“The Feds Are Not Our Friends” and “Nazis, American Style”

Fortunately, I no longer board a lot of airplanes because if I did, it would really piss me off that after a teenager flew to Hawaii in the wheel well of a jetliner, a spokesperson for the TSA said that nobody can be expected to prevent a kid from hopping over the fence at the San Jose Airport in the middle of the night.

I suppose that would hold true even if the kid happened to be a jihadist carrying a bomb in his backpack. Keep that in mind the next time you’re doffing your jacket, belt and shoes and being X-rayed, by the same jerks who are only too happy to disarm you of your nail clippers, toothpaste and shampoo, after you’ve been shuffling along in a serpentine line for an hour or so.

Those people like Tom Steyer who get to pretend they’re sane because they get to call themselves a multi-syllabic word like “environmentalists” when the rest of us know they are simply mental cases, are insisting that the Keystone pipeline would destroy every state through which it would pass. But at the same time, they ignore the fact that Canadian oil is already coming south, but instead of traveling safely through a pipeline, it is coming down by train and truck. That being the case, wouldn’t you think they would prefer the option of a nice clean pipeline? Of course that would be the case if they were rational. But because these arrogant schmucks are divorced from reality, all they care about is winning, even if it harms the very thing they allegedly care the most about; namely, the environment.

Speaking of which, I am not one of those people who thinks cattle rancher Cliven Bundy is another Nathan Hale, but I am far more sympathetic to the side he represents, the individual standing up to the federal government, than I am of his opponents.

Like everyone else who has followed the story, I am aware that the feds own 84% of Nevada. They also own large portions of Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, California, Alaska, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Wyoming, in amounts ranging from 36% to 69%. The question is, why. Aside from national parks, military bases and a few fancy buildings in Washington, D.C., why should the federal government lay claim to a single acre of the United States? As I see it, they have no more business or constitutional authority to claim it than I have.

Getting back to rancher Bundy, I know there are people who regard him as a scofflaw because there have been court judgments made against him in the past. But, thanks to super-duper scofflaws like Obama, Holder and Harry Reid, it’s difficult for most of us to take that argument too much to heart.

One could say that Harry Reid, who has led the condemnation of Mr. Bundy, has feet of clay, but under closer analysis, it appears they only look like clay. They have an aroma far more reminiscent of a pig sty.

In the case of Bundy’s ranch, Reid has been hip-deep in a land scam that involves his son Rory and his former senior advisor, the current head of the Bureau of Land Management, Neil Kornze. The way it works is that Reid makes a deal with, say, the Chinese, making public land available at a reduced price so long as lawyer Rory Reid gets to handle the pricey paperwork, in the meantime getting Kornze to use his heavily-armed BLM thugs to push people like Bundy off the designated property.

Those who are naïve or just plain knuckleheads will say, “But what about those federal court orders?” To which I say, “Who the heck do you think gets to appoint those judges in the first place?” Sometimes, black robes are a better disguise for villains than black masks.

In a great many political races now taking place, liberal incumbents who have never served in the military are being contemptuous of their opponents who are veterans, and I suggest they should pay a heavy price on Election Day.

How dare some damn ex-ambulance chaser dare to claim that what they do is essential, but defending our nation on the battlefield isn’t even a real job, as a couple of them have suggested!

Now I’m not one of those people who believe that military veterans necessarily make great politicians. The evidence in the form of Charley Rangel and the three Johns – Murtha, McCain and Kerry –is pretty compelling in the opposite direction. Secretary of State Kerry, in 2006, speaking for liberals everywhere, said that smart people, referring no doubt to his own offspring, go to college and make something of themselves, whereas other people’s sons go to Iraq.

Even if George W. Bush wasn’t another George Washington, Calvin Coolidge or Ronald Reagan, it should never be forgotten that he was the man who kept Kerry, along with Al Gore, out of the Oval Office. For that alone, his birthday should be a national holiday.

Nazis, American Style

It’s no secret that the Left tends to be totalitarian in nature. Whether it was Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Russia, Castro’s Cuba or Mao’s China, there’s nothing that pleases a Progressive more than a dictator with his boot on the neck of those they regard as a lower form of animal life: namely, conservatives.

We can now add Obama’s America to the long and dismal list. Whether it’s using the IRS to punish his political foes; the Justice Department to spy on members of the press; the State Department to provide cover for the Benghazi massacre; or his own executive power to circumvent Congress and the Constitution by altering the Affordable Care Act on a weekly basis, Obama has decided it’s good to be the dictator.

Unfortunately, we only have Republicans opposing this naked grab of power. Heck, during his State of the Union address, the House Democrats actually gave him a standing ovation when he announced that in the future he would ignore his constitutional restraints and legislate from the Oval Office.

