The Insanity Goes Round and Round

Christians are being persecuted, often murdered, in over a hundred countries at this very moment. Most of the massacres and church burnings are taking place in the Middle East, a gigantic swamp whose only redeeming features are oil and Israel, and the Orient, where China, Vietnam and North Korea, are proving themselves the swinish equals of Egypt, Syria and Iran.

In the meantime, the Obama regime goes along to get along, saving its quota of moral outrage for the Israelis who refuse to jump through hoops for the Palestinian rabble and John Kerry.

But, then, this is the same Obama who insisted that the folks who run Notre Dame and Georgetown University cover up or remove all religious symbols from their walls before he would deign to address the students. That suggested to some that Obama really is a follower of Islam, but proved to me that the hierarchy at Catholic institutions is no more principled than the DNC. After all, when the Church refuses to even consider excommunicating politicians who actively promote homosexuality and abortions on demand, who would expect college administrators, even those at Catholic institutions, to possess backbones?

Speaking of hypocrites, let us consider David Petraeus. Adultery is one thing, but when he joined in the big lie that Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a video nobody had seen, even though he was well aware that it was a well-planned terrorist attack, he crossed the line from military hero to political shill. Now, by announcing that “Hillary Clinton would be a terrific president!” he has shown himself to be about as principled as those cowards at Notre Dame and Georgetown.

Is it just my imagination or is it true that our military leaders, starting with Colin Powell, seem to tarnish at the speed of light once they remove their uniforms?

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, her late friend’s journal quotes her description of Monica Lewinsky as “a narcissistic loony tune.” Talk about the pot calling the narcissistic kettle loony! At least Ms. Lewinsky never oversaw the murder of four Americans. Neither did she then lie about it nor claim it made no difference who the responsible parties were; and, most importantly, she never suffered from the delusion she deserved to be president simply because she’d once had sex with Bill.

There are things about Fox I like, including Bret Baier, Brit Hume, Steve Hayes, Megyn Kelly, Bernie Goldberg, Chris Wallace, Greta Van Susteren, Charles Krauthammer, Howard Kurtz and Jeanine Pirro, but the resident liberals, who all seem to be auditioning for their own shows over at MSNBC, are awfully hard to take.

Because he seems to show up everywhere on the network, Juan Williams probably annoys me the most. As you listen to Obama’s talking points gushing out of his pie-hole, you really have to wonder who signs his checks — Roger Ailes or the DNC.

But others, such as Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, Leslie Marshall, Kristen Powers and Geraldo Rivera, can be equally obnoxious. Rivera, who looks almost as bad with a beard as Jay Carney, recently took Bill O’Reilly to task for denying Obama “the majesty of the office” by asking him embarrassing questions about Benghazi, the IRS and the Affordable Care Act, during his Super Bowl interview. He neglected to mention the fact that Obama denied O’Reilly the majesty of Fox News by showing up without a necktie.

I guess it’s a good thing that liberals have such short memories that they forget that when George Bush was in the Oval Office, it not only, according to them, lacked majesty, but it was quite okay to call for the resident’s impeachment and even his assassination.

In other news, the Majestic One – you know the guy who swore to lower the oceans and heal the planet – arbitrarily changed ObamaCare for the 28th time by presidential fiat, simultaneously kicking sand in the face of Congress and trashing the Constitution, and for no other reason than to protect red state Democrats up for re-election in November.

But, as he was heard to remark during a visit to Monticello, when he broke protocol by going off for a tour of the grounds, “That’s the best thing about being President — I can do whatever I like.”

By “whatever,” he doesn’t just mean re-write his signature piece of legislation on a daily basis, but includes refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act; protect U.S. sovereignty by closing the borders; prosecuting blacks for hate crimes; while opposing those states looking to remove fraud from the election process through the use of photo IDs.

But this is the same knucklehead whose energy policy, which he likes to describe as “all of the above,” but only so long as “all” doesn’t include oil and coal; and whose foreign policy, which he also insists includes all options being on the table, but only so long as those options never involve military action in Syria or even additional sanctions against Iran.

Frankly, I’m surprised that Hollywood, being as liberal as it is, hasn’t yet gotten around to relabeling the Oscars the Obamas.

After all, what more appropriate honor could the pinheads bestow than to name their gold-plated eunuch after the one residing in the White House?

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Could This Be Bye-bye Obama?

Political scandals come, and political scandals go, but they all smell the same.

I am going to go way out on a limb here, and predict that President Obama will be forced to resign from office before the end of his second term, because of Benghazi-gate, just as one of his esteemed predecessors, Richard Nixon, did because of Watergate.

It will be the last, nasty practical joke inflicted upon our country by this ill-natured, incompetent boob of a President – because look at who we will get as his successor!

I decided that Obama was bound to resign because I don’t think any presidency can survive more than four years of the fully justified drubbing that Obama already is receiving from the alternative media. His mishandling of our foreign affairs is exemplified, though not limited to, his mishandling of the Benghazi tragedy.
Being incompetent isn’t quite enough cause for impeachment, and Obama would never acknowledge that he is incompetent in any event. But when you add in the lies, the deceptions, the cover-up, and when all the gory details of this disgraceful shell game finally get disclosed, as they will, to the American public, you have a presidency that simply cannot remain viable.

I don’t know whether the worthless mainstream media, which in its more honorable days led the charge in ousting Nixon, will continue to “circle the wagons,” as Rush Limbaugh puts it, around their precious President. I still have enough belief in our nation’s journalistic tradition to assume that there must be some mainstreamers out there who will break ranks and join the better cause.

Where are all those young idealists who enrolled at journalism schools in record numbers after Watergate? Some of them are still batting away at their keyboards, and if enough of them decide to do the right thing, it will be Hello Again, Chicago for Obama and his lovely family.

It wasn’t until today that I mustered enough certainty to publicly predict Obama’s premature departure from the Oval Office. It happened when a reporter at his news conference asked Obama to respond to the attack by Republican Senators McCain and Graham on Obama’s United Nations ambassador, Susan Rice. The senators said they would do whatever they could to ensure that Rice, who has been mentioned as a possible successor to Secretary of State Clinton, does not receive that promotion, because of her involvement in Benghazi-gate.

Rice, you no doubt recall, went on five different Sunday political talk shows a week after the Benghazi attack, to spread the administration’s propaganda – which already had been thoroughly discredited – that the attack which killed our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans had been prompted by an anti-Muslim video. (The producer of the video has just begun a one-year term in a California prison, supposedly for parole violation. Yeah, right! This is just Obama’s kiss-up #546 to America’s enemies.)

Obama gallantly rode to Rice’s defense. He seems to have a bit of a thing for her. Michelle ought to take note.

Obama said: “…let me say specifically about Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work. She has represented the United States and our interests in the United Nations with skill, and professionalism, and toughness, and grace.”

Echoes of Watergate! Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember everything that went on during the Watergate drama, but I am, and I was following the events so closely at the time that every word of every participant has been forever etched in my mind. So, this is what I remember:

When Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, two top White House staffers who had been implicated in the Watergate scandal, were forced to resign, Nixon went on TV and called them “two of the finest public servants it has been my privilege to know.”

Neither of those fine gentlemen, who wound up serving time in prison, was by any stretch of the imagination a “public servant.” They were Nixon’s personal servants, Nixon’s myrmidons.

Susan Rice and the rest of the lying cabal, including Obama himself, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney and, sad to say, perhaps General Petraeus, are not public servants. They serve their own interests, exclusively.

Good riddance to the lot of them.  Better sooner than later, guys.