Raddatz Should be Sued for Malpractice

In the wake of the vice presidential debate Thursday night, I watched a gaggle of so-called journalists on network TV gibbering about the way Joe Biden “dominated” his GOP opposite number, Paul Ryan. Yes, the old screwball dominated the debate in the same sense that someone who pulls down his pants and takes a dump in the punchbowl would dominate a Christmas party. It was the most disgraceful performance by a politician that I can remember, and I remember quite a few.

But let me not belabor the obvious. Millions of American TV viewers, though they might previously have noticed that something was not quite right about Uncle Joe, finally were exposed to the full horror of this repulsive political hack. He has spent forty years swilling at the public trough, and it shows.

Instead, let me muse for a while on what might have happened if there had been a journalist on that stage, rather than the lugubrious Martha Raddatz, the moderator borrowed for the evening from ABC News.

Martha was so busy counting seconds and stepping on Ryan’s best lines that she failed to even notice when the babbling Biden served up the fattest pitch of the playoff season. Or did she merely pretend not to notice?

It happened when Biden explained, in regard to the murderous terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on the anniversary of 9/11, that the incident was mistaken at first as a mere protest against a  video defaming the Prophet Mohammed because that was the initial “assessment” of the “intelligence community.”

Oh, how I wish I had been sitting on Martha’s lap, or in any event her chair. I would have hit Biden with a few pointed questions that any good journalist would have deemed appropriate.

How did the ”community” arrive at that “assessment”? Did they interview terrorists and patiently listen to them lament the production of that video? They couldn’t have interviewed the new president of Libya, Mohammed el-Megarif, who knew from the get-go that this had been a preplanned terror attack, not a spontaneous outburst of righteous wrath.

And what caused the community to change its assessment? Did the terrorists they interviewed finally break down and admit that they had been joshing, that they knew nothing about any  video after all, that in fact they were getting back at President Obama for spiking the football  by mentioning ad nauseam that he had ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden?

And by the way, who exactly are those wacky madcaps in the intelligence community who  came up with the preposterous cover story that conveniently obscured the failure of Obama’s Middle East policy? Could one of them have been named Hillary Clinton? As Rush Limbaugh is fond of pointing out, the State Department itself has intelligence operatives who are intimate members of the community.

None of those questions got asked, and I have to place some of the blame on Ryan, who by default was the only person left on stage with the integrity to ask them.

But on further reflection let’s give poor Ryan a pass. He had to cope with the horrid manners of the boorish, braying, chuckling donkey alongside him, and that was understandably distracting. And he must have been terribly disappointed to find that the punch had been ruined.