I have no way of knowing all the facts regarding the New Jersey scandal swirling around Gov. Chris Christie, but I certainly have my suspicions. As the story goes, in retaliation for Fort Lee’s Mayor Mark Sokolich’s refusal to support Christie in his bid for re-election, Christie’s deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly ordered several lanes of the George Washington Bridge shut down, allegedly for the sake of a traffic study.

In his defense, Christie insisted he knew nothing about it, claiming that Ms. Kelly betrayed his trust. That would be easier to swallow if we hadn’t lived through several years of Barack Obama insisting that he knew nothing about his own various scandals until he read about them in a newspaper.

Would Christie have us believe that during the four days of lane closures, and the thousands of calls his office must have received, he never once bothered looking into it? We’re not children. We all know that the boss creates the atmosphere in which his underlings exist. The boss needn’t risk leaving a paper trail, he only has to make his feelings known.

In his press conference, Christie defended himself by stating, “I am not a bully.” An unfortunate choice of words. For one thing, it reminded a lot of people of Nixon’s “I am not a crook.” For another, only bullies ever have reason to deny being one. And, finally, Christie’s political appeal is that he is a bully who doesn’t suffer fools or unions gladly.

The irony is that Mayor Sokolich, the man being punished for not supporting Christie, is not even a Republican. But, then, a lot of us never thought Christie was, either.

Speaking of bullies, a lot of people suspect that the reason John Boehner is so reluctant to appoint a select committee to get to the bottom of the Benghazi massacre is that he was aware that Ambassador Stevens had been begging for additional security, but, like Obama and Hillary Clinton, did nothing about it. For me, though, it begs the question why Senate Democrats and House Republicans allow their majority leaders to completely cow them, as if they were serfs beholden to a feudal lord. Why is there never an uprising or at least a vote of no confidence?

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has gotten a lot of media attention for his book, “Duty.” That’s because he shared some candid insights into the minds of Obama and Mrs. Clinton. But nothing he said should come as a surprise to anyone who has been awake for these past five years. I mean, how big a shock is it that Obama didn’t have his heart in the Afghanistan surge? After all, at the same time the schmuck ordered an additional 30,000 troops be deployed, he set a date for our military withdrawal!

To me, the biggest surprise is that Gates went out of his way to praise the two of them, even going so far as to call Obama’s order to capture or kill Osama bin Laden the most courageous act of his lifetime. Perhaps Mr. Gates would do well to start reading the commendations that accompany Medals of Honor. But, for all I know, Gates was merely hoping he’d continue being invited to White House Christmas parties.

Recently, I was sent a cartoon that showed Obama speaking to someone who had lost his medical insurance: Obama: “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” Poor Schnook: “But I lost my plan.” Obama: “You must not have liked it.”

When I read the exchange, I immediately thought of Jay Carney. He takes the same patronizing tone whenever he replies to the poor schnooks comprising the White House Press Corps, usually adding an eye roll for emphasis.

It has me wondering if the new beard is in preparation for his entering the Federal Witness Protection Program after some day breaking down at the podium, screaming, “Day after day, I stand here and lie, and you all know it. I can see the contempt in your eyes. But I can’t help myself. Joe Biden’s holding my family hostage in the basement of the White House!”

“Kumbaya” Is Not Our National Anthem

Far too often, I hear people, including Republicans, whine about gridlock in Washington. They long for compromise the way Romeo yearned for Juliet. I, on the other hand, applaud gridlock. How can I do otherwise when those on one side of the aisle are always wrong?

If you disagree, tell me one time that Obama and his gang have been right. This administration was wrong about the trillion dollar Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers and shovel-ready jobs. They’ve been wrong about Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Egypt. They have also been wrong about the national debt, illegal immigrants, defense spending, same-sex marriages, climate change, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” military pensions and a 2.3% tax on medical devices, which will inevitably leave medical innovation entirely up to the Israelis. That’s assuming that Obama’s treaty with Iran doesn’t lead to the mullahs nuking Israel out of existence.

