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In the wake of so many people trekking off to see “The Interview” in the belief that they’re simultaneously striking a blow for freedom of speech and spitting in North Korea’s eye, it occurred to me that when it comes to stiffing the First Amendment, Kim Jong-un can’t hold a candle to the folks who run the NY Times, NBC, ABC and CBS. North Korea, after all, was just trying to save us from seeing an adolescent comedy and probably anticipated the thanks of a grateful nation.

But it’s these American news corporations that continue to ignore the various scandals connected to Barack Obama. Even when they deign to report on one — usually because Fox and America’s bloggers finally force the issue — these liberal enablers persist in putting the best possible face on it.

In the final analysis, North Korea doesn’t owe us a damn thing. But those who wrap themselves in the First Amendment when it comes to disseminating the Pentagon Papers or Edward Snowden’s stolen Intel owe us the unvarnished truth. That’s an IOU that’s been marked “Unpaid” for the past 40 years, at least when Carter, Clinton and Obama, were ensconced in the White House.

Watching what passes for demonstrations in America — whether it was the unwashed Occupy Wall Street mob or the thugs and their enablers calling for open season on cops — one could reasonably conclude that “demonstrators” is merely a polite synonym for vandals, vagrants and thieves. And so I did, until reading an article sent to me by a longtime reader, Sam Marx.

The article was about a book, “Resistance of the Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany,” by Nathan Stoltzfus.

It seems that in Berlin, in 1943, in what was to be the final round-up of Jews, hundreds of German Gentile women held a vigil in front of the community center where their Jewish husbands were being held prior to being sent off in cattle cars.

For a week, the women stood freezing in the street. When Propaganda Minister Goebbels finally had machineguns mounted in front of the building and threatened to open fire, instead of dispersing, they held their ground and began chanting: “Murderer, murderer, murderer…”

By that time, their ranks were expanded by other German women, who probably didn’t like Jews, but were opposed to tearing apart families, which might suggest they were okay with entire Jewish families being transported to concentration camps, but opposed the idea of husbands and wives being separated. By this time, with so many of their own husbands and sons lying dead in the snow at Stalingrad, they knew a little something about being separated from loved ones.

Rather than risk a public relations nightmare, Goebbels caved and released 1700 Jewish men, and then went on to insist that Berlin was now free of Jews.

So, as with so many other things in life, there are demonstrations and then there are demonstrations.

From another reader, Ed Zuckerman, I received what I regard as a peach of an idea. He suggested that the U.S. immediately announce that the $100 note will be made invalid and that people will have 90 days in which to exchange the bills for two fifties, not at a bank, but at their nearest FBI office.

As Zuckerman writes, “Can you hear the sound of European safe deposit boxes being emptied? Can you picture drug cartels with pallets groaning under the weight of $100 bills on the verge of becoming worthless?…What a bonanza for the FBI, which could build a data base of people who showed up at their offices with an extraordinarily large and unexplainable amount of cash!”

I happen to believe that it is time to once again initiate the military draft. For one thing, we aren’t getting enough volunteers to fight two wars simultaneously. And even after we get rid of Obama, who refuses to fight even one, between ISIL, Russia, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran, the day we have to deal with a couple of foes simultaneously could be fast-approaching.

But a second reason to reinstitute the draft is that we have raised a couple of generations of self-indulgent sloths who spend more time griping about America than they do appreciating their good fortune in having been born here. A couple of years in the service of their nation might straighten out their heads, along with providing them with a spine and self-esteem based on something besides their ability to take selfies.

What’s more, I would not allow anyone to receive a deferment for any reason. College will still be there two years later, and as those returning veterans showed back in the late 40s, those who don’t matriculate straight out of high school tend to make the best and most-motivated students.

Inasmuch as only about one soldier in seven, even during WWII, was engaged in combat, it’s silly not to draft people simply because they have flat feet or less than perfect vision. I wouldn’t even require those destined to be cooks, clerks, members of the marching band or to serve in the Quartermaster Corps, to spend 16 weeks surviving basic training.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently signed legislation requiring a drug-testing program for welfare recipients. Refusal to be tested will result in six months of ineligibility. Testing positive will result in referral to a treatment program.

In a nation that seems hell-bent on changing our motto to “In Marijuana We Trust,” this comes as a welcome sign. Why, though, would a refusal only lead to a six month cessation of benefits? You don’t want to be tested? Fine, get off your lazy butt, get a job and pay for your damn drugs.

As to be expected, the ACLU weighed in, insisting that the group addressed by the bill doesn’t use illegal drugs at a rate significantly higher than the general public.

One, how does the ACLU happen to know this to be true? Two, what do they mean by “significantly higher”? Three, the general public may do as it pleases. That is to say, it’s strictly between them, their fried brains and law enforcement. That’s because they’re not buying the shit with our tax dollars.

Finally, it’s been bad enough listening to professional Pinocchios like Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest, lying on behalf of Obama and those two ditzy Valley Girls lying on behalf of the State Department, but if I have to put up with mealy-mouthed John Kirby, who is allegedly a Rear Admiral, dodge and weave on behalf of the Pentagon, is it too much to ask that he leave the uniform and the medals at home?

It is one thing, after all, for him to muddy his own reputation with the endless lies and butt-kissing, but quite another to tarnish that of the U.S. Navy.

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