On Monitoring Free Speech…

Matt Drudge tweeted: “Warning to reporters and sources: Assume all your communications are being monitored. Time to move back to the parking garage.”

I’m neither a reporter nor a source. I write political commentaries, and they’re not particularly supportive of the Obama administration. Compared to the media heavyweights the relative impact of my writing is all but non-existent. I’m just one guy who periodically writes four or five hundred words about the daily outrages in our country.

I also wrote a political thriller, a novel, a fanciful blend of reality and make believe that, hopefully, entertains readers. It too is not flattering of the progressive left.

I tweet every now and then and have a Facebook page. And, yep, should you review my tweets and posts it is quite evident I’m not a big supporter of our fearless leader and his regime.

Compared to many, my public commentaries and comments are quite mild. I don’t think I’m a fringe lunatic; I often humorously point out the left’s absurdities but never advocate violence or insurrection, not even close.

Do I want to overthrow the government? Hell, no; I just want it fixed…and I don’t want to be afraid of it.

Now, what does all that have to do with Drudge?

He issues his warning in response to the DOJ’s admitted monitoring of the AP’s phone lines, and I think he has a point. If the administration taps the phones of one of its most loyal media lapdogs is it an illogical extension to assume they scan the internet and telephone network looking for those of us who don’t agree with them?

I think not.

Again, let me stress. I’m not inflating the importance of what I think and say. Many are more insightful with followers in the millions. Neither am I paranoiac…I’ll likely die of old age long before Obama’s storm troopers arrive in the dead of night to haul me off to the gulag.

However, should the DOJ, FBI, NSA…whoever… amass far more sophisticated surveillance software and computer processing power than they really need…and a lowly GS-5 bureaucrat discovers me on his/her radar screen, I have a message:

“Listen, sport, you can go ahead and take me off your list. I don’t have any terrorism plans for …oh, let’s say, the next thirty years or until I die, whichever comes first. And, I’m sixty-five so I think my risk assessment is pretty low. 

“But, if I have too many characteristics marked on your handy-dandy checklist…you know, stuff like I’m over fifty years old, voted Republican, once went to a Tea Party rally, have written non-loving comments about your big boss, am an informed voter, own a gun, am not receiving government assistance…and you must pass me on to a GS-7 for further investigation, I guess you have to do your job.

“Now, I know you just do what you’re told so don’t take this personally, but don’t you think your time could be better spent? Word on the street is that there are some really bad guys out there known as Islamic terrorists (sorry if that offends your bosses’ sensibilities) who really want to do some bad stuff. Just a thought.

“Well, I don’t want to keep you; I’m sure it’s about break time. Thank you for serving your country.”

Rodney Page

Author, ‘Powers Not Delegated’…a conservative political thriller

Sample Chapter: http://www.powersnotdelegated.com/Writings.html