Still, there are people who insist that if you oppose Obama’s agenda, it means you’re a racist. A sane person just wants to shake them until the marbles in their head sound like castanets. Do they actually believe that if a white person – say Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton – had given us five years of rising debt; a stagnant economy; coddled our enemies; betrayed our allies; and saddled us with a disastrous health care plan; we’d be donning our party hats and dancing in the streets?

On the other hand, if Obama weren’t black, would so many Americans have ignored his promise in 2008 to destroy the oil and coal industries and to redistribute our wealth in ways reminiscent of Lenin and Stalin? Also, if he weren’t black, wouldn’t his vow to personally lower the ocean and heal the planet have been viewed as the ravings of a mad man?

I grant that not voting for someone simply because he’s black is racist. But how is voting for him because he’s black not also racist?

But Obama isn’t the only one exhibiting totalitarian instincts. In 2008, Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 campaign here in California. Like the majority of the voters at the time, he believed that marriage should involve one man and one woman. For what it’s worth, it just so happens that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton shared that rational view.

But this is 2014, and although they don’t really mind being on the wrong side of history, liberal politicians don’t want to be on the wrong side of homosexuals, who have a great deal of disposable income with which to promote the campaigns of their favorite butt-kissers.

Once Mr. Eich was promoted to the position of CEO at Mozilla, the tech company he helped found, the homosexual termites crawled out of the woodwork, demanding his head on a pike. Within days, Mozilla’s board of directors, who could easily pass for a gang of jackals, if jackals wore suits and lacked spines, demanded and received Eich’s resignation. Not too surprisingly, those Mozilla executives who donated to Obama or Clinton back in 2008 remain gainfully employed.

In 2008, I wrote that the homosexuals who were invading church services and threatening those who had merely taken advantage of their 1st Amendment rights were not only fascist thugs, but cowards. I came to that conclusion because although the vote was fairly even among whites, the reason Prop 8 passed was because the black vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the bill. And yet, for all their moral outrage, the gays didn’t dare disrupt services in a black church or confront black business owners for fear of the physical consequences.

No matter how often they get their way because of gutless judges and legislators, liberals are never content to rest on their laurels. Whether the issue is same sex marriage, abortions or unions, leftists never leave their jackboots at home. For instance, simply because Gov. Scott Walker had the temerity to oppose ever-increasing pensions for Wisconsin’s public service unions, he, his wife and his children, all received death threats.

Let a conservative be invited to speak on a college campus –whether it’s former Secretary of State Condi Rice, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, an Israeli diplomat or someone representing the anti-abortion movement — one can fully expect that campus liberals, CAIR or feminists, will either see to it that the invitation is rescinded or disrupt the address with catcalls and demonstrations. They know all too well that gutless college administrators won’t dare expel them.

Speaking of the cesspool that academia has become over the past few decades, the University of Michigan promoted a Pro Choice exhibit with a sign that announced “Abortion is a Gift from God.” My assumption is that the God they had in mind was either named Barack Obama or Baal.

Speaking of religious lunacy, a furor was set off because Iran appointed a known jihadist to be its ambassador to the U.N. Frankly, except for Guantanamo or a casket, I can’t think of a more appropriate destination for a Muslim terrorist.

Besides, who are we to cast stones? Here in America, as you may have noticed, we not only send our own native-born terrorists — people like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis — to college, we give them tenure!

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“Reid, Steyer & Other Leftist Thugs” and “America Is Barely Hanging On”

I know that a lot of people continue to call for Obama’s impeachment, but it’s an exercise in futility. The Republicans can’t, even though Obama has treated the Constitution as if it was an old rag, and the Democrats won’t. We had a great opportunity to dump him in 2012 and replace him with Mitt Romney, and we blew it.

That doesn’t mean that we have to sit back and patiently count off the hours until Harry Reid decides to retire. I have suggested that Nevadans recall him in the past and I continue to urge them to take action.

I have heard that Reid’s entire career is based on the support of the unions and the owners of Vegas casinos, and, quite frankly, I don’t get it. What is it that Nevada’s unions like about Reid? Is it his to-die-for impression of a zombie? Do they find his charm and wit so beguiling that they are willing to overlook the highest rate of unemployment in the United States?

And just what is it that the casino operators find so compelling about him? He hasn’t even been able to persuade the RNC to hold one of their presidential conventions in Las Vegas.

Now that he has shown his true colors by having his former aide, and currently the head of the Bureau of Land Management, sic the mad dogs of the BLM on cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, so that Reid can turn a personal profit off the acreage, what’s keeping Nevada’s Republicans from moving to have the old bastard recalled?

