited technical exceptions, but generally, has this totalitarian approach now embraced by the Left and Big Tech ever prevailed? — Joe M.

No, it was never the good old days when government or other powerful institutions censored speech. But as to the question whether it ever prevailed: It prevails in dictatorships until the dictator gets thrown out. But restricted rights can prevail for quite some time. Russia and China are two examples.

Personal question: In your columns and Q&As, much has been made about how the mainstream media pushes the narrative that all of America’s problems have their roots in white supremacy. You’ve correctly pointed out that white liberal guilt knows no bounds and that white liberal Democrats (especially those in the media) will move Heaven and earth to demonstrate their “good racial manners” to prove to the country that THEY are the “good white people who are NOT like those other evil white (Christian) conservative racist Republicans” who want to oppress all minorities and people of color.

So please don’t take this the wrong way but I must ask: looking back on it, in your own younger liberal days before you brazenly left the liberal plantation, did you yourself ever feel white guilt so badly that you would sometimes catch yourself or your colleagues trying to rationalize bad behavior from minority groups so you could show your own good racial manners? If so, how did you manage to shake that white guilt off of yourself? If not, why do you think that you were immune from it when so many of your own colleagues were not?

I’m being respectful here but I’m also very curious. Your thoughts are always welcome. –“White Guilt Absolution” Regards From The Emperor

I never felt white guilt, liberal or otherwise. I thought our history on race was deplorable. I thought the racists of the 1960s were detestable (barely) human beings. But I took no responsibility for what they did simply because Bull Connor was white and so was I.

What’s your opinion of the Biden administration’s position to restrict the press into the immigrant facilities until they fix it? I personally can’t believe the MSM is accepting this! — Tim H.

Editor’s note: the question above came in before journalists were allowed in the facilities. A group has since been allowed inside the main facility in Texas. John Daly wrote about that topic this week.

“Accepting it” may be an overstatement, Tim. They don’t like it. They’ve complained and even asked President Biden about it at his one and only formal news conference. But here’s the part that “amuses” me: They don’t get crazy when powerful leftists cancel conservative Americans … but when THEY’RE the target of what they see as bad treatment … then they complain. If they had an ounce of introspection, they’d be embarrassed. But they don’t and so they’re not.

I want to put in a request for you and/or John D to consider an article or an off the cuff segment on critical race theory ( CRT). I would also value your thinking as to how this country moves forward when a large segment of our kids are being taught to be ashamed or feel guilty about their skin color and to have negative views of America and and if these trends are likely to be reversed anytime soon. — Michael F.

Thanks for the suggestion, Michael.  I’ll give some thought.

Georgia’s Gov. Kemp recently signed his states “Election Integrity Act of 2021”. As a result, the Media, Hollywood and many corporate leaders have spoken out that this bill restricts voter access. I want every Americans to vote, but wish it to be fair, secure and honest. Is the recent media coverage of this Georgia law just another “Straw Man”, or is there teeth to their complaint? — George

I think liberal media has been biased against the Georgia law, portraying it as a law designed to suppress black votes. This mirrors the position of partisan opponents of the law. Big surprise, right? That said, I’ve heard from a conservative friend who has a different take. He wrote to me to say: “The big irony, of course, is that there was nothing wrong with Georgia’s old voting laws, and that this whole thing was just a gimmick to try and pacify the Trump voters who bought into the ‘election fraud’ nonsense.” Still, the media should portray a more balanced view that it has been doing.

Earlier this week, before the real controversy started with Rep. Matt Gaetz, it was leaked (probably by his own team) that Gaetz was considering resigning from congress to take an on-air hosting job at Newsmax. It didn’t really surprise many people, since Gaetz seems far more interested in getting on camera than anything resembling legislating. Likewise, Rep. Madison Cawthorn stated shortly after taking office that he had “built [his] staff around comms rather than legislation.”

Do you think, in the future, holding high office will be treated more and more like a springboard into a probably more lucrative career as a political-media commentator? — Ben G.

Only for some. A lot of people go into politics and have no desire to ever leave. That said, if a pol loses … and has no desire to head home to “flyover country” … then he or she tries for a contributor’s spot (or more) on cable TV. That way they get both a paycheck and face time — both important to out-of-work politicians.

Enjoyed your discussion with Mr. Lewis. Thank you for being a voice of reason, especially in these ridiculous times. As you stated I might not always agree with you (or John Daly for that matter), however I very much appreciate you challenging my point of view. I voted for Trump twice, never did like his behavior, especially after he lost the election. Thank you for your website, keep up the great work! — Dave M.

Many, many thanks Dave for the very kind words. They are greatly appreciated!!!

Tucker Carlson made headlines the other day for viciously belittling Juan Williams (on a seemingly personal level) on Fox News’s The Five:

Co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters are also often over-the-top rude and insulting to Williams. It seems to be a winning formula, however, because the show’s ratings are absolutely huge. In other words, yelling at Juan Williams = $$$.

Have you ever considered inviting Mr. Williams onto an “Off the Cuff” audio segment, in order to verbally assail and condescendingly laugh over him? It seems it would be good for new membership sign-ups, which could justify a clearly deserved raise for John Daly. — John D.

I don’t know whose cackle I detest more: the one from VP Harris (really annoying) or the one from Tucker Carlson (also really annoying). But then, I find so much about Carlson annoying — mostly his tendency to attribute the worst motives possible to anyone with an opinion different from his. Also he gets things wrong almost as often as our former president.

And yes, I am thinking of bringing Juan Williams on board — as a replacement for the increasingly unstable John Daly (who is no relation to you, John D). I’m told that guys in white suits and carrying butterfly nets are going after Daly. Long overdue.


Thanks, everyone! You can send me questions for next week using the form below! You can also read previous Q&A sessions by clicking here.