What Happens In D.C. Should Stay In D.C.

I keep hearing that Obama’s poll numbers have never been worse, and I realize that as a conservative, I should be reveling in the news. The reason I’m not as gleeful as I might be is because they remain so damn high.

For instance, a recent poll reported that whereas 52% of us think Obama is dishonest, 44% of us continue to believe in his veracity. How is that possible? The man spent the better part of four years telling us that ObamaCare wouldn’t infringe on our freedom to keep our insurance policies and our doctors when he knew that was a lie he had to keep repeating if he was going to push the Affordable Care Act down our throats. And yet 44% of Americans continue to take him at his word? Are they simply unclear as to the meaning of the word “honest”?

Something else that continues to bug me are the lawsuits filed by homosexuals against people whose religious convictions prevent them from agreeing to sell them wedding cakes or flowers or, most recently, take photos at one of their weddings. The gays and their supporters in the media and Congress try to pretend that it’s the same as not serving blacks at a lunch counter. If sophistry were an Olympic event, these folks could bring home the gold.

Being black is a matter of race, being gay is a question of behavior. One can argue – and they do – that they’re born that way. Well, that can be used as an excuse for all sorts of things. I would suggest that a better comparison would be a store owner’s refusal to serve someone who is either shirtless or shoeless. After all, there’s no law against walking around without a shirt or a pair of shoes, but it’s understood that the owner has the right to forego a sale if he places a higher premium on maintaining his shop’s dress code than on turning a profit.

What’s more, unlike the South in the old days, where service was denied to blacks at all the lunch counters, there are inevitably bakeries, flower shops and photographers, in any town who are more than willing to peddle their goods and services to gay couples.

I have no doubt that homosexuals are intentionally seeking out devout Christians in order to punish them for their religious beliefs, assuming correctly that most courts will side with them in the inevitable lawsuit.

As the lawyer defending the photographer in the New Mexico case said, “Would the government force an African-American photographer to shoot a Klan rally?”

Some of you have no doubt seen the commercials pushing the Affordable Care Act to young people, spots that promote keg parties and promiscuity. It is, I believe, a case of selling the unthinkable to the non-thinkable.

Speaking of the depths to which this administration is willing to stoop, it took France to stop John Kerry from going through with an agreement to relieve sanctions on Iran. Even the French called it a sucker’s deal. When has it not been the height of stupidity for the U.S. to negotiate with a tyranny? Whether it was Bill Clinton’s attempt to bribe North Korea with thousands of tons of coal and wheat in order to stop them from going nuclear or Obama’s feeble attempt to get the best of Russia and Syria, diplomacy is usually counter-productive.

It is worse than naïve to imagine that when you sit down at a table with rogue nations, anything they say or sign is anything but a gigantic stall. As Sam Goldwyn was alleged to have said, “A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” But when dealing with tyrants, unless you’re willing to go to war, the last thing you want to do is try to cut a deal. The only thing that’s going to get cut is your throat.

With the notable exception of ObamaCare, abortions on demand is the biggest con game ever perpetrated, at least since Charles Ponzi was busy planting his name in the dictionary.

I’m aware that the major activists for abortions are women, but wouldn’t you think that by this time, even the harpies at Planned Parenthood would wise up to the fact that it allows slackers and sleazebags free rein to have non-stop sex with no risk of being obliged to pay child support for the next 18 or 20 years?

Thanks to people like Nancy Pelosi and Sandra Fluke, every punk in the hood is encouraged to impregnate at will, with the assurance that any politician with a (D) after his or her name will defend his inalienable right to do so. And that includes the putz in the Oval Office, who even gave his blessing to infanticide when he was in the Illinois legislature, voting to permit those butchers with medical degrees to murder the survivors of botched abortions.

Finally, because I can’t resist any opportunity to ridicule Hollywood liberals, allow me to share the fact that Scientology’s poster boy, aka Tom Cruise, recently divulged that his job, acting in movies, is every bit as tough as being a soldier in Afghanistan.

To which I can only say, close, Tom, but no cigar. What’s really tough is sitting through a Tom Cruise movie.

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