For that matter, why is it that Senate Democrats don’t rise up and get themselves another majority leader? Reid has shown the same disinterest as Obama in saving his colleague’s Senate seats in November. Frankly, their cavalier attitude even has me shaking my head, although I’d be fibbing if I said I didn’t appreciate their bizarre behavior.

When every red state Democrat is running as fast as his or her little legs can carry them from ObamaCare; when every oil state Democrat is pleading with Reid to let them at least cast votes supporting the Keystone pipeline; and when every coal state Democrat is begging Obama and Reid to stop trying to put America’s coal industry out of business, their rational pleas continue to fall on deaf ears.

Speaking of coal, leftwing environmental billionaire Tom Steyer, 57, recently awoke to find a massive lump of the stuff lying on a pillow by his head, reminding some people of the horse’s head the studio boss found in his bed in “The Godfather.” I could hardly be more delighted if he’d found that overnight his entire fortune had disappeared, all due to his failure to sign up with LifeLock.

As many of you are aware, Mr. Steyer has pledged $100 million to helping elect senators who share his environmental concerns and to defeat those who have managed to retain the brains God gave them. One of his major pet peeves is the Keystone Pipeline, and is the reason that Obama has decided to put off making a final decision about it until after the midterm elections.
Now I would think that if I were about to hand over $100 million to the Democrats, I’d expect Obama to stop it dead here and now, rather than risk that the day after the elections, Obama would call me and say, “Sorry, Tom, but I’m getting a ton of pressure from the damn unions, and I’ve got to green light the project.” But, then, Steyer has probably limited his gambling to Wall Street and has never played poker.

It now turns out that Mr. Steyer, whose resume includes stints at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs is a major investor in Kinder Morgan, which has an alternative plan to the Keystone in the works. As if that’s not smarmy enough, Steyer made a large portion of his fortune in, of all things, coal! It seems that Farallon Capital Management, the firm he ran until recently, was heavily invested in foreign coal mining. So, apparently, it’s only American coal miners and the American coal mining industry that he finds so repellant, in much the same way that Obama, who claims to hate oil the way I hate gefilte fish, provided Brazil with two billion of our tax dollars so they could develop their offshore oil resources.

Because it was kept out of the news in 2012, at the behest of the White House, I only recently discovered that during Spring break that year, Malia Obama, then 13, took off for Oaxaca, Mexico in two jets, with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service men in tow. Inasmuch as we all paid for it, you’d have thought Michelle would have had the kid send out 300 million thank-you notes once she got home. But, alas, like mother, like daughter.

To be fair to the ladies in the family, one could say that Barack is the one who sets the tone. As you may have heard, during his recent Asian tour, Obama dined with Japan’s Prime Minister at a restaurant called the Sukiyabashi Jiro, where meals start at $300, and where one of the chef’s recommended courses involves an endangered species of blue fin tuna. So, although the Japanese are notorious for turning a blind eye, as well as a profit, on the slaughter of whales and rhinos, Obama is constantly trying to convince well-heeled pinheads like Tom Steyer that he can barely get to sleep at night from worrying about the plight of spotted owls and three-inch long delta smelts.

I can only imagine that when, upon his return, he’s confronted by the loons from the Sierra Club bearing hot tar and feathers at one of his endless fund-raisers, he’ll have no recourse but to insist that diplomacy required that he chew, but he certainly never swallowed.

America Is Barely Hanging On

I have heard for the longest time that ours is a nation of laws. So how is it that Barack Obama and Eric Holder haven’t gotten the word? In 2014, it seems that they get to pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore. And as if it’s not bad enough that they turn a blind eye to laws dealing with illegal immigration, traditional marriage and drug traffickers, Obama gets to bypass Congress and revise his signature piece of legislation three dozen times. Then, for good measure, if anyone cries “Foul!,” Holder and Obama pull out their matching His and Her crying towels and insist it’s only because they’re blacks.

For the longest time, I’ve said that political life should be a hardship, so that fewer lowlifes would be attracted to it. Maybe if we made members of Congress sit on rickety chairs or have offices the size of broom closets, we’d see a better sort of human being going to Washington, more Mr. Smiths and fewer Mr. Reids and Mr. Boehners.

For reasons I’ve never figured out, Presidents are expected to make an appearance at the site of natural disasters, be they floods, earthquakes or giant mudslides, such as the one that recently buried Oso, Washington. In the case of Barack Obama, I gather the purpose of his showing up is to remind people that there are far worse disasters than the one they just survived.

Speaking of survival, prior to the 2012 presidential election, I wrote that I believed that America could survive four more years of Obama, but I wasn’t at all certain it could survive an electorate that would elect him to a second term after we’d seen what a wretched job he’d done during his first four years.

