The Clowns at the Helm of Climate Change Advocacy

leoI have an Earth Day question for you: Which of these people is more helpful to our planet’s environment?

A) A skeptic of man-made climate change whose lifestyle leaves a relatively small carbon footprint.

B) An environmental activist who travels all over the world on private jets, luxury yachts, and limousines to stand in front of podiums and accuse others of denying science, while shaming them for polluting too much.

If your answer is the skeptic, I’d like to take this opportunity to declare myself the new world leader of the environmental movement. Thanks for your support!

If your answer is the activist, you’ve just explained why climate change—the issue our president calls the “greatest threat to our planet”—reliably ranks near the bottom of Americans’ concerns in every national poll.

In a country in which a solid majority of its citizens (and a majority of the scientific community) believe that humans are responsible for Earth’s changing climate, it’s kind of weird that those people really don’t seem to care…especially with all the dire predictions of catastrophic ramifications they’ve had shoved down their throats for a couple decades now.

Sure, most Americas might roll their eyes at people  who question man’s impact on the climate, but they sure as heck aren’t losing any sleep over thoughts of whales swimming down ocean-flooded streets in Manhattan either.

I wonder why that is? Why aren’t people taking the doomsday scenarios seriously?

I doubt it has anything to do with all the manipulated (now debunked) scientific data that was used to justify much of that hair-on-fire alarm-ringing in the first place. Why? Well, I just don’t think most Americans are even aware of controversies like Climategate because the American media largely ignores them.

No, I think the explanation actually has much more to do with human nature than temperature patterns. I think it has to do with the leading voices in the environmental movement seemingly caring even less about climate change than the skeptics do.

For example, it was reported last week that actor and climate change advocate, Leonardo DiCaprio, who spoke at the United Nations Climate Summit last year, recently booked private jets back and forth from New York to Los Angeles six times in a period of just six weeks. This shouldn’t be surprising. DiCaprio has been flying all over the world in private jets for years, and even once borrowed a friend’s gas-guzzling super-yacht (the fifth largest in the world) for a joy ride. When you add to the mix that the film industry he works in (where a lot of the environmental condemnation comes from) is responsible for an enormous carbon footprint, it seems that DiCaprio should be the last person preaching to anyone about the damage they’re causing to the environment. Yet, that’s exactly what he does, and he does it often.

Here’s another example: One of the mainstream media’s favorite go-to guys on man-made climate change is Bill Nye, better known to my 10-year-old as “The Science Guy.” A television educator, Nye has been the toast of the town to many on the environmental left, because of his appetite for criticizing climate change deniers, often in less than cordial terms.

As was evidenced by this recent tweet from Nye, however, it appears that “Irony 101” wasn’t a required class to earn his Science degree:

“Heading down to DC to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow with the President. We’re going to #ActOnClimate.”

What better way, on Earth Day, to promote the dangers of the burning of fossil fuels than jumping aboard a private jet and flying somewhere to talk about it? Wouldn’t a video-conference set a much better example?

Of course, Nye’s jet-pool buddy President Obama isn’t any better. Though no one can begrudge him for using the tools of his presidency (like Air Force One) to get his job done, it seems to me that someone who believes wholeheartedly in the notion that reducing carbon emissions is vital to the survival of the planet would be a bit more sheepish when it comes to all that vacation travel back and forth to Hawaii and abroad. Am I wrong?

Then there’s Al Gore, the undisputed king of environmental rhetoric. He’s been exposed as a hypocrite so many times on this topic that the history is not even worth rehashing. I will say, however, than anyone who leaves a bigger carbon footprint in a year than the average person leaves in a lifetime, shouldn’t be paid by any environmental group to talk about anything.

It’s hard to get into the mind of an environmental activist, so I won’t try. I just know that if I truly believed a particular practice was literally destroying that planet that my family and I live on, I would be the first to speak out against those who are significantly engaged in that practice, regardless of whatever supportive lip-service they threw my way.

Learn about John Daly's upcoming novel BLOOD TRADE.

Learn about John Daly’s upcoming novel BLOOD TRADE.

The problem is that the environmental movement hails environmental charlatans, instead of calling them out for their hypocrisy. That’s a big deal, and until that changes, the public just isn’t going to take the message seriously.

