Deeply Troubling Concerns About the President

For me, Barack Obama, in the Rose Garden speech given last Friday, morphed from an unpopular president into, and I choose my words very carefully, a man to be despised and feared for his overt lawlessness and disregard for the Constitution.

A valid and reasonable question now hangs heavily: Is there anything this man will not do to retain power?

Perhaps I have been naïve. Using Obamacare as an example, I vehemently opposed the bill and was repulsed by the shady procedural tactics, bribes and outright lies used to pass it into law. However, the president worked within the system, utilizing the Democrat dominated Congress, to pass the law. They won the election.

Perhaps I rationalized. Obama played games with the recess appointment process to have his way. But, Republicans played similar games in the past.

Perhaps I was blind to reality. Some of Obama’s prior executive orders came close to, maybe crossed, the line of infringement on the powers of Congress. But, all presidents stretch the bounds of executive branch power.

I won’t go so far to say I have given Obama the benefit of the doubt; I’ve distrusted him from the beginning. However, I attempted to take a fairly reasonable and totally rationale view when assessing his policies. I’ve always thought his election was a tragic mistake, but we, as the voter collective, have made mistakes before, but, somehow muddled through and overcame them.

I do not put myself among those who claimed the sky was falling each time Obama did something unpopular in their view. Perhaps I should have. Nor have I overly concerned myself with birth certificates, college records, eating dog or smoking dope in college. Again, perhaps I should have. I reasoned there were more urgent and meaningful policy challenges posed by the Obama administration. And, there were.

Writers more eloquent than I have opined about the Rose Garden speech. However, I will be as frank and clear as my talent allows.

I write not only of the November election but, also, the four plus months until then.

Barack Obama poses a clear and present danger to our freedom and the rule of law in our country. Until the November election, our elected representatives in Congress who are a coequal branch of our government and, therefore, own one-third stewardship of the Constitution, must not allow this president to illegally impose his will on the people.

And, we the people, the voters, must do anything and everything within our power, short of violence, to rid our country of this man who would disregard and trample upon everything we hold sacred.

Rodney Page

Author, “Powers Not Delegated”…a conservative political thriller

…What Could Have Been and Might Still Be

Available November 2012