Ode to ’06

It was a lively year in every way
With American voters having their say,
The ballots were cast – the count was quite fast
The Democrats ruling the day

Mr. Bush was confident he’d win
But the polls said his ear was pure tin,
He didn’t back down – and watched his guys drown
Takin’ it straight on the Presidential chin

Iraq was the main driving force
Americans not staying the course,
The Shia and Sunni – the whole thing is looney
Brutality lacking remorse

Dick Cheney shot his friend in the head
Our noggins not compatible with lead,
While Dick wasn’t tellin’ – the media was yellin’
Something certainly needed to be said

Iran remains a very dark cloud
It’s leader constantly saying it aloud,
Israel must go – Americans should know
The Persians will never be cowed

Back home machines are the rage
With computers replacing the page,
Little reading last year- with IPODS in ear
Are Blackberries becoming a cage?

TV news ratings continue to drop
But American Idol had plenty of pop,
The war on terror is boring – so that show is soaring
One wonders when all this will stop

Media gossip was also big stuff
With Paris and Britney and fluff
Undergarments went missing – even before they were kissing
The word for this display is simply “enough.”

Of more importance is campaign ’08
Much better to run early than late,
While Hillary’s a mama – her competition’s Obama
The outcome’s a matter of fate

So in essence the year was confusing
In Iraq are we winning or losing?
Only time will due tell – what will become of that hell
No matter how many continue their musing

My wish is a peaceful new year
One lacking in violence and fear,
The one thing I’m sayin’ – is for that I’ll be prayin’
Let’s hope that serenity is near.