If the leading environmental voices in the world—the people who are demanding crippling regulations on all kinds of important global industries—don’t even care enough about what they’re saying to practice what they preach, why should anyone else care?

I’ll leave you with that question on this happy Earth Day.

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Weather Suddenly Doesn’t Matter in the Climate Change Debate?

protestThe other day, one of my liberal friends posted one of those sharable, meme images featuring a quote from comedian Stephen Colbert on her Facebook page. It has become a fairly popular quote – one that I’ve seen posted a number of times over the past couple of months:

“Global warming isn’t real because I was cold today! Also great news: World hunger is over because I just ate.”

The clever quip came from Colbert’s Twitter account last November. It was obviously designed to poke fun at skeptics of man-made global warming, who have taken notice of the record cold temperatures and snowfall throughout the country in recent years, and have used that data to chastise the true believers.

I may not share many of Colbert’s world views, including those he has on climate change, but I can still appreciate his humor. After all, there is indeed a distinction between the climate and the weather. Cold fronts alone are far from the most effective argument when challenging the conventional wisdom of man-made global warming.

Some on Colbert’s side of the debate have been downright hostile towards those who conflate climate with weather. Last summer, CNN’s Richard Weir had a visceral response to a Fox Nation headline used for a Washington Times article that found some irony in Al Gore attending an event in Denver on a chilly, rainy day, to discuss “the rising temperatures driven by climate disruption.”

The headline was “Climate Doesn’t Cooperate With Al Gore’s Group’s Visit to Denver EPA Hearings.”

Weir was not amused. “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant f*cksticks,” he angrily tweeted, referencing Fox Nation’s account.

He later apologized, but Weir’s sensitivity on the topic is clearly shared by many; his outburst was re-tweeted over 5,000 times. Colbert’s remark (which has been re-tweeted over 35,000 times) has absolutely gone viral; it seems to turn up everywhere and in many different forms.

Again, I get it. Climate and weather aren’t the same thing. What I don’t get is why so many vocal global warming believers don’t realize that this is the exact same argument they themselves have been using for many years (even decades) to try and prove themselves correct on the topic.

In March of 2010, former president Bill Clinton spoke at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner, noting that it was the night before the start of spring, “otherwise known to Al Gore as proof of global warming.” The joke garnished a good laugh from the audience, as well it should have. Clinton likely recognizes that it has become second nature in this country (in large part due to environmental activism) to attribute practically anything to climate change.

I had this in mind when I took about 5 minutes to photoshop my own meme image and use it as the reply to my friend’s Facebook post: “I’ll stop pointing out how cold it is outside when you stop blaming everything else in the world on global warming. – John A. Daly”

As you can imagine, it hasn’t yet received a response or even a “like”… and it probably won’t.

Let’s face it: For decades, students have been taught in school that record high temperatures are proof of global warming. We hear how excessive rain and floods are caused by global warming. Drought is blamed on global warming. Hurricanes are blamed on global warming. Earthquakes are starting to be blamed on global warming. Even snow and cold are now blamed on global warming, as long as there’s enough of it to be considered “extreme.”

Somehow, these wild assertions don’t come across as absurd to the global warming proponents. They’re entertained, considered, and often accepted by the very people who cite “science” as their witness, even when those assertions are discredited by climate scientists who believe 100% that man is warming the planet.

As with many things in life – whether it be the media, politics, or the culture in general, I just want a single societal standard. If simply saying the word “science” can be used to defend a school of thought marred by wide-eyed hyperbole, desperately wrong scientific predictions, and falsified historical temperature data, it seems to me that saying “it’s cold” is a pretty fair and appropriate response.


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Waving Bye-Bye to Common Sense

I happen to believe that the whole notion of man-made global warming is a load of hooey. After all, it’s a matter of record that temperatures were rising and falling long before the Industrial Revolution took place, and have continued to fluctuate even after the advent of the internal combustion engine.

Furthermore, I believe that Al Gore and the various grifters who have promoted the notion that we could control the weather if only we would agree to return to the Stone Age are only looking to line their pockets by scamming the rest of us. Still, I’d be lying if I said they haven’t wormed their way partially into my heart by providing me with more than a few laughs.

