The Lefty Buffoonery That Republicans Need to ‘Shut Down’ Once and For All

One of the residual effewarrencts of this week’s government shutdown and the implementation of Obamacare has been a sharp uptick in political commentary across social media. At least, that’s what I’ve been seeing when I’ve logged into my online accounts over the past few days.

I’m not talking about the normal activity. There are certainly a lot of armchair pundits who regularly take to the Internet to air their political grievances, but right now I’m seeing something a little bit different. People who are typically a bit apprehensive about publicly weighing in on political matters (primarily out of fear of irritating their friends on Facebook) are feeling compelled to throw in their two cents worth on the big debates raging in Washington.

I’m watching my typically timid conservative friends fiercely tear into Obamacare, while my friends on the left, including ones who rarely bring up politics, are railing against the “GOP sponsored” government shutdown. There’s much more passion out there than usual.

In the midst of all of this grumbling, I keep seeing a YouTube video being referenced by my liberal friends entitled something like, “U.S. Senator Says What Everyone is Thinking About the Government Shutdown.” Based on the frequency of its appearance, I decided to check it out.

The video is of a speech on the Senate floor given by Elizabeth Warren a few days ago. She’s that hard-left senator from Massachusetts who is best known for pretending to be a Native American to advance her career in education, and also inspiring President Obama’s infamous “You Didn’t Build That” rant.

What was her profound statement that so many of my liberal friends agreed that “everyone” was thinking? Here you go:

“With millions of people out of work, with an economic recovery still far too fragile, with students and families being crushed by student loan debt, with millions of seniors denied their chance at one hot meal a day with Meals on Wheels and millions of little children pushed out of Head Start because of a sequester, with the country hours away from a government shutdown and days away from a potential default on the nation’s debt, the republicans have decided that the single most important issue facing our nation is to change the law so that employers can deny women access to birth control coverage.”

Well there you have it, folks… The real reason for the Republican party’s objection to Obamacare: They want to deny women access to birth control.


Hearing crack-pot nonsense like this is irritating enough as it is, but when I witness people I know and respect actually buying into this left-wing propaganda? It’s pretty hard to take.

Even one of my instinctively conservative friends took the bait, expressing outrage over what she didn’t realize was merely shameless demagoguery and defamation, because her lefty friends were lending it credence.

When people aren’t paying attention to what’s actually going on in this country, they’re sadly prone to this form of brainwashing, and it’s a very frustrating thing to witness.

But the truth is that the “War on Women” campaign that the Democrats concocted in 2012 to yank the national debate away from the failed policies of their president and party was a very successful one. It worked. It created an emotionally-driven narrative (despite bearing no resemblance to reality) that became a key campaign issue of the election, and it compelled a lot voters (women in particular) not to vote for Mitt Romney.

When you look back at the Democrats’ strategy, it really was quite impressive.

In January of 2012, during a Republican primary debate, questioner (and former Democratic political advisor) George Stephanopoulos fired the first shot in the War on Women, asking the GOP candidates their thoughts on states banning women from using contraception. The Republican candidates on stage were completely perplexed by Stephanopoulos’ question, expressing their confusion over why on earth any state would even think of doing such a thing. Mitt Romney himself stated that he had never even heard of a candidate, let alone a state, who wanted to enact such a bizarre policy.

Romney and the Republicans were right to be confused. The question was completely nonsensical. Even very socially conservative candidates like Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, in interviews conducted after the debate, scoffed at the notion of a contraception ban.

Yet, by the time election night rolled around ten months later, there was a national narrative engrained into many voter’s minds that the Republicans wanted to take away women’s birth control. How did this happen? It’s because the DNC, the news media, and the entertainment industry worked in concert to drive this trash right down the throats of low-information voters… and it worked!

As evidenced by the popularity of the Elizabeth Warren video (which has well over a million views right now), my fear is that this craziness still has some mileage. This means we could very well see the War on Women conveniently revitalized around election time of 2014.

The GOP would do itself an enormous favor by being better prepared for such insanity this time around, and to get out in front of it. Conservatives and the Republican party can’t afford to just laugh this stuff off, and assume that people will see right through it. The people won’t see through it. They’ve proven that. From a Dead Sleep - by John A. Daly

There needs to be a serious discussion in GOP strategy meetings on how to effectively obliterate the hysterical, women-victimization charges that spew out of the mouths of left-wing demagogues like Elizabeth Warren. Because if Republicans don’t take things like this seriously, they’ll end up wasting an incredible amount of time next year defending themselves against fairy tale assertions, when they should be spending their time giving Americans reasons to vote for them.