No place have they been further off the mark than when it comes to health care. Heck, these lunkheads even botched it on light bulbs, insisting that we all convert to those ugly twisty things filled with mercury that require technicians decked out in Hazmat suits to deal with their disposal.

The one thing they finally got right, the execution of Osama bin Laden, not only meant the Pentagon’s overcoming Valerie Jarrett’s dire warnings of the political blowback if the mission failed, but the aftermath led to Obama’s contention throughout the 2012 campaign that al-Qaeda was permanently out of business. That, in turn, led to the Benghazi massacre that left four American patriots dead.

What confounds me is that in spite of the chaos created by he who vowed to fundamentally transform America; the number of cities that have been turned into slums after decades of free-spending Democratic mayors; and a public education/indoctrination system that isn’t even the envy of Nigeria; the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Friedman, Chris Matthews and David Letterman, will not only turn a blind eye to the horrors wrought by unfettered liberalism, but blatantly lie about the obvious facts.

In defending Obama and his destructive policies, these knuckleheads remind me of Muslims insisting that Islam is a peaceful religion.

Speaking of knuckleheads, the State Department said they were hoping for a democratic and stable society in Egypt. In case nobody at State noticed, Egypt experimented with democracy two years ago and wound up with the Muslim Brotherhood in control. In the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, you can have either democracy or stability, but you can’t have both.

In the meantime, Obama and Kerry refuse to negotiate with the Taliban for the release of Warren Weinstein, a 72-year-old American who has been held captive since 2011 in Pakistan. That’s because it’s our policy not to negotiate with terrorists. So, apparently, it’s only a nasty rumor that we are actively engaged in negotiations these days with Hamid Karzai, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani and Bashar al-Assad.

It isn’t just the State Department that’s a national embarrassment. There is also the Justice Department, which under Eric Holder is about as colorblind as Jesse Jackson. In its most recent act of blatant racism, it charged Conrad Barrett, a 27-year-old white Texan, with having committed a federal hate crime for sucker-punching a 79-year-old black man. Understand, I’m all for hanging the cowardly and brutish Mr. Barrett from the nearest lamppost, but how is it that his crime is a federal case, when not a single one of the black thugs who introduced the Knockout Game to America has been the victim of Mr. Holder’s righteous wrath?

A friend of mine recently sent me an email in which he praised Fox News commentator Kirsten Powers, a liberal, for occasionally, unlike Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Geraldo Rivera and Alan Colmes, saying sensible things. Having suffered through Ms. Powers and her smug little smirk for years now, I acknowledged that he was right to single her out from the other left-wing nincompoops. But, I pointed out, she has only recently displayed any balance in her comments, and I attributed it to her having been one of the six million self-insured people who lost their health coverage thanks to ObamaCare. That, I suggested, is the updated definition of a conservative convert, who previously had been defined as a liberal who had just been mugged.

We keep getting reports that the unemployment rates are falling, with nary a mention that it’s because millions of people are happy to receive unemployment checks or fake their way onto the disability gravy train, thus removing their noses from those being tallied by the federal bean counters. The fact remains that whether the unemployment number being tossed around is 9% or 7%, we have millions more people today than we had a decade ago, but far fewer being employed. And if you eliminate those working part time or off the books, the actual unemployment rate is hovering right around 15%.

As Ann Coulter recently reminded us, Kwanzaa was invented in 1966 by a violent black radical named Ron Karenga and, even in the multicultural swampland America has become over the past several decades, is no more deserving of our respect than Saddam Hussein’s birthday.

Another email praised me for telling the truth in an article in which I took LBJ and Hubert Humphrey but, primarily, urban blacks, themselves, to task for their current abominable status in America.

The writer, Frank, whimsically suggested that I should “demonstrate a little humility for always getting things right. Maybe do a little penance like serving up some hot soup in a Salvation Army food line. Have you no shame?”

I replied that “I used to have some, Frank, but I felt that there were others far more deserving. So I deposited mine in a Salvation Army kettle, along with a note suggesting they should forward it to the White House.”

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