For instance, in 2009, they decided to hold the week-long U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. In December, no less, when the temperatures hovered in the low 20s and there were four inches of snow on the ground. And yet some people insist that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

More recently, the Russians sent a ship down to the South Pole to report on all the melting ice that was leaving thousands of penguins homeless. As you may have read, the ship became icebound and the crew had to be rescued by Chinese helicopters. Even the penguins were chuckling. I swear you can’t make this stuff up.

What’s more, these folks whose deity is Chicken Little never tell you what would be so terrible if the earth did warm up a bit? Would it be so awful if grapes could once again be grown in England or if baseball season could finally get underway in April without all that damn snow on the ground?

The one doomsday story they seem to enjoy dragging out is that if all the polar ice disappeared, it would raise the level of the Pacific Ocean, and liberal haunts such as Seattle, San Francisco and L.A., would wind up under water. And they actually think that’s a bad thing!

In case you missed the news, Eric Holder, a fellow not widely known for his sweet nature, has decided to grant compassionate leave to lawyer-cum-terrorist groupie Lynne Stewart, who was supposed to stay behind bars until 2018. It seems that she has cancer and is not expected to live much longer.

As a rule, I’m not opposed to compassion, but this is the woman who achieved public notoriety as the lawyer for Omar Abdel-Rahman, aka the Blind Sheik, the mastermind behind the bombing of New York’s World Trade Center in 1993 and any number of other murderous attacks. Osama bin Laden regarded him as a role model and often sang his praises.

Although it is troubling enough that an American would volunteer to be Abdel-Rahman’s mouthpiece, Mrs. Stewart’s efforts far exceeded providing him with a defense for the indefensible. She also served as his conduit, using her status as his lawyer to pass along the Sheik’s marching orders to his followers. It was for aiding and abetting a convicted jihadist that she was tried and sentenced.

I can’t help recalling that the last time compassion was the flimsy excuse for springing a terrorist, it was Abdelbaset al-Megrehi, the man responsible for blowing up the airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 290 people. He, too, was allegedly on his last legs when the English sent him on his way, but he somehow managed to hang on for three more years. Perhaps it was the hero’s welcome he received upon landing in Libya that gave him a new lease on life.

Aside from the way that Barack Obama was sold to the American public, there has probably never been a more remarkable example of successful marketing than the way that sodomy has been re-packaged. Both in movies and on TV, homosexuals have been promoted as asexual beings, sort of like large teddy bears who just love to hug and cuddle, with nary a mention of anal intercourse.

One needn’t be Phil Robertson to be revolted by the disgusting practice. I mean, honestly, if you knew that a friend, co-worker or neighbor, made a habit of, say, sticking his fingers in poop, would you be okay with it because what people do behind closed doors is none of your business, especially if done in the name of love, or would you feel you had the right to think it was filthy and abnormal behavior?

Might you at the very least find yourself reluctant to shake hands with them?

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Harry Reid Doesn’t Let a Good Colorado Crisis Go To Waste

reidOne of my favorite leisure destinations in my home state of Colorado is Estes Park. It’s a popular, very friendly mountain town that sits at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, about an hour and fifteen minute’s drive from where I live. It’s a beautiful place.

A number of times each year, my family and I find ourselves taking a road trip on up there. We drive through the majestic Big Thompson River canyon along U.S. Highway 34. It’s a windy road that provides miles of lush scenery. When we reach the top of the canyon, we cruise around one last bend before the wide-open Estes Park valley presents itself like the opening scene of an epic film.

Tranquil Lake Estes sits off to the left, often shimmering under the sun while small boats skim gently across it. Sharp, sometimes snow-capped mountains jet out from behind a wooded forest in the distance.

The first establishment we pass is the Estes Park Ride-A-Kart, a family amusement park that my children love for its bumper-boats, go-karts, and miniature golf. My wife used to go there often with her family years ago when she was a kid.

Our attention is always captured by the familiar site of the hundred year-old, bright white, Stanley Hotel that overlooks the valley. Back in the 1970’s, the stately hotel inspired author Stephen King to write his famous novel, “The Shining,” which was later turned into a movie. The Stanley still gets a lot of tourism interest because of that association.

