Oh No, Alito

The left wing media has already labeled the new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito, a crazed right wing zealot who, if he had lived back then, would have been Attila the Hun’s right hand man. That’s right, that dreaded conservative, Alito the Hun, is up for the highest court in the land.

If you listen to the far left, Sam Alito is a grave danger to civil rights, reproductive rights, animal and vegetable rights, and your right to watch a wide screen TV in the privacy of your own home. The man is bad, awful, horrendous and not good at all.

So what exactly has the Alito guy done that has raised so much liberal ire? Well, he ruled that notifying a husband that his wife was having an abortion did not put an “undue burden” on the woman. Now, you may disagree with that but it’s certainly not a loopy point of view. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a husband is not entitled to know about his wife’s abortion but the ruling was and is highly debatable.

Somehow the far left has overlooked the fact that Judge Alito also ruled against a partial birth abortion ban in New Jersey. That decision was based on a previous federal ruling concerning a Nebraska case. So it seems Alito is following established law, doesn’t it?

But all the facts in the world don’t matter because the issue is not really about Alito – it’s about the culture war. The far left, secular-progressive movement realizes it is losing the highest court in the land and the judiciary is the only way the S-P’s can impose their radical agenda. The folks are simply not going for it on Election Day.

The secular-progressives have made a lot of gains recently. They own the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California as well as many federal judges in the Northeast. The Massachusetts Supreme Court is hard core SP and so is the Supreme Court of Florida and Oregon. But now all that is threatened.

With John Roberts and Sam Alito sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, radical changes to law in America will be difficult to achieve. Justices Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas all lean toward a traditional interpretation of the Constitution and the two newcomers also fit into the category. That means taps for gay marriage, euthanasia, legalized narcotics, exorcising the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and tearing down public displays of Christmas – all the things that make the ACLU and other radical groups warm all over.

So Judge Sam Alito is definitely a cold front blowing in from New Jersey and he has got to be stopped; the stakes have never been higher for the secular-progressives.

The problem for them is that Alito, like Judge Roberts, looks to be a pretty solid guy. An attempt to label him “Machine Gun Sam” fizzled when it was found that his ruling allowing the intrastate movement of machine guns was based on the Commerce Act rather than an affinity for the NRA. But you know the far left isn’t going to stop – they’ll find something on Alito, wait and see.

But I believe the public is finally catching on to the demonizing game and backlash is a very real possibility. Judge Alito is certainly not a crazed ideologue and is obviously qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. Any attempt to slime him is fraught with the danger for the mudslinger. And that is a good thing.