My Readers Chime In

As many of you already know, I refuse to access links or watch videos on my computer. I have tried to get the word out that although I appreciate my readers thinking of me, I don’t care to spend my time that way.

Recently, I spelled it out for one of them: “Years ago,” I wrote, “ when I was still reviewing movies, the pornographic “I Am Curious Yellow” was the talk of the nation, but I decided I didn’t wish to see it. At about the same time, because I was writing for Los Angeles magazine, I was offered tickets to the scandalous stage show, “Oh, Calcutta!” which I also decided to skip. I simply made up my mind that it wouldn’t kill me to be the only person at a cocktail party who couldn’t offer an opinion.

“In the 50 years since then, I have lived my life accordingly, and I’ve had no regrets. So if I miss out on something terrific because I don’t wish to deal with an endless supply of links and videos floating out there in cyberspace, I know that I will somehow manage to survive.”

Another reader, Marty Robinson, responding to my contention that a four year college degree is essentially a large and expensive waste of time because most jobs can be mastered in a matter of months, if not weeks, wrote, “While a friend of mine studied ‘communications’ at the University of Illinois, I took a 13-week course at Midwestern Broadcasting School. I got a job immediately upon graduation, so that I had four years of experience and was making a good salary when he started looking for his first job.”

Mac, a reader in Arizona, in referring to something negative I had written about legalizing marijuana, wrote that “The purpose of pot is to dull the senseless,” a line, I contend, that rivals anything Oscar Wilde ever wrote.

Although I could keep quoting my brilliant readers, I shouldn’t make them do all the work. So let me state for the record that every time I see Juan Williams mugging and rolling his eyes whenever Steve Hayes, George Will, Bret Baier or Charles Krauthammer, points out yet another misstep by Obama and his acolytes, Juan should understand that Fox viewers are not sitting home, nodding in agreement with the only person on the network even dumber than Bob Beckel. I dare him to roll his eyes when the Prince of Fox, Bill O’Reilly, is pontificating. Juan would wake up in Newark and never know what hit him.

To those who insist that Putin was within his right to annex Crimea because so many of its citizens speak Russian, while choosing to ignore the fact that Hitler used a similar rationale when he annexed Danzig and Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, I wonder what they would say if Mexico decided to invade Texas, Arizona and California, because so many of their residents se habla Espanol.

Someone else that the pinheads continue to laud is the self-righteous traitor, Edward Snowden, ignoring the fact that this defender of our Constitutional rights first ran off to China and then sought refuge in Putin’s Russia, twin paragons of liberty and human rights. If he’s looking for a catchy moniker, I’d suggest “Moscow Rose.”

In response to homosexuals who insist that their right to commit bizarre sex acts trumps the rights of others, and who seek out Christian bakers, florists and photographers, and insist they provide their services in celebration of same-sex marriage ceremonies, Alex Torres, a William F. Buckley Fellow at the National Review, carried out a dandy little experiment.

Mr. Torres contacted a large number of New York City bakeries, asking if they would bake a cake featuring a swastika. Not too surprisingly, none of them would. That doesn’t mean they’d refuse to sell cakes or donuts to a neo-Nazi out of uniform who walked in off the street. But they felt they had the right not to comply with a request that they do something they sincerely regarded as odious. And you can bet the ranch that no homosexual would take them to task for refusing to do so, although there is no law that prevents knuckle-draggers from being Nazis.

And yet gays insist that they suffer a psychic toll every time someone declines to make a buck by taking part in a ceremony that offends their religious convictions, a toll comparable, to hear them tell it, to the radio announcer who watched the Hindenburg go up in flames: “Oh, the humanity!”

Finally, it seems that the five states that boast the greatest gap between rich and poor are California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois, all states that went solidly for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

It suggests that either income inequality isn’t as big a deal as the liberals keep insisting it is or that, like long term unemployment and the treasonous wars Obama and the EPA continue to wage against the coal and oil industries, the Democrats have typically found a way to use them to their political advantage.

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