It’s not uncommon to witness large, glorious elk meandering their way through the area, and even through Downtown Estes Park where small, quaint shops line the narrow Elkhorn Avenue.

My family usually eats lunch at Bob & Tony’s Pizza. We devour one of their specialty pizzas made from homemade ingredients in no time, right before my children head to the restaurant’s game room. There they spend a couple of dollars on an old arcade game or toy crane that actually lets them occasionally win a stuffed animal.

Afterwards we walk past ice cream and taffy shops, weighing our options for later.

This summer I got to meet the friendly employees at Macdonald Bookshop at the center of town. They were kind enough to host a book-signing event for me there, where I spoke with many fascinating people from all over the country, who chose to make Estes Park one of their vacation stops. They brought their tourism dollars with them – money that the local community relies on.

A couple of weeks later, I paid a visit to the rustic Baldpate Inn, another century-old institution, in preparation for a second event. I was greeted by a young intern named Caitlyn who gave me a tour of the Inn that sits high above Estes Park on Twin Sisters Mountain. Everyone there was hospitable, energetic, and happy to be working.

Estes Park, Colorado is a special place for me and my family. That’s why I was devastated last week when six days of epic rainfall led to heavy flooding that ravaged the area, along with several other parts of Colorado.

The overflowing Big Thompson river swept through, and even submerged, several local businesses and residences before wiping out the two main roadways leading into the town. U.S. 34, the highway my family uses to get to Estes Park, is in absolute shambles and will likely be unusable for at least a year.

People lost their homes and livelihoods not just in Estes Park, but all across the eastern slope of the state when the roaring, overflowing rivers reached the plains and the incredible volume of water had nowhere else to go.

The BaldPate Inn – the place that I had just visited a couple weeks ago – suffered enough surrounding infrastructure damage that they had to shut down operations for the rest of the year. And they’re certainly not alone.

While the Estes Park community has come together and worked hard to get businesses back up and running, there’s little doubt that their fall tourism season will take a significant hit this year with limiting entry routes into their town.

It’s times like this that we often see the best in people. Communities rally together to help out those who need assistance. Charitable organizations like the Red Cross and churches set up shelters and provide food for those who have lost so much. Donations pour in from generous individuals and corporations to help ease the pain and get people back on their feet. We’ve certainly seen this in the state of Colorado over the past week.


Estes Park, CO

But it’s also during times like this that we can reliably count on some opportunistic, self-serving D.C. politician to tastelessly use the crisis to push forth some extraneous political agenda. This time, it was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who decided to blame the Colorado flooding on… you guessed it, global warming.

“We should be facing the reality of climate change,” Reid said on the U.S. Senate floor Tuesday. “Look what happened in Colorado. I talked to Senator Bennet yesterday, he said the floods were biblical. In one part of Colorado, it rained 12 inches in two hours. I can’t imagine that.”

Reid went on to deliver a broader speech on on climate change, having used the Colorado floods as a segue.

Now, I have no problem with Reid talking about climate change. If he thinks it’s a real issue and he wants to talk about it, that’s fine.

But what he did is use the suffering of countless Coloradans, in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic act of God, to put forth shameless political spin. No one in the scientific community is even seriously suggesting that such events are attributable to climate change. Yet, Reid clearly had no qualms in asserting exactly that, and in doing so, using the crisis for political gain.

Sadly, this is the kind of thing that we’ve come to expect from Harry Reid. He is, after all, the same guy who proclaimed that America had lost the Iraq war while our troops were still there, putting their lives on the line in combat against insurgents and other extreme elements. We’re talking about a guy who publicly complained that tourists in Washington D.C. smelled bad, and told school kids that President Bush was a “loser.” We’re talking about a guy who invoked the spirit of Mitt Romney’s dead father in order to criticize his son, before stating a baldfaced lie during the 2012 presidential election that Mitt didn’t pay taxes for ten years. From a Dead Sleep - by John A. Daly

While Reid’s Colorado flood comments probably weren’t his worst offense, they were offensive enough – a shameless game played at the expense of people’s suffering.

