But Think Of The Children

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of thinking about the children. It’s not that I have anything against them in general, but it’s always a specific group of them over whom I’m supposed to be fretting.

For instance, these days, I’m supposed to cry myself to sleep because of the Central American tots who are flooding into the United States. But at the same time, I’m not supposed to give a hoot about what they and millions of other young illegal aliens are doing to our schools, clinics, neighborhoods and economy. And how is it that in TV coverage of the invasion, all you see, even on Fox, are a bunch of adorable little four-year-olds when the fact is many of them are teenage gangbangers?

In the Middle East, I’m supposed to be worried about Israeli bombs falling on Palestinian kids, but not about Palestinian missiles falling on Israeli tykes.

Here at home, I’m supposed to be concerned about what Obama’s policies and spending are doing to the future of young Americans, while ignoring the fact that in 2012 over 70% of those youngsters of voting age provided Obama with an additional four years in which to destroy America.

Even before Sarah Palin got around to it, I went on record suggesting that no matter what happens in the 2014 elections, the GOP House move in 2015 to impeach Obama. Understand, I don’t expect him to actually be booted out of office, no matter which party controls the Senate. I just want to see it happen because it’s the right thing to do. This is a president, after all, who has set out to radically transform America and he has gone about it by ignoring the Constitution and illegally usurping the authority of Congress. If messages are never sent, they can never be received.

Another reason I want to see him impeached is because I want everyone in the country, but especially those who ignore the news and who look blank if you say words like “Benghazi,” “Lois Lerner” and “Veterans Administration” to them, to finally grasp that we have a would-be despot sitting in the Oval Office.. Even those ignorant louts couldn’t totally ignore the impact of an impeachment.

I have heard all the objections. I have heard that it would make a martyr of Obama. I say, better him than us. I have heard it will hurt the GOP in 2016. I say that bloody, misbegotten, primary campaigns by the likes of Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, will hurt us far more. I have heard that there will be riots in the streets. I say there are riots every time some professional sports team wins or loses a championship. I say shoot a few of those creeps – a practice known as thinning the herd — and I wager the others will get the message.

In the final analysis, you either do the right thing or you rationalize your cowardice with a multitude of reasons to not even try.

The Democrats, as usual, are attempting to rev up their base by pressing for legislation that would deprive states of the right to restrict even those abortions performed in the final trimester, which pretty much constitutes infanticide. One can safely assume that if it can be arranged for him to receive an early release from prison, convicted baby killer Kermit Gosnell will be invited to address the 2016 Democratic convention.

The abortion bill in question is the – you should excuse the expression – baby of Richard Blumenthal, the boneheaded senator from Connecticut. Speaking of Blumenthal reminds me that in the old days, any number of Jews in show business, including Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, John Garfield, Kirk Douglas, Eddie G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, Jack Benny, George Burns and Danny Kaye, anglicized their names, believing it would help their careers. As a Jew, I can’t help wishing that the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Henry Waxman, Brad Sherman, Bernie Sanders and the aforementioned Blumenthal, had adopted the practice, thus sparing some of us the embarrassment of guilt by religious association.

In Jersey City, certain residents created a memorial to a black thug, Lawrence Campbell, who ambushed and murdered an Hispanic police officer named Melvin Santiago. President Obama hasn’t said a word about it. For that matter, if Campbell had survived a shoot-out with the Jersey City police, does anyone think Attorney General Eric Holder would have pressed for a hate crime conviction?

Jerry Brown, during his 12 years as governor, has done nearly as much damage to California as Barack Obama has done to the nation. This is a guy whose environmental regulations and tax policy have gone a long way to destroy business in California, including the agricultural economy of the San Joaquin Valley. But all he had to do in 2012 was say that we needed to raise state taxes — already the highest in the land — even higher to get the voters to go along with him.

It is now rumored that in 2016, he and his accomplices in Sacramento will overturn Proposition 13. Also known as the Jarvis Amendment, Prop 13 put a halt to the soaring state property taxes in 1978. The problem was so egregious back then that people in their 60s, many of them veterans, who had purchased their little homes just after the end of WWII for, say, $7,000 were having to pay in excess of that amount every year in property taxes.

The truth is if California were a person, it would have been locked up in a booby hatch a long time ago and the key, along with Jerry Brown, would have been thrown into San Francisco Bay

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