It’s Biden’s Border Crisis Even If He Won’t Say the Word

At his first news conference as president, Joe Biden repeatedly blamed Donald Trump for the crisis at our southern border.  And when he wasn’t doing that he was claiming that there’s nothing really new about the surge of migrants at the border.  For anyone skeptical of President Biden’s self-serving story, consider a few facts.

In June 2019, at the first Democrat presidential debate, Joe Biden along with every other candidate on stage, raised his hand and said he favors giving free health care benefits to immigrants who are not in this country legally.

During another presidential debate, this one in October, Mr. Biden said that within his first 100 days, he would “send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people.”

On January 20 of this year, his first day in office, President Biden said the government would stop building a wall on our southern border.

One day later, Mr. Biden unveiled an immigration plan that would give legal status to more than one million farmworkers who are in this country illegally.  If passed, the bill would open a pathway to citizenship after three years.  Mr. Biden also wants amnesty for so-called “Dreamers” – children who were brought here by their parents who entered the country illegally.

In February the Biden administration listed a number of criminal convictions – including drug crimes, simple assault, fraud and DUI – that would not make someone a priority for deportation.

On March 18, every Democrat in the House voted to create a path to citizenship for an estimated four million illegal aliens.  Only nine Republicans voted yes.

President Biden has also said that he would shoot, “straight from the shoulder” because the American people can handle anything as long as they’re told the truth.

At the same time he refuses to call the situation on the southern border a “crisis,” refuses to take any responsibility for the mess on the border, and says it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

In that one-on-one interview on ABC with George Stephanopoulos, when asked about migrants heading to the United States, President Biden said, “I can say quite clearly don’t come over.”

Really?  Isn’t it just a tad too late for that, Mr. President? What we’re seeing on the border is what happens when a politician practically sends engraved invitations to Central American migrants saying, “Come on over, the door is open, the welcome mat is out.”  That’s why a lot of them are wearing Biden campaign t-shirts and waving Biden campaign flags.

This is his doing.  He told them to come over and that’s what they did.  This is Joe Biden’s crisis even if he can’t bring himself to utter the word.