How Do We Know James Rosen Isn’t a Commie Spy?

OPresident Obama is getting a bad rap.  His critics are blaming him for everything that is going wrong.  Cut the man some slack.  He’s the president.  How’s he supposed to know what’s going on in his government.

Let’s start with Benghazi.  The president says neither he nor his political pals in the White House had anything to do with re-writing those talking points to make it look like some dopey anti-Muslim video started the whole thing.

I believe him – and so should you, unless you hate your country.

Why in the world would the president lie to the American people?  Because he was in the middle of a presidential campaign and was telling voters he had terrorists on the run?  And if terrorism were behind Benghazi then he’d look foolish?

Who thinks President Barack Obama would do something so political?  Apparently his critics don’t remember that this is the man who promised to usher in a new post-partisan America if only we elected him back in 2008.  We elected him and I say he did.

Then there are the so-called press scandals. Boo-hoo!  Justice Department big shots were spying on reporters and reporters are whining over it.  They say the First Amendment is coming under attack.  My advice:  calm down, there are plenty of other amendments that no one is “attacking.”

Everything this poor man does is called a scandal by his hate-filled, probably racist, opponents.  Take the case against James Rosen who supposedly is a journalist who works at Fox News.  The FBI spied on Rosen and says he may have been a co-conspirator — under the Espionage Act–  because of stories he did on North Korea.

Here’s my question:  How do we know Rosen isn’t a commie spy for North Korea?  Does he have proof that he’s not a spy?

In any case, Mr. Obama clearly didn’t know anything about Rosen and is probably a big fan of Fox News.  Who doesn’t like Bill O’Reilly? And while we’re on the subject of sissy-boy reporters who bitch and moan for a living, Mr. Obama says he had no idea his Justice Department secretly collected phone logs from a bunch of AP reporters who were digging into stuff they had no business digging into.

Think about it:  Why in the world would this president go after journalists, people who some contend adore him.  One media critic has gone so far as to say the media “slobbered” over Barack Obama and helped get him elected.  What kind of jerk would think something like that?   Slobbering

Now the president’s critics say he must have known something about the IRS so-called scandal since people close to him knew.  The president says he learned about it from news reports.  In other words, he’s telling us he has absolutely no idea what’s swirling around him.  And I for one believe him.  If he says he’s clueless, then he must be clueless.  Besides, unlike the Obama haters, I’ve seen his high school yearbook and right there on page 78 it has the future president’s picture and underneath it there are these exact words: “My favorite hero is Sargent Schultz.  And my favorite quote is ‘I know nothing.’”

What about the argument that even if he didn’t have first hand knowledge of what was going on with Benghazi, the press or the IRS, that he set a tone where his flunkies abused their substantial power precisely because they knew it would make their boss the president happy.

Got proof?  Then shut up!

One more thing:  Remember Baghdad Bob from the Iraq war days?  He was Saddam Hussein’s press guy who would say the exact opposite of what was actually going on.  War is raging in Iraq: Baghdad Bob would say everything is calm and peaceful.  Saddam Hussein was hiding in a hole:  Bob would say his boss is spending a few weeks on the French Riviera attending the Cannes Film Festival.

Turns out Baghdad Bob had a son who during the chaos of the Iraq war escaped to America.  In Iraq he was known as Baghdad Bob Junior.  When he got to the USA he changed his name to Jay Carney.

I have no idea what happened to him once he got here.