And sadly, you know that no one in the media will ask Reid to explain his comments or cite which data he is basing such a claim upon. When Michele Bachmann does this type of thing, the media is all over her (and rightfully so).  But Harry Reid? Nope. The media will once again just play off the remark as “Harry being Harry.” Or worse yet, they might even lend blind credence to his bogus commentary.

The people of Estes Park and in the rest of the state of Colorado have a lot of work to do to get their lives together, and the truth is that some lame, disingenuous comments from the top clown in the U.S. Senate really isn’t going to have much of an impact on them.

This incident does, however, provide a stark contrast – an important one. On one hand, you have hard working, determined Americans who are tirelessly and effectively dealing with the serious problems that affect them. On the other, you have the completely un-serious Washington D.C. elites who are not only incapable of solving real problems, but eagerly marginalize real problems in order to bolster their own sanctimonious sense of self-worth.

At what point are we going to stop voting these same excuses for public servants back into office?

America Is On Life Alert + Bonus: Rumors, Riddles & Rebuttals

As I sit here, apparently everyone in Washington, D.C. is mulling over what to do about Syria. For my part, I’m mulling over what to do about Washington, D.C. It just seems to me that America has fallen and can’t get up.

I know that I am expected to be up in arms over chemical weapons being employed by Bashar al-Assad, assuming that the intelligence is better now than it was prior to the Iraq invasion. But I have never understood the moral outrage connected to weaponry. Neither have I ever grasped the lunacy of war being waged according to some grotesque version of Marquis of Queensbury rules. As I see it, wars are fought in order to defeat one’s enemy before he has a chance to defeat you. And the faster you do it, the better.

I understand that chemical weapons are supposed to be beyond the pale, and that civilized people are expected to rail against their use. But am I the only person who finds it absurd that a few hundred people being murdered by poison gas is supposed to trump the 120,000 who have been killed by bombs and bullets in Syria?

If you’re out to kill people, I don’t think the means make all that much difference. I always thought the flamethrowers we used in the South Pacific during WWII were pretty horrific, but they make a lot of sense when you’re engaged in jungle warfare.

As you probably know, I have not chosen sides when it comes to Syria. I suppose if I were compelled to side with one group, it would be the anti-Assad forces simply because he’s allied with Russia and Iran, not because I see any real difference between those lined up against him and the Islamic vermin we’ve spent the past decade fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking of the Middle East, why is Fox correspondent Leland Vittert reporting on Egypt and Syria from Jerusalem? I’m not saying I blame him. I wouldn’t want to be risking life and limb just to give eye witness reports from those hot spots, either. But why not let him report from New York or Omaha or wherever he happens to live? I just know that I wince every time he goes into his drama queen act, pretending he’s ducking bullets and scud missiles, when I know he’s miles away from where the action is.

Madness also reigns closer to home. For instance, we have New York City, where the cost of keeping a perp in jail now runs $167,000-a-year, and California, where the state legislators are anxiously waiting for Jerry Brown to sign a bill that would allow non-citizens to sit on juries. It’s hard to believe, but the people responsible for such lunacies weren’t just handed their jobs. They didn’t inherit them. They were all duly-elected by the very saps who have to pay their salaries.

It seems that the Veterans Administration is such a mess that injured warriors are waiting months, sometimes years, before they can expect to start receiving disability checks. And these guys probably thought the Taliban scumballs were ruthless. But, like all federal agencies, the folks at the VA reside in a parallel universe where incompetence is awarded. The agency recently announced that it was handing out $5.5 million in bonuses to its employees. But, at least so far as we know, no Purple Hearts will be awarded these dedicated bureaucrats.

We keep being told by Democrats that photo IDS are discriminatory to minorities and the elderly. Being a 73-year-old Jew, you would think by now I would be aware of the fact I am being systematically deprived of my vote. Well, in a sense, being a conservative in California, I suppose I am. After all, no matter how often I vote against Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Brad Sherman, those mooks keep winning.

But at least I get to cast my meaningless vote. So I have to wonder, who are these millions of people who have been disenfranchised? I’m also wondering why it’s only their inability to vote every few years that seems to trouble Eric Holder. Why isn’t he complaining that all these blacks, Latinos and seniors, can’t buy beer or cigarettes; board an airplane; drive a car; enter a courthouse or a federal building, including the House. Senate and his own Department of Justice; or, for that matter, attend one of Obama’s speeches or even show up for one of Mrs. Obama’s occasional lectures?