Nothing he’s said or done since then has changed my mind or dispelled my fears. How can one not fear for the future of the Republic when so many people are oblivious to what Obama and his cronies have been up to when it comes to tapping the phones at the Associated Press, covering up the killing of four Americans in Benghazi and turning the IRS into an arm of the Democratic Party – with its power to punish, truly the strong arm of the Democratic Party.

But millions of Americans, including the liberals in Congress, don’t seem to object to the fact that their President spent three years lying to them about the Affordable Care Act, insisting they would be able to keep their doctors and their health insurance when he not only knew those statements to be false, but that he’d have never gotten the bill passed in the first place if he hadn’t lied, no matter how many members of Congress he, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, bribed and bullied.

In Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management confronted a cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy. Apparently, the BLM (or BM, for short) had the law on its side, Bundy having had several judges rule against him, insisting that he pay the feds for grazing rights, in addition to the fees he’s been paying to the county and the state.

One can safely assume he holds the courts in much the same contempt as the rest of us. And by us, I’m including Mr. Obama, Mr. Holder, Joe Biden, Elijah Cummings, Chuck Schumer and Lois Lerner.

Still, you would think the storm troopers who showed up to steal Mr. Bundy’s cattle would be aware that optics matter. The big trucks and heavy artillery was bad enough, but it made me sick to my stomach seeing them bring in snarling German shepherds. Surely I wasn’t the only one who flashed on Nazi death camps and Birmingham’s Eugene (“Bull”) Connors.

The three things I hadn’t known about the State of Nevada v. Cliven Bundy was, one, that the alleged crime he was committing was grazing cattle in a tortoise habitat; two, that the federal government owns 86% of the entire state; and, three, that Sen. Harry Reid wanted Bundy’s spread in order that his friends could build solar panel power stations.

My take on it is that turtles aren’t that fussy, and could be moved to Arizona to work on their tans. The federal government shouldn’t own any land unless it’s used as a military base or a national park. And it should be enough that Reid has so many generous friends in the unions and the casino business. After all, Nevada is a very small state, so it doesn’t cost all that much to run and win an election.

In case you hadn’t heard, the IRS is going to withhold tax refunds from about 400,000 people because they claim that 30 or 40 years ago, one of their relatives received a disability check or a Social Security payment to which they weren’t entitled. All of these shenanigans by the feds make you wonder if Putin would consider invading the United States if we said, “Pretty please.”

While John Kerry makes an ever-bigger fool of himself trying to promote a two-state solution in the Middle East, while ignoring the fact that the Palestinians refuse to even recognize Israel, I can’t help thinking that he would be better served if he advanced a two-state solution here in America, so that liberals and conservatives could finally and peacefully go their equal, but separate ways.

While delivering a speech to a gathering of fawning females, Hillary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her. “Was that a bat? Was that a bat? Is that someone throwing something at me?” she yelped.

To which I would have responded, “At this point in time, Mrs. Clinton, what difference does it make?”

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The Good News about Racism in America

SterlingLet’s get the easy stuff out of the way:  Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, is an old fool – a bigoted old fool to be precise. But despite what you may hear, he isn’t proof that racism is alive and well in America.  If he’s proof of anything, it’s just the opposite.

Everybody has come out against Sterling.  Has any one publicly stated that despite his comments, he should not be suspended?  Has anyone argued that he should be allowed to continue owning the Clippers?

No one has said anything like that.  And that so many Americans – of all races — have turned against him and his bigotry is a good thing.  That’s what’s missing from coverage of the Donald Sterling story.

And if you want to know how seriously we take Sterling’s racist remarks, consider this:  CNN has finally ended its non-stop coverage of the missing Malaysian jetliner and now is going all out on Sterling.

In a country of more than 300 million people there are always going to be some bigots.  But they’ve become outliers in our culture – outcasts, actually.

Yes, I’m sure there are some Sterling supporters lurking in the shadows.  But that’s good news too.  They’re in the shadows!  That’s not always how it was in America.  Once upon a time in this country, bigots didn’t hide.  And they didn’t apologize if they hurt anybody’s feelings, either.

If an athlete gets drunk, gets in his car, and kills somebody – this has actually happened in case you’re wondering – he may be suspended, but eventually he gets his job back.  If someone in the world of sports beats up his girlfriend or his wife, no one puts a scarlet letter on their forehead.  Racism is different.  It creates a furor that drunk driving and domestic abuse don’t.  That wouldn’t happen if we really were a racist country, as some would like us to believe.

Sterling, like Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher who wondered if “Negroes” would be better off as slaves than on welfare, are yesterday’s people.  America has moved on.  We need to pay more attention to that.