Obama Compliments a Woman; Feminists Offended

O and Harris

Perhaps you’ve heard about the incredibly insensitive remark President Obama made the other day – the one that not only showed how indecent men can be, including even a progressive man like the president, but how words can be used as weapons to inflict great pain.

I’m referring to the ugly comment the president made about women.  The comment he had to apologize for.  Yes that comment: He said the attorney general of California – one Kamala Harris – was attractive.

Oh, the humanity!!!

The president was at his millionth fundraiser outside San Francisco when he said Ms. Harris was “the best-looking attorney general in the country.”  What, in God’s name, was this brute thinking?

Never mind that it’s true, that she is the best-looking attorney general in the country, or that he had already said that Ms. Harris was “brilliant” and that “she is dedicated and she is tough” before saying she was also attractive. Never mind that he did not say, “The girl is smokin’” or “That babe is hot.”

What he did say was enough – enough, that is, to get liberal feminist panties in a knot.

MikaMika Brzezinski, for one, on MSNBC was not pleased.  On Morning Joe she said, “It just divides women and it just divides people up to separate them by looks and probably was a little ham-fisted. I just think the whole thing, the whole dynamic about women and their looks puts women under a lot of stress that they don’t need.”


This, we should note, is coming from a woman who is a television host precisely because of her looks.  It certainly isn’t because of her depth.  And if you don’t believe me, just listen to her for two seconds. (That’s Mika in the nearby picture showing not only leg but also how concerned she is about separating women by looks.)

Columnist Robin Abcarian wrote on the Web site of The Los Angeles Times that the comment was “more wolfish than sexist,” and “may be a little problem he needs to work on.”

Great idea!  Maybe he could “work on” his “little problem” in between trying to finally get the economy up and running after more than 4 years in office and dealing with the North Korean whack job who keeps promising to blow us up with one of his nuclear weapons.

Joan Walsh, a left-wing member of the chattering class who if she wore pants would be Chris Mathews wrote on Salon that “my stomach turned over” when she heard about the comment. “Those of us who’ve fought to make sure that women are seen as more than ornamental — and that includes the president — should know better than to rely on flattering the looks of someone as formidable as Harris,” she said.

None of this particularly interests me.  I, like many of you, have come to understand how shallow liberal feminists can be; how they derive power by either being hurt or by faking it; how they love to wallow in their perceived victimhood.  They see themselves as strong women.  In fact, they’re just the opposite, offended by every little slight, real or imagined.  If a guy behaved that way he’d be called a sissy.

What does interest me is the president’s apology, which was made for cowardly political reasons.  Liberal Democrats count on the support of liberal women.  So if even a few liberal women are upset, instead of telling them to Man Up – (wouldn’t that be great?) – you apologize and to hell with your manhood.

Take a good look at the New Man, who really isn’t that new anymore.  He came out of the feminist movement, a movement that did a lot of good not just for women and girls, but for all of us.  But it also turned more than a few men, who wanted to show just how down with the cause they were, into pandering wimps.

Memo to POTUS: Here’s what a “real man” – the kind you’ll find on Mad Men – would have said when the feminists started in with their predictable whining, over a compliment no less:  “SHUT. UP.”

And before any of those fragile women breaks down in tears, he might have added this:  “Kamala Harris isn’t complaining.  And you know why?  Because every woman in America – and 99 percent of the men – like it when someone says, ‘Hey, you’re attractive.’  That’s how we humans are wired.  There’s nothing wrong with complimenting a woman on her good looks, even if she is an attorney general or has any other job outside the house.”

Instead, the president calls Ms. Harris and apologizes — for paying her a compliment.  Frankly, I worry more about the fate of the nation because of New Men like that than I worry about what the aforementioned whack job in North Korea might do to us.

As for Mika and the other gals: If they don’t like compliments on their looks, fine, we’ll never say you look nice ever again.  Happy? Now do us one small favor:  Shut. Up.