Libya, Oh Libya

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I was wondering how long it would take Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to take the blame for the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans at the Libyan consulate. After the ensuing brouhaha promised to hurt Obama’s chances in November, her only choice was to throw herself under the bus or wait to be thrown.

Normally, in spite of the four murders by Islamic jihadists, the American media would have glossed over the event. The New York Times, whose motto used to be “All the News That’s Fit to Print” but is now “All the News That Doesn’t Embarrass Barack Obama,” pretty much ignored the events in Benghazi until U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went on a bunch of Sunday news shows and pretended the attack had everything to do with a video that had an even tinier viewership than The Chris Matthews Show. As it has proven since 2008, the MSM not only doesn’t object to this administration lying to the American people, but is eager to aid and abet in the deception.

However, once Team Obama started lying to the members of the media, a line was crossed and it proved to be a deal breaker. You can imagine Obama’s shock. After all, when it came to sitting up, heeling and rolling over, these spayed and neutered lap dogs had all proven themselves to be far more obedient than Bo.

On the other hand, one can readily understand the media’s heartbreak. After all, the unspoken arrangement had always been that they’d do everything within their power to prop up Obama even if it meant acting a lot more like pimps and flacks than like reporters, and, in return, he would not embarrass them any more than they were willing to embarrass themselves.

As you probably noticed, the media was anxious to attack Romney and Ryan for “politicizing Libya,” as if somehow it was traitorous to ask why the State Department had answered Stevens’ pleas for greater protection at the consulate by diminishing what little security he had, leaving him essentially unguarded in one of the most dangerous places on earth just prior to the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

The idea that David Axelrod and other members of Obama’s re-election gang would accuse Romney or anyone else of politicizing the situation would be laughable, were it not for the mutilated corpses of those four dedicated Americans. Talk about pots calling kettles black, there hasn’t been a single moment during the past four years, aside from when he was goofing off on some golf course that Obama hasn’t been politicking.

For the sake of having life in Libya appear to be terrorist-free, Obama needed to have the Benghazi consulate appear to be as safe and secure as if it were located in Branson, Missouri. After all, he had just given a major campaign address in which he boasted about his foreign policy by stating that Osama bin Laden was dead and al-Qaeda was on life support.

But, suddenly, thanks to a series of barbaric attacks that stretched from Egypt to Indonesia, Joe Biden was having to change his favorite mantra from “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” to “Osama bin Laden is dead…and, hey, how about those Atlanta Falcons!”

Speaking of Biden, whoever thought that it was a good idea for him to spend 90 minutes at the Vice-Presidential debate, sneering, sniping and giggling like a school girl, because that would be all that was required to fire up the Democratic base must have even greater contempt for the Democratic base than I do.

Is it just me or does everyone get the feeling that perhaps when Joe Biden got his hair transplant, the plugs were inserted with such force that they caused permanent brain damage? As for all those facial contortions he engaged in at the debate, the only rationale I could come up with was that he figured if he just kept flashing that Joker-like smirk, the IRS would finally allow him to deduct the teeth-whitening procedure as a legitimate business expense.

The takeaway from all this is that there isn’t a dumber group of people in America than politicians. In spite of the preponderance of evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe that they can carry on tawdry affairs, accept bribes and cover up various sins and misdemeanors, and get away with it. In spite of guys like Gary Hart, Mark Sanford, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, all caught with their pants down; in spite of any number of mayors, governors and congressmen, being discovered with their grubby mitts in the cookie jar; and in spite of Richard Nixon being driven from the Oval Office, not because of a minor kerfuffle, but because of a clumsy cover-up; politicians continue to believe they exist in a cocoon when it’s actually a glass house without curtains.

If Obama had simply fessed up to his self-serving mistake instead of pretending the Benghazi bloodbath was motivated by a video, which was what he told the U.N. General Assembly before jetting off to a fund-raiser in Las Vegas, the media would have been only too happy to cover his heinie, insisting, no doubt, that George Bush had done far worse things.

Moreover, if Obama had spent a tenth of the time he’s devoted to begging for campaign funds to working with Congress, “sequestration” would just be another hoity-toity word none of us had ever come across.

Finally, there is probably no truth to the rumor that between now and Election Day Joe Biden will feign a heart attack and be replaced on the ticket by Obama’s new best friend, Big Bird. On the other hand, Vegas bookmakers are offering 2-1 odds that Mr. Bird will be our next secretary of state, replacing Hillary Clinton, who will require months of recuperation after being accidentally run over eight or nine times by Obama’s bus.

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After you’ve read this article, Burt hopes you’ll also enjoy The Geek Chorus.