The Devil’s in the Details

One of the things I don’t get about ObamaCare is that they are overcharging young people for health care because those extra dollars are supposed to fund health care services for old folks. But at the same time, we all know that those death panels Sarah Palin warned us about will be denying meds and operations to those of us in our 70s, 80s and 90s. So what’s the real purpose of that extra money? I suspect it’s to pay for a few more Obama family vacations over the next three years. I admit my evidence is purely circumstantial, but it’s based on five years of experience with the weasels in the White House.

Whenever anyone points out what a lousy education system we have in America, teachers and other brain-dead liberals are sure to insist it’s because we don’t spend enough money. But it seems that in spite of placing fifth worldwide when it comes to money spent-per-student, the kids rank 19th in science, math and language. And even the fact they scored that high makes me suspect that our kids were cheating, probably peeking at the test papers of the kids from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

I’d say that anyone who is surprised by those lousy results has never paid attention to teachers walking a picket line. It would be hard to find a dumber-looking bunch of pack animals this side of the Andes.

I was shocked to read that in his past life, Pope Francis once worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires. But, all things considered, I think that looks better on a pope’s resume than “community organizer” does on an American President’s. After all, there may come a time when Francis is going to need to toss some bum out of the Vatican. But Obama has proven he can’t even organize his sock drawer.

Speaking of he, whose re-election is the worst calamity America has faced in my lifetime, Obama has a very disturbing take on abortions. Because we all agree that murder is both illegal and immoral, how is it we wound up with a schmuck in the Oval Office who thinks abortion is neither?

If I could have a single simple wish granted in 2014, it would be that nobody be allowed to make a phony apology. After Martin Bashir made the vilest of comments about Sarah Palin, he apologized. Then two weeks after that, MSNBC pulled the plug on his show. One, we all say things we shouldn’t occasionally, but they occur spur of the moment, usually when we’re upset because some fool cut us off on the freeway or, worse yet, we didn’t get the chocolate pudding for dessert we were expecting.

Well, for one thing, Bashir didn’t make his remarks in the heat of the moment. They were scripted and vetted by other people connected to the MSNBC So why was Bashir the only one fired? And why did he first have to troop out and give an apology he didn’t mean? And how many more phony apologies will we have to hear from the likes of guys like him and Anthony Weiner and the disgraced ex-mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner?

I say, enough! If you get caught doing something even more reprehensible than the usual things politicians, actors and talk show hosts, do on a daily basis, can’t you just disappear? Do we really need to sit through insincere mea culpas? Just for the record, I not only don’t accept your apology, but I hold you in the same contempt I have for murderers and rapists who are compelled by courts to exhibit remorse when we all know their only remorse is over being caught and convicted.

A while back, Obama stood on a stage in front of 18 people he claimed were happy with the Affordable Care Act. But, later, when questioned, he refused to identify them. His argument was that he was trying to protect their privacy. Now that’s a claim that only a liberal pinhead would make, inasmuch as people concerned about preserving their anonymity don’t appear on TV, sharing a stage with the President of the United States.

Inasmuch as Obama is constantly using shills, whether it’s phony doctors and nurses or people pretending to be cheerleaders for the ACA, he might as well use department store mannequins in the future. After all, they’re easy to transport and they can be easily rigged to applaud on cue, so long as the rigging isn’t left to the boneheads in charge of setting up the ObamaCare website. In addition, if they were moved to Chicago on Election Day, they could be counted on to vote for every Democrat on the ballot.

Finally, rumor has it that Chris Christie is refusing to support the Republican, Rob Astorino, in his upcoming race against New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo. If true, it gives greater credence to the belief of many that Christie is actually a Democrat in conservative sheep’s clothing. Or, for that matter, possibly even two or three Democrats.

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