Finally, we are told that by 2020, thanks to older doctors retiring and younger doctors opting to go into research rather than deal with ObamaCare, America will have 90,000 fewer doctors than we’ll need.

It’s only a rumor at this point, but, according to someone high up at the Department of Health and Human Services, it seems that between now and 2020 Doc Gooden, Neil “Doc” Simon, Doc Severinsen and Dr. Seuss, will all be opening offices to help take up the slack.

BONUS: Rumors, Riddles & Rebuttals

I’ve heard that a five million dollar class action lawsuit has been filed here in California on behalf of those people who purchased copies of Lance Armstrong’s autobiography in which he swore that he had never used performance-enhancing drugs. Their claim is based on the fact that when they purchased the book, it was represented by the subject and his publisher to be non-fiction.

I am not a member of the lawsuit because I didn’t buy the book, having no interest whatsoever in the life of a professional bicyclist. Perhaps my interest would have been piqued if he’d won all those races riding a unicycle or while juggling dishes, but that’s pretty much the same reason I gave Obama’s memoirs a wide berth.

However, I pray the litigants win their multi-million dollar judgment. What an earth-shattering precedent it would set if every two-bit politician who decides, like Obama, to attach his name to a ghost-written book knew that his self-aggrandizing lies could wind up biting him in the wallet.

I keep hearing from readers taking me to task over my defense of the NSA, which essentially came down to my insistence that if their monitoring of phone calls between Yemen and Omaha could prevent another 911 or Boston massacre, we should be cheering the agency on. Anyone who believes that their phone numbers are somehow protected by the Constitution has apparently never received a call from a telemarketer.

As I see it, anyone who has concluded that the NSA is corrupt just because the IRS and the Justice Department are, is as silly as someone assuming that the IRS and Eric Holder are doing a great job just because the NSA seems to be.

While Obama likes to pretend that the economy is on the road to recovery simply because the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.4%, he naturally chooses to ignore the fact that as a result of his policies, the bureaucratic zealots at the EPA and the misnamed Affordable Care Act, the actual rate — if those who have dropped out of the work force or have had to settle for part-time employment are included — is a staggering 14.3%.

Another case of economic legerdemain is performed on a daily basis by those who keep reporting on record highs being achieved by the stock market. If the Federal Reserve ever stops pumping Monopoly money into the system, the result will remind old-timers of the crash that took place in October, 1929.

The only statistic that warms the cockles of my heart is the 16.1% unemployment rate among millennials, the $50 dollar word they’ve concocted to describe people in their 20s. So far as I’m concerned, they deserve to be sentenced to a lifetime in their parents’ basement for having trooped out last November and cast 70% of their votes for the incumbent, aka The Cool Dude.
Speaking of which, in his attempt to increase the number of Democratic voters, Obama has not only decided to stop prosecuting drug dealers, but is encouraging Mexican aliens to claim political asylum in the U.S., even going so far as to pick up the tab for their hotel rooms in San Diego.

In the past, such asylum has only been granted to those who actually feared reprisal from the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro. If Obama is going to play this nasty partisan game, I want the Republicans in Congress to demand that Obama go on record, condemning Mexico for violating human rights.

A friend of mine pointed out that we have been constantly lectured by the liberals in Washington and the media not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, while, on the other hand, we are encouraged by the likes of Obama, Holder, Feinstein, Schumer and Biden, to condemn all gun owners for the actions of a tiny number of loons.

Finally, to paraphrase Shakespeare, what fools some of these mortals be! Even after Al Gore and his fellow hucksters were forced by cooling temperatures to change “global warming” to “climate change” in order to keep the money and research grants rolling in, we continue to hear those on the left demanding that the coal industry be shut down and the Keystone pipeline be scuttled.

You can hardly come up with a better example of human arrogance. Imagine believing we human beings have the power to control the earth’s climate when we can’t even deal with a single cyclone or hurricane except by cowering in a cellar until Mother Nature, in her own good time, decides to move it along or let it blow itself out.

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